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Game Dev Studio Game 2.0


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Welcome to Game Dev Studio 2.0, the game where you create your very own video-game studio, create games, hire accomplished artists of the industry, and even buy other user companies. You will have enough money to start, so I can assure you money will not be a problem.



Before you start, register your studio!






2.YOUR IGN (In game name):

3.Studio TYPE:

3.1. Big Studio: (500,000 money, 45% of the revenue goes to second party, option to unite with other user for 250,000)

3.2. Indie Game Studio: (70,000 money,)

3.3. Flash Studio: (40,000 money, ability to change to Indie and Big studio for 100,000, free programmer and artist)

4. Special Ability: (Choose one): Free programmer (1 game), Money Bonus, Popular Studio, Fast and Modern, Past Experience.

5. Name your very own video game engine:

6. Your engine is known for: Destruction System, 3D graphics, 3D Modelling, Facial Expressions, Realistic movement, Fluid Gameplay.




1.FULL NAME OF THE STUDIO: North Rock Digital

2.YOUR IGN (In game name): Rick Jay


4. Special Ability: (Choose one): Free programmer, Money Bonus, Popular Studio, Fast and Modern, Past Experience.

5. Name your very own video game engine: NR 2.23L

6. Your engine is known for: Destruction System, 3D graphics, 3D Modelling, Facial Expressions, Realistic movement, Fluid Gameplay.



So, you want to create your very own game?








GAMEPLAY: (You describe the mechanics of your game here. Gameplay is most important part of any game created, and will mainly determine your success. Reviewers love games with great gameplay, so take your time and do your best)

MULTIPLAYER: (Yes or No, development of multi-player component costs 20,000)

STAFF: (Must consist of at least two programmer, one artist, two designers. For flash studios, one programmer, one artist and one designer.

COMING FOR: (PC, PS3 AND/OR XBOX360. Releasing for PC is free, but for consoles is paid 20,000 for both, and 15,000 for only one.)





Maximum of two games per day!

To negotiate a licence, post a reply asking for the licence, and I will come back to you with an offer.



UNEMPLOYED STAFF: (Prices stand for one game) (Each contract lasts for one game)


PROGRAMMERS: (Skill / Experience)

Dale Smith (65%/ 45%)- 10,000

Michael Rogers (89%/ 55%) - 75,000

Robin Black (10%/ 70%) - 5,000

Kurt Flug (76%/65% - 35,000

Jon Carter (25%/30%) - 2,500

Joe-Sul-Waan (90%/85%) - 150,000

Gray Thompson (50%/55%) - 15,000

Mark Homingberg (20%/ 30%) - 2,000

Anderson Fitzgerald (80%/60%) - 72,500

Himato Yokota (95%/95%) - 200,000

Kalle Kuusiluoma (45%/50%) - 10,000

Herman Guerrera (5%/10%) - 1,500

Tito Sillberg (65%/65%) - 15,000

Catherine Rockwell (30%/50%) - 5,000




DESIGNERS: (Innovation)

Aaron Gray (45%) -7,500

Mike Reid (60%) - 10,000

David Garic (70%) - 15,000

Ryan Soul (25%) - 5,000

Randy Anderson (90%) - 30,000

Nathan Cooper (35%) - 6,000

Omar Wilson (85%) - 25,000




ARTIST: (Skill)

The Bridd (95%) - 25,000

Jake Gold (70%) - 10,000

Marco Silva (50%) - 7,500

Herman Gunther (15%) - 1,500

Tobias Beetcher (40%) - 5,000

Matt Smith (35%) - 4,000

John Basil (60%) - 9,000




Goliath Interactive - A well known game studio, owned by Andy Sim. Balance: 500,000


DIY Studios - An indie game studio, owned by Psycho Sam. Known for great 3D graphics engine. Balance: 92,000


Operation: Creative Games to Play - An indie game studio, known for being fast and modern. Currently owned by Damon Lester. Balance: 76,500


Excalibur Games - An indie game studio owned by Eric Blackstone. Balance: 117,000


International Gaming Corporations - A well known game studio, known for being very popular among gamers. Owned by Mathew King V. Balance: 378,000


Hidden Mantis Gaming - An indie game studio led by Theman Lincoln. Balance: 77,000


Dead Zombie Entertainment - An indie game studio owned by Markus Vincent. Balance: 70,000


Jackson Productions - A big, popular studio owned by Billy-Jon Jackson. Balance: 500,000




1. Starflight: Homeward Bound - A Sci-fi space shooter made by Excalibur Games. (79/100) REVIEW HERE

2. American Revolution - A Military Shooter developed by IGC. (72/100) REVIEW HERE

3. DIY Hero - An action-adventure game by DIY Studios. (68/100) REVIEW HERE



ADMIN: none, yet!

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1.FULL NAME OF THE STUDIO: Operation: Creative Games to Play

2.YOUR IGN (In game name): Damon Lester

3.Studio TYPE: 3.2. Indie Game Studio: (70,000 money, 5% goes to second party)

4. Special Ability: (Choose one): Free programmer, Money Bonus, Popular Studio, Fast and Modern, Past Experience.

5. Name your very own video game engine: So real, it's Unreal

6. Your engine is known for: Destruction System, 3D graphics, 3D Modelling, Facial Expressions, Realistic movement, Fluid Gameplay.

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1.FULL NAME OF THE STUDIO: Excalibur Games

2.YOUR IGN (In game name): Eric Blackstone

3.Studio TYPE: 3.2. Indie Game Studio: (70,000 money, 5% goes to second party)

4. Special Ability: (Choose one): Free programmer, Money Bonus, Popular Studio, Fast and Modern, Past Experience.

5. Name your very own video game engine: RealMax 3.3+

6. Your engine is known for: Destruction System, 3D graphics, 3D Modelling, Facial Expressions, Realistic movement, Fluid Gameplay.

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1.FULL NAME OF THE STUDIO: Hidden Mantis Gaming

2.YOUR IGN (In game name): Theman Lincoln

3.Studio TYPE:

3.2. Indie Game Studio: (70,000 money, 5% goes to second party)

4. Special Ability: (Choose one): Fast and Modern

5. Name your very own video game engine: Spectral Entrancement

6. Your engine is known for:Destruction System

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NAME: Rube

GENRE: Puzzle

TYPE: Sandbox

GAMEPLAY: A game where you make Rube Goldberg Machines with items, You can ether play free mode, which allows you to create anything with all the material unlocked, or career mode, where you have objectives and can unlock items.


STAFF: Dale Smith- $10,000 + Kalle Kuusiluoma - $10,000 + Nathan Cooper -$6,000 + Aaron Gray - $7,500 + Jake Gold - $10,000 = $43,500



Starting Budget: $70,000

Spent: $43,500

Ending Budget: $26,500

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GENRE: Action-Adventure

TYPE: Sandbox



You start as a simple peasant, with a few hundred dollars. The money used can be used to buy upgrades to your character (A Flame Cape, for example, lowers the damage of fire based spells dealt to your character, while increasing the damage of fire based spells dealt to your opponents). The only restrictions are that you can only have one of a certain type of item (like you cannot have a Flame Cape and a Water Cape, for example) and that you cannot go into debt.


Magic spells need to be learnt from a Magic Book (which you can buy for $1000, a good $700 higher than what you start with). When you buy the Magic Book, you have some low-level spells (like Speed Up, which speed you up for 5 seconds), and you can get more in two ways.


1. Buying them

2. If you have bought the "Honor Roll" spell, you have a 5% chance of learning a spell your opponent has casted.


Spells can be upgraded for a fee, depending on the spell and the level in question (So upgrading Meteor, a high level attack, to level 3 would cost way more than upgrading Speed Up to level 3). You can upgrade your spells up to Level 10.


Spells require Mana. Mana will be restored depending on the Mana Restoration Level. A level 1 Mana Restoration would heal signicantly less than a Level 10 Mana Restoration. Level 1 MR would be 30 Minutes to fully heal. You can also buy more mana. The more mana you have, the more pricy it is gonna be.


The fighting is existant in the 3D world. While you can do the Punch and Kick attacks, which you have at the beginning, they do low-level damage. You can get more attacks by going into a karate dojo and paying for lessons. These attacks do more damage than the punch and kick attacks. You can also get more attacks that are magical based from "The Magician" While "The Magician" costs more than the dojo, they have the best attacks, like a "Fire Uppercut (Jumping Uppercut with the hand attacking on fire".


Spells can also be used to attack.

Levels and Experience

You can grow more powerful by gaining levels. To gain levels, you need experience. Exp. can be gotten through defeating enemies. The amount gained is determined by:


1.What level you are on (A level 1 hero will earn way more Exp. than a level 65 hero)

2. How powerful the enemy is (A low-level thug will give way less Exp. than a Demon, for example).


Every level you gain, your stats increase. Here are the stats:

Attack Power: How powerful your attack is.

Defense Power: How good you can defend and lower your damage.

Magic: How powerful your magic attacks are.

Speed: How fast you can go.


Your character will start at Level 1. The highest level your character can go up to is Level 100.


MULTIPLAYER: Yes. You can fight other heroes. The game will automatically try to find characters around your level. Locally, up to four players. Online, up to 40 players.

STAFF: Programmer: Gray Thompson, Tito Sillberg

Designer: David Garic

Artist: John Basil


Total: $74,000

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Rube - A review brought to you by EGN.com


Rube is a brand new puzzler made by the team Operation: Creative Games to Play. The game focuses on making Rube Goldberg machines, with certain items to help you along the way. The game itself is not very rich with content, and is certainly not for everyone, so don´t expect yourself to be stuck with this game for a few weeks. The artist could certainly have done a better job, because color palette seems a bit dark and plain. This game might not be for everyone, but if you love making crazy machines, and love puzzles, this might just be a little gem for you.


60/100 Okay




BUDGET: 43,500


REVENUE: 50,000


PROFIT: +6,500



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DIY Hero - A review brought to you by EGN.com


DIY Hero is a brand new Action-Adventure game made by DIY Studios. The game itself features a slick magic and level system, which makes it a pretty playable product. Unfortunately, the system has some bugs. Gray Thompson and Tito Sillberg tried their best, but it is clear they are not skilled enough to provide such an experience without being buggy. The progression from a mere peasant to a hero is quite interesting and makes up for a lot of fun. Open world is, unfortunately, empty and boring. Graphics are pretty good for an indie product. This game has its ups and downs, and some bugs will feel like a punch in the face, but if you can get over its problems, it should be a pretty fine time waster.


68/100 Okay




BUDGET: 74,000




PROFIT: +17,000



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American Revolution


NAME: American Revolution


TYPE:Story Mode Game


You start the game as a store owner during the Colonies and when the US starts to fight the British in the American Revolution you join the Army and during the first few battles as you fight the British you are a Private just following orders and if you don't you could just die and have to restart.After the first 4 Battles of being a Private and in the front you go to a Seargart and then your not in the front but not in the back so your in the middle of the pack and so you have much more to do and have to worry about the Privates.In your final battle as a Seargant your General dies so you must take his reigns and have to give orders and much much more to your soldiers. When you win the battle and take the British out you are now a General and you must win the last battle and then the British will surrender. So you go to the battle and kill a whole lot of British soldiers. In the end you are on your horse in the woods looking for a soldier that was missing till you are shot and you fall on the ground hard. A young British solider looks at you in the face and says "Good ridiance my friend" and shot. The Final picture is the man walking away and you on the ground with blood coming out of your face



Most guns that was their in the 1700's are their plus a few Modern ones which you can unlock and use if you want to take the easy way out of the Battles.



You can create your own maps and add many mountains,rivers and other things and use them in Free Mode or Online Mode



When you complete the Story mode you unlock the ability to create your own gun to use in many forms inculding doing Story mode again and Can edit the 12 Maps that are already in the game



Play with Friends or by your self. Set how many soldiers you have and how many the British have and the guns and well you can mess with anything to make it yours


MULTIPLAYER: Yes; Can play Free Mode, Team Deathmatch and most of the other Online Games.

Can also play Story Mode with someone if their your friend but you can't see the Cutscenes can do just the battles


STAFF: Programmers:Anderson Fitzgerald($72,500), Kurt Flug($35,000)


Artist:The Bridd($25,000)


Designers:Mike Reid($10,000), David Garic($15,000)




PRICE: $500,000-$157,500=$342,500

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NAME: Super Monkey, Crouching PIG

GENRE: Action-Adventure

TYPE: Sandbox

STORY: One monkey goes out on the monkey equivalent of a pilgrimage to find his way in the world. Hunting him down is an evil assassin codenamed PIG who has been hired to stop the monkey by an unknown corporation.


GAMEPLAY: You start at level one with the ability to name the protagonist moneky and assign 50 skill points to him. Skills are speed, power, luck, charisma and intelligence. A smarter monkey will gain more points upon leveling up, a faster monkey will be able to move with more speed than a regular monkey, a powerful monkey will have both increased health and a better chance in fights, a lucky monkey will be able to find more items than a regular monkey and a charismatic monkey will be able to coerce people to help him with more ease.


As the monkey levels up, perks can be unlocked to help him on his journey. these perks are unlocked every 5 levels until level 40 where they become less frequent appearing every 10 levels. Perks can be used to enhance one of the 5 key skill areas.


Fighting in the game is turn based combat with 4 options; Fight, Taunt, Flee and Item. Fighting enables the monkey to attack the enemy with each hit having a different critical hit percentage. The more power the monkey has, the more damage he will do. Taunting has two effects, one is that the enemy becomes enraged which increases damage but decreases accuracy for a short while. Fleeing allows the monkey to escape the battle. Item allows the monkey to use certain items during battle e.g. a potion to replenish health.


The player is free to follow the objectives quickly or take their time, with numerous side quests given by the game's NPC's in various towns and settlements.


MULTIPLAYER: Yes, a four player co-op is included in the game.


STAFF: Robin Black - 5,000

Tito Sillberg - 15,000

David Garic - 15,000

Jake Gold - 10,000

John Basil - 9,000




PRICE: $74,000

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American Revolution - A review brought to you by EGN.com


American Revolution is a new Military Shooter game created by IGC. The game focuses on 1700s era, which is a good break from modern shooters. First thing we noticed is fluid animations and game-play, although we had some concerns regarding weapons. Story is basic and not good at all, so do not bother immersing yourself in the game world. Multi-player component brings you standard game modes, fairly decent but not as good as studio could do it. Cooperative playing is good, and one of the stronger sides of the game. Creating a gun is a little bit ridiculous for the time period the game is put in, and should have been done some other way. This is a good game if you are looking for exact style of product American Revolution is, but if you are looking to splash your cash on three games every year, do not bother.


72/100 Decent




BUDGET: 172,500 (PS3 License - 20,000)


REVENUE:457,000 -45% to third party = 251,350


PROFIT: +78,800


NEW BALANCE: 578,000

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Super Monkey, Crouching PIG - A review brought to you by EGN.com


Super Monkey, Crouching PIG is not your typical game. This is probably the weirdest game we played in a while. You play as a monkey, hunting down by an evil assassin codenamed PIG, or at least that is what we think. The game reminds us of Pokemon series, only slightly worse. The battle system is very basic, but still somewhat fun. Open map is small, but fairly detailed. The thing we like most about the game that it is probably bug free! The developers set their goals small and achievable, and they managed to do it. This game is great small game for everyone who wanna take a break from shooters and action, but do not expect to love this game.


61/100 Okay




BUDGET: 74,000


REVENUE: 81,000


PROFIT: +7,000



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1.FULL NAME OF THE STUDIO: Dead Zombie Entertainment

2.YOUR IGN (In game name): Markus Vicent

3.Studio TYPE: Indie Game Studio

4. Special Ability: (Choose one): Past Experience.

5. Name your very own video game engine: Zombified 1.0

6. Your engine is known for: Fluid Gameplay

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NAME: Starflight: Homeward Bound


GENRE: Sci Fi/Spaceship


TYPE: Story/Shooter


GAMEPLAY: The game begins with your character (Lt. William “Wild Bill” Davidson) finishing up a large scale battle in your star fighter. As you mop up destroying the last of your enemy, the Battlecarrier Exeter, your base ship, goes into light speed away from your position. Unknowingly, your ship’s beacon and communication system was damaged in the battle and your carrier was unaware that you and your ship were still in the area. You must now begin the long and daunting task of trying to rendezvous with the Exeter. You know they were to dock for a re-fit and upgrades to the ship in the Laurent System but you must traverse through 30 separate star systems in order to reach your destination. On your way back to the Exeter, “Wild Bill” will interact with many of the different species in several of the systems.


In some of the systems, the only interaction will be ship to ship communication in terms of fight or flee. Fleeing will count toward a loss in that mission but the pilot may return to fight if he/she can upgrade their fighter adequately. Upgrades will be available in some systems via bartering your services for the upgrades. Completing these tasks by destroying an employer’s enemy, escort missions and recon missions will garner the player vital upgrades to continue the quest back to the Laurent System. The player may also stumble across upgrades disguised as ‘space debris’ by scanning celestial bodies such as comets, asteroids, floating space wrecks and abandon space stations. Artifacts may also be discovered. Finding certain artifacts along the way and successfully bringing them back to the fleet may help to bring an end to the conflict and restore peace in the galaxy. Planetary landings can occur only if the pilot is invited to land. Interacting with planet side species can bring about a strong relationship whereas that species will help you battle enemies if they are in that system you currently are in and choose to fight. Beware, you can also offend a race and they will expel the player from the planet with an edict to leave the system immediately. Those races will attack you upon entering a star system you may be travelling through.


In the system directly before reaching the Laurent System, the player has no option but to fight through several waves of enemy fighters, including those that may have been offended during previous missions. Conversely, any race that has a positive relationship with the player will come to the player’s aid. Upon successful completion of that task, the player will be able to pass through to the Laurent System and be escorted to the Exeter. After landing on the carrier and being welcomed home, the player will be debriefed by the Commander and either praised and awarded as a soldier that has united many of the space faring races or will be berated and discharged for antagonizing those species along the way creating more enemies for the fleet to battle.




STAFF: Anderson Fitzgerald (0-Free programmer), Kurt Flug 35000, David Garic 15000, Aaron Gray 7500 and John Basil 9000




PRICE: $66,500

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<p><strong>Starflight: Homeward Bound - A review brought to you by EGN.com</strong></p><p>


<em>Starflight: Homeward Bound is a brand new product from guys behind name of Excalibur Games. This sci-fi product is indeed a fine one. The sense of open galaxies is done good enough, programmers did an pretty good job, led by mastermind Anderson Fitzgerald. Levels are well designed, art is decent. Upgrade system is solid, it could have been done a lot better. Story is competent with new products on the market. This game is probably best new sci-fi game out there, but if you do not like sci-fi games, you will not like this one either. What games does good, is really fun, but there are holes in gameplay which will sadly keep this game from becoming a masterpiece.</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="font-size:14px;"><span style="color:#FFA500;">79/100</span></span></strong><strong><span style="font-size:14px;"> Good</span></strong></p><p> </p><p>



<em>BUDGET: 66,500</em></p><p><em> </em></p><p><em>

REVENUE: 110,000</em></p><p>


PROFIT: +43,500</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>NEW BALANCE: 117,000</strong></p>

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<blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="matthew222" data-cite="matthew222" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="33991" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>I know we would have to pay and everything but could we make video games based on the major sports league like NFL,MLB,NBA etc. <p> </p><p> Like we could pay so much to get a license to make so many video games</p></div></blockquote><p> </p><p> Yes, I added a part about that to Rules section, go check it out.</p>
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<blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="Goliath764" data-cite="Goliath764" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="33991" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>Busy week so no game out yet. Anyway, is there possibilities to develop another engine for another "known for" or can we "upgrade" our current engine to have 2 "known for"?</div></blockquote><p> </p><p> I still have not though about that, to be honest. When at least ten games are developed, I might iron that out.</p>
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I would like to talk about getting a NFL license


NFL Representative: "We are interested in your offer to make a game series under our licence, however, we have set some conditions:


- Minimal of three games produced under the series, with a maximum of five.


- One time payment of 200,000 to cover licence for all clubs and players.


- NFL must be featured in the game name of all the products in the series


- NFL gets 33% of the game sales revenue.


Thank you for contacting us, I hope we will reach a deal soon!"


The contract is negotiable, the better reasons you give for lowering an condition, the bigger are chances of success.

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