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C-verse workers heights and weights

Guest Asaemon

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Guest Asaemon

Height and weights for the following workers would be greatly appreciated, if anyone out there has knowledge of it. I've tried TEW2004, but can't start it since the trial don't work.


Akira Arato

Aleksander Knyazev

Alexander Banks

Andriy Boronin

Samoan Machine / Bali So'oailo

Christopher Ball

Christopher Gerard

Claudio Burdisso

Dwayne Dark / Dwayne E Williams-Geraint

Young Boy Sayuki / Eiji Sayuki

Gavin Owen

Hajime Sugisata

Haruhiro Tsumemasa

Hirokumi Saito

Hito Ichihara

The Silencer / John Snyder

Kalu Owusu

Tornado Nagai / Kazu Nagai

Kazushige Matsuki (Only weight is needed)

Kenichi Komagata

Edison Silva / Kevin Yashere

Kuniyoshi Kawamura

Li Bingci

Logan Wolfsbaine

Marat Khoklov

Mario da Silva

Mark Griffin

Masaaki Okazaki

Merle O'Curle

Razor Valentine / Michael Moodie

Michel Bernard

Mikey James

Boot Camp Mikey / Mikey Russo

Mohammed El Yaaggoudi

Morimasa Kato

Motoyuki Miyake

Nigel Svensson

Omezo Shikitei

Punisher Paul Hughes / Paul Hughes

Pavel Vanzycha

Rob Edwards

Roku Sotomura

Roy Edison

Hammer Hadley / Scott Hadley


Sotatsu Sarumara

Toshiharu Hyobanshi

Tsurayuki Kamachi

Wael Hossam

Walter Morgan

Viktor Beskov

Willie York

Vladimir Smertin

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If you go to the help file in TEW, it lists what each weight class represents. For example, I think middleweight is described as being between 220lbs and 240lbs.


Heights are not put into the game, and are up to your imagination.

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Guest Asaemon
I've used that guide when converting workers/fighters between games before. The TEW weight from the conversion table probably would be similar to max weight in WMMA.
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I had someone look up a bunch of heights and weights from TEW 2004 a long while back for a diary, and I found that a lot of workers had changed a bunch. Guys who are HW in the current data were MW or smaller back then, so you can't really use the info.


Also, most of the workers you've listed would not be in TEW 2004. Most seem to be guys who debuted after 2005 or future workers, not of whom would be in the version of the game.

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