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wcw A New Beginning

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Chapter 1: WCW SAVED!


It was 2001 and World Championship Wrestling was facing it's demise. Following the AOL/Time Warner merger some a$$hole named Jamie Kellner decided to cancel all WCW programming on TNT and TBS leaving WCW with no TV time at all and pretty much screwed. As this was going on Eric Bischoff was working with Fusient Media Ventures about acquring the company. The deal was just about complete when Eric Bischoff got word of the cancellation of all WCW programs on the Warner networks. Eric knew in his mind he had no other choice but to back out without any TV deal for WCW. Then one afternoon in early March just a few days before what many thought would be the final WCW Nitro ever, Eric Bischoff received a phone call from a very familiar person with news that would make Eric a very happy man.


On March 18th Eric Bischoff received a phone call from none other then Ted Turner. Ted, who has always been a die hard wrestling fan and a long time supporter for WCW, did not want to see WCW die and knew he could help save it. Ted informed Eric that he managed to get AOL/Warner to agree to have the traditional two hour time slot every Saturday night on TBS between 6 and 8pm. Eric was very excited about this and Ted Turners interest in trying to save WCW. However Eric knew deep down that two hours on Saturday night would not save WCW. Eric then told Ted that that time slot would be great if they could still have a prime time slot. Turner said his hands were tied now and Saturday night was the best he could do. Eric then began to inform Turner on how he has had discussions with the people at USA Network about a possible time slot.


The problem was Eric wanted a Monday night slot up against RAW but USA was only offering a Tuesday night slot. Finally after two days of negotiations Eric and Fusient struck a deal with USA that would save World Championship Wrestling. USA agreed to give WCW a two hour time slot on USA every Tuesday night between 9-11pm.


And with that World Championship Wrestling was saved. Things couldn't of gone better for Eric Bischoff. Not only did he save WCW but now he is free from the suits of AOL/Warner and now will have the freedom to do whatever he thinks he has to do to make WCW the greatest promotion ever. On top of that Ted Turner and his steep pockets has now agreed to become a backer for WCW and has become co-president of WCW along with Eric. Everything is in place for WCW to make its rise back to the top. But its still a long way to

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Chapter 2: Mayhem


Eric Bischoff immediately called AOL/Warner and then began re-negotiating the acquisition of WCW. Several days later the deal was done and Eric Bischoff was happy to take WCW off the hands of AOL/Warner who wanted nothing to do with it at all, besides still giving it a two hour time slot every Saturday. Eric Bischoff then canceled the final Nitro that was schedule for March 27th, instead airing the best of Nitro in its spot and still being billed as the final WCW Nitro. It was also announced on this broadcast that WCW would return on May 5 live from Las Vegas. Following the final Nitro things were quiet for a few days as everyone frequently checked on WCW.com for any updates.

Eric then began to put together a group of men he could trust to lead the company as the bookers and agents. These men included Jimmy Hart, Terry Taylor, Arn Anderson,Barry Windham,Johnny Ace, Dusty Rhodes and Jim Cornett (who would have an on air role) . This group will be the right hand men for Eric Bischoff. Eric and his men began to get to work and the first big announcement came on April 7th when it was announced on WCW.com that WCW would debut on May 5th, on USA Network at 9pm. This made it official that it was really the end of Monday Nitro.

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Chapter 3: The Talent


Eric's next move was to put together a roster of the best talent in the business. Eric held a meeting with all the talent previously employed by WCW. Eric informed them that all of their contracts have been purchased from AOL/Warner. He told them he needs them to be on the top of their games if they want WCW to survive and how important it was to put egos behind and help out with putting over new talent. Eric informed these men that things have changed in WCW and there will no longer be anymore bulls**t politics.


So far all talent were excited with what Eric has been telling them and things were looking good for WCW. Eric informed his men how he wanted to focus on the Crusierweights and put together the best crusierweight division ever. Eric's boys began making calls and several big name crusierweights were brought in. Eric then told his crew to start looking at free agent talent and get back to him with a list of names as Eric was really set on changing things up in WCW including the talent. With new additions there will be some releases from WCW.





Chapter 4: A Place To Grow



Eric was also excited to announce that World Championship Wrestling would be opening up a developmental territory called Georgia AllStar Wrestling. GASW will be the place for younger talent to showcase their skills by working on their ring skills as well as developing their character. GASW will be under the guidance of veteran trainers Tom Pritchard and Tully Blanchard who will work with new talent and any other talent that needs to be repackaged or help with their ring skills. Jody Hamilton will be the booker of GASW as well as helping with the talent.



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Chapter 4: The New Beginning


With the talent set Eric and his boys began to structure the future of WCW . Eric and his boys began brainstorming for what they should do for the first WCW SHOW and how they should present the new WCW. Eric really wanted to showcase the crusierweights and give them their spot so the booking team began to come up with a plan with what to do with the Crusierweights. Eric also wanted surprises and to have the people say "Holy s**t I cant believe that just happened". Eric wanted to make May 6th a night wrestling fans would never forget





WCW Personnel


WCW Co-Presidents - Eric Bischoff & Ted Turner

Commissioner - Jim Cornett

Booking Committee/Road agents - Jimmy Hart, Arn Anderson, Terry Taylor,Johnny Ace, Barry Windham, Dusty Rhodes

TV - WCW Tuesday Night Nitro -9pm-11pm live everysaturday night on the USA Network

tv-WCW WorldWide every Saturday night -10pm-11pm on USA Network


Broadcasters - Mike Tenay & Joey Styles (Tuesday Night Nitro) & Gary Michael Cappetta & Don Callis (WorldWide)Interviewers - "Mene" Gene Okerlund, Pamela Paulshock, "Straight Shootin" Stevie Ray

Ring Announcers - David Penzer & Michael Buffer

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Tuesday Night Nitro Preview


Just a few days before WCW is relaunched WCW.com has posted the following regaurding Tuesday Nite Nitro.

Live this Tuesday Night you don't want to miss the return of WCW on its new night and new home on the USA Network. WCW Owner Eric Bishoff has promised an exciting night of wrestling and WCW Commishioner Jim Cornett has already announced the following matches this Tuesday Night on Nitro.




WCW WORLDS HWT Championship Match

Booker T©vs Ric Flair



Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire©vs Kronik



Shane Douglas vs Hugh Morris

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