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DOTT: Heritage Classic Wrestling (Or: Phil Saves Wrestling)

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INTRODUCTION STORY *Here I am wandering around my boyhood. St. Henri District, Montreal. This place is seemingly home to all the weirdos and nutsos in the universe. You've got people washing their toilet paper and hanging it out to dry. You've got the Great Antonio there, he's playing golf using his braided hair as a club. You've got the crazy old woman who's only known purpose in life is to open her house's door and slam it with all her might, the noise of the wood clashing echoing all the way back to the rich golden gates of Westmount, the gates that none of these people will ever cross. Neither will I. But I've got a an old teacher living there who just might because he's a real genius. See, he's made a time machine. And it works. My old teacher, his name is Roch, is a big time wrestling fan. Always has been. He remembers watching Yvon Robert VS Killer Kowalski as a little kid at the forum. He's seen the whole history of pro wrestling. But I know that he hasn't liked it as he used to since the 80's, and he no longer even makes it a priority to watch it today. He's called me to his garage saying it was time for a change in wrestling. Well here I am....* Phil: "Hey Roch." Roch: "Phil! Welcome! I'm happy you came so quick! You see, I saw something horrible on wrestling the other day. I saw a man shoot himself with a rifle!" Phil: "Yeah, I..uh...I heard of that. You know it was for show, right?" Roch: "Yes, yes, yes...but this is horrible. If Rick Martel would have shot himself out of fear of losing again instead of facing Billy Robinson that last time at the Forum, I don't think anybody would have enjoyed" Phil: "Right." Roch: "So I've made the decision. I'll use the technology I've invented for the benefits of pro-wrestling! I'll send you back in time to change history!" Phil: "Ok, so you want me to go back a week ago, find Tim White and make him miss his segment taping." Roch: "Better than that, I want you to eliminate the man and the company responsible for it and for the fall of wrestling the last 20 years! Vince McMahon and his human wrecking machine, the WWE!" Phil: "I can't do that." Roch: "Oh yes you can! Back to 1983! The year of the beginning of the death of the territories!" *On these words, Roch picks up a wallet and hands it to me. I ask what is inside.* Roch: "In there you have decent clothes for the 1980's that fit your size for whenever you have to blend in. I think you'll be able to use your usual 2006 wardrobe as more formal wear. These are the 80's and this won't be high class business, your plain T-Shirts will do good. Also I've printed out many pages from Obsessed With Wrestling & other sites with info of wrestlers of the time. You'll have advanced knowledge of everything that will happen in everybody's career! I've included a map of Montreal from 1983. And money. Enough money to draw great wrestlers to your promotion, but you must NOT play the rich boy! You must look like an honest to goodness upstart promoter who has trouble making ends meets otherwise the people will see you as a capitalist pig looking to buy them out. This is why when you'll arrive in 1983, you'll go rent yourself a room in Griffintown, they've bulldozed the hood to build an airport later, but in 1983 it's still there and it's the worse ghetto this side of the South Bronx. Rent yourself a room and blend in. Make yourself at home and make contacts and when you're ready, get in business." Phil: "Uhh...Wait a minute, I'm not sure about any of this. So you're sending me in 1983 a total unknown, not knowing anyone, and you expect me to run WWE out of business? And you expect me to live in GRIFFINTOWN?!?" Roch: "Exactly!" Phil: "Sir, ain't that a bit too much to ask?" Roch: "No it's a real decent demand actually, millions of people's lives will be positively affected by this. Without WWE to bore them, more people might love wrestling. And if you need more incentive to go, read this" *That insane old yuppie hands me a piece of paper, which I read aloud.* Phil: "Jacques Rougeau Jr sells the videotape libraries of Montreal Athletic Commission Wrestling, IWA and FLI to Stephanie McMahon's Sports Entertainment Inc for 5,000$!!!?!? Roch, what is that? I thought he had donated those tapes to the National Library Archives! He can't sell them, how about the Heritage Act that protects our culture!!!?" Roch: "Front page of the Montreal Gazette's sports section of April 21st 2018. I already went further ahead after seeing the rifle incident...this devil Stephanie McMahon is worse than her dad was the last 20 years. In 2018, the Heritage Act no longer exists. Quebec has been independent since 2010 and the Heritage Act was lost during the authoring of the new code of laws. The Rougeau family has been reducted to poverty and Jacques Jr had to sell the tapes to that monster to pay for his hip replacement surgery!!!!!" Phil: "Holy Crap!" Roch: "Now you know you must go. Phil I know you may think this is crazy but believe me it is not. Dozens of great talented young men have been ruined and even died because of this monster the McMahon family created. You must go back in time to stop them." Phil: "Alright!" Roch: "Alright! Here, take this rubber ball" Phil: "Hmmm? Why the ball?" Roch: "It's your ticket to 1983!" *Presses Button* *Then I felt myself floating for a second and became blind. I fell asleep. When I gained counsciousness, I was sitting on the snow in front of a house that had a garage vaguely looking like my old teacher's lab. As I looked into the horizon I saw some that told me the whole story: The Olympic Stadium, without its roof. Yes I had travelled back in time. I was quick to head to the nearest convenience store to look at a newspaper and indeed here I was: December 22nd, 1983. That old nutcase had done it. Now I was there to do a job and save my territory from total elimination. So, I picked up my wallet and did as I was told...Headed to the hellhole known as Griffintown...* (To Be Continued ----->)
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