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4th down logic still questionable

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Since the 1.03 patch, I've seen the bad 4th down logic near the goal line over and over again. I've even set the 4th down try percentage to 10% in an attempt to stop it. Here is simply the latest example, but I've had many that were more egregious. [quote]South Carolina ball, Q1, 2-6-UGA16 (12:38) 0-0 Offense: Inside Run, Set: I Form Big, Play: IB-HB-power-RT Defense: Stop Run, Set: Dime, Play: Dime-pass-MZ RB R. Schroeder runs right guard for 1 yard (DT J. McAddley). South Carolina ball, Q1, 3-5-UGA15 (12:12) 0-0 Offense: Inside Run, Set: I Form, Play: I-HB-power-RG Defense: Stop Pass, Set: Nickel, Play: Nickel-pass-DZ RB R. Schroeder runs right tackle for 4 yards (CB T. White). South Carolina ball, Q1, 4-1-UGA11 (11:46) 0-0 Offense: Short Pass, Set: Wing T, Play: T-TE-out-SE-slant Defense: Normal, Set: 4-2-5, Play: 425-norm-DZ QB J. King throws an incomplete pass to RB R. Schroeder (CB T. Bailey).[/quote]
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