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Academic Suspension Issue

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v1.03 At week 6 I get notified that I have a player on suspension with exactly a 2.00 GPA. Reading the manual, it states that anyone with a 2.00 GPA or lower goes on suspension. Okay,..... but the problem I have is when I try to allocate tudor hours, his name does NOT appear on the listing of players with low GPA's!!! :eek: His name does not appear on the depth chart and on the team roster screen shows he is in fact suspended. What are my options at this point other than to hope he makes it on his own over the next 3 weeks??? I think I remember seeing at week one of the season, that players who have a starting GPA at exactly 2.00 are NOT on the tudor hours allocation screen. Is there a possible logic problem/inconsistency with this specfic 2.00 GPA situation? Anyone else seen this?
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