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Training Screen Request

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That "Suggest All" button that has been put into the player training screen is a very dangerous thing. I never use it to begin with, and its so close to the "Suggest" button with the individual player, that I have several times inadvertently clicked it. The bad part about this, is that A) it does not prompt if you want to do this, and more importantly B) It overwrites all the players who've time you've already set, destroying all your work. There definitely needs to be a prompt that comes up warning the user that this will overwrite all the players's time, including anytime the user has already set. From what I've seen with the player time, the "save changes" button doesn't have to be clicked for a guy's time to register (exit to say the coaching staff screen, come back to player training and the times are all still there even if you didn't click save), so the "suggest all" button definitely needs a y/n prompt to come up for verification, and I'd like to see it moved farther away from the "suggest" button if possible.
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