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Only one DT starting in 46 D

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[QUOTE=Tim Plum]Do you have the computer handling your roster & depth chart? Also is this in-game only? Or is your depth chart showing the ILB as DL starters. I think the computer is looking at the abilities of the players and seeing the ILB as better then DL.[/QUOTE]I handle roster and depth chart, AI plays the games. The ILB is set as the second ILB and backup to MLB. I notice the problem just by looking at player cards and seeing the second ILB is getting the starts while the second DT is not. It's gone on for two seasons (the only two I've run the 46) with different sets of players. In both seasons the DT was actually a higher rated player. I really like the results the 46 give me, but am not liking the fact a really good DT is sitting the bench while a freshman prospect ILB is playing.
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