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I'm pretty sure three things factor into a workers energy, Toughness, Size, and Age. A larger worker tends to have a higher level of energy (and Stamina) than his smaller equivalents (the exception being the Giant size class, most of their energy is expended simply moving their bodies around the ring). Workers appear to slowly lose energy after they hit a certain age, in other words, the stuff they put their bodies through starts to catch up to them. Toughness is a general indicator of how legit hard they are, and is also a major factor in winning backstage fights (I assume). To build your character up, therefore, I'd work on training and eating to build muscle mass and Physcal Strength (found under fitness and diet, located on the Fitness Instructors section). Edit: Speaking of Stamina, Stamina controls how long you can go into a match before you start getting Tired and sloppy. I'd also put work in on Cardio, so you can use your skills effectively over a longer period of time. Not much use being able to take a bunch of damage, if you get sloppy ten minutes in (unless your character's name is Lex Lugar, that is ;)).
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