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Wrestling Spirit Update 1.1

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The Wrestling Spirit Update 1.1 is now on the site for download: [font=Arial][color=navy][color=navy][font=Arial] [url=""][/url][/font][/color][/color][/font] -- FIX: Crash (RTE 63) when promotion was given Local status and 0 Prestige and tried to run a show -- FIX: Crash (RTE 9) occured sometimes during a 3 hour TV show with a large promotion roster -- FIX: Feuds were not always correctly ended when player left a promotion -- FIX: Error could occur on first day of game if brands had been assigned to fed but not workers -- FIX: Double-booking screen could display cards from promotions who were off-tour -- FIX: Win\Loss record was sometimes slightly off -- REQUESTED FEATURE: On-screen message when both attacking and defending moves fail
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