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Game freezes, no error msg.

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Game just freezes. Somthing is running in the background, as I see the executable still grabbing a bunch of CPU time, but the game is as dead as a dead parrot nailed to its perch. Can't press any buttons, nor do anything but kill the program. Any fix to this, or do I just need to ask for my money back?
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The first thing is make sure you are running the game as an administrator. If you right click on the game icon you should see the option. Then try is disabling any antivirus you have running when you try and open the game. Then try this:


1. Right-click on "My Computer"

2. Select "Properties"

3. Click on the "Advanced" Tab.

4. Click on the Performance "Settings" Button

5. Click on the "Data Execution Prevention" Tab

6. Verify that "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only" is selected. If it is not, select that option and click "APPLY" and then try and run the game.


Note: Even if you see that option checked already, go ahead and uncheck and then recheck it to ensure that its activated!


7. If the problem persists, go back and select the other option "turn on DEP for all windows programs and services EXCEPT those I select" and ADD the following files:


"runservice.exe" Will be found in C:\Windows

"FBCB2010.exe" Normally found in C:\Program Files\GDS\Fast Break College Basketball 2010


9. Click APPLY then Reboot and then relaunch the game.

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Thanks for the info


First, Sorry, I put this in the wrong forum. The problem is with the Bowl Bound College Football Game I downloaded from steam.


So, I tried to translate a bit.


1) DEP was already on your first suggestion. I started to switch it and tell it to exclude BBCF, but then I decided I didn't want to find out what other programs this would mess up. So, I ended up flipping it over to that, then rebooting, then putting it back to 'only essential' and rebooting again.


2) runservice.exe is, according to an internet search, a part of the LicCtl stuff. Since this is through steam, I couldn't find it in the windows folder. If that's a part of elicense, I won't have to worry about it because elicense is broken junk on a 64-bit OS and I won't buy anything that uses it.


3) I did go down into the steam folders to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Bowl Bound College Football and to the compatibility settings and made bbcf.exe always run with admin rights.


4) I hope you were joking when you suggested that in order to play a game I should completely shut down all computer defenses. Since this is a game played over a long stretch of time, neither is disconnecting the computer from the internet so I can shut down the anti-virus a realistic option. Do you really have customers crazy enough to be online without any anti-virus protection just to play a game?


Again, thanks for the info. Hopefully what I've done will work to fix it. Or if you can add any other advice since I've corrected the mistake that this is for BBCF on Steam, then I'd appreciate it. Won't really know for awhile, since this is the sort of problem that only bites you when you've been playing the game for hours and then suddenly it crashes, usually at an annoying time. So, fingers crossed that now I can play for awhile in a stretch without courting trouble. :)

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