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SWF.....My Final Attempt

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Tune in tomorrow night for an action packed edition of the greatest wrestling show on the planet, SWF Supreme! For the first time in years Richard Eisen will be opening the show with some major announcements! Also on the card the semi-finals for the brand new SWF TV Title, and number one contender matches for the Tag and the National Championships. Will we finally get answers as to why the Chase Agency is targeting Steve Frehley? Will Rich Money finally face Angry Gilmore, or will he continue to make Angry Gilmore "earn" the right to fight him? Find out all this LIVE tomorrow night!


SWF Supreme

Live From Clover Fields (Mid South)

#1 Contender Match Tag Titles: The Platinum Blondes v. The Pain Allaince

#1 Contender Match National: Everest v. Lobster Warrior

TV Tile Semi-Final: Marshall Dillon v. Marc Dubois

more matches to be announced

Also appearing...The Chase Agency, Rich Money, Jack Bruce, and Angry Gilmore.



I am really excited for this diary, and for once have been planning a few months of storylines out on paper. I recently started another game, but accidently deleted the save by mistake. Since I was looking at the Alt Render thread it gave me some awesome ideas for storylines and such. I will say the pictures are from one of Eisen-Verse's older diarys but I have never read it, so I am hoping I am not stepping on toes or copying too much. I don't know when TEW 2016 is coming out or if I will be able to buy it once it does, so I decided that I will give this a shot and put more effort into it then before. I have taken inspiration from multiple people on the boards, and look forward to any feedback! Thanks and I hope you enjoy!


Few little notes incase people are wondering, I have turned off face/heel divide as it will mess up some of my storylines, and I have added a B-Show which I am booking for chemistry and to get the lower guys some overness, but I won't be posting those results as it will spoil some of the surprises. Lastly, Christian Faith is my avatar for many reasons, and I am just the booker.
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Venue: Clover Fields (Mid South)

Attendance: 15000 (Sold Out)

Show Grade: 82 (Increased pop in 8 regions)

TV Rating: 12.73

TCW Show Grade: 76

TCW Attendance: 13,840

TCW’s Rating: 6.84

SWF - 1 TWC - 0




Peter Michael: Welcome everybody to Tuesday Night Supreme live from Clover Fields, I’m Peter Michael and by my side as usual is the lovely Ana Garcia, and Duane Fry, and boy do we have a show for you!

Ana Garcia: That’s right Peter, I am excited to start the new year off right, all the big names are here tonight, and the legend himself Richard Eisen will speak in just a moment.

Duane Fry: Yeah, yeah all I care about is seeing The Chase Agency, that Emma…

Peter:Well I am getting word now that Richard is making his way to the ring.




When the camera pans back to the ring Richard, Jerry, and Eric Eisen are in the ring, joined by Christian Faith.


Richard greets the crowd, and announces that he will be stepping away from the live aspects of the show. He has to pause as the crowd is chanting “Thank you Richard.” Richard first thinks Christian for his years of services and hard work and then announces that he is appointing Christian Faith as the main talent scout for SWF! The crowd erupts with excitement, which causes RIchard to have to pause again. Richard then announces that since he is going to be stepping away from the day-to-day operations, one of his sons will take over. “Please Not Eric,” breaks out in the crowd, which causes Eric to scowl at the crowd. Tonight both Jerry (cheers) and Eric (boos) will book a match and then Eric will take over booking from after When Hell Freezes Over until Nothing to Lose. Jerry will book the next months shows and whoever does the best will be given control. Jerry goes to speak, but Eric cuts him off, and announces his choice for tonight’s main event is Vengeance vs. Christian Faith! Richard starts to protest, as Christian has been cutting back on his wrestling, but Christian stops him and assures him it’s okay. Jerry has a big smile on his face and announces that Eric will team up with Remo and face Valiant and...JACK BRUCE!! Eric is livid as the crowd cheers.


http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Big%20Smack%20Scott_zps0po0pavb.jpghttp://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Kurt%20Laramee_zpslrrvopen.jpg v. http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Frederique%20Garcia_alt_Platinum_zpsnareas6i.jpghttp://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/James%20Prudence_alt_Platinum_zpsxfqeenyc.jpg

The Pain Alliance v. The Platinum Blondes

A solid tag team match that pitted two former champs

Pain Alliance immediately took control and utilized their strength and aggression to control the match early on

Issues arose midway through the match, as a communication error between Big Smack and Kurt let the Frederique take control and hit Big Smack with a Romeo is Bleeding for the pin and win

Rating: 68


After the Match: Kurt and Big Smack argue before Kurt walks away from Big Smack.


http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Marc%20DuBois_zpszes13rhe.jpg v. http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Marshall%20Dillon_alt4_Vigilante_zpsc4zpakbq.jpg

Marc Dubois v. Marshall Dillon

The relative newcomer, Marshall, was able to hold his own against Marc, and there were definite times that Marshall almost won the match.

Despite Marshall’s aggressive side, Marc was able to utilize his superior wrestling skills to control most of the bout.

Marc finishes Marshall off with a Model Solution to pick up the win via submission


http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Lobster%20Warrior_zpsfq6l94sm.jpg v. http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Everest_zps87tyyyxz.jpg

Lobster Warrior v. Everest - #1 Contender for the National Championship

One would think having two 40 year old men facing each other would scream bathroom break, however this was not the case.

Lobster Warrior took control early, and did not let up. Even at 40 he is one of the best wrestlers on the roster

Everest had a significant power advantage, but was unable to keep up with Lobster’s relentless assaults

The match ended when Lobster hit the Lobster Trap for the pin and the win




When we return from break Emma Chase and the Chase Agency are in the ring.

Emma: As you all know, the Chase Agency is the greatest stable the world has ever seen, and I Emma ensure that my clients get what they deserve. With that I would like to announce that the contract has been signed, and Paul Huntington will get a shot for the National Title tonight! (Crowds boos like crazy) Also, since I only represent the best, it is an outrage that Brandon James, the future of SWF, does not have a match at When Hell Freezes Over so I request that Richard come out here now and correct this error.


Instead of Richard Eisen coming out, the crowd is greeted to all too familiar music


Steve: Listen sister, I am tired of hearing you run your mouth about how great you and your “agency” is. You have been jumping me for weeks now, and now it’s my turn for payback.

Steve reveals a baseball bat as he makes his way to the ring.


Eric: Woah Steve hold on, before you do something you will regret, let me make a deal, since Emma insists that Brandon has a match at When Hell Freezes Over, he will get one against you Steve and since I just adore Emma, Rogue you have a match later tonight, against Steve!

Emma: You can’t do this, I demand to talk to your father!!!

Eric: Oh yeah, and one more thing, Paul’s match is not later tonight, it is up next!


http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Aristocrat_Agency_zpsqfk0p7ch.jpg v. http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Squeeky%20McClean_zpsgjvtha8q.jpg

Paul Huntington v. Squeeky McClean for the SWF National Championship

I don’t think for a second that anybody though this match would be fair, or have a clean finish. For once though Squeeky was out-cheated by somebody.

Squeeky put up a great fight, and if it wasn’t for Rogue jumping on the mat he may have had the three count following a Clean out

The match ended when Emma distracted the ref, and Brandon nail Squeeky with a vicious clothesline, that set up a High Society from Paul.




Rich Money: Another heellhole podunk town that I am in (crowd boos like crazy), I mean, really? You guys aren’t fit to even look at me. The real reason I am out here, Angry Gilmore get your a** out here.


Rich: Listen up kid, you aren’t even in the same league as me, why do you think I would waste my time fighting you?

Angry Gilmore: No you listen, you have been evading me for months now, I want a piece of you, right here, right now…(the crowd goes crazy)

Gillmore starts to rush the ring, however stops when Rich smiles and reveals his $ brass knuckles.

Rich: Now thanks better trash, I get that you really want to fight me, but like I said, you are beneath me, so what I will do is if you can beat my chosen opponent, then I will consider fighting you next week...How about it?

Gilmore: Bring it…


http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Joe%20Sexy_zpsjxiiv8ty.jpg v. http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Angry%20Gilmore_alt_zpstwcaxt8b.jpg

Joe Sexy v. Angry Gilmore

Angry Gilmore showed the world why they call him Angry.

Joe is no slouch in the ring, however he struggled to mount an offense against the insanely aggressive Gilmore.

The match ended, by pinfall, when Angry Gilmore nailed an Anger Management.

Rating: 80


After the match, Rich Money sneaks into the ring and lays Gilmore out with his $ brass knuckles.


http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Rogue_Agency_zpsupfkhbzm.jpgw/http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/EmmaChase_Agency_zpstijrlemm.jpg v. http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Steve%20Frehley_zpsk90ggszs.jpg

Rogue w/Emma v. Steve Frehley

The match never really got started as both Brandon and Paul hit the ring and attacked Steve, which caused the ref to ring the bell and declare Steve Frehley the winner by DQ.

Rating: 80


Once satisfied with the beatdown on Steve they walk out smiling all the way to the back. We cut to commercial break as the paramedics check on Steve.


http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Christian%20Faith_alt19_zpsse1nhwkg.jpg v. http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Skull%20DeBones_alt_zpstrwnbtq0.jpg

Christian Faith v. Vengenance

The crowd was on the feet for this match and the cheers for Christian were incredible.

Despite the great match, there were definite times that Christian showed his age in the ring, however Vengenance never looked better.

And Despite his advancing age, Christian finished the match with an impressive Leap of Faith for the win via pinfall.

Rating: 84


http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Jack%20Bruce_AB01_zpstjntb4eb.jpghttp://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Valiant_zpsbzjnxb0v.jpg v. http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Remo_zpswxc4j1gp.jpghttp://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk183/Ryan_Cucunato/SWF/Workers/Eric%20Eisen_alt5_zpsegjyaqk1.jpg

Jack Bruce and Valiant v. Remo and Eric Eisen

The sheer amount of heat that Remo and Eric were able to elicit together was deafening.

All four workers but on a clinic, but Hannah struggled to be truly effective as a support for Valiant.

The crowd lost it when Jack entered the ring and brawled with Remo.

The match came to an end after Remo hit Jack (who was not the legal man) with a cheap shot, then hit Valiant with The Destroyer for the win by pinfall.

Rating: 85


After the match Remo attacks Jack and slams him into the ring post. Remo then proceeds to clear the announcers table, before powerbombing Jack through it!! The show ends with Remo standing tall over Jack…



I hope everybody enjoyed the show and look forward to any feedback. As you can tell I am trying to experiment again with different styles of writing, as I am not very good at it.


SWF Supreme - Tuesday January Wk2

TV Title Semi-Finals - Enforcer Roberts v. Robbie Retro

Big Smack Scott v. John Greed

Rogue and Paul Huntington v. Steve Frehley and Lobster Warrior

Eric Eisen and Rich Money v. Valiant and Angry Gilmore

Christian Faith v. Remo

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Hey Moa! Just wanted to say I like this style of write up better than your previous ones. My only suggestion would be to maybe center everything to give it a more clean look? Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table. I, myself am trying to stray away from the American scene for a while and learn some more about the Japanese part of the world! That's gonna be a big hassle. :p
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Hey Moa! Just wanted to say I like this style of write up better than your previous ones. My only til would be to maybe center everything to give it a more clean look? Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table. I, myself am trying to stray away from the American scene for a while and learn some more about the Japanese part of the world! That's gonna be a big hassle. :p


Thanks for the kind words! To be honest I never realized that I could center things, as that was what I wanted to do just didn't pay attention, lol. I am nervous as I have a lot of ideas and am trying not to play too many cards at once.

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