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UFC 2 Sim


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So purely for my own amusement I have started simming real upcoming UFC events using the aforementioned game. I have just completed UFC 198 where the Brazilians completely dominated the matches only Carneiro lost to Nate Marquardt and Anderson Silva lost to Uriah Hall (!). So this is where you guys can help me plan future events as I have not got a clue when it comes to match making!


I have used the current real life UFC rankings for each weight division as a base and anybody outside the top 15 is lumped in with the rest of their weight category. If a fighter outside the top 15 gets a win, so in my first event Gonzaga beat Lewis who were both outside the 15, Gonzaga moves into position 16 as he has a win and is ready to move into the top 15 if somebody directly above him should lose.


This is the current Heavyweight rankings:

Champion: Werdum

1) Velasquez

2) Rothwell

3) Arlovski

4) Miocic

5) Dos Santos

6) Overeem

7) Browne

8) Barnett

9) Hunt

10) Mir

11) Nelson

12) Struve

13) Mitrione

14) Bigfoot

15) Magomedov

16) Gonzaga

17) Oleynik







Sakuraba (I know he is not in UFC but he is still active so I just thought I would put him in to bulk the roster up a bit).


I have set up the next fight night event according to the UFC website and can obviously start planning some of UFC 199/200 as matches are announced but if anybody would be interested in helping put together some more fight events to use some of the 'lesser/underused guys/gals' then please let me know. Likewise if you would like me to post results of events so far or rankings from any of the other weight classes then let me know.


Phew! I think that is the biggest post I have ever written!

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