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Stanford to launch his own promotion

July 2014


At a press conference today, "The King of the Internet" Simon Stanford confirmed his intentions to launch a brand new wrestling company; SuperStar Pro Wrestling.


Stanford is a wrestling agent who has always harboured ambitions of running his own wrestling organisation. Simon talked about establishing SuperStar Pro Wrestling as a home of "wrestling that will take your breath away" with a series of tours that will crown a variety of champions in the company.


The first four-show tour will commence in September 2014. The first four shows – the "SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament" – will be held on each Friday of the month. The tournament will feature eight competitors doing battle in a double elimination format. Each competitor that secures two wins on the first three shows will advance to the one-night finale. Any wrestler that suffers two losses will be eliminated from the competition. The four wrestlers to qualify will compete in the semi-finals and final to crown the first ever SuperStar Pro Wrestling Champion.


"The Kind of the Internet" has been a wrestling journalist since 2001 and promised to do his best to bring in the best competitors from around the world. He assured the gathered press that there will international talent in the opening field. Stanford - who has made brief appearances as a manager for a selection of wrestlers as well - took offence to the suggestion that frequent tournaments would not appeal to fans. He promised fans of British wrestling "an opportunity to watch the best in the business giving 110% in the search of immortality. If that doesn't appeal to anyone out there, then I don't really think they can call themselves wrestling fans."


The eight men set to compete in the in the first SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament are:



J.T. Rush | Rainbow Flyght | Rodney Hinkle | Target



Captain Scotland | Kamaitchi | Kolin Kennedy | Stockade



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Thanks for the kind words so far!



SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Night One

Friday, Week One, September 2014

Brownhills Working Mens' Club, West Midlands, England - Attendance: 40

Announcers: Justin Goodridge and Martin Spence


Jacob Gibson and The Flying Vergomov versus Danny Rowan and Kain O'Donovan

The inaugural SuperStar Pro Wrestling show kicked off with a tag team match between four men not involved in the title tournament. With no obvious teams on either side and all four men no doubt keen to impress for future competitions, the opener was a decent affair with all four showing off. Unfortunately for the Russian Flying Vergomov, he tried too much and as he went for a barrel roll from the top rope; it was countered by both of his opponents into a double neckbreaker. Rowan pinned TFV with O'Donovan ensuring Jacob Gibson couldn't interrupt. 14


Rodney Hinkle (0-0) versus Kamaitchi (0-0)

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament

The first match in the tournament took a little bit of time to get going as Kamaitchi did what he could to avoid falling into the clutches of the biggest man in the tournament field. Kamaitchi tired to spit green mist into Rodney's eyes - but missed - and in the resulting commotion, Hinkle took control of his Japanese opponent. Rodney used his power and size to dominate Kamaitchi and stop him from mounting a prolonged comeback. He wrapped up victory with a ring-shaking Spinebuster. 19


With the first tournament match completed, the owner of SuperStar Pro Wrestling arrived to the ring to welcome fans officially to his company. Simon Stanford talked about being a lifelong wrestling fan and wanting to do something different with SSPW - as he hopes to do with a series of wrestling tournaments. Stanford finished his time in the ring by touching on some of the incredible international names that he eventually hopes to welcome to his little company; and then welcomed the man that he expected to win the first SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Kolin Kennedy. 23


J.T. Rush (0-0) versus Kolin Kennedy (0-0)

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament

Stanford shook Kennedy's hand as he arrived to the ring and then hung around as moral support for the brash teenager as he clashed with America's J.T. Rush. Rush tried to use his speed to keep Kennedy off balance initially but the larger man changed the match by catching J.T. when he attempted a diving cross-body and turned it into a power slam. From there, Kennedy was allowed to control things. He tossed Rush around as though he were a toy and then started to show-off; to the delight of an applauding Simon Stanford (and very few others). The showing-off back fired. As Kennedy held Rush in a Stalling Suplex, the American star wriggled to throw off Kolin's control and then rolled him into a quick pin. Before K2 could react, Shane Wild counted the three count and Rush escaped with a win. 16


Before kicking off his championship campaign, Captain Scotland had a few things to get off his chest. He grabbed a microphone and spent a few minutes slagging off England, the weather, the food and the people. His time with a microphone was ended when Rainbow Flyght dashed out of the locker room to get their match underway. 33


Rainbow Flyght (0-0) versus Captain Scotland (0-0)

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament

Rainbow Flyght is a former gymnast and his incredible moves are complimented by the bright colours in his hair and ring attire. Thanks to his opponent's chat before the match, Flyght had the crowd on his side and Captain Scotland initially struggled to deal with him. However, after rolling from the ring he was able to get some manner of control on the match after Flyght's incredible dive over the ropes did him just as much damage as it did to the Captain. Captain S was more interested in bending the rules that actually fighting a fair match with Rainbow, and he grabbed a handful of tights to secure an underhand victory. 22


Target (0-0) versus Stockade (0-0)

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament

The main event of the evening pitted the English veteran - Target - against a wailing mess - Stockade. Stockade spent much of the early moments emitting a high-pitched scream in the face of his opponent, the referee and a few of the fans in attendance before shouting that "THE FALL IS COMING". Target grew tired of Stockade and shut him up a punch to the mouth, and the action really kicked off. The two men are more than component high-flyers and produced an entertaining battle that went back and forth, with the experience of Target eventually telling. Stockade tried to set his opponent up for a turn-buckle bulldog but was shoved into the corner post and then dropped with the Bullseye. 20


Show Rating: 20



SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Night Two

Friday, Week Two, September 2014


Target (1-0) versus Captain Scotland (1-0)

Rodney Hinkle (1-0) versus J.T. Rush (1-0)


Rainbow Flyght (0-1) versus Stockade (0-1)

Kamaitchi (0-1) versus Kolin Kennedy (0-1)

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<p></p><div style="text-align:center;"><span>http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb230/flatvanawful/SSPW/SSPW_zpsk1t7fbqk.jpg</span><p>

<strong>SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Night Two</strong></p><p>

<em>Friday, Week Two, September 2014</em></p><p><em>

Brownhills Working Mens' Club, West Midlands, England</em> - <strong>Attendance:</strong> 40</p><p>

<strong>Announcers:</strong> Justin Goodridge and Martin Spence</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Akira Taguchi and Dillon Bryant versus Danny Rowan and Kain O'Donovan</strong></p></div><p></p><p></p><p>

The Irish team of Danny Rowan and Kain O'Donovan returned after winning last week to be part of the non-tournament action as they faced the mis-matched duo of Akira Taguchi and Dillon Bryant. Whereas Bryant provided comic relief in the match and didn't take the outcome all too seriously, Taguchi was all business and looked really impressive as he dragged his team to victory. He tied Kain up in the Forget Me Knot submission - inverted Indian deathlock facelock (Muta lock) - for the win. <em>18</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Stockade</strong> explained some of his wailing from last week as he addressed the crowd before his second match. However he didn't make a whole lot of sense as he talked in a number of riddles and declarations. He once again repeated that "the fall is coming" and then made multiple references to an apparent prophecy that had spoken to him since the opening night and informed him that he would not win the first SuperStar Pro Championship. Upon insisting that his time will eventually come to be declared the SuperStar Pro Wrestling Champion, he spread himself out in a star shape in the centre of the ring and invited Rainbow Flyght to pin him.<em>26</em></p><p> </p><p>

</p><div style="text-align:center;"><p><strong>Rainbow Flyght (0-1) versus Stockade (0-1)</strong></p><p><strong>

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament</strong></p></div><p></p><p></p><p>

With his opponent seemingly conceding the match, Rainbow Flyght looked pretty suspicious as he walked to the ring. He took his time approaching Stockade and did a decent job of pulling the crowd into the action (or obvious lack of action). Rainbow was justifiably worried that Stockade was playing possum and was apprenhensive about going near him. After a suggestion from the crowd to finish him off, Rainbow took to the top rope and hit his First in Flyght - shooting star press leg drop - on the prone Stockade to ensure he stayed down. <em>21</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Simon Stanford</strong> was of the opinion that he put too much pressure on <strong>Kolin Kennedy</strong> on the opening SuperStar Pro Wrestling show and apologised to his charge as the two men prepared for K2's second match in the tournament. Kennedy was of a different opinion and simply blamed his defeat to J.T. Rush on his inexperience. Kolin guaranteed the SSPW owner that he would do as he predicted - and win the tournament. K2 added the a fledgling company needs a stand-out champion and he is that man. <em>32</em></p><p> </p><p>

</p><div style="text-align:center;"><p><strong>Kamaitchi (0-1) versus Kolin Kennedy (0-1)</strong></p><p><strong>

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament</strong></p></div><p></p><p></p><p>

There is an argument to be made that Kamaitchi can feel somewhat hard done by the draw he has had in the tournament, facing the two biggest guys in the field. Rodney Hinkle had two much power for Kamaitchi during week one and Kolin Kennedy had a similar advantage over him. The masked animal seemed aware that he needed a quick start to be in with a chance. Unfortunately, he didn't get one as Kennedy produced an all-business performance. K2 planted Kamaitchi with his Stalling Suplex and then followed it up with a Coat of Arms - Daniel Hart's uppercut - for victory. <em>20</em></p><p> </p><p>

</p><div style="text-align:center;"><p><strong>Rodney Hinkle (1-0) versus J.T. Rush (1-0)</strong></p><p><strong>

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament</strong></p></div><p></p><p></p><p>

J.T. Rush wasn't alone as he arrived to the ring to face off with Rodney Hinkle. The American star was accompanied by the beautiful Vallerie Gagné and she remained on hand to support Rush as he faced Hinkle, the all-rounder. Despite a size advantage, Hinkle actually did a decent job of matching Rush with a variety of aerial moves - and because he had more bulk they looked pretty painful. However, the match was de-railed when <strong>Kolin Kennedy</strong> strolled out of the locker room to watch both men. K2 stalked towards the ring but when both Hinkle and Rush turned to face him, he decided against getting involved and headed backstage again. Vallerie tried to re-focus her man as K2 disappeared behind the curtain but ended up distracting J.T. as Hinkle thundered through him with a big lariat. He followed it up with a huge Spinebuster to secure a semi-final spot <em>26</em></p><p> </p><p>

Before they clashed in the main event, <strong>Captain Scotland</strong> and <strong>Target</strong> spent a bit of time arguing about the great nations of Scotland and England. They traded insults about sport, the attractiveness of the women, food and the wrestlers before ultimately agreeing to settle things in the ring. <em>33</em></p><p> </p><p>

</p><div style="text-align:center;"><p><strong>Target (1-0) versus Captain Scotland (1-0)</strong></p><p><strong>

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament</strong></p></div><p></p><p></p><p>

The main event started as a fun match between two veterans with a lot to offer in the ring. With 40 years of wrestling experience between them, Target and Captain Scotland started the match cautiously. Neither man was wanted to give the other a chance of a quick win and they were tentative in the opening exchanges. Though Target had the size advantage, Captain Scotland has enough nous to counter-act that and even use his weight against him as the match started to kick into gear. The two masked stars went back-and-forth until Captain Scotland started to feel the match slipping away from him. After being hit with the Target Practice DDT he managed to avoid the Bullseye - missile dropkick - and then quickly began bending the rules. He poked Target in the eye, loosened his mask so it moved around his face to obscure his view and even slapped him with a low-blow when Shane Wild's view was obscured. Target tried to get control back on the match but Scotland flipped through a suplex and took Target down with a sunset flip. He used the ropes for leverage to score the pinfall, and then scampered from the ring after managing to claim another tainted win. <em>29</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Show Rating: </strong><strong><em>29</em></strong></p><p> </p><p>

</p><div style="text-align:right;"><p><strong>SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Night Three</strong></p><p><strong>

Friday, Week Three, September 2014</strong></p><p> </p><p>

Target (1-1) versus Kolin Kennedy (1-1)</p><p>

J.T. Rush (1-1) versus Rainbow Flyght (1-1)</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Night Four</strong></p><p><strong>

Friday, Week Four, September 2014</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<em>Confirmed semi-finalists:</em> Captain Scotland, Rodney Hinkle</p></div><p></p><p></p>

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<p></p><div style="text-align:center;"><span>http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb230/flatvanawful/SSPW/SSPW_zpsk1t7fbqk.jpg</span><p>

<strong>SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Night Three</strong></p><p>

<em>Friday, Week Three, September 2014</em></p><p><em>

Brownhills Working Mens' Club, West Midlands, England</em> - <strong>Attendance:</strong> 38</p><p>

<strong>Announcers:</strong> Justin Goodridge and Martin Spence</p></div><p></p><p></p><p> </p><p>

The third week of SuperStar Pro Wrestling kicked off with the two already confirmed semi-finalists spending a little bit of time in the ring. <strong>Rodney Hinkle</strong> called out <strong>Captain Scotland</strong>. With both men already in the final four of the tournament; he suggested a little bit of friendly competition to keep them both match-fit. Hinkle - a proud English northerner - admitted he was desperate to get his hands on Captain Scotland and to Captain S's credit he appeared keen for the match until <strong>Simon Stanford</strong> interrupted. Stamford admitted that he is ultimately a business man when it comes to SSPW and while as a fan he wanted to see Hinkle clash with the good Captain, he couldn't allow them to face-off one-on-one a week away from a potential final match that would pit them against each other - except that he still expects Kolin Kennedy to be able to beat both men. Instead, Stamford told both men to find themselves a partner in the locker room for a tag team match.</p><p> </p><p>

After Hinkle and Captain Scotland had departed in search of partners, Stamford continued in owner mode. He took great delight in confirming the <em><strong>second SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament will be held in December 2014</strong></em> and he expects to confirm the eight entrants in the tournament during October. He added that next week during the season one finale, there will be a six-way challenge between six men that did not compete in the first tournament and the winner will be guaranteed a place in that second tournament. <em>31</em></p><p> </p><p>

</p><div style="text-align:center;"><p><strong>Akira Taguchi versus Danny Rowan versus Jacob Gibson</strong></p></div><p></p><p></p><p>

Three men that will be part of that six-way match faced off in the opening match of the night as Jacob Gibson tried to exact some revenge on Danny Rowan from week one who was in turn looking for revenge on Akira Taguchi for defeat during week two. The match however was all about the intense Taguchi who picked the two men apart. He locked Gibson in the Forget Me Knot - Muta lock - for the win. <em>19</em></p><p> </p><p>

</p><div style="text-align:center;"><p><strong>Rodney Hinkle and The Flying Vergomov versus Captain Scotland and Kamaitchi</strong></p></div><p></p><p></p><p>

As the two confirmed semi-finalists made their entrance with their partners - it appeared clear that they had enjoyed very different experiences trying to get a team-mate. The Flying Vergomov looked happy to be teamed with Hinkle whereas Kamaitchi was reluctant to team with the guy that had spent the first couple of weeks making disparaging remarks about the entire company. As such, Hinkle and The Flying Vergomov controlled much of the contest except for a few moments when the sneakiness of Captain Scotland swung the momentum in his direction. However, Kamaitchi didn't look all that bothered in helping Captain Scotland and he refused to tag in when the good Captain was struggling. That left him prone to Hinkle and he could nothing to stop Rodney planting him with a big Spinebuster to grab the win. <em>29</em></p><p> </p><p>

Before the first tournament match of the evening, a young Japanese woman walked to the ring. She quickly introduced herself as <strong>Yuko Enoki</strong> - the youngest of the three Enoki triplets - and she explained her arrival in SuperStar Pro Wrestling. Whereas her sisters are happy to remain in Japan, Yuko is ready to shape champions all over the world and is ready to use her knowledge from Japanese wrestling to help someone win the SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament. She invited anyone in need of guidance to find her. <em>31</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Vallerie Gagné</strong> had a few things to say about her new charge - <strong>J.T. Rush</strong> - before he fought in the SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament. Gagné gave the fans something of a history lesson on Rush, who has been competing in gardens and community halls since he was 13. She talked about him being the fastest and most fearless man in SuperStar Pro Wrestling, and after making such a declaration - she was interrupted by <strong>Rainbow Flyght </strong>sprinting out to the ring to get the match started. <em>18</em></p><p> </p><p>

</p><div style="text-align:center;"><p><strong>J.T. Rush (1-1) versus Rainbow Flyght (1-1)</strong></p><p><strong>

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament</strong></p></div><p></p><p></p><p>

Given Vallerie's assertions about Rush's aerial ability, the two men started the match at break-neck speed. They both constantly took to the air and even traded dives through the ropes as they tried to out do each other. Given the quick start, it wasn't long before both needed time to catch their breath and they started to try to claim victory and a place in the tournament semi-finals. Rainbow sailed through the air with the First to Flyght - but Vallerie was able to pull J.T. out of the way. With Rainbow struggling, J.T. pulled him onto his shoulders and forced him to Feel the Rush - <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFVV7SIgTVE" rel="external nofollow">Fireman's carry dropped into a roundhouse kick</a> - to score the important victory. <em>23</em></p><p> </p><p>

</p><div style="text-align:center;"><p><strong>Target (1-1) versus Kolin Kennedy (1-1)</strong></p><p><strong>

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament</strong></p></div><p></p><p></p><p>

With a place in the final four up for grabs, there was a tension in the air betwen Target and Kolin Kennedy. Where Rush and Flyght had roared into battle, the two men in the main event did what they could to avoid their opponent's strengths. K2 had a size advantage whereas Target looked eager to use the vast array of wrestling holds that he has up his sleeve. They eventually locked up and after a competition of strength, Kennedy was able to take control of the match. Target roared back into contention following a rolling elbow and for a brief period, they spent some time trading moves. Once again, K2's inexperience looked like it had got the better of him when he tried to thump Target with a massive lariat after missing a shoulder tackle. Target avoided both and then planted the teenager with the Bullseye. However, Simon Stanford pulled referee Shane Wild from the ring just as Target went for the pin and allowed Kennedy time to recover. Once Wild had returned to the ring and Target had finished shouting at the SSPW owner, K2 thumped Target with the Coat of Arms uppercut and scored the win. <em>23</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Show Rating: </strong><strong><em>25</em></strong></p><p> </p><p>

</p><div style="text-align:right;"><p>Card for the season finale to follow shortly!</p></div><p></p><p></p>

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<p></p><div style="text-align:center;"><span>http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb230/flatvanawful/SSPW/SSPW_zpsk1t7fbqk.jpg</span><p>

<strong>SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Night Four</strong></p><p>

<em>Friday, Week Four, September 2014</em></p><p><em>

Brownhills Working Mens' Club, West Midlands, England</em></p><p> </p><p>


<strong>Rodney Hinkle (2-0) versus J.T. Rush (2-1)</strong></p><p><strong>

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Semi-Final #1</strong></p><p>

Rodney Hinkle and J.T. Rush actually faced off during night two of the tournament with Hinkle taking advantage of Kolin Kennedy's distraction to score the win. Will he be able to do it again and go into the final 3-0? Or can Rush reverse the result?</p><p> </p><p>


<strong>Kolin Kennedy (2-1) versus Captain Scotland (2-0)</strong></p><p><strong>

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Semi-Final #2</strong></p><p>

Neither man has had an easy run into the final four and both have bent the rules to breaking point to win their matches. The referee is going to have a tough time dealing with both men as they clash for a place in the inaugural tournament final.</p><p> </p><p>


<strong>Rainbow Flyght and Target versus Kamaitchi and Stockade</strong></p><p>

The four losers from the tournament will clash in a tag team match. If they want to get a place in the second SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament, a victory in this match is pretty much necessary.</p><p> </p><p>


<strong>Akira Taguchi versus Kain O'Donovan versus Jacob Gibson</strong></p><p><strong>


The Flying Vergomov versus Danny Rowan versus Dillon Bryant</strong></p><p><strong>


Six-way for a place in the second SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament</strong></p><p>

All six men have featured in non-tournament matches so far on the first SSPW tour, and will not want to spend another month watching others competing for the chance to win the trophy. Victory in this match will guarantee the winner a place in December's eight man field.</p><p> </p><p>



<strong>Hinkle or Rush versus Kennedy or Scotland</strong></p><p><strong>

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Final</strong></p><p>

Who will leave as the first SuperStar Pro Champion? Rodnet Hinkle? J.T. Rush? Kolin Kennedy? Captain Scotland?</p><p>


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I like this. It's a bit different and I enjoy that. Will the tournament format work long-term? God knows. But the best method of creation is experimentation. I like what I've read so far and the Kolin Kennedy storyline with Simon Stanford as his biggest fan is a lot of fun.


I predict Captain Scptland for the win by the way. The more you write, the more I'll read.

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SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Night Four

Friday, Week Four, September 2014

Brownhills Working Mens' Club, West Midlands, England - Attendance: 35

Announcers: Justin Goodridge and Martin Spence


The finale of the first SuperStar Pro Wrestling tour kicked off with Simon Stanford heading to the ring. He thanked the fans for their continued support during the month and promised a couple of surprises ahead of the second tournament in December. He then welcomed the "best all-round wrestler in SSPW" Kolin Kennedy to the ring. K2 talked about winning both the semi-final and final of the SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament to begin what promises to be a storied career, and encouraged Rodney Hinkle to find a way past J.T. Rush so he could beat the best in the final. 37


Rodney Hinkle (2-0) versus J.T. Rush (2-1)

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Semi-Final #1

The first semi-final kicked off with a really fun series of reversals from the two men involved as they showed that they had learned plenty from their clash during Night Two of the tournament. Rush back-flipped away from a shuffle kick and Hinkle slide under a diving cross-body as they delighted the crowd with a matrix-style beginning. Unfortunately for Rush though, he wasn't able to reverse the result of their previous meeting and Hinkle once again had his all-round strengths to thank. He rolled through a diving elbow attack from J.T. and was able to counter it into a Crossface in the centre of the ring. The American was too far from the ropes and though he briefly battled the hold, he did submit. 24


Kolin Kennedy (2-1) versus Captain Scotland (2-0)

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Semi-Final #2

Almost as soon as the bell had rung and Kolin Kennedy had rushed forward to pull Captain Scotland down by his mask, it became obvious that referee Callum Kobiashi was going to have a job on his hands managing the two competitors in the match as well as the owner of SuperStar Pro Wrestling outside the ring. Simon Stanford kept a rhymic beat throughout the early stages of the match as he slammed the ring apron and it seemed to settle K2. It gave him a fighting focus. Of course, Captain Scotland is no push over and he didn't allow Kennedy to completely dominate. Stanford was a constant nuisance on the match as he berated Kobiashi for any decisions he seemed to make against K2 but he was silenced when Target darted out of the locker room and took him down with a diving lariat. The move caught Kennedy's attention and as he stared at Target, Captain Scotland darted in behind him and rolled him up for a surprise three count. 27


Rainbow Flyght and Target versus Kamaitchi and Stockade

The tag team match between the four eliminated men promised to be an entertaining affair as they battled, but it was the odd behaviour of Stockade that dominated the match. Given that Stockade was tagging with the demon Kamaitchi and yet he remained to be seen as the odd one of the group should tell you everything you need to know about his wailing and screaming. Regardless the other three men tried to have a match until Stockade turned on his own partner and planted him with the Prophecy - double knee facebuster - to ensure that he was on the losing side. Rainbow Flyght completed the pinfall. 20


Before Target could celebrate, Simon Stanford arrived from the locker room and instructed a couple of security guards to throw the masked wrestler out of the building. Target didn't put up a fight but was obviously smiling as he was lead past Simon Stanford by the security team. 18


Akira Taguchi versus Kain O'Donovan versus Jacob Gibsonn versus The Flying Vergomov versus Danny Rowan versus Dillon Bryant

The six-way match - with the promise of a place in the second tournament at stake - was a bit of a mess as no-one could enjoy any control in the opening moments. There were simply too many variables in the match that as soon as someone tried to take control in the centre of the ring, another competitor crept up behind to club them in the neck. Having introduced herself to SSPW last week, Yuko Enoki appeared during the match and took a seat at ringside as all six men battled. Jacob Gibson appeared to have the match won when he struck Kain O'Donovan with a Superkick in the centre of a clear ring, but his pinfall was broken up by The Flying Vergomov who used the top rope to springboard on top of the pinfall. TFV was foiled in his attempt to pin Gibson by Akira Taguchi. The Japanese star blasted the Russian high-flyer with an Exploder Suplex and secured the pinfall before anyone else could get involved.

As Taguchi headed backstage, he was applauded by Yuko Enoki as well as a mysterious blonde women who stepped out of the locker room to make a point of celebrating the Japanese star's victory. 25


Rodney Hinkle (3-0) versus Captain Scotland (3-0)

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Final

With both men having already fought in the evening, there was a patient start to the final of the first SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament. Both men had advanced to the final with unbeaten runs although Hinkle evidently took some confidence from the fact that he pinned Captain Scotland last week during a tag match. Captain Scotland tried to stay out of Hinkle's clutches early on and he deployed a string of stalling tactics. He used Shane Wild as a shield, he slide out of the ring after being clobbered by a lariat and when Hinkle suggested they lock-up, Captain Scotland responded by poking him in the eye. Hinkle didn't allow the good Captain's behaviour to distract him and he stuck to his plan of trying to out wrestle the masked star. Captain Scotland's under-hand tactics appeared to be working as he sapped away at Hinkle with a series of submission holds, but when he rebounded off the ropes to hit Rodney with a cross-body; he was caught by the Geordie. Hinkle slammed CS down with a power slam but didn't have the energy to pin him, and the two men were able to get to their feet. Captain Scotland tried again to ground Hinkle, but Hinkle ducked under the kick and then hoisted Captain Scotland in a trademark ring-shaking Spinebuster. Captain S had no answer and Rodney Hinkle got the three count. 31


Referee Shane Wild helped Rodney Hinkle to his feet and handed the trophy to the winner. Hinkle stood in the centre of the ring with the both hands high above his head.


Show Rating: 30



SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament One - Winner


Rodney Hinkle

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Stanford confirms line-up for second tournament

Week Three, October 2014


Following the success of the first tour, Simon Stanford was beaming from ear-to-ear as he confirmed details of the second set of shows from his fledgling company - SuperStar Pro Wrestling.


"The King of the Internet" broadcast the announcement live on Facebook from his office as he talked about the second "SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament" featuring the exact same structure as the inaugural competition. Eight wrestlers will battle in a double elimination competition, with the four men that win two matches during the first three matches qualifying for the semi-finals and final.


Stanford took a number of questions from viewers as he talked and was in bullish mood about the standard of wrestling displayed during the first tournament. "I've been going to wrestling shows in Birmingham for nearly 20 years and some of the action I saw during the first four SuperStar Pro Wrestling shows was as good as if not better than the best moments I'd previously seen. With just one tournament, we are already threatening to change the face of wrestling in Great Britain and Ireland - and long may it continue."


The four semi-finalists from the first tournament - Rodney Hinkle, Captain Scotland, J.T. Rush and Kolin Kennedy - will be joined by four new faces in the line-up to compete for the second trophy.


Target will not be part of the four shows during December. After 'various' questions regarding his assault on Stanford during the final show, the SSPW owner eventually relented and addressed the masked veteran with a rehearsed statment. "Target should not have laid his hands on the owner of the SuperStar Pro Wrestling. He has not been invited to be part of the upcoming tour, and I have no more to say on the matter."


The eight men set to compete in the in the second SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament are:



Akira Taguchi | J.T. Rush | Kyle Hart | Rodney Hinkle http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb230/flatvanawful/SSPW/Champ_zpslt7t91h9.png



Captain Scotland | Danny Rowan | Kelvin Tyler | Kolin Kennedy





Kosmo Supreme headed for SSPW

Week Three, October 2014


As the same time as Simon Stanford was announcing the line-up for the second "SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament", "Kosmo Supreme" Kyle Hart confirmed to his near 25,000 followers on Twitter that he will part of the eight man line-up to compete for the trophy. The English-born Kyle Hart is a cousin of the world-renowned Hart brothers Scott and Nick and a regular in America with both DRAGON Pro Wrestling and Puerto Rico's Legacy Wrestling Alliance. Not as technically inclined as his cousins, Kosmo is well versed in the air and will be almost certainly seen as a favourite to win the competition.


As Stanford was announcing the line-up on Facebook, he tweeted:




DRAGON have recently lost their television show on Extreme Living, and the move by Hart is expected to be the start of their roster taking bookings elsewhere.





Hinkle confident of a second victory

Week Three, October 2014


Rodney Hinkle, the winner of the first SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament, took part in an Ask Me Anything on /r/SquaredCircle/ - reddit's wrestling community - and answered questions about some of his favourite matches in his career, winning the SSPW tournament and some tips that he has picked up to continue training while travelling.


Hinkle was asked about the second SuperStar Pro tour which is set to take place during December and he talked - sorry, typed - with confidence about winning a second tournament. "I fancy my chances. I knew I'd be tough to beat and I proved that by going through the first competition unbeaten. I think I can do that again."


On the topic of who he'd liked to face in the tournament: "(Kolin) Kennedy - simple. I want to prove to him he isn't as big-time as he think he is."


And when asked about the announcement of Kosmo Supreme/Kyle Hart: "Let's see how the tournament pans out. I become a wrestler to be involved in matches with the very best in the world. Kosmo is a member of the Hart, and there may not be a better wrestling family on the planet. I'll give it everything I've got - and see if he can handle the pressure."

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It's an as-yet unopened company from the ThunderVerse.



SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament Two - Night One

Thursday, Week One, December 2014

KG's Nightclub, West Midlands, England - Attendance: 33

Announcers: Justin Goodridge and Martin Spence


One of the new faces in SuperStar Pro Wrestling caused the biggest surprise on the opening night of the second tournament - by pinning Rodney Hinkle. Hinkle went through the first tournament undefeated on his way to lifting the trophy, but in his first match of the second competition he was defeated by the "Lone Wolf" Kelvin Tyler. Tyler matched Hinkle for size and wasn't going to be over-powered and when he dragged a missed Hinkle punch down into an armbar, it was clear that Rodney wasn't going to have things all his own way. The champion tried to punch his way back into the match but Tyler's technical prowess allowed him to sap at Hinkle's energy before finishing him off with the Lone Wolf Rising - crucifix powerbomb.


In the main event of the evening, Kyle Hart had too much for Captain Scotland. The beaten finalist from the inaugural tournament had talked before the match about welcoming the world-renowned "Kosmo Supreme" to SSPW with a defeat but his bag of tricks weren't able to cope with Hart and his crowd-pleasing aerial attacks. The pairing probably produced the best match so far in SuperStar Pro Wrestling as they competed, and when Captain Scotland actually tried to match Hart with his own brand of high flying offence, it pulled everyone into the contest. Kyle hit the Enter the Kosmo - frog splash - to get the pinfall on the good Captain.


In a re-match of the very first SuperStar Pro Wrestling show, J.T. Rush was once again able to get the better of Kolin Kennedy and pin him in the centre of the ring. Simon Stanford was once again livid to his charge defeated and even more so by the manner of the victory. In September, K2 allowed Rush to score a flash pinfall when he started to get cocky about dominating the youngster, and though there were few signs of cockiness - he was foiled by an distraction from the supposedly banned Target. The masked star - supposedly not allowed to be at the show because of his attack on Simon Stanford at the finale of SSPW's first tour - hopped out of the crowd to spook Stanford and distract Keenedy. It was all the support that Rush needed and as Target scampered out of the fire exit, J.T. planted Kennedy with a Superkick to straight the tournament with a victory.


The final tournament match of the night pitted two of the tournament debutants against each other as Akira Taguchi battled with Ireland's Danny Rowan. Both men had spent their time during the first tour competing in non-tournaments, so given Taguchi's three wins in those matches he was the firm favourite as the match got underway. Unfortunately for the Japanese star, he failed to get it done when it mattered and though he connected with a string of vicious kicks he wasn't able to keep Rowan down. Rowan kept coming back from more and after reversing an Irish whip into a hip-toss, Rowan planted Akira with a Leg Drop from the top rope. Shirley Curtis - the beautiful blonde that had applauded Taguchi's win during the season one finale - accompanied Akira to the ring but showed little or no emotion throughout the contest, before leading the defeated fight backstage.


In the non-tournament opening match, Rainbow Flyght and The Flying Vergomov combined to make probably the most high-flying team in wrestling history. Together they were able to defeat Kain O'Donovan and Kamaitchi who struggled to combine as a team.


  • Rainbow Flyght and The Flying Vergomov defeated Kain O'Donovan and Kamitchi
  • SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament: J.T. Rush (1-0) defeated Kolin Kennedy (0-1)
  • SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament: Danny Rowan (1-0) defeated Akira Taguchi (0-1)
  • SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament: Kelvin Tyler (1-0) defeated Rodney Hinkle (0-1)
  • SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament: Kyle Hart (1-0) defeated Captain Scotland (0-1)

Show Rating: 33

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SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament Two - Night Two

Thursday, Week Two, December 2014

KG's Nightclub, West Midlands, England - Attendance: 40

Announcers: Justin Goodridge and Martin Spence


Two shows after winning the SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament, Rodney Hinkle found himself flat on his back and out of the second tournament. After losing on the opening show of the tournament to Kelvin Tyler, the all-rounder looked to be all business as he faced off in a repeat of the first tournament's final. Captain Scotland was also all business, having admitted to the crowd that he needed to be at his best to get the better of Hinkle after allowing him to win the first tournament with his shenanigans. Well, he was as all business as he is likely to get. There were still some of the usual antics from Captain S but he was much focused on trying to better Hinkle in a wrestling match, and after reversing Hinkle's huge Spinebuster into a DDT Captain Scotland leapt off the top rope with the Flower of Scotland Splash - firebird splash - to score the important victory.


Hinkle was joined in elimination by Kolin Kennedy who was once foiled when in a commanding position by the interference of Target. K2 had been battling with Akira Taguchi for the right to stay in the competition and things had appeared to be going Kennedy's way. The Japanese star seemed to relish the fight when up against Kennedy and started the match the stronger with a string of quck, sharp kicks that rocked K2. After a pep-talk from Simon Stanford outside the ring and a little time to take stock, Kennedy fought his way into the match and after planting Akira with a Stalling Suplex, he looked to be on his way towards victory until Target hopped out of the crowd once again. Whereas last week he had threatened Simon Stanford with an attack, he followed through this time and using the ring apron as a launch pad he clocked the SSPW owner with a missile dropkick. K2 was unsurprisingly distracted and he allowed Akira Taguchi to line up the Lightning Strikes Twice - dragon suplex. It was enough for Taguchi to get the important three count.


J.T. Rush has two wins out of two in the SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament and he has the interference of others to thank for both. Last week he was helped to victory over Kolin Kennedy thanks to Target distracting his opponent, and on week two he was helped out by Kamaitchi and an other masked demon in his battle with Danny Rowan. Rowan and Rush had been trading aerial moves when Kamaitchi and another demon - bigger than Kamaitchi and wearing a purple mask - headed for the ring. Kamaitchi provided the decoy - jumping onto the ring apron to ensure he had referee Shane Wild's attention - and that allowed his purple masked partner to attack Danny Rowan. He planted Rowan with a spinning side slam and left the Irishman to be pinned by J.T. Rush.


Rush will be joined in the final four of the tournament by Kyle Hart after he was able to secure victory over the "Lone Wolf" Kelvin Tyler. The duo actually traded a few words before they met in the main event and after a few choice words, things lead into a brutal fight. "Kosmo Supreme" wasn't at his crispest in the ring but he was able to mix it with his bigger opponent as the two men let their emotion spur them on. Tyler tried to hoist Hart up into the Lone Wolf Rising but Kyle forced his way out of Kevin's clutches and after dropping him with a Picture Perfect Dropkick, he hit the Entering the Kosmos to secure a 2-0 record through the first two shows.


In the opening match of the night, Rainbow Flyght and The Flying Vergomov were once again in tag team action together, and they were joined by Yuko Enoki who cheered on the pair in their clash with Stockade and Rod St James. St Jame, for those of you that are unaware is a laid back English surfer who doesn't take the competitive nature of wrestling all that seriously - especially when they are waves to crush and whatnot. Unfortunately for Stockade that meant he basically had to compete on his own - which wasn't a problem as Stockade fought like a man possessed. His eyes glazed over as soon as the bell was rang and with St James spending some time trying to chat up the three women in the audience, Stockade battled admirably. The numbers advantage helped the high flyers but as TFV tried to land a springboard splash, it was countered by Stockade into the Prophecy - double knee facebuster - and he was able to wail in delight after securing an unlikely win.


  • Rod St James and Stockade defeated Rainbow Flyght and The Flying Vergomov
  • SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament: Akira Taguchi (1-1) defeated Kolin Kennedy (0-2)
  • SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament: Captain Scotland (1-1) defeated Rodney Hinkle (0-2)
  • SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament: J.T. Rush (2-0) defeated Danny Rowan (1-1)
  • SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament: Kyle Hart (2-0) defeated Kelvin Tyler (1-1)

Show Rating: 34

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SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament Two - Night Three

Thursday, Week Three, December 2014

KG's Nightclub, West Midlands, England - Attendance: 32

Announcers: Justin Goodridge and Martin Spence


Four men headed into the third week of the second SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament with hopes of making progress into the semi-finals of the competition. The main event saw Kelvin Tyler facing off with Akira Taguchi. The contest against another bigger man allowed Taguchi another chance to showcase his hard-hitting style and the Japanese wrestler did pretty well in the opening minutes to stay with Tyler. It even looked like he managed to rock Tyler on a couple of occasions but struggled to follow it up when he did ground Kelvin. Of course, the Lone Wolf is made of tough stuff and after letting out a huge roar in response to a kick from Akira, he almost beheaded him with an Olympic lariat. It was the impact that swung that match in his favour and shortly afterwards, Tyler wrapped up victory with his signature Lone Wolf Rising powerbomb.


The other tournament match saw Captain Scotland trick his way past Danny Rowan with a handful of tights. The impressive wrestling performance that we saw from the good Captain last week to eliminate Rodney Hinkle appeared to be a thing of the past as he utilised his repertoire of underhand moves to better Rowan. The Irishman tried to coax Captain S into a straight fight, but when he refused Danny tried to match him with his own version of underhand tricks. However it was Danny that was constantly reprimanded by referee Callum Kobiashi and he grew more and more frustrated as Captain Scotland was allowed to bend the rules with no comeuppance. Rowan tried to finish the match with a big Spear but Captain Scotland dodged it; and after he careered into the turnbuckle, Captain S rolled Danny up for the win.


Earlier in the night, Danny Rowan did exact some revenge on Kamaitchi and his fellow demon for causing his defeat last week as they took part in a tag team match. Kamaitchi's purple-masked partner was identified as Waira, a fellow Demon of Gomorrah and they teamed up to take on the two men already qualified for the semi-finals - J.T. Rush and Kyle Hart. The demons started the match much stronger than the thrown together duo and their unique style - Waira is much bigger than Kamaitchi and actually used his partner as a weapon to throw at their opponents - caused Rush and Hart early problems. However when Rowan arrived to the ring with his brother Ricky Rowan alongside him, the match became much easier for the guys with 2-0 records. The Rowan brothers didn't get involved in the match but their presence at ringside was enough to distract the demons and that allowed Rush and Hart to pounce. J.T. Rush levelled Kamaitchi with the Feel the Rush while Kyle took Waira down with a Hart Kick. Rush pinned Kamaitchi to leave with victory.


The two men surprisingly eliminated from the tournament last week got back to winning ways. Rodney Hinkle teamed up with The Flying Vergomov once again to beat the tandem of Rod St James and Stockade. Yuko Enoki was on hand to shout instructions to TFV and proved crucial in the match when she grabbed Rod's left ankle. The distraction was missed by Shane Wild and allowed Hinkle to plant St James with his massive Spinebuster.


In the other match, Kolin Kennedy defeated Jacob Gibson with the Coat of Arms uppercut, but it was after the match that things got interesting. As K2 and Simon Stanford celebrated the victory in the ring, Target walked out of the locker room with a microphone in his hand. Stanford immediately called for security to escort him out of the building but the veteran asked for a little patience. After telling Stanford that it is completely unreasonable of him to pick a horse in the race and then somehow not expect to be caught in some of the whipping - horse racing analogy, it sort of worked - the masked man challenged Kennedy to a match at the season finale. Target suggested that if K2 wins, Target will walk away from SuperStar Pro Wrestling forever but if he is able to win, he gets his contract back and a place in the third tournament. Stanford quickly shook his head and appeared set to say no - until he was stopped by Kennedy. The pairing had a quick, private discussion after which an evil smile crossed the face of Stanford. He said yes to the match, before insisting the security team kick Target out of the venue for good measure.


  • Rodney Hinkle defeated The Flying Vergomov defeated Rod St James and Stockade
  • Kolin Kennedy defeated Jacob Gibson
  • J.T. Rush and Kyle Hart defeated Demons of Gomorrah (Kamaitchi and Waira)
  • SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament: Captain Scotland (2-1) defeated Danny Rowan (1-2)
  • SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament: Kelvin Tyler (2-1) defeated Akira Taguchi (1-2)

Show Rating: 29

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SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament Two - Night Four

Thursday, Week Three, December 2014

KG's Nightclub, West Midlands, England



J.T. Rush (2-0) versus Captain Scotland (2-1)

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Semi-Final #1

Two wins out of two thanks to the interference and distraction of others means that J.T. Rush has reached the semi-finals without too much hassle. Compare that to Captain Scotland who had to overcome the winner of the first tournament - Rodney Hinkle - to remain in the tournament and it could come down to fatigue. Will Rush's freshness be enough to see him into the final?



Kyle Hart (2-0) versus Kelvin Tyler (2-1)

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Semi-Final #2

These two met in the main event during week two and that match will no doubt be on their minds when Kyle Hart and the "Lone Wolf" face off in their semi-final match. "Kosmo Supreme" has looked pretty flawless so far in SuperStar Pro Wrestling but he could come un-stuck against the tough Kelvin Tyler. They produced a wonderful match first time around and we expect more of the same with a place in the final at stake.



The Rowan Brothers versus The Demons of Gomorrah

Over the last two weeks these two teams have cost each other matches in SSPW. The reason why Kamaitchi and Waira got involved with Danny Rowan haven't been explained yet but the Rowan brothers will get the chance to knock answers out of their opponents when they clash here.



Target versus Kolin Kennedy

Although not part of the second tournament, Target made sure his presence was felt by ensuring that Kolin Kennedy lost his opening two matches. The masked star has taken umbrage with Simon Stanford apparently being untouchable despite himself getting involved in some of K2's matches. This clash pits Target's SSPW career on the line against a place in the third tournament for the veteran. Importantly for Kolin Kennedy, he can get his hands on the man that ruined his plans of winning the second SSPC Tournament.



Rush or Scotland versus Hart or Tyler

SuperStar Pro Championship Tournament - Final

We are guaranteed a new champion - but who will it be? J.T., The Good Captain, Kosmo Supreme or the Lone Wolf?

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