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Say Farewell to your TEW2013 Saves

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With TEW2016 just around the corner and 2 weeks until the Beta is released I thought it would be a goo time for me to wind down my TEW2013 saves, have a week or two breather before getting stuck into the Beta.


This is a thread to publically say your goodbyes to your saves, recall fond memories, greatest successes and biggest mistakes in a fond way. Kind of a summary of the last 3 years .



1987 mod we've shared some great times, but i'm sorry to say that our times together on TEW13 are over with. We've seen Piper and Dibiase get their Heavyweight title reigns. We've seen Bret turn to the dark side and be on Ted pay role!! .We've seen my user become one of the most hated men in the industry due to ruthless culling that took place on the roster and the hard stance on backstage incidents if you weren't a favorite.


We've seen Lanny Poffo become a multi time WWF Cruiserweight/Light-Heavyweight/ X-Fighters champion, even challenging and feuding with your brother over the IC title... You got hammered Lanny... you certainly did and your pop didn't rise above high midcarder but we both tried to make it work.


Shout out to the tag team of Goldust and Evil Doink whom I had fun with their promo's, skits and eventual bizarre break up. Their getting back together as faces later in the save as Goldust and Doinkdust.


Mable/Biggie Knight- I don't know how it happened but you got one heck of a destiny role and become the greatest 400+ monster the world had seen. 90+ for basics and psy, 100 in menace, 85+ in star quality and charisma and 70 on the mic, 80 in brawling and 79 in stamina... I don't know what happened but i'm glad it did, you were my drug dealing king Pin earmarked for big things.



Yokozuna my first ever success at training someone up and booking a monster. a great monster with typical stats except your time in my Japan Dev caused your puro skill to raise to 70+ an basics up to a not too shabby 70.


There are many more moments and i'm sure they will pop up in my mind... this is good bye but i'll see you in your reincarnation in TEW16.

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My WWF 1994 save:



Goodbye old save, in which I tried to push Kwang to the moon and failed miserably.


On which I tried to make the "Fake" Undertaker interesting by giving him a biker gimmick (sort of like the Chainz he would become) but more like "American Badass" and also failed spectacularly.


On which Shawn Michaels got suspended for drugs twice, Vader lost to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania and Mick Foley debuted as babyface Dude Love, joining forces with the 1-2-3 Kid and Razor Ramon to feud with the Old School Initiative (Backlund, Funk and Lawler).


On which Owen Hart won the big one from Diesel at Wrestlemania.


On which Savage had an almost year long feud with Jarrett before turning heel and having a kick-ass feud with Bret Hart...that culminated with "Crow" Sting descending from the rafters and beating them both down!


On which the Yokozuna/Vader feud was much better than in real life.


On which Chris Candido was Intercontinental Champion.


And my biggest blunder:


On which Chris Jericho debuted as a heel take on Sparky Plugg called Rad Racer and the two had a terrible feud. Yes, I am not proud of that one.

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August 2014 WWE:


One of my longest running saves ever.


The save I was the most excited to ever play.


My proud accomplishments such as making Justin Gabriel into a star with 100 popularity.


However all of Jay Gabe's glory came to an end when I did a wipe out of my computer (not realizing TEW would be uninstalled) and all of my saves were lost. :'(

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Goodbye to my "Avatar" save. A save that saw me for the first time, get a star to be Wrestler of the Year, that star was my avatar CM Punk. Was it my goal? Yes and no. My goal was to have the best matches anywhere and I did achieve it. I had taken my company, ROH to international status in one year by running a touring company. My stars were the most popular, so I had to leave the whole touring thing and run a regular schedule.


Everything was lined up right. I had great stars, great up and comers, and rookies in my dev ready to lead the future.


I'm going to miss this save, but I am looking forward to TEW 16'. Simply because of how annoying it was to have so many people signed to my main roster, because it didn't take long for guys to want to be called up. With the child company feature allowing me to get the my guys and gals to really grow before coming up to the main roster, I can not only assure that my game continues beyond 2 years, which is the most I've played a single game, but play a more realistic game.


With the new feature that will make anybody I sign to become active in my area, I can also give back to the country I'm located in, thus creating new stars that will emulate that of NXT. Where I can really see their talents through the fog of war system.


My biggest failure, is running a fed in Europe. There are not enough decent stars in Europe to run a company like 21st Century. Another one was running USPW. With almost everyone of the big names age and declining, I really could not turn it around. Not to mention that they couldn't put on a decent match even with my avatar's help. The only people I could depend on was Nicky Champion and Engyma.

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I would like to say goodbye to my first game I played on TEW 2013 - 94-2016 Game. Even though I lost interest around November, I started that save when TEW 2013 came out and stopped playing in November. I booked 2026 shows and the greatest match was The Undertaker vs. Jake Roberts.


As of today I have completed my second game of TEW 2013 which took place between 1987-1992 as the WWF (I probably could have gone longer but with the new game coming I will retire it) Even though I only booked 523 shows and didn't get to the Attitude Era, I will miss this game and attempt to replicate some of it on TEW 2016

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My last game is also my longest TEW-game ever, running about 26 months (not much, I know). It was WCW 1994, I spent those 26 months building towards Austin becoming world champion:


After losing the US title to old tag partner Brian Pillman after holding it for more than a year, he joined up with The Four Horsemen (Flair, Anderson, Dustin Rhodes) against Hogan, Sting, Savage and Pillman; eventually being betrayed and replaced by Pillman, beating the rest of the Horsemen and a returning Barry Windham (to replace Dustin Rhodes, after interference by Austin in a Loser Leaves Town Dusty vs. Dustin match saw him exit WCW) as revenge... after which he won World War 3 for a title shot at Starrcade against the monsterous WCW World Heavyweight champion Vader, who had shown unstopable force by beating stars like Sting, Luger, Savage and Hogan (cleanly!). Austin was all set to take the title in this monumental matchup - only I grew tired of the save after my World War 3 tanked everyone but Austin's pop and momentum...

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Farewell to my 2004 PWG save.


I made the stars of today in real life stars in the game(DBryan,Rollins,etc)


I hired Goldust,who pretty much carried me through the whole 2004 and the first 2005 months.


I made allies and enemies,wheter if they were companies or workers.


I took PWG to the top.


It all started with the first TV deal,a 30-minute show in the graveyard position of a tiny tv station.This show is still active in the same place,but now it is shown in a lot of countries as a B show.I have one 2 hour A show in Big to Enormous TV networks.I have PPV deals too.


I could hire whoever I wanted and I no longer needed my alliance to survive.


I let no company die,and many doomed feds are my development territories.


I also got a dojo and even my own stadium.


I made the classic feuds,like Kevin Steen vs El Generico,Kevin Steen vs Super Dragon and the curent feuds,like World's Cutest Tag Team vs The Young Bucks.


I will restart it all in TEW '16,at least I hope so.


I may even keep playing it just a bit more...

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A goodbye to my CZCW game on the default database.


We had a great run didn't we? going through 6 years on our first run through and reaching cult... before disaster happened and the computer messed up losing the save and the game :(


Sam Kieth joining CZCW to manage his sons, and ending up coming out of retirement to face my created user for injuring his sons. Capturing the title before being dethroned and retired by son Greg Gauge turning on his family and joining my user.


The Tag division being strong with a lot of over teams, Lords of Extreme taking on High Times (Remmy and Fox Mask) for tag titles and the extreme title on and off for 3 years



KC Glen finally reaching the top defeating my user after another Japan/US raid cost me Greg and Matthiew. KC Glen and Mainstream feuding for the top strap for the better part of 3 years. KC glen being the golden boy for my User.


I can finally lay that frustration to rest, I never ended up getting back to that point no matter how many times I tried. My latest attempt as the most fun since that point, and although I'm only 2 years in I had some fun booking.


TCW invaded, captured the titles an lost them in feuds. putting over 4 of my guys very well. Tommy Cornell is a part of my title lineage.... yyyyeeeeaaaa!!!!


Bringing an end to this C-Verse chapter for me and onto the next one with TEW2016, Most probable with the Coastal Zone, this time staying more true to the style and avoiding my past habit of adding in a couple heavyweights.

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Goodbye to my WCW 2001 save.


Good bye to the times where Sean O'Haire became the most over guy on the roster in a matter of months, defeating Goldberg at 2001 Starrcade to become my world champion, eventually holding the title for two years.


Goodbye to Cremator, WCWs version of The Undertaker. Going 17-0 at Starrcade, becoming a two time tag team champion with Abyss and managed by the great Percy Pringle, not losing a match until the year 2006.


Goodbye to the new generation of wrestlers who I signed for my developmental and got on to the main roster and made a big impact. (Austin Aries, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Chris Rombola, etc.)


Goodbye to L.A.X (Homicide, Hernandez, Jose & Joel Maximo, Apolo and B-Boy) Becoming one of the best heel stables I've ever booked.


Goodbye Buffy The Superhero (Buff Bagwell) who kept causing trouble backstage so I gave him a superhero gimmick and jobbed him out for two years until his contract ran out.


Thank you to all my other fun (And Stupid!) ideas and thank you to the rest of the talent who gave it their best and thank you for the talent who came through my development couldn't quite get the crowd on their side despite so many attempts (Sorry Shawn Stasiak & Mr. Kennedy)


A final thank you to my WCW 2001 save for so much fun, we never managed to takeover WWF/E as the leading wrestling company but we sure did stay competitive. The TV ratings were always close come 2006 and they stayed close. You robbed me of so many of my stars and I robbed you of so many of your stars too but that's what made this save so fun. Thank you TEW 2013.

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Farewell to my 2004 PWG save.




I made the classic feuds,like Kevin Steen vs El Generico,Kevin Steen vs Super Dragon and the curent feuds,like World's Cutest Tag Team vs The Young Bucks.


Ok i have got to know who the World's Cutest Tag Team are.

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Goodbye 2002


Goodbye epic rap battles with John Cena and his arch nemesis Ron Killings. One battle for the road at Summerslam 2002 before I leave the game.


Goodbye Christian getting a real push from me.


Goodbye to the cruiserweight world cup.


Goodbye to user character Lex Luthor. You were much better running WWF. Comparing this with your latest movie.


Goodbye to the possibility of Brock Lesnar (unbeaten) defending the WWF championship vs Bill Goldberg at Wrestlemania 19. The plan was to have Goldberg debut in the next Royal rumble and win it. Before this, Paul Heyman would start mentioning another undefeated guy that had to win 100+ non matches, while Brock became the youngest WWF champion in only his 9th pro match. Brock is beating everybody and he probably would have beat Bill as well.


Goodbye to the main event of Wrestlemania 19. It was going to be Rock vs Austin 3 in a career ending match. Real life with a twist. The sweetest of drinks for playing TEW.


Goodbye to Rikishi and DDP being the greatest comedy team I've ever had. DDP started his Yoga deal early, then I put him with Rikishi and the imagination ran wild. Not the most creative team name -'' Yoga&Samoa''


Goodbye to Stacy Keibler shooting t shirts into the crowd. The one angle I could always repeat. :(


Goodbye to Chris Jericho becoming an author. He said he has lost some of his motivation since losing his WWF title. He still calls it his title. He needs something else in his life to get the fire burning, so he becomes an author. The final chapter of his first book would be the tale of his match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 19. Jericho probably would have won here, unlike real life, he wasn't made into a joke against Triple H. Tier 1 superstar in my game.


Goodbye to the Hulk Hogan and Maven mentor/protege bromance.


Lots more stuff I will have to say goodbye to.



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I didn't really have many offline saves, most of mine were for Youtube, but looking to change that with TEW2016 and play a lot more TEW instead of FM, but time to say goodbye to a few things.


Goodbye to my TNA series, where i learned the TEW2013 ropes and played for 2 years and 150 epsiosde.


Goodbye to the rise of EC3, goodbye to the quieter CM Punk who left for Hollywood, and Goodbye to Ricochet, until i book again.


Goodbye to the 2009 save I had, it was fun booking Jericho vs Undertaker at Mania.


Goodbye to WAW, although its not finished yet, it's been fun to book the unsung hero's of British Wrestling, Grado, Mikey Whiplash, Scurll and many more.


Goodbye to my WWE New Day, Where I had my Shield triple threat, and where Roman turned heel to win the title.


and Hello to TEW2016 where I'll have a WWE offline save, where we will continue the run of Roman and turn him heel.


And hello to TEW2016 where we try fix that company!

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My most proud and longest save was my ECW save in the 97 database (not the screwjob, the other 97 database). I got it up to 2003 and high cult before financial stress buried my company. Funny how art imitates life!


This save saw me build guys like Sabu and RVD to household names.


It saw me develop Brock Lesnar as a rookie into an Icon in less than a year. He would become the face of my company immediately upon signing with Paulie as his manager.


I signed up a few of WCW's castaways. Guys such as The Giant who became my top heel from the moment he signed. Sting, Flair (who retired despite not being in decline in his early 50s) and Arn Anderson who I used as a gatekeeper. Chris Benoit who was always the #2 face, originally behind Bret Hart (my user char) then Brock. And Steven Regal who was always at the top of the card giving great matches and promos.


I also had Brian Pillman and Mr. Perfect. As well as prospects Y2J, Steve Austin and Rocky.


It saw Masato Yakushiji become a huge star in the US for me.


It saw Taka Michinoku become the greatest wrestler in the world for a number of years.


It saw WCW stay in business, but constantly below WWF.


New Japan dominated. Along with Taka, they had all but 1 or 2 guys in the top 15 of the power 500 nearly every year. They won company of the year pretty much every year, they won best event, best match, and best tag team every year. Wrestling, quite simply was New Japan. They had such great, developed talent in was unreal. Taka, Benoit, Funaki, Too Cold Scorpio, the names go on and on. They were top notch.



This introduced me to the pain in the ass that is a cult fed. As soon as I got to cult and found out I could sign written deals, I locked up everyone I could. It would not take long for me to amass over a million in debt. So before my company got shut down, I abandoned the save. I still look at it from time to time for the memories. It was wonderful while it lasted.


Through this game, you guys actually helped me out a ton. I was only ever able to build menacing brutes like Brock from unknown to star. I made a thread concerning that and through the advice y'all gave me I've been able to turn almost anybody into a star now with enough patience.

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Due to hard drive issues, I wound up saying goodbye to my TEW 13 saves about 2 months ago, but I'll make it official here.


Goodbye GFW 2014.


-Goodbye Zach Ryder. You make a pretty good poor man's John Cena.

-Goodbye Samoa Joe. Your undefeated streak was never broken.

-Goodbye Tony Nese. Sorry you never got to break Samoa Joe's undefeated streak.

-Goodbye Chuck Taylor. You were the only guy on the roster I'd call a 'pain' but you were generally worth it.

-Goodbye Uhaa Nation. If I knew who you were IRL, I never would have turned you heel.

-Goodbye Eduardo Rodriguez. Thanks to you, I now know who Perro Aguayo is. I also know not to do modern day mods, because the new workers the game spawns completely ruin my immersion.

-Goodbye Colby Corino and the Youth in Revolt. You taught me to never use long-term signed talent as jobbers.

-Goodbye Gunnar Calloway. You taught me that NBTs are kinda overrated.



And of course my 96 WWF game.

-This is not goodbye Chris Jericho, simply 'see you later'. You were the unofficial figurehead of the company and there's a non-0% chance you will retake that mantle in my next game.


-This is not goodbye Owen Hart. Even though I gave you a nice world title run and a great face run to soak in the adulation you so deserve, I can't help but feel I could have done better by you. Hopefully in the next game, I will.


-Goodbye to Steven Regal, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Kurt Angle, HHH, Al Snow, Rey Mysterio Jr. Eddy Guerrero and Goldust. I'm sorry I never go any of you above 70 pop. (Except for Rey at the end). I'm sure I'll see most of you in 2016.


-Goodbye Jim Ross. Your sudden death in 2000 basically killed the game. You were probably the single most irreplaceable member of my roster.


-Goodbye KID-MAN, the wrestler with the power of both a KID and a MAN! I'm probably they only person that finds the gimmick funny. But since I'm just booking to entertain myself, that's fine.


-Goodbye Vader. I'm sorry your popularity dropped like a stone once you started to decline and I wound up using you as a jobber to the stars for the last 2 years of the game.


-Goodbye Piper, Jake Roberts, Sid, Davey Boy Smith and the Ultimate Warrior. Sorry I dumped all you guys for younger workers as soon as I possibly could. Actually in Sid and Warrrior's case, I'm not sorry at all.


-Goodbye D'Lo. Sorry I treated you like a jobber. And super sorry that the game I started after my previous game got wiped where you crushed your destiny roll and became an NBT never went anywhere.


-Goodbye CM Punk. You were on the roster for 6 months before telling me you thought you should be an upper midcarder despite only having 30 popularity. It's a good thing you're one of my favorites IRL because it's the only reason I put up with your nonsense.


-Goodbye Chris Candido. Super proud of you for being my only worker to get completely clean. Also sorry you never got above 70 popularity.


-Goodbye Hulk Hogan. You weren't even on my roster but I never failed to be amused at how much WCW didn't use you because your contract is a ridiculous albatross.


-Goodbye Chris Harris and your ridiculous 90+ skill in every performance stat. Shame all your in-ring skills were 50-60.


-See you next game Cactus Jack. You are my favorite wrestler ever and if you think you're not going to be WCW world champion at some point then you're gladly mistaken.

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On which I tried to make the "Fake" Undertaker interesting by giving him a biker gimmick (sort of like the Chainz he would become) but more like "American Badass" and also failed spectacularly.


I actually managed that one! Never became champion but hit B+ pop and headlined Summerslam on merit...

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goodbye WCW 2018


- Goodbye Cody Rhodes: you gave me a great mainevent with Styles at Starrcade. enjoyed your title-reigns


- Sorry Kevin Owens: Maybe i'm going to give you a better gimmick then "the at all times eating fat guy" next time.


- Sorry Triple H: Since you divorced from Stephanie, I couldn't make your appearence at WCW as big as it should've been


- Goodbye Tyle Dillinger, your nudist-Gimmick was really fun to book


- Goodbye MCMG: After none of you was the father of velvet skys child, I loved booking you both as nerds. Your promo about Three-dimensional space to provoke TEAM3D was legendary


- Goodbye Eva Marie: Since your in-ring-skills have never been good, i'm greatful you found your role as my secretary


- Goodbye Shinsuke: When you left me for Hollywood my plans were ruined, but the storylines following around that were great.

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Suppose it's time to say good bye to my January 2016 save with WWE.


Goodbye AJ Styles: You served me well, winning the United States Championship at Wrestlemania in a 89 rated match vs John Cena. My highest rated match of all time. Had plans for AJ to put Sami Zayn over, and push AJ into the world title scene, unfortunately those plans didn't come into frution.


Goodbye Cesaro: You were injured and you came back too late to do anything, even though I had a massive push planned for you. Despite this you became the first two time ARMBAR winner.


Goodbye to Dean Ambrose: My WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Was on absolute fire, scoring fantastic grades for any promos and matches. He won the Royal Rumble, turning heel at the event after laying out Champion Roman Reigns. He later joined up with Bullet Club, to become the unofficial leader.


Goodbye Roman Reigns: Despite dropping the title, Roman was happy with anything I asked him to do. Was actually decent at Promos too.


Apologies to Shinsuke Nakamura: I just didn't have anything to do for him, so he lingered in midcard :(

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I didn't get TEW 2013 until early last year so after having time to get into it I only really had one main save, WWE 2015


Thank you Seth Rollins for being one of the best performers of the year, I'm sure if I get to the new year before 2016 arrives, you'll have some end of year awards.


Thank you Dean Ambrose for helping Seth Rollins to put on my best match of the year


Sorry Kevin Owens that I never gave you the big push to the main event, you weren't far down on my list


Sorry Certified G's that I didn't call you up until late in my save


Sorry BNB and Sheamus that you never got a tag title run


Sorry Randy Orton who has been pissed off at me since I signed the Dudleys, I'm not sorry get over it.


Sorry Daniel Bryan & CM Punk that I didn't get to WM32 for your main event.


I'll rectify most of the these on TEW2016, but Randy if you don't like the Dudleys, don't talk to them and leave me alone.

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Goodbye to my December 2015 save that I gave up on once TEW 2016 was announced. Now would be a good time to share where I was going with the diary:


Goodbye to the eventual heel turn that Dolph Ziggler would make that would lead him to facing The Rock at WrestleMania. Ziggler & Rock would be the last three in the Rumble w/Kevin Owens. Ziggler would eliminate Rock, & Rock would pull him out (a la Sid Justice & Hulk Hogan at the '92 Rumble). Rock would be named #1 contender for the WWE Title at Fast Lane, which would tick off Ziggler even more. His heel turn would be complete after costing Rock his match against Brock Lesnar (who was going to defeat Sheamus for the Title at the Rumble).


Goodbye to Kevin Owens winning the WWE Title from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. I was going to give KO the mega push because he got a sweet destiny roll. His win over Dean Ambrose at TLC gave him an increase of 10 popularity points in overness.

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Goodbye to my 2002 ROH save, in 4 years we managed to become a credible number 2 alternative behind WWE which is on it's deathbed since Vince McMahon died in 2003.


Goodbye AJ Styles, you were the best wrestler in the world in 2004 putting on 5 Star Classics both in ROH and NOAH. Your 100 rated match with Low Ki as the main event of Final Battle 2004 for the Pure Title is the only time I have ever hit the three digits for a match.


Sorry Bryan Danielson, I never managed to push you past Upper Midcard guy but your 14 month Pure Title reign will be remembered for great matches with KENTA, Alex Shelley, CM Punk and many others.


Sorry Spanky, you consistently put on great matches and I never rewarded you with a title reign.


Thanks Low Ki, you were a naughty boy behind the scenes but there is no doubt you are a phenomenal wrestler.


Sorry Jay Briscoe, early on you showed promising signs even challenging for the World Title but then faded into jobber territory when bigger names emerged and other stepped up their game.


Thanks Mitsuharu Misawa for coming in for big shows and putting over our own talent.


Sorry Tyler Black, I never finished booking your slow rise to the top, we'll meet again soon.


Thanks Doug Williams and Nigel McGuinness for being so fun to book as a tag team. Only Fools and Armbars shall live on forever

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