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WWE 16' - A rip in the timeline.

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For a lot of us, pro-wrestling consumes our life. For a long time. WWF, WCW, ECW then WWE, TNA, ROH, NJPW. Some only stick with the juggernaut, some of us venture out and enjoy the "indy" scene or wrestling outside of the United States. We just want wrestling and good wrestling at that. So when the notorious "Road to Wrestlemania" was in full effect, we were left with lackluster story-lines and very "Meh" card for the biggest show of the year. While yes, injuries plagued the roster. Some of WWE's marquee talent were unable to compete at the show they are needed the most. But still, the current roster could still make for a great card. Given the right booking and placement on the show.


As a fan of fifteen+ years, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth after Wrestlemania. It wasn't like last year, where at the very last moment, they save the show with Seth Rollins cashing in and winning the WWE title. No. The entire night we were left with constant disappoint. While some of the matches produced great performances, it couldn't make up for the horrible booking, match outcomes, and story-line progression. So with this story, I'm starting at Roadblock. I'm not going straight into Mania. Rather will cover individual stories at different events leading up to WM following Roadblock. Hope you all enjoy.


WWE presents Roadblock!

March 12th, 2016

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H © versus Dean Ambrose


We're now twenty minutes into the main event of Roadblock, Dean Ambrose and WWE World Champion Triple H have been laying it all on the line, in hopes to walk away as champion. Dean, with a bit more fire lit up inside of him. Hoping to become the World Heavyweight champion for the first time in his career. Dean has surprised the veteran numerous times through-out the night, taking the Cerebral Assassian to a very dark place he calls the Ambrose Asylum. While the Lunatic may be on top of his game, HHH is as good as he's always been. Vicious, cold-blooded and determined to win no matter what. After wiggling out of countless Pedigree attempts, Dean would put on a clinic. Locking in the figure-four and then the sharpshooter. The Game would get to the ropes and break the count, only to fall to Dean's signature the "Dirty Deeds." The audience has erupted, they are yelling for him to make the cover, which he does. 1...2...3! Ambrose and everyone jammed into the Ricoh Coliseum are going absolutely bezerk. Wait, what? Referee John Cone is telling Dean that his feet were under the ropes and that it doesn't count. Triple H with the roll up, but to no avail. They would continue their war. Ambrose connects with an elbow onto HHH who's outside the ring. He would then set up for another elbow, except this time onto the champ who's laid out on the announcer table. A leap of faith later and the Lunatic would crash through the table by himself. Hunter would slide into the ring and hope for an easy count-out victory. Dean would make it before the ten count, but ultimately fall to a Pedigree and lose his chance to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


Triple H grabs his belt and attempts to make it to the back, but before he could, referee Charles Robinson would run from the back and slide into the ring. After consoling with the other official, they made the ruling to restart the match. As after reviewing footage in the back, Dean's feet WEREN'T under the ropes and John Cone made a wrong decision. Triple H is livid and up in Charles face, threatening to fire him AND John if he restarts the match. The (no pun intended) deed has already been done, the bell is re-rung and Dean grabs ahold of Hunter, spins him around and drops him with a second Dirty Deeds! 1...2...NO! Somehow, someway, Triple H kicks out and still shows sign of life. They are toe-to-toe and exchanging back and forth shots. Both men are absolutely spent, running on fumes at this point. Dean would miss a clothesline and allow Hunter to connect with a running knee. In either the punches or knee, Dean got busted wide open. Blood would trickle down the Lunatic's face and that put a smile on the sadistic champions face. The Game would make a costly mistake when he took too long taunting the fans over their fallen hero. He throws a left and HHH dodges it, pushing Dean backwards. That shove would be the deciding factor, as Ambrose would rebound lariat the champs head almost off his shoulders. The fire is burning bright in the Lunatic's eyes as he stalks the champion, Dirty Deeds! 1...2...3!! Both Ambrose and the audience were skeptical at first, as Hunter is as slimy as they come. But the second John Cone handed over the WWE title, everyone was sure. Dean Ambrose is the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion!



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Pittsburgh, PA

March 14, 2016


Monday Night RAW opens up with Dean Ambrose inside of the ring. He has the WWE World Heavyweight title over his shoulder and a rather large smile on his face. He has a microphone in hand and as his music dies out, attempts to speak. But a large ovation from the audience stops him in his tracks. "Ambrose! Ambrose! Ambrose!" is heard from the Pittspurgh audience, followed by a "You Deserve It!" chant which leaves Dean quite speechless. It's only the beginning of the night and I'm assuming this will be the pop of the night. After calming them down, he raises the microphone and says not even one word before Roman Reign's music begins to play. Former and current World Heavyweight Champion stand face-to-face and after a long stare down, the "brothers" embrace in a hug. Roman congratulates Dean on his title win, saying it was long overdue. He goes on to tell him that while they may be brothers, that title on Dean's shoulder, means a better life for him and his family - "You winning that last night means, at Mania? It's Brother versus Brother. And I'm going to have to take that from you." After some back and forth chatter between the two, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their entrance, but the two stay at the top of the ramp.


Hunter proclaims that while winning back the championship is important, what's Best for Business, is always at the top of his list. He doesn't believe either of them should be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. But can't deny that the fans love the two Shield brothers. Teaming together or against each other. "Hey Ambrose, while you deserve a congrats for the war we went through last night. I wouldn't celebrate too long. You may be thinking, tonight is my night. I finally won the championship. Finally I overcame the Authority! Yay!" Hunter and Steph sarcastically dance around, before getting serious. "Just like in the past, we always have a Plan B." Dean quickly turns around to Roman, who's still in the same position. Obviously assuming Roman was going to pull the same move Seth did. The Authorities power couple both laugh at the top of the ramp and turn around to the back. Leaving the champ and Roman in the ring staring each other down.




Paul Heyman would stand in the middle of the ring, "Beast" Brock Lesnar at his side. He does his usual spiel, before going on about the cowardice shown in Bray Wyatt last night. "Mr. Wyatt has no problem with attacking my client while he has all three of his lackey's, but when it's just him, he does nothing. Sending Luke Harper to take the beating. Well, you proved to the world last night - you are absolutely, positively, afraid of the Beast Incarnate. You a-" He's interrupted by the lights shutting out and then coming back on to show Bray standing on the apron from the outside, his family on the floor behind him. Bray tells both Paul and Brock, that at Roadblock, he needed to carefully observe Lesnar. Watch how he moves, figure out how to conquer the beast. "And guess what, Brock? I've figured it out. Ohhhh, I know how to slay the beast and will do so at Wrestlemania! I couldn't allow myself to make the mistake of fighting you at Roadblock. No, no. I want the EVERYONE watching as I make you succumb to the New Face of Fear. I will make you fear me, Brock. Your world will crumble around my feet and I will bask in your destruction. RUN!" The lights go out and once back on, Wyatt is at the top of the ramp with Heyman over his shoulders. He laughs and heads backstage. Lesnar tries heading to his rescue, but is attacked by Luke, Braun and Erick. They try keeping down the beast, but is fought off and Lesnar goes to save his manager.


He looks high and low for Wyatt, tearing up the backstage and tossing around security and anyone in his way. He turns a corner and comes face-to-face with Triple H, who asks him to calm down - "I know you're pissed. I would be too, but Bray is gone. We saw security footage of him taking off in a van with Heyman knocked unconscious. We'll get Paul back and you can get your revenge, but dammit, don't go around reeking havoc. I would hate for you to get suspended, miss Wrestlemania and not get the chance to dismantle Bray Wyatt." Lesnar is mad, he paces around for a moment, before punching a hole through the wall and walking off.




Kevin Owens is in the ring, waiting for his non-title match against Dean Ambrose, when a video feed of backstage pops up. Dean is headed to the ring, when Triple H walks into the scene. He informs the Lunatic that his Champion vs. Champion match tonight? Has been changed. Kevin Owens will team up with Roman Reigns to take on Dean Ambrose and Sami Zayn. A devious smile appears on the COO's face as Dean walks off, obviously irritated.




Dean Ambrose & Sami Zayn versus Roman Reigns & Kevin Owens


The awkward pairing of Reigns and Owens, would make it difficult for the two to gain the advantage. Zayn along with Ambrose, are a bit more sensible then the arrogant Kevin Owens, who refuses to work on the same page as Roman. The self proclaimed "Prize Fighter" rakes the eyes of Ambrose, as the referee was keeping Sami from entering. Giving the champion a vicious beating. He would go for the Pop-Up Powerbomb, except Dean hopped over and tagged Sami in. Who came in with a lot of energy, ducking shots and connecting with a picture perfect dropkick. Now that Zayn is in and has the upper-hand, Owens would finally tag in Reigns, but with a hard slap on the back. That would lead to the two partners bickering in the corner, Zayn with the Helluva Kick! Reigns would duck it and the kick would connect with the Intercontinental champion. Zayn turns around, Reigns with a spear, WAIT, Zayn would leapfrog over him and Reigns would spear his partner Owens in the corner! Poor Owens.


Sami would stumble all the way back into his corner, allowing Dean to get the tag. The World Heavyweight Champion is in the ring and is waiting for Reigns to turn around, DIRTY DEE- Roman pushes him off, SPEA- Dean moves to the side and connects with a hard knee to the side of Roman's head. He tries climbing the turnbuckles, but Owens would come in and push him to the floor. Zayn with a springboard crossbody! Reigns to the outside to retrieve Dean, DIRTY DEEDS ON THE OUTSIDE! Dean rolls Roman into the ring, only for Reigns to get tagged by Kevin. Another Pop-Up Powebomb attempt, same result and this time he's sent into the corner. Running forearm! Sami tag himself in and connects with the Helluva Kick for the pinfall. Dean shrugs at Roman who's holding his neck while heading to the back. Sami though grabs the IC title belt and holds it in the air for a moment, before dropping it on the unconscious Owens. Ambrose and Zayn celebrate as the show ends.

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Cincinnati, OH

March 17, 2016


Smackdown opens up with Roman Reigns in the ring, mixed reaction from the crowd, more boos then cheers though. He soaks it up for a moment, let's them calm down and goes on about how Dean is his brother till the end. What they've done in this business together, not only will he remember for the rest of his life. So will these fans. They created something special and because of it, Roman found a brother. But in an industry like this one, those type of relationships get ruined. It's cause everyone wants that top spot, they wanna become WWE champion. That position? It can't be shared. It's meant for ONE man - "I'm sorry brother. That isn't you." That garners him a lot of heat. He asks them to calm down and hear him out. "At least not right now. Because that spot is held by YOURS TRULY. I may not have the championship, but at Wrestlemania I will. It kills me inside. But what's done is done. I'm the winner of the 2016 Royal Rumble. You're the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. There's no way to get around it, Dean. I have to break you. Cause we all know you won't go down without a fight. No way. We all know you too well." If you thought these fans hate Roman, the sound of League of Nations music playing send them into an uproar. Sheamus steps out with his cohorts, speaking about how Roman won't make it to the Mania, if they have their way. The group enters the ring and heads to opposite corners, all surrounding Reigns. They attack! Roman is able to knock Del Rio to the ground, but gets swarmed by the rest of them. Bull hammer Elbow! Sheamus is setting up for the Brogue, when Dean Ambrose would come to make the save. They do a great job of fighting the league off, until Rusev ducked under a rebound lariat and it caught Roman Reigns, sending him to the mat hard. LON leave up the ramp as Dean tries checking on Roman, who pushes him away and rolls out of the ring. Staring down the champion while heading to the back.




A pre-recorded interview with Kalisto and Michael Cole begins to play. Cole asks the United States champion about his opinion on the US title being defended in a multi-man ladder match at Wrestlemania. The luchador claims he grew up watching the crazy Ladder matches Edge & Christian and the Dudley Boyz would have at the huge event. Now he's apart of the big show himself, the champion. He tells Michael that just like the men in the past who have revolutionized the ladder match at Wrestlemania, he will create his own moment and promises for it to still be talked about ten-fifteen years later. Cole then let's the champion know, on Smackdown, a over the top battle battle royal will occur, with the last five remaining in the ring, going on to face you at Mania. Kalisto says that It doesn't matter who's in the match, he will walk out, STILL - United States Champion!




Out next is The Authority, who are smiling from ear to ear. Stephanie gets on the mic and talks up the showcase of immortals, Wrestlemania! Where Undertaker will take on Shane McMahon in a Hell in a Cell! A match that Shane has no chance in hell of winning, they laugh about her little pun. This return and everything leading up to the match, will have been for nothing. He will lose and the Authority will STILL ruin the show. Hunter is up next and says that they absolutely love all this beef between the two brothers. It will make for a helluva main event. To add more fuel to the already lit fire, he books a match for the upcoming Monday Night RAW. League of Nations will team up with Roman Reigns, to take on The New Day and Dean Ambrose. He promises that by the end of Mania, those two "brothers" will despise each other and the authority are going to be the ones who profit from it. Dean would make his way onto the ramp, title slung over his shoulder and microphone in hand. He tells Hunter that he must be still sour from that loss at Roadblock. So be it, throw anything at Roman or Dean and they'll overcome. Regardless of who walks out at Mania, he whispers - "(Me) Roman and I will still be brothers. We're in it for the long haul, since the shield days, our plans were to takeover this company together. We lost someone who we thought was our brother, good riddance, and even with us not on the same team. We're always on the page." Triple H laughs and tells him good-luck with that. They have a huge announcement regarding the World title match and it will be revealed on Monday. "But just know, it's going to drastically change the whole landscape of the main event at Wrestlemania."




Backstage is AJ Styles, who's standing by with Renee Young. She asks him about his feud with Y2J, which started the night after he debuted at the Royal Rumble. He says that Chris is a formidable opponent, just an arrogant man who can't deal with the fact that the fans love AJ. Tonight isn't about Y2J, no. It's about AJ Styles earning himself a United States title shot. Tonight he will in the final five and at Mania? Will bring home his first title in the WWE. Jericho steps into the scene, smirk on his face. He says that this rivalry between them isn't over - "Not until you and every stupid fan in the audience comes to the realization, I'm the better then Phenomenal." He shoves past Styles and walks off scene.


Everyone assumed AJ was the last participation in the match. Until "Break the Walls Down" blares over the PA system, bringing out Chris Jericho. Who is announced as the final competitor. Everyone goes to war, there's action from every angle. Mark Henry would go on a rampage, eliminating every Social Outcast member except Bo. Who teams up with The Miz in attempts of tossing Dolph over. AJ and Jericho were trading shots, when Kane began to approach them. A small Y2AJ reunion is in effect, as they methodically pick off Kane and send him over the ropes. Ryback has the most eliminations in the match, taking out Golden Truth, Darren Young, and Zack Ryder. We're down to the final seven. (AJ, Y2J, Dolph, Ryback, Miz, Henry, and Bo) Two more eliminations and the match is set. Bo Dallas is as close as ever to eliminating AJ, who's hanging upside on the ropes. Luckily he's able to drop down to the apron and grip on for dear life. Dallas would get dumped over by Mark Henry. Who then reaches over the ropes, in attempts to pull AJ to his feet. AJ would slide under Mark's legs. Then the entire ring would all work together to throw the World's Strongest Man over. All five men surround the ring, catching their breath after that match. The bell rings and a graphic pops up on the titantron, showing the US title match at Mania.




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