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Hype - A Death in the Family

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I've never made a Mod before however I am playing with the idea of this, if there is any interest


Hype A Death in the Family - based on Fleisch's Real World Chronicles 2016 April16v2


The night after Wrestlemania 32 the grandest stage of them all from the heart of Texas, which apart NXT TakeOver: Dallas and from one or two highlights from the main show have the fans scratching their heads as to if there was a truly quality product (due to poor booking, a stale product, injuries or Vince McMahon being out of touch with the fans). The WWE universe is in shock and mourning after news struck that Vincent Kennedy McMahon has died. A spokes person from the WWE stated "Vince McMahon did it all he conquered all that stood before him, bringing an end to the territory days making wrestling a global product and even brought tout fellow giants in the industry after the acquisition of WCW from AOL in 2001, he will be a truly missed legend of our industry."


Social Media has had an out poring of words both kind and not so. The general feeling has been that how ever much of an icon Vince McMahon was he lost touch with the fans and his product started to struggle without any real competition and in recent times has felt very stale with a lack of new talent.


it has been announced that in accordance to Mr McMahons Will that his empire is to be split between his family, however after decades in the business his widow has declined any interest in the company meaning that Mr McMahons Son and Daughter will inherit the company.


After hours of uncertainty and closed door meetings it has been reveled in a live press conference that the company assets and roster have all been split with Stephanie and Triple H taking ownership of "WWE" all be it a scaled back version and "NXT" - and upon Shanes request he has taking ownership of the dead brands of "WCW" & "ECW". Shane has been given the rights to Smackdown as part of this deal and it remains to be seen what product he will be airing.


In a second Press conference of the day Shane McMahon was joined alongside Paul Heyman And Eric Bischoff, it is announced that he is bringing in Eric Bischoff as 25% partner within the WCW brand and that he has agreed in principle with Paul Heyman in the purchase of the ECW brand however there will still be a working relationship between the three men

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I think it could be an awesome mod. I have always toyed around with this idea, even creating a mod similar to the Fall based in 2001. Excited to see this, unfortunately for me I will probably be getting TEW 16 so unsure if I will end up playing this. Either way I look forward to it and will probably try it out even if it releases after 2016. Good Luck!
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