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Notes about release day Live Chat

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The Live Chat feature (see other pinned topics) is always popular on release day, and we'd encourage people to use it rather than flooding the forums with unnecessary posts. Please note the following, however:


1 - Moderators D-Lyrium and MHero will be running things and are acting with my full authority. To try and help ensure that things run smoothly and we don't have a repeat of some of the awful behaviour that marred the WMMA4 release, please note that if people misbehave to the point of having to be kicked out of the chat then they will potentially also get an appropriate ban on these forums too.


2 - There has been a recent spate of people pretending to be GDS staff. Please note that neither I, Scott or Arlie will be in the chat at any point tomorrow, so if anybody claims to be from GDS they are lying.


Other than those two points, we hope everybody has fun in the chat and enjoys the release.

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