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[HYPE] GloryVerse - TEW 2016

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Hello fellow GDS Forum members!


This is a heads up that I will try to make the mod I'm working on with Kitarzu and LastQuincyDCE (absent currently), The GloryVerse a more active surface!


The point that Cro Cop Rules made when he started the mod, was to make it a mod of the people, with a lot of the workers made by the users on the GDS Forums! A great thought indeed, but we of course need people participating for that to be possble :)


When the TEW 2016 Mods section is opened up I will start working on two threads, that is the Submissions page for the mod, where people can submit workers still as we have a lot of workers to go. The Submissions thread will also include a rosters list for each promotion noting their workers and how many more we would like, as well as a heads up to note that some of the workers are found in the TEW 2013 Mod Thread section. No worker is lost! This thread will be opened as fast as possible, and the roster lists will be updated by me as often as possible.


And also a sort of Hype Thread, where all of the Mods Promotions will be noted, and their workers as well. The point of this thread will be to give an in depth look at each promotion with a little backstory to each promotion. This thread will be opened as fast as we get a roster fully complete, and a new promotion will be added soon after their roster is done.


Lastly I would like to say that we currently don't have any artists to make logos and such for us. Kitarzu have asked around and are looking at a few, but noone have been pinned down. If someone knows they can do a good job at it and are willing to join this project, you can contact me by PM :)


For more information about this mod you can look at the TEW 2013 Mod Thread; GloryVerse Mod - Submissions by Cro Cop Rules, he isn't currently in charge of the mod so some of it can look confusing, so if you want to something cleared up, you can use the search tools there or contact me by PM.


Thank you all for reading this, lets get excited for TEW 2016 and The GloryVerse together!

Admin Morti of The GloryVerse

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