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Here is a reminder of the rules that exist in this forum.


1 - If you want to use someone else's work, ask first. Most people are perfectly happy to let others use their work as long as they get credit, but please ask permission first rather than just assuming. If you use someone else's work without asking first, they are perfectly entitled to request that it be removed.


2 - Play nice. Positive feedback is always well received. Constructive criticism can be useful. Bashing other people's mods or constantly moaning about what you think stats should be (they're subjective, get over it) just makes the whole forum a little less pleasant to be in and has led to far too many arguments over the years. Mod makers are doing it for free and for their own enjoyment, try and respect that. But most importantly, try and remember that I've had to listen to the same repetitive arguments in the mods forum over and over again for about a decade, and I'm really bored of having to moderate it. Therefore if you must argue, at least try and be entertaining - for example, making your argument in the form of a haiku, or setting it to music.


3 - Artists own their work. If an artist creates something original, whether it is a logo, a worker picture, a special graphic or whatever, they get final say in how it is used. So if they make exclusive graphics for a specific mod and then decide to share it with others, that's their call, not the person who commissioned \ asked for it. They are, after all, doing the hard bit of actually creating it. This also extends to where mods are uploaded. If a mod maker wishes to upload their work onto another site for it to be downloaded, that is their decision and should be respected as such.


4 - All the default data is free to use. Anything I wrote for the default data is free for you to take and modify as you wish, so feel free to use the event names, tv names, etc, if you wish to quickly fill up your own databases.


5 - Swearing is not allowed. This is a family friendly board and swearing is not permitted. Using * to try and get around the rules is not acceptable.

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