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Cornellverse Changes

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Man, I love booking 21CW but always found it really tough because of the limited overness to go round. Now with Tommy back home, things are going to get interesting.


Other notes:


  • Jimmy Hernandez (Mainstream Hernandez) and Mikey Lau (Mikey James) in SWF makes me happy. I love both those guys and I'm glad to see them in the big leagues at last.
  • Rich Money... *Insert 'You Broke My Heart, Fredo' from Godfather Part 2*
  • TCW has been gutted, but it's actually going to be really interesting to play as them. Plus: SAMMY BACH IN THE MAIN EVENT, YEEEAAAAAHHHH.

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USPW the number one company and stole Rich Money and Steve Freshley?




Cornell with 21CW and they are national (i called that one for those who were in chat this morning)


Matthew Keith in Japan!



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I've said holy shhhhh quite a few times now I've looked through the majority of the big companies rosters. My heart weeps for the loss of Steve Frehley and especially Rich Money from SWF. On the Brightside they've picked up a lot of young talent like Steven Parker, Bret Starr, Mainstream Hernandez, Mikey James and Sammy The Shark. They've also taken Joey Minnesota from TCW.


USPW has a lot of really good talent at the top of the card now for Nicky to work with. Allen Pacard has saved that company and turned it into a behemoth.


TCW is in incredibly rough shape at a glance. Their roster looks very poor aside from Wolf. The majority of the top guys are old, and not a lot of great young talent. They didn't seem to sign any of the top indies, and they stole old Canadien talent to fill out the bottom of their card. Smh.


CGC looks as piss poor as TCW. Didn't really add anyone aside from Del Veccio.


NOTBPW looks almost identical to me.



And the biggest WTF moment: Tommy Cornell has gone home to 21CW. Insane.


So USPW is the new SWF, SWF is the new TCW and TCW is the new USPW. Got it.

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- The good Biggs brother is now in TCW and abandoned his brother to SWF jobber purgatory.


- So many of the best FCW talents move on. Matt Hocking is in TCW which to me is a shocker. Never thought he would make it there.


- Some of CZCW's best have also moved on. Marc Speed and Mikey James among them. Still, the CZCW roster is very similar to 2013.

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What's up with the Bumfholes? Still toiling in the midcard or finally broken out?


Still top dogs in the tag division. Feuding with The Awesomeness in what looks to be a pretty hot story, but no singles success.




The big stories in SWF to me are that both Gilmore and Rogue have been given shots with the top belt. Never though either of them would get that chance.

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Cornell, Why. WHY??? This Was Supposed To Be The Year I Tried A UK Based Promotion And Sent 21CW Running.


The Game World Has Changed Alot Yet Due To The Similarities The (US) Promotions Find Themselves In, It Still Fells Cozily Familiar. Yes USPW Are The Undoubted Top Dogs But In The National Wars They Are Struggling It's Not By Alot But Still...Plus There's Only Really One Big Free Agent In The US Sooo.

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I believe Abominable Snowman is new.


Paragram is now Ade Nelson


La Criatura De La Navidad is now Ajax the Skull Splitter


Blackfire becomes Aldous Blackfriar


Allen Packer is the new owner of the number one wrestling company USPW


Paradox is now Ash Barnaby


Arthur T Turtle is now Augustus Bumblescoop


Big Magic and Blue Wolf seem to be new characters all together


Grue Slugg is now Butcher Bartez


Calavera is a new character set to debut in 3 years but has an awesome looking mask.



Has anyone found Achiles the Mighty and what his new name is? What about Armada?

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While Tommy Cornell signing is obviously the big news for 21CW the rise to national also brings with it expansion into Europe. Relating to that they've signed both Sebastian Koller and Beast Bantom to written deals, both of whom will be a big loss to anyone wanting to start a new promotion in either Britain or Europe. Bantom was basically the corner stone of a lot of my user created local companies in the UK... his combination of menace, star quality, a bit of charisma and actually fairly decent in ring skills (especially for a monster-type) made him a real rock to build around.


There's finally a new promotion in Britain to "rival" 21CW... but I use that term very loosely. Scottish National Promotions are a small company based, as one would expect, in Scotland and presenting a hardcore/cult type of product. It's got an OK roster with a mix of brawlers and some reasonable technical guys but it looks to be a decent spiritual successor to MOSC. Still seemingly a hole in the market for a more workrate based promotion.


Edit: just to add, a lot of characters seem to have been renamed, primarily in SNP.

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TCW has been gutted, but it's actually going to be really interesting to play as them. Plus: SAMMY BACH IN THE MAIN EVENT, YEEEAAAAAHHHH.


I always wanted to see Bach in the main event. Unfortunately, it looks like the only reason it happened is because everyone more popular left.


I'm loving the changes to the game world. With USPW and TCW under new ownership, SWF is positioned as the last hope for a privately owned national wrestling promotion in America. It's the Monday Night Wars fought with modern technology, which is a great twist.

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I am going to spend the next few hours pouring over the available indy workers I will be able to sign to my created company. I usually start at Cult and quickly grow to national, but this year I am tempted to see about growing from the minor leagues, instead of making a dream roster of all the best indy guys.


I love the Cornellverse. I like making my own personality for the worker's characters instead of prior knowledge interfering with my creativeness, as happens in Real World mods.

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Stuck at work a few more hours. Anyone care to give a rundown on how Japan looks outside of BHOTWG? Specifically curious about what's happening with PGHW.


Burning Hammer switched to regular schedule (non-touring) and closed Hinote Dojo. PGHW is in much the same spot (by memory), although one of their veteran stars (Miwa, I think) has retired and is running their child company.

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