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Testing Game Balance Dynasty

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Okay in this dynasty I'm going to test game balance. I'm starting with USPW though if I mess up I may start over with a different company or if there is a patch that requires starting over.


The goal is to gain as much pop in the 2 month demo for the wrestlers as possible.


Here's what I changed the product too using incremental changes without taking a pop penalty:


Match Ratio: 40%(want it to be 10%)


Match Intensity/Danger: 5%(want to be 0%)


Women's Wrestling: Divison(want to be integrated)


Ban on Spinal Impact and High Risk Moves


Traditional: Heavy

Mainstream: Key Feature

Comedy: Low(Want this to be medium so that the weight shifts more to popularity over performance)

Risque: Very Low


I'm going to be running 4 hour events every day and spamming 4 minute angles(not sure if needs to be >3 or >=3).


I maxed out Creativity and Leadership with 5 points in Diplomacy and none elsewhere.


I hired some workers who have high charisma. I dealt with all the gimmick tweaks. I got rid of all the backstage rules. I sent a contract offer to Marat Kholov, Bruce the Giant, and Sam Strong which allows them to wrestle so I can job them out.


I take care of some administrative stuff like production. I would like to start my own broadcaster but I don't have enough money.


In terms of the dominate mechanic: People who can potentially use it are Enygma, James Justice, Joss Thompson, Nicky Champion, Raven Robinson, Rich Money, and Trent Schaffer.

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First show, got a B+. Used a 30 minute Rich Money Entertainment angle for an A*. Main Event of Nicky Champion versus Tyson Baine got a B. Spammed main eventers for a lot of angles. Did 30 minutes for a lot of them just so I could book the show in a decent enough time. Nicky Champion got overuse message and Tyson Baine got minor overuse. This is suprising considering both are main eventers.


I got rid of steroid testing after Petr Novak was popped. My negotiations with Sam Strong failed :(


I made 1,000,000 from the event. Enygma went from B- to B populartiy after a dominate. Joss Thompson went from C- to C after dominate.

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Next Show got an A. 30 minute entertainment angles with Rich Money and Nicky Champion got an A* respectively. Epic 20 minute match between Nicky Champion and Rich Money got a B-. Made Another million. People with enough Charisma who dominated gained popularity but also lots of other people gained pop.
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<p>Ran the first TV show on Wednesday. According to the dirt sheet, you get penalized for banning high impact moves. A 30 minute Menace angle featuring </p><p>

Tyson Baine got an A*.</p><p> </p><p>

Main event was Rich Money versus Rick Law which got a B.</p><p> </p><p>

Overall show got a B because I didn't advance enough storylines. I meddled and got a strong friendship with Casey Valentine and Dusty Ducont.</p>

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My negotiations with Sam Strong failed :(

In my test sim I used Sam Strong as my avatar. I even put him in a couple of "once in a lifetime matches" against Nicky Champion and Bruce the Giant. The old man can still go. I may use him as my avatar when it's time to play for real. I'd use him as a senile commish. Maybe I'd let him have an old timers match VS Doom to fill out a big PPV, but other then that, having him wrestle is too unrealistic.

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Steve Frehley versus Nicky Champion got a B- with the spectacle Road Agent note. I used spectacle and Nicky Champion got a slow build bonus. I was penalized for exhausting the crowd. I had a lot of crappy matches but I guess all those Nicky Chamion/Rich Money/Tyson Baine(Menace) A* angles wore them out. And I gave Steve Frehley the Keep Strong note to keep him happy even though he is less over than Nicky Champion.


Show got an A. Subscription may be abusable as it'll allow me to run shows in all areas every day of the week with no tapering off like what would happen with PPV.


Positive Meddling may be too consistent.

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Nicky Champion versus Rich Money in a story telling match got a B-. I misused calming the crowd too much but the crowd recovered at the end.


Show rating was an A though. I forced pushed Bruce the Giant to Main Eventer.


Trent Schafer is a main eventer now. With B and B+ in some regions thanks to dominate.


Booking is as easy as I make it seem. Decide on main event get A* angles and fill out the rest of the five hours.

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It's Saturday of the first week. Main Event was Bruce the Giant v Nicky Champion(28 minutes). I misused work the crowd throughout the show. Match was a spectacle and Bruce the Giant was protected. Match rating was C+.


Show rating was an A.


Signing Marat Kholov caused the wages of Enygma and Steve Frehley to increase.

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Reading through this, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who's had to try to keep Steve Frehley happy. I just gave him a bonus after losing the title to Nicky Champion (moved the event up to the first Sunday of January). I wonder if it has to do with Frehley being extremely manipulative.
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Trent Schaffer versus Enygma got a B for a 28 minute open, epic, call in ring match.


Show Rating was A*.


Peter Michaels and Buddy Garner joined the roster. Steve Frehley is really over due to the dominates I've had him doing probably with A's in all the areas and A* in a couple.

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Rick Law over Bruce the Giant(KS+Protect)[storytelling. 18 min. C+.


Other matches on my cards are either throways or matches where the guy has enough charisma to dominate. Angles are either entertainment or menace based. Usually several A* angles per show.


Show Rating: A.


I signed El Mitico Jr. based on forum recommendations. I drug tested remmy skye and fined him. No more fatherly approach which sucks.

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Marat Kholov over Enygma. B. 18 min.


Show Rating: A*.



Christian Faith died.


I gave Remmy Skye some encouragement after the show and he moved back to happy. I fined him and his personality improved and he was happy at this action! I drug tested him the same day and nothing happened as a result.



My roster is starting to get a little too big after I hired some prospects.


Krusher Karloff, Danny Rushmore, and Freddie Datsun are on the chopping block. Chris Caulfield is saved by his 92 psychology.

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Ran USPW All American Wrestling. Really felt the 2 hour limitation versus the normal 5 hours or 3 hours for the other TV show.


Main event was Enygma over Bruce the Giant(Protect)[storytelling]. 18 min. B-. Bruce the Giant was still exhausted.


Show rating was an A.


Rich Money told me that Julius Moor is going to be a star. Nicky Champion is now A* throughout the US.

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Main Event was James Justice losing to Joss Thompson(Spectacle) for the TV title. 18 min. B-. They had pretty good chemistry. I got penalized for doing the match when they were at an emotional high. I had a cool down match shortly before but I guess it wasn't enough.


I don't know why USPW has two singles midcard belt.


Show rating was A*.


Marat Kholov and Tyson Baine both request pay raises. I gave them 25% and they were both angry but thankfully this only sent them to normal morale.


This show I tried having Remmy Skye dominate a jobber but it didn't move his pop a letter grade.


I started a developmental fed(spent all $5,000,000) and sent Krusher Karloff down. I set Eric Tyler as the head booker and Billy Russell as the owner.

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Main event was Joss Thompson over Rick Law unifying the Television and National Title. 13 min. Wild Brawl. B-. They didn't click and got stamina penalties.


I think why my guys are getting over so fast is the 30 minute angles and not so much the dominate matches.


Show Rating: A*


Corporal Doom thinks Greg Gauge is a star. I retire the television belt. I refuse Rick Law a pay raise and he's annoyed with me now. Will have to give him post show speeches. I drug test Remmy Skye and fine him. This makes him happy. I guess you can only improve peoples behavior by once per day.


I fine Bruce the Giant for abusing painkillers and he's unhappy at me.


I send the following to Developmental:


Buddy Garner


Chris Caulfield

Charlie Thatcher

Danny Rushmore

Freddie Datsun

Mick Muscles

Running Wolf


Nobody complained at being sent to develop their overall skills.

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I did clear the air and it improved Bruce the Giant, Rick Law, and the Comish's morale.


Main event was Enygma over Trent Schafer(spectacle). 28 min. B-. I got dinged for not having a hot storyline and crowd already being at emotional high.


I guess the limit for dominating is 14 minutes. I got dinged for 15.


Rating: A*


I rejected Raven Nightfalls payrise increase. Now she's annoyed and a negative influence.

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Raven Nightfall now being a negative influence caused an incident with Persephone. I fined Raven Nightfall. No change in personality but Persephone got happier. Everyone at this show got dinged for low locker room morale. I did clear the air and it helped with morale. I'm not rejecting pay raises anymore.


Main event was Nicky Champion over Marat Kholov(Protect)[Wild Brawl]. B-. 13 min.


Show Rating was A*.

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Main Event was Nicky Champion over Joss Thompson unifying the World and National Title Belts(Epic). 28 min. C+.


Rating: A.


I drug tested Remmy Sky and fined him and he was unhappy and his friends were unhappy too. Backstage is 68%.


It's the end of week 2 and Tyson Baine has had a major increase in charisma. 68 all the way to 80.

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The 5 hour show on the same day main event was Nicky Champion over Tyson Baine(Wild Brawl). 15 min. B.


Show Rating: A*.


I'm cooling it on trying to reform Bruce the Giant off Pain Killers and Remmy Skye off soft drugs for a bit while my locker room recovers. Enygma put over Casey Valentine. I gave pay raises to Nicky Champion and Trent Schaffer.

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Main event was Enygma drawing with Trent Shafer(Epic-I had a cooldown match directly before the match and that seemed to help the grading). 30 min. B-. Got dinged for not enough psychology.


Rating: A*.


My development company was fined 100,000 for using unlicensed music.


I signed Grace Harper and force pushed her to women's division. I've got several people in developmental.


Roster as of now:


Main Eventers and Uppermidcarders are around A-A* pop

Main Event:

Tyson Baine


Nicky Champion

Bruce the Giant

Trent Shafer

Steve Frehley


Upper Midcard:

The Force

Rich Money

Rick Law

Joss Thompson

Marat Kholov



Dusty Ducont

James Justice

Jumbo Jackson

Remmy Skye

DC Rayne

Petr Novak

Casey Valentine


Lower Midcard:

Tribal Warrior

Julius Moor

Andre Jones

Eddie Howard



Fro Sure

Molai Milk


Enhancement Talent:

Joey Poison


Women's Division:

Sara Marie York

Grace Harper

Missy Masterson

Miss American Pie

Raven Nightfall

Tiffany Jade

Killer Kass


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Main event was Steve Frehley over The Force[Regular]. 18 min. B. Both got dinged for stamina but had great chemistry with each other.


Show Rating: A

Dusty Ducont critized Julius Moor's abilities. I gave Ducont a stern warning but it fell on deaf ears.


I spent about 66 million dollars to get coverage in Japan, Australia, and Europe to add to my coverage of US, Mexico, and Canada so I can get to International.

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Main event was Nicky Champion over Joss Thompson[spectacle). 28 min. B-. I think the key with spectacle matches is to have a cool down match right before.


Show Rating: A*.


Several after show speeches have finally nullified the Raven Robinson, Rick Law, and Bruce the Giant unhappiness. Dusty Ducont wanted a pay raise.


And I signed Marc Dubois because I felt bad for him. I sent him to rehab immediately and he was happy about it. I'll probably never get to the point in the game when he comes back from rehab.


I accidentally set USPW Network to PPV instead of subscription and it won't let me change even in the editor. Although this means my editor purity was perserved.

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