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Current Patch (Version 1.58)

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Patches are small updates that allow me to address user's requests and problems quickly without having them wait weeks for a major update.

Please note that patches are designed to prevent errors from happening, not to fix things that have already gone wrong. As such, you should always try and be up-to-date with the latest patch before playing.

For Elicense license users...

Retail Version Patch 1.58 (Part II) (05 September 2019)

Trial Version Patch 1.41 (28 January 2017)

For QLM license users...

There are currently no patches for QLM users as the game is already at its most up-to-date when you install it.

You can continue existing save games with patches.

You can also find a copy of the latest default database here (last updated: 12 June 2018). This contains minor fixes like typos. Simply download, unzip, and place in your Databases \ Default folder, replacing the existing copy. TEW2016 must be closed while doing this. Please note that this will replace any changes you have made to the default data but does not impact any other mod you might have installed.


Please note that this is NOT AN INSTALLER! You do not simply run it.

1 - Download and unzip the patch.

2 - Inside you will see TEW2016.exe. Copy (or Cut) this file and go to your TEW2016 folder (normally Program Files \ GDS \ TEW2016). Use Paste to replace your existing copy. TEW2016 must be closed before you do this! If you have done it correctly then you will see the latest date and number in the taskbar when you run the game. Please be careful to note that you are replacing the actual TEW2016.exe file; some players have mistakenly replaced the desktop shortcut, which is a totally different item.


(1.58 Part II)

Fixed an issue introduced in 1.58 where you could not change from a touring schedule

Made post-show content not affect worker overuse

Fixed some spelling mistakes

(1.57 and 1.58)

Creating an MDB file could show a broadcaster's coverage in the wrong regions

The cheating divorce news story could give the wrong worker's name

Using an ampersand in a company name could produce an underline effect in certain screens

Blocked a worker with poor morale from rejoining a company and immediately asking for a release

Auto-naming a six man match involving stables could result in an incorrect name being used

A freelancer becoming head booker of a company could leave the company but retain his position leading to errors

A TV highlights deal would not necessarily become active if it was waiting for another deal to end first

Eight and ten man tag team auto-naming could miss stable names

Owners could overrule player and sign a worker even if they were a freelancer who would normally refuse the deal

Announcer chemistry could impact matches even if the event was not being broadcast

The player's own avatar could use creative control to block gimmick changes under certain conditions

A worker dying would not stop an already-announced pregnancy from completing

Various minor typos


3 vs 3 vs 3 matches did not use or add to six man tag experience

The "improvement" text in development could display incorrectly

Changed the text of "gains law breaking habit" story and lowered the potential increase

Lowered popularity gain for appearing for a larger company

Blocked push complaints on same day as a show

If an alliance is removed pre-game then there titles are rendered unaligned and can therefore be purchased by other companies

Minor angles could count towards a show's overall grade when they shouldn't

Companies could be founded outside their Not Before / Not After settings in certain circumstances

A worker who dies while on excursion could still generate a "return" story

Using the worker name filter and accessing mass delete could create an error

Adding spaces to the start of a name could allow duplicate record names to be created illegally

Leaving a storyline unadvanced for more than 255 consecutive shows could create a crash when running a show

Saving an era in the in-game editor could sometimes not save the area-specific settings


The office tag team screen could display trios titles in the tag team title display

Added code and automated checking that allows users who do not have access to Spanish accented characters to play the game without crashes

Selecting a venue could glitch if the region in question didn't have any locations assigned to it

Changing a worker's name via the Roster Overview and then going immediately into that worker's profile would cause a crash

Trying to view a trios title where the combined "team name" of the three holders / former holders was particularly long would cause a crash

The skins window referred to TEW2013 in its title


Using Fix Location for an event come sometimes fail to create the desired effect

You could be blocked from starting a show even with Analysis showing no problems under some circumstances

It was possible for new bookers to not be forced to leave their existing employers when signing a written deal

You could be blocked from making a mentor relationship (in game only) under some circumstances

Some issues with owner goals blocking child company hirings have been addressed

Creating tag titles could accidentally set the first champions in the history to Vacant rather than leaving it blank


Changed the game to not round up numbers when showing grades, thus stopping players from thinking they'd acheived X when actually they were a fraction below it

Fixed an issue with attendances being incorrect

Blocked cliques from messing with people who any of the members like

Altered code to stop people complaining about lack of push on the same day that they returned from absence

Adjusted way titles are vacated to synch player and AI


Changed how Epic and Spectacle work to make it easier for users to grasp

Altered way AI reactivates teams by user request

Fixed a typo in the internet section


Fiddled with some of the road agent note effects to make them work better

Altered the way alliance titles are created to stop circumstances where they may become "trapped" in a specific company

Fixed a glitch in the angle "gap" fix that was added in the previous patch

Fixed issue whereby forcing a Hall Of Fame entry could reject people who should have been included

Added pre-game check and warning for users without the correct language packs installed to reduce need for people posting about it

Some cosmetic changes


Reduced low popularity gains for angles, turned off entirely if worker isn't actually doing anything

Add notification for when toxicity ends

Added blocks to stop people creating angles with "gaps" in the participant list as it caused crashes

Deleting companies did not update tour names that were linked to said company

Tweaked the way Spectacle, Epic, and Storytelling notes work to make them more forgiving and to add clarity to feedback

Probably other stuff that I've forgotten about

Cosmetic changes


Angle participants could look to have been altered if re-entering a booked angle involving a road agent

Workers could not be added from a pre-booked angle if they were injured, even if they should be allowed to do angles

Refusal to unmask could show wrong text and create situations where the person would never accept

Cosmetic issues


Put an upper limit on how long the AI will keep someone in development, by user request

Allowed AI companies to use a double main event so that both their main title and an alliance title could headline shows, to increase alliance title usage

Made the lower popularity mechanic apply to workers in angles as well as matches

Increased the maximum amount of popularity a worker can gain from the lower popularity mechanic

Allowed high graded segments to give extra popularity boost to workers using the lower popularity mechanic

In rare circumstances a tag team from a defunct company could generate a glitched story about breaking up


Upgraded multi-advance which is both faster and smoother to look at

Added clarification text when receiving blocked messages when adding tag teams and making a mistake

Bonus text in contracts could be incorrectly displayed

Cosmetic changes to fix some typos and display issues


Alliance titles could end up not being defended in very specific situations

Fixed crash when using in-game editor to rename a tag team to a name that is already in use by a different team

Fixed freeze during hiring that appears to be exclusive to people using German language operating systems

Altered it so that initial Power 500 doesn't include people who only just debuted by user request

Added Personal Reasons as potential absence by user request


Title defence history could be in wrong order if the same title was defended multiple times on the same show

Workers could work more than one tribute \ independent show on the same night

Worker could be hit twice with the same morale penalty in some circumstances if a friend got released

Potential runtime error when changing the name of a character in the roster screen while certain filters were active

Removed block on large companies signing other owners and bookers to PPA deals


Development workers could come up as if they had already debuted on the main roster (this fix only applies to workers sent down after the patch is installed)

Reduced stamina demands for multi-man matches to simulate standing-on-the-apron time

Closed loophole where workers without a push could be illegally added to a show

Cosmetic issues


Changed booking skill to increase and decrease over time, unrelated to performance, by user request

Fixed minor error whereby a storyline that had ended could be said to be progressed later in the same show

Updated and enhanced Player's Handbook with new topics and information

Downgraded some bonuses to make high match ratings slightly less easy to get

Some cosmetic changes


Reduced impact of 'lack of psychology' notes on match ratings

Made storyline inactivity penalties less severe to make it easier on players

Made storyline inactivity take into account brands (branded shows do not add to the inactivity counter if all the participants of a storyline are on a different brand)

'B' shows no longer count toward storyline inactivity counter at all

PPA workers cut from a development territory no count it as being fired by the parent company

Angles were not correctly counting towards a traded worker's appearance count


Increased the maximum popularity cap for untelevised Local promotions to make it slightly easier on the player

Fixed issue where employment history didn't get updated if calling up workers directly via a contract signing

Adjusted the consistency skill impact on matches to make it a little less linear

Allowed wrestlers who are already confirmed as leaving and who have negative morale to phone in their performance

(1.40 - Part III; released as an addition because the reason for the freeze issue was finally found)

Fixed occasional freeze \ RTE3265 that could be generated during AI booking

(1.40 - Part II; released as an addition because I forgot to add a fix for a customer in the original 1.40)

Fixed an issue whereby if a company jumped size on the same day that they would otherwise have gone bankrupt they would skip closing and be able to continue in debt for many years until the bankruptcy counter overflowed and caused a crash

The Meddle feature did not include every possible fighter


Made high level AI bookers able to squeeze a few more percentage points out of their workers to simulate their booking skill

Made large (Cult and above) companies more likely to use main eventers on TV to boost ratings

Fixed national battle minor glitch that could allow companies to enter Canadian and European battles with 3 rather than 4 eligible regions

Removed minimum screen size pre-game block

Fixed very rare freeze that could occur in historic watcher games

AI created alliances could swap British and Japanese geographical settings

Fixed a rare crash when creating MDB file

Added remote assistance code "shakeitup" to allow the secret feature to be enabled

Added remote assistance code "nosurprises" to disable the secret feature

Cosmetic changes


Added extra potential popularity gains for Local, Small and Regional companies by request. These sized companies can now gain an extra few percentage points for good quality shows. This makes it marginally quicker to move up in size, even if the industry is in a poor state.

Fixed issue with workers returning from excursions to the wrong place; note that workers who are already on hiatus, except those pre-set to, will still be potentially affected as the issue is caused at the point of going on excursion.

Cosmetic stuff

(1.38 - Part II)

Fixes error that was accidentally introduced in original 1.38 where a worker can lose lots of popularity if appearing on a smaller network


Capped potential popularity gains for smallest broadcasters

Altered popularity gains from previous patch

Fixed Set Genre mass editor to include all options

Cosmetic changes


Rare issue with second show on same night being skipped for player

Potential RTE400 in very rare circumstance when going into a worker's profile from another's

Lowered potential popularity gains from very small broadcasters

Fixed loophole with offering PPA deals when target was touring with a company who had a working agreement with player

Cosmetic issues


Broadcaster Changes were not removed pre-game when they should have been

Reworked hiring block between companies at war; now is removed as soon as the worker leaves and is much shorter

Added Player Handbook entry on notice periods

Pre-show speeches would show a glitched 'next' date if done in November

Worker's 'are they away?' field is now updated immediately upon signing rather than next loading period, avoiding small window where it was incorrect

Cosmetic stuff


Releasing a worker who asked for it would sometimes not update his employment history correctly

Deleting companies from editor did not update belts' original owner field and could result in crashes when viewing affected titles

Import filter did not work when doing companies by 'active' only

Cosmetic issues


Adjusted backstage handling by user request so that minor entities can't turn the locker room against major names

Adjusted backstage clique building to be more realistically handled by user request


Fixed issue introduced in contract importer in previous patch

Increased maximum amount allowed when offering bonuses by user request

Changed morale text regarding bonuses when talking to a worker to include the actual amount


Added ability to import contracts via editor (accessible via the company section of the importer)

Potential crash if user shut down own broadcaster and immediately viewed a contract without having left the screen first

Potential crash if editing user-made TV show if it was created after reverting to an older patch beforehand

Added clarifying text for when storyline heat is adjusted or created

Added clarifying text to better explain how storylines work to the "?" heat button in the storyline screen

Tinkered with morale in relation to dealing with incidents

Tinkered with some ratings stuff when matches \ angles are being run

Reduced storyline heat drop when failing to advance them despite having the participants on a show

Cosmetic stuff


Due to a previous fix, pre-show "turned up too wasted to work" incidents were being hidden and turned into "wrestled high" incidents that appeared in AM mode instead; type of drug would be switched as a result (i.e. soft drug incident would become a painkiller issue, etc)

Removed outdated info from "?" button in alliance creation page


Pre-game loans could become locked into place and never end

Parent company could be blocked from changing child company's schedule

Massive OTT PPA contract offers from player when competing with written could product a constant cycle of signings and resignings

Removed young lion system block for companies with certain product settings

Made 'blameless' botch morale note more intuitive by adding a second version

RTE3021 when editing a belt from an alliance that has since closed down

Cosmetic changes


Incorrect analysis warning about champs not being present could occur if using 3vs3vs3 match

Importing a company with a Property Of into a live game where the broadcasters have different ID numbers would cause the relationship to become corrupt and possibly cause freezes later on

Suspensions could be applied twice if two shows were held on same night

Confusion about push could be created if a worker was active in their contract but a non-wrestler in their overall status

Pre-game loan contracts were not set correctly resulting in workers being stuck permanently in loan status (remote assistance code loanfix fixes this for games already started)

In rare circumstances a child company with parent-owned broadcaster contracts could look for other deals and override player's wishes


Potential blank incident if user ran two shows on same night and the first produced drug test failures

Added warning message and block if user attempts to use an initialised save game in main editor or as basis for a new game

Added extra remote assistance codes to allow aid to be given to restore save games with certain corruptions in them

Cosmetic changes


RTE91 when negotiating for Tour Highlights in some situations

Importing broadcasters into a live game would cause their requirements to be one tenth of their real value

Death of a dojo owner would cause the dojo to become unviewable

It was possible for owners to sign exclusive deals with other companies in very specific rare circumstances

Searching for specific roles wouldn't include people with Occasional usage

HOI Headliner criteria could be skipped if main event was not the last segment on a player's show

Added rival bid notification from other human players by user request

Cosmetic stuff


Crash \ freeze if clicking No News on an empty web site

New Database feature would cause a crash due to a typo introduced in previous patch

Company-owned broadcaster could refuse to show risky content

The AI could ignore loyalty restriction in some specific cases

Added alternate tour highlights method by user request

Cosmetic stuff


RTE3021 \ freeze could occur during PM hiring (predator or normal) in certain very rare cases

Cosmetic stuff


RTE3021 could occur if running 2 shows on the same night, the first in a generic venue, and then going to the venue screen again

Allowed Strict Storyline option to turn off storyline heat penalties by user request

User is now e-mailed if employee \ shortlisted worker changes size or body type by user request

Added warning message if attempt to end storyline via road agent note when match contains nobody in that storyline, by user request


Turning off game areas did not remove pre-set aways from removed workers which could cause freezes

HoI progress could get stuck on some wrestlers in regards to national icon status

Mass editing outside relationships did not take into account new format

Adding a prebooked angle could incorrectly block some workers from being involved

Once In A Lifetime note could be used on non-singles matches

The AI could continue with a non-active wrestler as figurehead

Increased potential announcer popularity gains

Upped chances of AI using singles main event for finales (where applicable)

Lowered tolerances for retired wrestlers choosing non-active roles

Adjusted PPV buy rate numbers

Altered default coverage level in region show is being held for smaller companies

Cosmetic stuff


Potential crash if using locker room controls in PM mode when you have an entirely empty roster

Pre-show matches would not expand when double-clicked in history view

User loyalty generation for young wrestlers wasn't functioning correctly due to typo

Some mods had illegal location data that created crash when viewing them; added code to auto-correct

Some mods had illegal narratives that turned company initials blank; added code to ignore 'bad' narratives

Changed production terminology to remove HDTV references by user request

Fiddled with AI production settings to make them more financially astute

Fiddled with AI show scheduling to allow bigger companies to potentially run two big shows a month, especially if using brand split

Adjusted AI development call up code to make it less likely that people will spend too long in training

Altered backstage handling in regards to iron fist \ velvet glove direction by user request

Various cosmetic changes


Issue where dojos linked to a company that is not yet opened could make graduates get linked to wrong place

Removed all penalties regarding taped TV shows to make feature entirely for simulation purposes

Allowed AI to end negotiations midway through if worker got caught in a scandal

Cosmetic stuff


Motivational Speech block had incorrect number of days

Generic Venue assigning could be incorrectly blocked if no real venues were present

Main editor Estimated Size could be incorrect in some circumstances

Worker reaction to events could have both positive and negative in certain situation

Added taped TV shows

Cosmetic stuff


Rare freeze in AI tag tournaments if roster was not large enough to allow non-tourny matches to be added

Adjusted Exclusive PPA AI to be more realistic

Cage match 'double escape' finish did not work correctly

Removed Puerto Rico spillover by user request

Altered push calculation code so that non base regions below 11% popularity are ignored by user request

Adjusted weights of generated non-wrestlers by user request

Cosmetic changes


Human-controlled company could join an alliance without the player's permission

Area-specific alter egos could be used incorrectly

Potential crash \ freeze during company processing when the AI tries to create a brand new alliance

RTE3075 could occur when using Suggest A Name feature on 2 nationalities

Was possible to be blocked from resigning loaned-out talent due to working agreement

Allowed workers to slowly learn native language of their current location just by living there by user request

Cosmetic fixes


Adjusted dev contract loophole fix from previous patch to work more smoothly

Fixed issue pertaining to an addition from 1.15 where it was possible for a long picture folder name to cause a crash


Workers could complain about being left off shows that they were not contracted for

Storylines could continue despite being ended via a match in some circumstances

Loophole whereby a worker could end up with two contracts with the same development company leading to freezes \ crashes

Adjusted psychology improvements by user request

Cosmetic stuff


RTE3163 when running Create MDB function if injury or death frequency was set to Extreme

Workers could be assigned as announcers to matches even if no push had been set for them

User character could refuse \ complain about turns

Pillaging a TV show would mistakenly cause it to be shown as off air even with deals in place; the remote assistance code 'tvairfix' fixes this if already happened

Narrative company name change field was too small by 10

Adjusted user and AI match recap text to be consistent throughout the game

Increased maximum folder name size to 24 by user request

Various cosmetic stuff


RTE3022 could occur when generating new companies in certain rare situations

Road agents were available for angles when they shouldn't have been

Made scandals and game changers rarer by user request

Made scandal target more diverse by user request

Made storylines ended during a show still count towards total when doing end of show minimum storyline check

Added DQ \ count out finish notes to results created in player-run shows

Various cosmetic stuff


RTE3020 could happen immediately after a show

Potential grey screen crash immediately upon entering PM mode

Pillaging TV shows did not also set associated broadcasting contracts to the pillaging company

Flash pinfalls no longer block interference

Agers involving duplicate worker and triggers could be imported

Alliance titles can be vacated if champion is going to be absent for a long period of time

Various cosmetic stuff


Gave announcers and referees the ability to increase popularity just from working a show, same as wrestlers

AI venue selection could become erratic at certain attendance levels

Potential fix to RTE 3021 when accessing decision after navigating through multiple worker profiles

Potential fix to AI occasionally booking a match with only one participant when in tournament mode

Various cosmetic fixes, including organic bio occasional glitches and mistaken 3vs3vs3 'incorrect title' message


RTE 3021 if viewing a worker's Personal section while in Decisions and then going directly to handle an incident

RTE 3265 if choosing to ignore bad chemistry warning when assigning managers

Negative meddling creating Hatred would give wrong relationship

TV Brand assignment in editor would be removed when creating new game

Various cosmetic stuff


Rare RTE3421 could occur in long-term sims

AI attendance for TV shows was being penalised twice resulting in it being considerably lower than the same event for a player-led company

Accepting an ownership offer could sometimes result in the promotion being left vacating their ownership too

Pillaging title belts where the champion already worked for buyer could see them vacated

Altered it so that low storyline penalty is not triggered even if the storyline is advanced by minor members only

Pre-show matches could advance storylines mistakenly

AI could sometimes ignore excursions, leading to workers remaining away for longer than expected

Changed it so that tag team Unit partners can have same generic gimmick without triggering a penalty

Added organic company generation option to Database Information section of editor

Allowed smaller feds to look outside their home country if there is a severe shortage of talent

Various cosmetic changes


Owned broadcasters running costs and profits were not divided by 28 to create daily totals & closed broadcasters would still contribute profits and losses

Crash when converting free pictures to GIF format

Potential RTE380 when negotiating with someone who was more expensive than the maximum offer

Clearing database would cause a crash

RTE6 if using 40+ undercard matches in a single show

Potential crash when extending child company broadcast contracts on a user-owned network

Adjusted looks degrading to be less harsh and more variant in terms of age by user request

Added mails when child company broadcast contracts were expiring by user request

Added auto application of classic agers by user request

Added mass edit of physical condition by user request

Various cosmetic fixes and changes


RTE91 when using filter for importing workers when in options editor

Unlimited length broadcasting contracts were not working correctly

Mass editing alter egos to GIF used the wrong file name

Added code to try and prevent potential freezes if the user minimised window during loading

Adjusted title change frequency by user request

Adjusted player-owned subscription network income by user request

Various cosmetic issues


Altered several items to make financial burden on smaller companies much less, including sponsorship alteration and lessened show costs

Tag team experience could become unbalanced when using six man teams

RTE3021 when using Meddle function if result was the removal of an existing relationship

Incorrect blocks when signing a contract

Various cosmetic fixes


Fixed potential freeze during loading phase (added for patch part 2 so user could continue game)

Upped sponsorship income by user request (added for patch part 2)

RTE 3265 when completing some contracts

Rare RTE 3021 if added pre-booked match, didn't save, then went straight to Analysis screen

Potential freeze on some AI events

RTE 3021 could happen when firing someone from a PM incident involving two or more workers at once

Crash when using filter for gimmicks while in the importer tool

RTE 3061 could occur when AI was adding a tag team to the HoI

Script wouldn't always overwrite 'call it in the ring' road agent note

Titles could change hands under Rage DQ finish

Locked down some development territory schedules by user request

Fiddled with the sponsorship revenues a little more

Various cosmetic changes


Couldn't turn Hostility into War without ending the relationship first, which could cause an unintentional stand-off situation

Runtime Error 3021 when viewing a match that had no announcer #1 but someone in either spot #2 or #3

Lowered national battle damage by user request

Increased sponsorship for small companies by user request

Added more racial diversity for generated characters by user request

Lessened the aggression for AI takeovers by user request

Added broadcaster controls to Eras by user request, replacing the formerly hard-coded "pre PPV era" block

Altered 'exclude unsuited gimmicks' filter to include default gimmicks by user request

Various cosmetic and minor alterations


Turns that had been set by the user could become cancelled without the user doing anything

Added generic background for GIF pictures on a variety of screens (NB: automatically uses _Blank Background.jpg from the Pictures \ People folder as the background; if a file of that name is not found then no background will be displayed)

Potential fix to cosmetic error where the contract screen would say that the user's was the only one being seriously considered but a rival offer would be classed as "being seriously considered" too

Borrowing workers from development would always give them an automatic Opener push

Various cosmetic changes


The "movies and MMA" option would not save properly in the editor

RTE91 when importing (into a live game) items like broadcasters or matches that require associated data

Very rare issue where an alliance champion could work a one shot deal for a company he already works for, resulting in his biography being corrupted and causing a freeze \ crash whenever another company tries to bring them in to defend their title

Giving a child company a free-to-air contract for events via parent broadcaster would see it not be used for some events

RTE3265 when trying to renew a broadcasting deal under certain circumstances

Autobooker could use workers with no assigned push that could lead to odd results

Importing mask\hair logs could cause incorrect blocks

"lack of associated hot storyline" penalty tolerance levels changed by user request

Touring company finances could not register when company was in an 'off' month

Various cosmetic changes


RTE91 if used in-game importer and then tried to immediately exit back to the main menu

RTE3021 immediately upon finishing running a show

Auto booker could occasionally include workers who were working elsewhere or otherwise unavailable

Workers could generate a 'returned to the company' message if they'd been both sent home and to rehab at the same time

Shortlisted female workers did not always generate an e-mail warning if they'd been approached by another company's women's division

Made assistant booker follow the same order as the booking screen by user request

Various cosmetic changes


Occasional RTE3021 after a show in which the user called up a development worker for one night

Potential grey screen or crash when first accessing a player's show (during PM mode)

New Worker Generation & Highlight in the Options menu were reversed in terms of screen position

RTE76 when loading the game if TEW2016 detected errors with the set-up

Organic companies could end up with no Heavy or Key Features in their product if an owner took over and decided to change the product

Organic company names that began with the word Dream would use "SL" at the start of their acronym rather than "D"

Ontario was spilling over into itself rather than Quebec


Patch #10 Game Changes

Tag teams could be listed twice in Personal tab if the members were listed in two different combinations

Penalty for lack of associated storyline was 5% out

Borrow From Development filter could fail to work properly if using status, to hire, or gender terms

Searching alter egos in the editor by 'no bio' would reverse the results

Searching by 'speaks' reversed the med and scandi options

HOI screen did not show titles that were not attached to a specific company

Auto booker could add the same worker to opposite sides of a match in specific strange circumstances

Talent trades between two human players could cause a crash

Patch #10 Database Changes

2 Alter Egos were without pictures and have been removed

Typo in Welsh Dragon bio

Typo in Pistol Pete Hall bio

Turned Redneck to generic gimmick at user request

Patch #9 Game Changes

Altered pay rise requests to better incorporate contract perks

Altered window centering of sub-screens

Altered sponsorship amounts, especially for small feds, by user request

Crash when accessing pending decision while unemployed

Stopped loophole where pre-booking could allow workers to wrestle on shows they shouldn't be allowed on

Re-ordered track progress screen to match skills screen

Potential crash when signing a development worker to a written extension

Patch #9 Database Changes

New York Red career history was incorrect

Patch #8 Game Changes

Outside relationships failed to block new relationships forming in several sections due to a typo

Organic bios could glitch when trying to use tag teams or relationships where the other person has yet to debut into the world

Track Title Prestige when booking a match was inactive

Menace angles reverted to 2013 method by user request

Age values were hidden from view in local hiring filter

Added HOI progress into worker's profile -> title history (assuming it is more than 0%)

Acting, Charisma and Mic Skills could exceed 100% temporarily (they would revert back to the maximum after the day)

Main editor size estimation for companies would not register sizes about National correctly

Rare error where importing a belt could create two title lineages with the same record name, which would then cause a crash if using mass delete on them

Dirt Sheet wasn't lit up even when activated

Added GIF support backing to multiple screens throughout the game

Fixed further issue with figurehead attendances not showing correctly

Fixed issue with Save As Default in options not saving all data

Calling up a development worker could cause a glitch with AI storylines

Deceased workers could have their relationship status change

Auto Booker could occasional end up using workers who were not strictly available

Patch #8 Database Changes

Rico Santana's career history updated

FCW starting storylines swapped around to take into account injury

Nathanial Pross bio typo

Patch #7 Game Changes

Added historical block for pre-PPV era that stops AI putting their events on air

Events Only workers can now interfere in matches as well as appear in angles

Auto booker could create angles of zero minutes if one of the participants was injured yet still available and had no set push

Increased amount of content the auto booker will generate for B shows

Fixed rare issue where worker could pin themselves due to user giving nonsensical road agent notes

Set All Lengths for child events affected the parent company by mistake

Development workers who hadn't yet debuted could be called up for one night and used

Remove All on Shortlist wasn't functioning correctly; added the fixed version to Blacklist too

Subscription broadcaster costs were incorrect leading to them always making a loss

Storyline "?" in freestyle angles was blocked from loading

Added help text to editor's organic bio generator as well as confirmation screen to avoid accidental overwriting of data

Added mass editor for agers to allow JPG \ GIF creation

Added mass editor for free pictures to allow JPG \ GIF conversion

Updated mass editor for workers to allow JPG \ GIF conversion

Made freestyle angle filters automatically on to avoid confusion

Removed freestyle angle warning message, turned it into a "?" button instead for user friendliness

Reworded and expanded the match length "?" text to better explain context and how best to use it as some people were misunderstanding the feature

Altered touring company weekly show attendance to be much lower by user request

Patch #6 Game Changes

Help file icon in AM taskbar doesn't give correct pop-up response

Alliances will reject companies based in certain European locations by mistake

Organic bios did not show alliance titles correctly

Recap Last Show did not change order to match current user preference

In-game editor popularity screen for worker and company would cut off end of grade if it had a plus sign

Added name of freestyle angle segment to output for clarity

Spaced out pay rise requests more

Booking grid option for reversing order incorporated into existing results option

Crash when using autobooker

Venue screen figurehead \ non figurehead attendance fix from earlier patch didn't appear to work in some circumstances

Patch #6 Database Changes

Rick Stanz contract type changed to Written

Moved Tommy London to Out Out Business

Patch #5 Game Changes

Message about botch causing unhappiness could use wrong pronoun

RTE 3265 when a match is booked where the referee is set to do a gimmick change

RTE6 in between days loading

Freeze could occur between days if a touring company was set with two TV shows on the same day

Error 3061 when booking a match where an injury had previously occurred

Venue selection screen was showing non-figurehead attendance and figurehead attendance the wrong way around

Pay rises did not trigger other worker's wage matching clause

Removed PA production warnings if feature turned off to avoid confusion

AI cards involving singles match with missing opponent (this is not a confirmed fix as not able to recreate issue)

Altered Remove All from shortlist to only apply to workers currently visible, by user request

Error when clicking View Profile in freestyle angles when nobody was selected

Crash when trying to manually assign an alliance title via the office -> alliance screen

Some filters when booking used the 2013 style of momentum

Importing injury histories would cause a crash

Importing mask logs could cause a crash

In-game editor was not displaying minimum popularity correctly for broadcasters

Turned off match aim requirements for B shows by user request

Patch #5 Database Changes

Curtin Jenkins area settings altered

Akihiro Hisato bio typo

Tsutomu Watanabe name typo

Circus Of Death tag team added to WLW

X-Calibre made available in Japan

Reaver was missing his new finishers

Typo in Sifu's bio

Patch #4 Changes

Some converted data could crash the MDB generator

Error 3265 could happen between days

Patch #3 Game Changes

Crash when using Sports Entertainment finish but not supplying any runs ins to go along with it

Note about worker having strong connection to female audience would get repeated for every region with coverage

Worker being isolated morale hit would get regenerated each time the overview screen was refreshed

It was possible for a worker to get used twice in the same show if he was part of a tag team unit

3 vs 3 vs 3 was not a searchable option in the editor

The assistant booker could end up giving matches 0 minutes of time, leading to crashes

Patch #2 Game Changes

Using the Quick Shortlist in the office would cause a crash

Added Mass Edit to 'their name.gif' at user request

Added Mass Edit of body types

Creating an MDB file could cause issues with some data

Weekly backup could crash and cause errors in certain situations

The owner goal about reaching a certain dollar amount could glitch to zero

Recalling workers from development could cause an issue sometimes

Added extra user preference to change order that show's are displayed in

Filtering company profile -> roster by popularity didn't work (NB: this error will still exist if not using patch #8 or above)

Patch #2 Database Changes

Given NOTBPW announce team chemistry

Error in DevilFish's bio

Patch #1 Game Changes

Player's Handbook 'Your Product' section could not be accessed via the Next button

Database Info "?" for PPV and TV units had 2013's default data

Recap Last Show could display attendances as -1 if still in PM mode

When handling PM incidents, some responses from other workers could generate the opposite morale type (i.e. positive response became a negative hit)

Some hiring responses from other workers could display no text

One Night Deals could happen for workers who should have been unavailable (due to pregnancy, etc)

In-game company editor for popularity displayed the percentages in whole numbers

The title icon during pre-booking did not display the title name when hovering over

Choosing a logo when creating your own broadcaster would cause a crash

Performing surgery and getting complications could result in a crash

When borrowing a worker from development, looking at someone whose default name was different to their contracted name would cause a crash

Using the converter created a picture folder with TEW2013's structure

Changing Development Focus to 'Work Down There' caused textual glitches

Running a match with no defined loser (such as a scramble match) could cause a crash (error 3021)

The PM overview screen could turn entirely grey and become unusable

Inputting identical Power 500 entries in the editor but for different workers could cause a crash

Filtering Starting Morale would cause a crash

Signing a worker to a Development Trainer contract could cause a crash in some circumstances

Alliance's gender settings would sometimes cause women's promotions to be excluded incorrectly

The game coud become stuck during the loading process if Restrictions had been changed from the default

Taking a Hardline Stance in PM mode could cause a crash

Adding a head shaving \ unmasking road agent note could cause a crash if done during a TV show

Some PM decisions could happen to the user himself and the owner, incorrectly, leading to issues as a person of power could get fired

Alliance champions could end up working for two different companies on the same night in some unusual situations

Patch #1 Database Changes

Changed Tommy Cornell Jr's dojo to National Wrestling School

Added relationship between Kashmir Singh and Puerto Rican Power

Typo in Petr Novak's biography

Tasuku Iesada has been changed to a PPA deal

Enygma's contract amount has been increased

Dan DaLay's bio mistakenly called him a two-time champion, not three.

Broadcaster Changes for Reverie were all missing logos


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