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Name That Product

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For use of modmakers and game customizers, I thought it might be handy to have a thread where people can hash out products for RL companies (or steal RL company products for their fictional verse games).


So with that in mind, how would you create WWE's current product in TEW? And how would NXT differ?

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Name that product


What WWE, in my opinion, is (only showing those I think may be debatable or affects the analysis)


Mainstream: Key Feature


Traditional: Heavy to Key Feature


Comedy: Medium


Risque: Due to the PG era I would say none but certain divas, you could make the case to make it medium and matter but I think it is currently None


Modern/Daredevil: Medium or just medium Daredevil for if you think it should have lower than 20% intensity. Also to allow high spot matches to be accepted by the crowd and not get a lowered grade.


Realism: right now it is none or low and very low. But for the coming of guys like Shinsuke Nakamura it may need to eventually when he is ready to be called up become Medium.


Hyper Realism: Low or under since only Brock would fall under this but they aren't pushing his MMA gimmick and more his Beast gimmick so I don't think it applies


Hardcore: WWE seems to be able to do Hardcore style matches albeit without any real blood or anything too gruesome so it should probably be Medium even in the PG era.


Pure: Medium since every once and a while you get a technical guy like Daniel Bryan or Kurt Angel, or Bret Hart. For an active example, I would say Rusev since they are willing to book and I Quit Match at Wrestlemania.

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NXT would be something like


Mainstream: Key Feature

Traditional: Heavy

Comedy: Low(?)

Modern: Heavy

Realism: Medium

Hyper Realism: None

Hardcore: Very Low(?)

Pure: Medium

Lucha Libre: None

Daredevil: I'd say Low to Medium.



Something around those lines. Risque I'd put virtually at none, perhaps very low to low. And Cult? Ehhh, no. Nothing EDGY on NXT tbh.

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