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SWF: The Aftermath

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Vibert's Voice

January 2016




Ladies and gentleman, I’ve been telling you for weeks now that we’d kick off 2016 with the biggest show in the history of Vibert’s Voice. The guest has been a secret all the way up until now. This is a man that we in the wrestling community very rarely hear from. This is a man that single handedly transformed the wrestling business into what we know it as today. Now I personally am not this guy’s biggest fan, nor is he mine, but he is someone I think we’d all like to hear from. Without further ado, I present to you all: Richard Eisen!


Now Richard, before we get started are there any questions that are off limits?




Not at all Phil. I don’t speak often, but when I do, I don’t hold anything back.


Well then, we’ll get right into it! First thing I wanted to ask, November of 2014 the week after Break Like The Wind, can you explain what happened?



Steve Frehley, Rich Money, Dawn The Cheerleader

All 3 jumped shipped to USPW in November of 2014 in what has become known as The Black Wednesday Betrayal


Yeah, so we held the show. Uh, Rogue was the champion, he had just beaten Bruce the month before. We knew Bruce was going to take some time off at the beginning of the year and wanted to elevate somebody new to the main event scene and have Jack give the rub to some lower card guys before he left for a couple of months. Rogue entered into a program with Frehley and Frehley assumed he was going to get the title I guess. Our long term plan of course was to get the belt on Gilmore and finally cement him as a main eventer. You can’t get the belt on a baby face if you’ve got a baby face champion. We did have designs to give Frehley a heel run after that program, have him go on a tear and have him take the belt of Gilmore later in 2015, but of course he left after doing TV the following week, so Remo got that spot.

Rich, and it hurts me to say this a little bit because I love everything he did for our company, but he has a little bit of an ego. He didn’t want to put Eric over at that same event, but of course he did. Afterwards he refused to speak to me until he, just like Steve, left following TV the next week.

With Dawn, we just couldn’t really find anything big for her to do. We offered her a contract, but we weren’t very aggressive in our attempts to keep her, because again, we had nothing for her at the time. She’s a very talented young lady, but we knew we wanted to get Emma Chase on commentary soon, and that was her biggest rival. So that was that.


You also fired Marc DuBois around this time as well. What was that about?



Marc DuBois, fired for multiple failed drug tests


He couldn’t get off the damn drugs! That guy could’ve been our top heel if he could’ve stayed clean! On top of that, he couldn’t even stay out of trouble with the law. We’re a national company, on the way to international, and I had to put up with all the negative press he brought. Enough was enough. He had to go.


Over the next few months, you continued to lose some really good talent. You let Peter Michaels go, which I feel was a major mistake, Marat decided to take a massive check and take some time off, and Faith finally decided to hang up his boots. Your thoughts on that?



Peter Michaels was fired for "ineffectiveness," Marat Khoklov worked a one-off match in Japan before taking a long hiatus, Christian Faith retired after main eventing Supreme Challenge 35 with Jack Bruce


Look, Peter was great for a number of years. But when we really needed him after losing two of our top guys, what did he produce? As soon as those two left, ratings went on a downward trend. Those 2 guys were big, but we still had a number of other top guys. Remo, Faith, which I’ll get to shortly, Brandon James and ******* Jack Bruce. You have Jack ******* Bruce and you can’t give me some good ratings? That’s the top guy in the industry!

Marat just wanted to take some time off. He’s been gone a little while now, so hopefully something will happen with him soon.

As far as Faith goes… Look, that guy gave me everything he had for 30 years man. I’ve been telling him the last few years, “You let me know when you want to go out, who you want your opponent to be and what the finish is.” He earned that. I have nothing but love and respect for the guy.


So if Faith wanted to go over Bruce at Supreme Challenge you would’ve okayed that?


Without a doubt. Bruce wouldn’t have had a problem with that, and he’s earned the right to go out how he wants to go out. He’s a legend.


I wanted to touch on all the signings you’ve made since losing all that talent. Does that scream desperation? Are you throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what will stick, or what?



Mikey Lau (AKA Mikey James), "Hollywood" Bret Starr, Jimmy "Mainstream" Hernandez

The 3 top indy talents signed by SWF


Well we’re certainly not desperate. We’re still the biggest company in the world regardless of what the fans, or the media, or that other company with their SWF cast-offs think. It’s a matter of retooling. We knew after 34 that Faith was only working another year. Bruce is still the best in the world, but best case scenario he’ll take the Faith route and start working a limited schedule soon. Vengeance only works on pay-per-views now because of the amount of injuries he’s suffered in the past year. Marat wanted a break. James, and Rogue are both about to be 40. Chris (The Crippler) is on the wrong side of 40. I could go on, but I think you understand where I’m coming from. Part of being on top and staying on top is constantly cycling in some new talent. I’m not saying any of these guys I mentioned are going to be done in a year or two or three. I’m saying we need to have guys ready to step into their place when they start to retire or go part time or take a backstage role. That’s what this is about. None of the guys we signed are guys that we don’t believe could be at the top of the card.

Okay, let’s talk about some of those guys. It was a wonderful crop of talent, don’t get me wrong, but with all the talent that you did mention, where do they fit in now?


Well Mikey Lau is someone that’s already in the midcard to upper mid. He’s a wonderful guy to be around, and excellent in the ring. Jimmy is a great worker, and decent entertainer. Steven Parker is another really phenomenal talent, but he’s a little more raw than the other two. Monty is great character, he gets good heat. Bret is a really talker, and solid in ring guy, and has good genetics for the business. Finally, Sammy is good all around talent. All these guys have a bright future with my company, but they’re all going to have to work for it.


Fair enough. There’s one more guy we haven’t talked about, and that’s your big signing from TCW: the guy formerly known as Joey Minnesota. Walk us through that.



Former TCW star, Joey Morgan (AKA Joey Minnesota)


SWF has money, and TCW doesn’t. End of story.


That simple?


Yep. Cornell was barely able to keep them above water. Now that they lost their biggest star, they will drown.


With that, I’d love to hear your thoughts on USPW!


**** them. They will be right where TCW is now in 2, 3 years tops. Look at my history. Anybody who has tried to compete with me has been stomped like a roach. You know that first hand, Phil. I will own USPW before it’s all said and done.


Don’t get ahead of yourself, Eisen. There’s a number of factors that contributed to DAVE’s closing. None of them had anything to do with you.


Whatever helps you sleep at night, Phil.


Something I do know first hand is your treatment of talent. Nemesis and I became pretty close friends during the final days of his run in your company. He eventually jumped ship to DAVE and I heard all about your stories of how you treated your guys. Do you think that has any effect on the exodus of talent in November of 2014? You called Rich Money egotistical. Everybody in the business knows Paul Parsons is as nice of a guy as there is. He has no ego. You ship guys out as soon as they outlive their usefulness, regardless of what they’ve done for you. You shipped out Sam Keith, Peter Michaels, Nemesis, the great Tommy Cornell… All those guys contributed massively to the success of your company, and you fired them. Now that the tables were turned on you, and you outlived your usefulness to Steve Frehley, and he basically fired you, it doesn’t feel so good does it?


**** you Phil. I don’t have to put up with your ****! I was doing you a favor by coming on this amateur hour show you have. We’re done here.

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<p>Champions</p><p> </p><p>

</p><div style="text-align:center;"><p><strong>SWF World Heavyweight</strong></p><p>




Defenses: 1</p><p>

Reign Began: December 2015</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>

<strong>SWF North American</strong></p><p>



Joey Morgan</p><p>

Defenses: 1</p><p>

Reign Began: November 2015</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>

<strong>SWF World Tag Team</strong></p><p>



The Awesomeness</p><p>

<em><span style="font-size:8px;">Huey Cannonball & Jefferson Stardust</span></em></p><p>

Defenses: 0</p><p>

Reign Began: December 2015</p></div><p></p><p></p>

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Agree with PJ, Eisen's awesome here! Great start. <img alt=":)" data-src="//content.invisioncic.com/g322608/emoticons/smile.png.142cfa0a1cd2925c0463c1d00f499df2.png" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" />
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I'm loving ego-maniacal Richard Eisen. Keep up the good work!

Thanks! He'll be an easy character to write for. Just myself turned up to 11. Or 20!


Agree with PJ, Eisen's awesome here! Great start. :)

I'm glad your liking it so far!


SWF Supreme TV



Jack Bruce has been out since August of 2015. There have been rumblings of his return being imminent. Meanwhile, The Crippler has ran through everybody that he's come face to face with. Who is next target going to be?


Ever since Joey Morgan took the North American title from Paul Huntingdon in November of last year, Paul has been obsessing over getting that belt back. To what lengths will Paul go to take back what he feels is rightfully his?


There's a battle brewing for the SWF World Heavyweight Championship! Remo is the current 2 time champion, and on his heels are the last two men to hold the title: Angry Gilmore and Rogue. Both feel they claims to the belt, and what it takes to dethrone the powerhouse champion. How will Remo fend off these 2 challengers?


Tune in this Tuesday night to find out!



Angry Gilmore vs. Squeeky McClean
Captain Atomic vs Rogue
Randy Bumfhole vs Sammy Smoke



OOC: Predictions will be limited to announced matches. Since this is the first show, and there's technically no announced matches, I picked a couple off of the card. Going forward, I'll try to announce 2 to 3 matches for the next show. The PPVs will of course be all matches (except for any "bathroom break" matche(s) I may add to fill time if needed) including pre-show when applicable.


I'm in the process of writing the show up now. I'll post it tomorrow night that way everyone who would like to post their predictions has a chance to do so!

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Angry Gilmore vs. Squeeky McClean

Thoughts: Gilmore is a star. Squeeky less so.

Captain Atomic vs Rogue

Thoughts: I like Atomic, but he feels like a future project, whereas Rogue is a big player NOW.

Randy Bumfhole vs Sammy Smoke

Thoughts: I just can't pick a Bumfhole to win!

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Angry Gilmore vs. Squeeky McClean

Thoughts: Better worker, better SQ, main event fued needs the momentum building


Captain Atomic vs Rogue

Thoughts: Depending if he is in decline time I guess, although he is in the main event storyline so Im going with Rogue. Atomic could be a future star but needs a gimmick/image change (good SQ).


Randy Bumfhole vs Sammy Smoke

Thoughts: better SQ and all round talent currently

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Supreme TV January Week 1 2016


SWF Supreme TV



[b]-Pre Show-[/b]
Steven Parker vs Ricky Turner (local jobber) 47 D
Steven Parker def. Ricky Turner via pinfall at 4:34 the Future Shock


-Main Show-



DF: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first Supreme TV of 2016! We have an action pack night guaranteed for all you folks, as we have Randy Bumfhole taking on Sammy Smoke, Captain Atomic vs Rogue and in the main event Squeeky McClean challenges former SWF World Champion Angry Gilmore! But first, we have the up and coming Mikey Lau taking out SWF veteran John Greed!



Mikey Lau vs John Greed

This match was a little more than a showcase for Mikey Lau. He controlled the majority of the match thanks to his vicious leg kicks that left Greed nearly immobile. The finish came during a sequence where Greed gouged Mikey Lau’s eyes, took a moment to recover and hit the ropes. On the rebound, Mikey James caught John Greed flush on the chin with a Scything Side Kick to finish the match.


Winner: Mikey Lau via pinfall at 7:22


The announcers go over what transpired as the workers clear the ring.


The Crippler enters the arena to a chorus of boos. He surveys the crowd at the top of the ramp with a smirk before walking towards the ring. He grabs a microphone from the announcing area and slides into the ring as his music cuts off.




“I came out here tonight, pissed off.”


He looks around at the crowd, disgusted as he sees the sporadic waving of lobster claws in the air.


“I’m pissed off because I should be getting a shot at Remo for the SWF World Heavyweight Championship!”


The crowd boos at that statement.


“Oh, oh, oh, so you all think I don’t deserve a shot at the title?”


A small chorus of no chants start up.


“Let me tell all you idiots something.”


Cheap heat.


“When’s the last time you’ve seen Jack Bruce? Let me tell you. August of last year. He’s been out 5 months. I DID THAT! THAT WAS ME! Jack Bruce was a 6 time World Champion, and I ENDED him! He is done! You hear me? DONE! His career is over with!”


Massive amounts of boo shower the arena as The Crippler stands smiling in the ring taking it all in.


“You see, that’s why it should be me fighting for that belt. I should be the ---“


*Joey Morgan’s music hits and interrupts The Crippler mid-sentence.*




JM “Crippler, you sound like you want a fight, so I’ll tell ya what. I’ve got a title. I want to fight. So how about you fight me? Tonight!”


The crowd pops for the potential match.


TC: “So let me get this straight. You want me to waste my time fighting you? I’ve already been North American Champion. 3 times! I don’t want your belt. I’m above the North American Championship!”


The crowd boos, obviously wanting to see the match.


JM: “Hmm. Okay Crippler. I guess I’ll head back to the locker room and let you continue crying out here. Enjoy your evening!”


The Crippler looks incredibly pissed off as there’s slight laughter coming from the crowd.


We cut backstage to the locker room of Brandon James and see “Big Money” chatting with his manager, Krissy Angelle as they walk out, heading towards the ring.


*commercial break*


We return to see Brandon James standing in the ring with the sexy Krissy Angelle at his hip, microphone in hand.




“Valiant, I’m calling you out. Get your ass out here.”


The crowd cheers as Valiant’s music hits and he makes his way to the middle of the ramp with the wholesome Hannah Porter accompanying him.




BJ: “Thank you. All I’ve been hearing for the last two months since you lost to Remo is that I cost you the title. I just gotta say, that’s not true at all!”


V: “You cost me the opportunity to wrestle Angry Gilmore at Christmas Clash when your manager strutted her little butt down the ramp, got up on that apron and held the ref’s attention long enough for you to slide in and give me The Big Money Move. I had Remo beat.”


BJ: “Valiant, understand something: You don’t have anyone beat until your hand is raised. You lost that match, fair and square. Truth be told, I was protecting you. You see, I’ve watched you since you joined the main roster. I like you, kid. You’re no “Big Money” Brandon James, but you are pretty damn good. However, to be great in this industry, you have to do whatever it takes to be on top. You’re not willing to do that. You will never win the World Heavyweight Championship.”


Crowd boos that final statement.


V: “I was good enough to beat you, and you’re a former champion! I don’t need to cheat to win. That’s not the American way.”


BJ: “You’re lucky you’re not in this ring. I’d kick your ass from one side of this ring to the other for disrespecting me on MY show.”


The crowd boos.


Valiant strides to the ring, and the crowd gets louder as he comes up the stairs. He holds up the middle rope for the beautiful Hannah to enter the ring before doing so himself, all the while never taking his eyes off of the opportunistic Brandon James. The two come face to with their managers flanking them. After a tense stare down, Brandon James turns his back Valiant in a total show of disrespect and exits the ring.


We cut a video package on the jumbo tron.


The creaking of a door followed by the sound of footsteps fill our ears as we’re inside of a building that’s nearly pitch black. Light shines through the lone window to illuminate a corner of the building. The only objects visible are a short stool with a small white towel on the seat, and bottle of water. The footsteps gradually move us towards the corner until they come to a stop and we can make out the word “persevere.” The screen fades to black momentarily before placing us back in this building, now dimly lit. We see a silhouette vigorously moving weighted ropes up and down with both arms, we see the silhouette squatting a bar with numerous 45lb weights. We hear the clanging of metal and heightened breathing. Then it all stops. The footsteps continue again, moving us towards the corner. The silhouette picks up the towel and wipes his face with it. He grabs the bottle of water and takes a couple of swigs, before slowly turning himself around. It’s Jack Bruce! Looking like a man on a mission, the charismatic New Yorker says two words. “I’m coming.” The screen fades to black.



DF: Ladies, and Gentleman we have confirmation: Jack Bruce WILL be returning to SWF!

EC: Good for him. What a shame it’d be if his fragile little neck got hurt again.


*commercial break*



Randy Bumfhole vs Sammy Smoke

The action was very quick early on, with Randy Bumfhole hitting Sammy Smoke from all angles with an array of aerial moves. Smoke cut him off and began to wear him down with some heavy right hands, almost getting himself disqualified in the corner. Randy recovered as the ref had to pull Sammy out of the corner to prevent the DQ, and caught him with The Bumfhole Buster for the pinfall victory.


Winner: Randy Bumfhole via pinfall at 7:36


The announcers hype up the main event match between Angry Gilmore and Squeeky McClean before we head to a commercial break.


*commercial break*




We return from break to see a backstage recap of something that transpired over the commercial break. Zimmy was waiting backstage for Randy to congratulate him on winning his match. Before he had a chance to do so, Huey Cannonball and Jefferson Stardust came up to cause some trouble!




JS: It took you all that time to defeat that loser?

HC: And these guys are supposed to be challenging us?

JS: “Yeah…” *chuckles from both guys* “I guess we have to wait on a real challenge!”


The Bumfhole brothers shake their heads at The Awesomeness as the walk away.


We go to a live shot backstage where Ana Garcia is standing by with The Crippler.


http://i.imgur.com/DNCFWPY.jpg with http://i.imgur.com/r7hpz7W.jpg


AG: I’m here with The Crippler! I wanted to get your opinion on Jack Bruce saying he was coming. What do you think that means?

TC: “Ana, who the hell cares? I’ve already put him out of action almost half a year. If he dares to step into the ring with me again, I WILL end his career.”


Crippler walks away momentarily, then returns.


TC: “Oh, I almost forgot. I’ll go ahead and accept Joey’s challenge for tonight. See you out there. Champ.”



Awesomeness vs Brett Biggins and Robbie Retro

We make our way back to the arena to see Brett Biggins & Robbie Retro already in the ring as The Awesomeness make their entrance. The match was over with pretty quickly. Biggins and Retro were able to put up a little bit of a fight, largely do to Biggin’s tag team experience and the strategy they employed of frequent tags. Unfortunately for them, Retro got stuck, wasn’t able to get to Biggins for the hot tag, and as a result The Awesomeness picked up a pretty easy win via Shock and Awe.


Result: The Awesomeness win via pinfall at 6:59



The Bumfholes come out to the top of the stage with microphones in hand.




RB: You two didn’t really impress us either.

ZB: How about we impress you two at When Hell Freezes Over?




HC: Is that a challenge?!

JS: I think it was, Huey!


The two are visibly laughing at the Bumfholes challenge.


JS: Tell ya what boys. If you can win next week, we’ll give you a shot against us When Hell Freezes Over. We’ll even put our titles on the line!

HC: But 1 thing, WE will be picking your opponents. See you boys next week!


*commercial break*



Jimmy Hernandez vs James Prudence

Jimmy Hernandez got in a little bit of offense early, but Prudence took over following a missed missile dropkick from Hernandez. Prudence used his experience and the rules to work over Hernandez for the majority of the match. Prudence set him up for Prudential Pain Plan, but Hernandez slipped off the shoulders of Prudence and caught him square with a Super Kick as he turned out. Hernandez picked up a victory.


Winner: Jimmy Hernandez via pinfall at 9:07


*commercial break*


Hour 2 begins with a live shot in the parking lot where we see Richard Eisen, Jerry Eisen, Runaway Train, Enforcer Roberts and Black Hat Bailey all huddled around somebody lying on the pavement. As the camera man makes his way in between this crowd, we see Eric Eisen lying unconscious with blood staining his face and ripped white dress shirt.




The camera looks at Richard Eisen who is visibly red. The sound of an ambulance can be heard in the distance as we cut to a commercial break.



DF: I can't believe what we've just witnessed! Eric Eisen is laying in a puddle of his own blood!

EC: You don't not want to be the man with Richard Eisen's target on your back.


*commercial break*



Captain Atomic vs Rogue

Rogue came in to this match looking to build momentum for his potential upcoming match involving Remo. These two put on a physical match with not a lot of scientific wrestling. The match ended when Rogue took off a turnbuckle cover which the referee immediately attended to. Once the ref had his back turned, Rogue reached into his tights, placed what can only be assumed are brass knuckles on to his hand, and knocked Captain Atomic out cold. 3 slaps of the mat later, Rogue was standing with his arm raisied.


Winner: Rogue via pinfall at 8:47


We see a graphic of Richard Eisen and the text reads “Major Announcement: Next”


*commercial break*




We return to the show to see Richard Eisen getting booed and pacing around the ring with a microphone in his hand.


“What happened to my son, Eric, is a complete travesty. No father should ever have to see their son like that. What kind of person blindsides somebody, and then proceed to assault them that way that my son got assaulted? What has Eric ever done to anyone to deserve this?! Everybody in the back loves Eric!”


He begins pacing around the ring again, trying to calm himself as the crowd chants bull**** at Eisen’s last statement.


“You people shut the hell up! This is my company, and my building. I’ll kick all of you out of this arena, damnit!”


Major heat for Richard Eisen. Eisen waits to resume until the heat dies down.


“Now that I’ve got your attention… I will be hiring an investigation team to look into what exactly happened, and believe me, they will get to the bottom of it. I’ve hired the best team money can buy, and they will give me somebody! Now, what to do to the coward that jumped my son, and beat him to a pulp… I could make him or her fight handicap matches until they are left a broken shell or verbally eviscerate them. My mind is already made up. Whoever I find out to be the cowardly culprit will be fired! And that’s final!



DF: That could be absolutely anybody. Eric Eisen did have a lot of enemies in the back.

EC: That’s nonsense, Duane. Eric is a wonderful guy! There’s no way he deserved this type of treatment!



We cut backstage to see Ana Garcia standing with Joey Morgan.


http://i.imgur.com/DNCFWPY.jpg with http://i.imgur.com/kxF33Q3.jpg


AG: Joey, just wanted to get your thoughts on your match tonight with The Crippler?

JM: Well Anna, nearly everything he said out there tonight is true. That guy is very dangerous in the ring. I’m going to have my hands---“


Paul Huntingdon interrupts Joey Morgan’s promo




PH: “Full, I believe is the word you’re looking for, and you are correct. You’ve been avoiding me for the past 2 months! You cannot run from me, and you cannot hide. I will find you, and I will beat you down, and I will take MY North American title.”


He slowly backs up never taking his eye of the title, “Oh, and by the way, good luck out there tonight, champ!”


We see a set of graphics on the screen for our last two matches of the night: Joey Morgan vs The Crippler & Angry Gilmore vs Squeeky McClean


*commercial break*



Joey Morgan vs The Crippler

That match went 11 minutes with wonderful back and forth action. Joey Morgan appeared one big move away from winning when none other than Paul Huntingdon came out and pulled Morgan out of the ring under the bottom rope before the beatdown ensued. The Crippler rolled out of the ring, and the two began to put the boots on Morgan in a major way. Crippler broke away to separate the ring steps and get them set up for God only knows what. Paul handed a limp Joey Morgan to The Crippler who proceeded to talk trash right in Morgan’s face, complete with slaps and all. Crippler hoisted Morgan up over his shoulder to attempt a tombstone. Morgan slipped down and gave him a low blow from behind, but the numbers game was too much as before he could recover from the beating he just took, Paul Huntingdon gave him a vicious High Society on the floor at ringside. Finally agents, and referees came to pull him back.


Winner: Joey Morgan at 10:54 via disqualification (outside interference)


*commercial break*


We return from commercial to the commentary booth



DF: Ladies and gentlemen, Remo Richardson, SWF World Heavyweight Champion has decided to join us for this next match, but before we get to that, we’ve just been informed that next week The Crippler and Paul Huntingdon will be taking on Joey Morgan and a partner of his choice in the main event!

EC: Welcome Remo. Glad to have somebody here with me that actually has some real talent!


Remo looks at them both with a disgusted look and throws his headset to the ground.



Angry Gilmore vs Squeeky McClean

15 minutes of technical mastery was scheduled to close out the show. Unfortunately, something was clicking tonight, as the match was not as good as it should’ve been. Still a solid back and forth affair, it felt like these two world class competitors were missing something in the match. Regardless, the match started out with some mat wrestling, neither guy wanted to give up an inch. It evolved into some fairly crisp chain wrestling, slick grappling and precise counters. There was a spot where the two just traded punches, seemingly tired from the grueling affair they were putting themselves through. Gilmore threw McClean into the ropes who came back with an attempted clothesline that Gilmore ducked under. A german suplex followed and Gilmore locked in Anger Management following that to pick up the win.


Winner: Angry Gilmore via pinfall in 15:32



After the match as Gilmore is celebrating, Remo climbs into the ring with the SWF World Heavyweight Championship in his grasp. He stood face to face with Gilmore, both men had intense stares. Duane Fry reminds us that Gilmore finally won his first championship in July of last year and he wants back on the mountain top.

Remo lifts the belt slightly about his hips, trading looks between the belt, and Gilmore. Gilmore shifts his focus from Remo to the belt. At that moment Remo lifts it high above his head as the show ends.

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Supreme TV Preview


Awesome first show, really enjoyed that! And next week's main sounds cool. :)

Thanks! The big question is, who will Joey Morgan get to tag with him?


Great first show! I really liked how you weren't afraid to let several "underdogs" score wins over established veterans. Definitely will continue to follow!

It's no secret that the top of the card has been ravaged from 2013 to 2016. Development of new, fresh top talent will be vital to the growth of SWF. We're in this for the long haul! Thanks for following!


Awesome first show, I already have a couple characters I'll be keeping an eye on

Hopefully their progression doesn't disappoint! Thanks for following!


SWF Supreme TV




After an action packed night on Tuesday, we got a lot of questions. We saw the assault of North American champion Joey Morgan on behalf of The heartless Crippler, and the obsessed Paul Huntingdon. We saw the confirmation of the return of Jack Bruce. We saw a horrific and lasting image of Eric Eisen laying in a pool of his own blood. We ended the show with a faceoff between the SWF World Heavyweight Champion Remo, and Angry Gilmore.


The most immediate question of the night is going to be Joey Morgan's search for a parter for his main event tag match against The Crippler and Paul Huntingdon. How many people are going to be willing to team with the former enemy (TCW star)?


The biggest question of the night will be the beginning of the investigation into Eric Eisen's assault. Who will Richard Eisen tab as investigator? Will it lead to anything substantial tonight?


Will we get more news on Jack Bruce? A confirmed return date?


Finally, how will Rogue react to being left out of Remo, and Gilmore's confrontation last week?


Tune in this week to find out the answers to all of this, and more!



Joey Morgan & ??? vs The Crippler & Paul Huntingdon

#1 Contenders Match for Tag Team Championships
The Amazing Bumfholes vs ???

2 bonus predictions!
Who will Joey Morgan's partner be?

Who will The Amazing Bumfholes face?

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Joey Morgan & ??? vs The Crippler & Paul Huntingdon



#1 Contenders Match for Tag Team Championships

The Amazing Bumfholes vs ???



2 bonus predictions!

Who will Joey Morgan's partner be? Jack Bruce

Who will The Amazing Bumfholes face? The Pain Alliance

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Joey Morgan & ??? vs The Crippler & Paul Huntingdon



#1 Contenders Match for Tag Team Championships

The Amazing Bumfholes vs ???



2 bonus predictions!

Who will Joey Morgan's partner be? Jack Bruce


Who will The Amazing Bumfholes face? The Platinum Blondes

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Joey Morgan & ??? vs The Crippler & Paul Huntingdon



#1 Contenders Match for Tag Team Championships

The Amazing Bumfholes vs ???



2 bonus predictions!

Who will Joey Morgan's partner be? Jack Bruce


Who will The Amazing Bumfholes face? The Pain Alliance

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Joey Morgan & Jack Bruce! vs The Crippler & Paul Huntingdon

Thoughts: Looking forward to seeing the chem between the two if I'm right, could have a top notch occasional tag team there. Bruce and Morgan to win for me.


#1 Contenders Match for Tag Team Championships

The Amazing Bumfholes vs ???

Thoughts: Bumfholes to win


2 bonus predictions!

Who will Joey Morgan's partner be? Jack Bruce


Who will The Amazing Bumfholes face? The Platinum Blondes.

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Wrestlingrumors.com Article 1




Welcome to WrestlingRumors.com. This is an online blog where we cover the news from the week that was pro wrestling here in the states. There’s a ton of major news stories that happened over the past week, so let’s get to them!



We’ll start with the number 1 company in the world: United States Pro Wrestling.

The biggest news coming out of USPro, is they’re debuting a new show, USPW Powerblast! this coming Tuesday. It will be on their subscription service, Reverie.

The final bit of news coming from the American behemoths is they just announced earlier today the signing of former PSW star, Nelson Callum. It is currently unknown what role he will have on the roster.



Next, we’ll take on the former kingpins: Supreme Wrestling Federation.

They had a pretty big week. The biggest piece of news is in regards to Eric Eisen. As we understand it, he was slated to be in a program with Vengeance. However, before Tuesday’s show, he started an argument that turned physical with Monty Trescarde. In a surprising turn of events, SWF Owner Richard Eisen suspended his son for a month with pay. Now this is just this writer’s idea, but I feel that Eisen didn’t want to lose anybody else in his locker room, so he had to come down hard on his son. Eric was visibly upset, and threatened to leave the show. Fortunately, Jerry was able to calm him and down and sell him on the angle that we saw last Tuesday night.

Richard Eisen fired Everest. I suppose he had outstayed his usefulness to the Supreme kingpin.

SWF inked a deal with Mexican PPV carrier, Rivera Pay Television. Their PPV business now covers the entire North America.

A number of talents signed developmental deals. Quentin Queen, Prometheus, Martyr, Austin Smooth and Fro Sure all put pen to paper on contracts. It is unknown when they will make an appearance for RIPW.

Emmy was released from RIPW.

Rumor Alert: SWF has been reaching out to Marat Khoklov about coming back. Our sources have told us the Russian giant seems uncommitted to coming back at this moment. SWF is said to have eyes on CGC monster, Gargantuan if they are unable to convince Marat to sign.



In regards to TCW, it was a quite week for those guys. It’s been rumored that they’ve offered contracts to a couple of talents. It is unknown if any offers were accepted.


That’s it for this week!

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SWF Supreme TV January 2 2016


SWF Supreme TV



[b]-Pre Show-[/b]
Steven Parker vs Roy Edison
Steven Parker def. Roy Edison via pinfall in 5:31 with a Future Shock


-Main Show-


Our attention is on the jumbo tron as a crudely recorded cell phone video showing Jack Bruce boarding a plane at some point today is shown.


*Whatever by Godsmack is played along with the opening video package*


We cut straight to the ring where Richard Eisen is standing. The entire roster is stationed at the top of the ramp.




“Last week, we had a vicious and violent attack on my son, Eric Eisen.”


*minor cheers*


“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that… Moving forward! I promised an investigation, and that is exactly what we’re going to get! Next week, and every week after until we find the spineless bastard, or someone admits their guilt, he will be in that locker room. You are all to give him whatever he needs, and answer any questions he may have. Your jobs depend on it.”


*Everyone on the stage exchange glances*


“Now… What to do to the coward. Hmm. I know last week I mentioned that whoever did it would be fired. I was in a moment of blind rage. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, y’know? Besides, firing somebody is an easy punishment. You all are rich. Thanks to me. I’m not giving out any free vacations, no. Instead, I think we’ll just see how it goes.”


*The wrestlers begin chatting amongst one another*


*SHUT UP! You know what! Since you jackasses think you can do whatever the hell you want, I’m going to show you what happens.”


*Eisen scans the stage*


“American Machine, get your ass in this ring!”


*American Machine walks down the ramp, and climbs into the ring, extending his hand for Eisen to shake*


“Oh, funny guy, huh? I got something real funny for you, you son of a bitch. Remo! Get down here, and take care of this cocky bastard!”


*Remo walks to the ring with a smirk on his face*


*Commercial Break*



American Machine vs Remo

Singles Match (Non-Title)

American Machine looks physically incredible, even across from Remo. Unfortunately for him, Remo is the SWF World Heavyweight champion for a very good reason, and he controls the majority of the match, with American Machine getting in a punch here and there. Remo lets the match go longer than it has to, picking up the win with the Lumbar Puncture.

Winner: Remo via pinfall at 5:01



“I’m putting everybody on notice, especially those two bums that think they have a shot this Thursday. The only reason you two even had an opportunity to take this title was because I had my attention elsewhere.”


*Remo points at the seemingly lifeless carcass of American Machine*


“You’ve seen what happens when I give you my attention. This Thursday at When Hell Freezes over, you two will both have my full attention. I hope you all enjoyed the preview.”




DF: Wow! What a start to the show!

EC: Yes, Remo is one bad ass guy. I wanted him to be client back in my managing days, but he’s a one man army!

DF: We have a lot to cover! Jack Bruce boarded a flight earlier today, is he headed here to Boston?

EC: Who cares. He should be at home tending to his fragile little neck! The Crippler will leave him in a wheelchair if he shows his face here tonight!

DF: I seriously doubt that, Emma. If he was in New York as we’d expect him to be, that’s only an hour flight!

EC: Seriously Duane, get over your little crush. Who cares if he shows up!

DF: Then Mr. Eisen’s announcement! The investigation starts next week!


*We cut backstage, where we see Joey Morgan chasing after Jungle Lord*




JM: “Hey man, you got a minute?”


*Jungle Lord turns around*


JM: “So I got this match tonight, and I need a partner. You’re like a super hero and all right? Come save the day! Help a brother out!”


*Jungle Lord looks slightly irritated at the super hero comment*


JL: “I would, but Atom has a match tonight. I gotta be there for my partner, just in cases something happens.”


*Joey Morgan stands with his hands on his hips as Jungle Lord continues down the hallway*


*Money Talks by AC/DC plays*



DF: Well, Joey Morgan is 0 for 1 tonight in his search for a partner.

EC: It’s because nobody wants to be in the ring with The Crippler.

DF: As Monty Trescarde makes his way to the ring, we’ll take a commercial break!


*commercial break*




*Monty Trescarde is standing in the ring with a microphone in hand*


“Boston! I’ve come with some advice for you fine folks this evening.”


*Crowd boos heavily*


“Now, now. Calm it, Boston. I’m trying to help you win here! Not like the Celtics are doing any winning.


*Cheap Heat*


“And good news! I’ll help you win clean, unlike those rotten Patriots.”


*Major (cheap) heat*


“I own business all across this country. I’m a wall street millionaire. I’d suggest you idiots shut, and listen. Especially all of you up there in the nose bleeds.”


*Radioactive by Imagine Dragons hit the speakers as Trescarde slams down the microphone in disgust at being interrupted by his opponent tonight, Jimmy Hernandez*



Jimmy Hernandez vs Monty Trescarde

Singles Match


Jimmy Hernandez looked to make quick work of the loudmouth before him and do so, much to the crowd’s delight, finishing him off with a super kick.

Winner: Jimmy Hernandez via pinfall at 4:14


*We cut to the locker room where The Platinum Blondes are seen talking*




FG: “Hey man, that speech from Eisen was something wasn’t it?”

JP: “I’m not sure how to feel about it. I mean, to hell with American Machine, but what if that was one of us? Eisen is on a power trip!”

FG: “Hey, don’t worry about it. We’re good. We’ll just answer what they ask us, and move on.”

JP: “I can’t be next someone like Remo. I’ll lose all my endorsements if I’ve seen with someone that ugly!”


*We cut to a live shot of the Boston airport*



DF: Ladies and gentleman, earlier you saw footage of Jack Bruce boarding a plane. SWF has scrambled to get a camera man live at the Boston airport. As soon as we get news if Bruce has landed, regardless of where, we will let you know!

EC: I’m so over this Jack Bruce crap already. You’re obsessed, aren’t you?


*Joey Morgan is seen standing outside of a locker room door. The camera turns and the name plate on the door reads, “Skull DeBones.” The crowd pops in a major way for the mention of the legend.

Joey Morgan is looking the door up and down. He picks up his hand in an attempt to knock, but thinks better of it and drops it. He puts his right hand over his mouth, pondering what to do. He steps back, and sizes up the door once more, putting his hands on his hips. He moves forward, drawing his hand back to knock, but stops just before he makes contact with the door. He lets out a slight growl, shakes his head and walks off.*



DF: It looks like Joey Morgan was unsure of whether or not to ask for Skull DeBones’ assistant in tonight’s main event. Does that make him 0 for 2?

EC: Who cares! He doesn’t have a partner, and he better find one if he wants to walk out of this arena tonight under his own power!


*We cut backstage again, as The Awesomeness are standing close to gorilla, laughing amongst themselves when The Amazing Bumfholes approach*




JS (sarcastically): “Oh look Huey, it’s The Amazing BUMholes!”


*more laughter ensues from the arrogant tag team champs while the Bumfholes just shake their heads*


HC: “Good luck with your match tonight, losers!”


*commercial break*


*we return to see The Amazing Bumfholes in the ring, awaiting their surprise oppoents*


*Hail Mary by Tupac plays as The Pain Alliance make their way to the ring amidst a chorus of boos*



The Amazing Bumfholes vs The Pain Alliance

Tag Team Match: #1 contenders match for SWF Tag Team Championship


The in ring action was solid. The high flying style of The Bumfholes complimented the heavy brawling style of The Pain Alliance. Unfortunately, the match was ended prematurely when Kurt Laramee intentionally shoved the ref to the ground after repeated warnings to get out of the corner, where he was turning Randy Bumfhole’s face into mush.

Winner: The Amazing Bumfholes via Disqualification at 6:38


After the match, Kurt Laramee took his pad-locked chain from the ring post, wrapped it around his fist and started pounding away at Randy, who was still sitting in the corner. Zimmy tried to intervene, but was met with a monstrous clothesline by Big Smack Scott, turning the elder Bumfhole inside out. Laramee backed off Randy, satisfied with the crimson mask his assault had put on his face. Scott picked Zimmy up and threw him towards Kurt Laramee, who swung his chain wrapped right hand as hard as he could and connected flush on Zimmy’s left eye, busting him open as well.


*Swagga Like Us by T.I. hits as The Awesomeness make their way to the top of the ramp with microphones in hand*




JS: “Mmmmmm. Huey, they don’t look so amazing now.”

HC: “Yeah, I know. But, our word is good. And since you two did win your match, we’ll see you Thursday night at When Hell Freezes Over!”

JS: “If you two can find a careflight that airlifts you to the arena.”


*The Awesomeness laugh on their way out*


*We cut backstage, where Rogue is standing by to deliver an interview*


http://i.imgur.com/DNCFWPYs.jpg with http://i.imgur.com/uTarOvD.jpg

AG: “Remo spoke earlier of ---“

R: “Screw Remo. He can talk all he wants. The reality is I’m taking that title home Thursday. Remo can’t stop me. Gilmore can’t stop me. It will be mine.”


*We cut to the Boston airport*




DF: Rogue sure seems confident.

EC: Of course he’s confident. He’s great at what he does. He gets the job done, no matter what he has to do.

DF: Meanwhile, our cameraman is live at the airport, and there’s still no sign of Jack Bruce!

EC: Really Duane? This? Again?


*We cut backstage to Mikey Lau striking a heavy bag with his trademark vicious kicks. Joey Morgan approaches.*




JM: “Hey Mikey! Uh, you aren’t busy, are you?


*Mikey Lau pauses for a moment, looks at Joey and back at the bag*


ML (sarcastically): “Nope. Not at all! What’s up?”


*Morgan chuckles a little bit, realizing it was a stupid question*


JM: “I’ve got this match tonight, and uh, I might need a little bit of help. Whadya say, pal?”


*Mikey appears to ponder the offer for a second*


ML: “I appreciate the offer Joey, but I don’t like to poke my nose where it doesn’t belong. Trouble will always find you. I’m not going to go look for it, sorry man.*


*Mikey returns to striking the heavy bag as Joey walks away visibly frustrated with how his hunt is going thus far*



DF: Another one bites the dust for Joey Morgan, and his chances are looking very good!

EC: I’ve said it all night, nobody in their right mind would want to step in the ring with The Crippler.


*commercial break*


*we return to see Frederique Garcia in the ring and Hero Squad chatting on their way to the ring*




JL: “Maybe we should help the detective catch whoever assaulted Eric.”

CA: “I don’t know about that. Eric Eisen is not a good guy.”

JL: “I understand what you’re saying, but we can’t let evil go unpunished!”

CA: “And it won’t, don’t worry about it.”

JL: “If you say so. Good luck out there tonight. I’ll be right here in case they try anything.”


*Indestructible by Disturbed plays as Captain Atomic makes his way out*



Captain Atomic vs Frederique Antonio Garcia

Singles Match


Both Atomic, and Garcia, while predominantly tag team wrestlers at this point in time, are both capable of putting on a good singles match and they certainly did so here. The bout was physical in it’s early stages as Atomic pounded on Garcia who spent the majority of the match trying to cover up his face. An eye poke allowed Garcia time to recover and dish out some punishment of his own. However, Garcia spent too much time taunting in between moves, allowing Atomic time to recover and mount a comeback. He finished Garcia off with the Mushroom Cloud.

Winner: Captain Atomic via pinfall at 7:05


*we cut backstage where Ana Garcia is standing by with The Crippler*


http://i.imgur.com/DNCFWPYs.jpg with http://i.imgur.com/r7hpz7W.jpg


AG: “You have a match tonight with Paul Huntingdon against Joey Morgan and a mystery partner. What are your thoughts on that?”

TC: “You want my thoughts on that? Well Ana, my thoughts are this: we already know the outcome. I’m going to kick his ass, and his partner’s ass. Nothing to talk about.”

AG: “Who do you ---“

TC: “Shut up, and hold the microphone. This is my interview. Matter of fact, you can leave.”


*Ana Garcia scurries away*


TC: “Here’s what I want to talk about. I want to talk about why all the attention is still on that paraplegic, Jack Bruce. He’s been sitting on his ass for half a year, while I’ve been here clinically dismantling everyone. Hell, I took out Joey Morgan just last week! And he still gets all the attention!? I guess it’s obvious I’m not making a big enough statement.”


*We cut back live to the airport where we see a plane that has just landed on the runway*


*The camera cuts back to The Crippler as he has a look of nervousness on his face*


*Back at the airport, the plane door opens. And out steps Jack Bruce to a MASSIVE ovation.*


*The Crippler is seen nervously shaking, looking around almost as if he was paranoid that he was now the hunted. He slaps himself in the head a few times to regain his composure before leaving the interview set.*



DF: I can’t believe it! It’s Jack Bruce! He’s here! IN BOSTON!!

EC: He’s more stupid than I thought! He better not show his face tonight if he knows what’s good for him!


*commercial break*


--- Hour 2 Begins ---


*The announcers recap what we just saw with Bruce’s landing at the airport confirmed, and Crippler’s reaction. We head backstage where we see Joey Morgan standing by with Angry Gilmore in his locker room.*




AG: “Joey! Good to see you bud, how are you?”

JM: “Not good. Look, I need a huge favor.”

AG: “Yeah, what do you have for me?”

JM: “I need a partner for my match tonight. You’ve had a ton of battles with Crippler for my title back in the day. You know him very well. I know we can beat their asses!”

AG: “Man, I’m sorry, but I already have a match tonight. I actually need to go get warmed up, catch ya later?”


*Joey Morgan sighs*


JM: “Yeah man, I’ll catch ya later.”



DF: Rejected again… Is there anybody left for Morgan to ask?

EC: He may as well just suck it up. This is going to be a handicap match.


*Morgan leans his head into a locker and Gilmore exits the room*


*So Fresh, So Clean by Outkast plays as Squeeky McClean makes his way to the ring*


*No One Gets Left Behind by Five Finger Death Punch plays as Valiant makes his way to the ring*




Squeeky McClean vs Valiant

Singles Match


Valiant was warmly received by the audience and as a result, the entire time Squeeky was on offense, he was booed heavily. Unfortunately for the fans, he controlled most of the match thanks to his technical expertise over the larger Valiant. Squeeky wore down the fan favorite with painful holds, and crisp wrestling. The end of the match came when Squeeky hit a superplex on Valiant for a near fall. Squeeky thought it was 3, and was arguing with the ref. He turned around right into Valiant’s comeback. Valiant finished the comeback by hitting a V-Split.

Winner: Valiant via pinfall at 11:44


*After the match Hannah scurries into the ring to check on her boyfriend. They embrace to the delight of the crowd.*


*We had backstage where Brandon James is talking with Ana Garcia*


http://i.imgur.com/DNCFWPYs.jpg with http://i.imgur.com/rr55YHa.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/oUlNqkKs.jpg


AG: “We just saw the conclusion of Valiant’s match. What are your thoughts on it, Mr. James?”

BJ: “Simple. Not good enough. Look, I said last week, Valiant is a good kid. He’s handsome, he’s charismatic, he looks like a star, and he’s a good worker. The problem is, he’s not Brandon James. However, it’s not all bad news. I’ll give him a chance, this Thursday to step in the ring with me, and learn how to be a star.”


*We cut back to Skull Debones’ locker room, where Joey Morgan is standing*




“C’mon Joey, just knock. He can’t be that bad of a guy. I mean, he’s only buried people alive and thrown people through flaming tables…”


*Joey Morgan appears to be psyching himself out. He’s pacing back and forth in front of the door. Finally he goes to knock of the door, this time for real. As soon as his hand should connect with the door, it opens. Standing before him is a 7 foot tall bad ass.*




*Debones stares down Morgan, as Joey is frozen in place.”


JM: “So, I was wondering…”


*Skull DeBones clears his throat aggressively*


JM: “Yeah, that’s a no. Uh, nice meeting you?”


*Joey Morgan holds his hand out to shake. Vengeance glances down at it before clearing his throat once more, this time with a look in his eyes that tells everyone watching he will not clear his throat a third time.*


*Joey Morgan walks away quickly*


JM (under his breath as he’s walking away): “He’s not about to bury me alive.”


*commercial break*


*You Should Let Me Love You by Mario hits as Joe Sexy makes his way to the ring*


*St. Anger by Metallica hits as Angry Gilmore makes his way to the ring*



Joe Sexy vs Angry Gilmore

Singles Match


The two former partners went at each other like they’ve hated one another forever. Joe Sexy came with rights and lefts, while Gilmore countered with chops and forearms. A well placed kicked by Sexy had Gilmore selling for the new few minutes as Sexy worked him over with more punches and a couple of vertical suplexes. Gilmore reversed a third suplex into a school boy which Sexy kicked out of. Gilmore got to his feet first, and started working over Sexy before finishing him off with Anger Management for the victory.

Winner: Angry Gilmore via pinfall at 9:29


*Gilmore grabs a microphone post-match*


“I’ve been through hell my entire career here in SWF. Hell finally froze over last year when I won the SWF World Heavyweight Championship.”


*massive pop*


“Remo is a great champion. Rogue is very crafty. But this Thursday, is my day to shine. This Thursday, Hell Freezes Over again.”


*We cut backstage where Joey Morgan is standing by with Ana Garcia*


http://i.imgur.com/DNCFWPYs.jpg with http://i.imgur.com/kxF33Q3.jpg


AG: “Joey, you still haven’t found a partner, and your match is next! What are you going to do?

JM: “That’s right, I haven’t found a partner. Am I supposed to quit now? No! I’m the SWF North American Champion, you understand me? I’m going to go out there, and I’m going to give those two everything I have. I may get my ass kicked, but I promise you this: you’re going to know they were in a fight, too!”


*commercial break*


*Royalty (Instrumental) by Conor Maynard plays as Paul Huntingdon storms towards the ring, eager to get a piece of Joey Morgan*



DF: This is it! Main event time! Joey Morgan is still without a partner. How do you think he’ll fare, Emma?

EC: Joey Morgan can go piss up a rope. How about we talk about my former client, Paul Huntingdon?

DF: Well the man is clearly obsessed with Joey Morgan’s North American Championship!

EF: Obsessed? Please Duane. You’re the one that’s obsessed.


*Whatever by Our Lady Peace plays as The Crippler makes his way to the ring, under a chorus of boos*




DF: The Crippler had it all. The fans loved him, he had the respect of the locker room, then he gave it all up.

EC: If he had it all before, he has so much more now. Look at him! If he’s not next in line for a title shot, I don’t know who is!


*Cult of Personality by Living Colour plays as Joey Morgan makes his way to the ring looking very confident*




DF: Joey Morgan doesn’t look intimidated at all. That’s a true champion right there!

EC: You sound like such a fan boy, Duane! Quit being so partial!



Paul Huntingdon & The Crippler vs Joey Morgan

2 vs 1 Handicap Match


Huntingdon started the match against Morgan, and Morgan fought like his life was on the line pummeling Huntingdon every time he got to his feet. A referee distraction from The Crippler allowed Huntingdon to give Morgan a low blow and make the tag to The Crippler. At that point the numbers became too much for Joey Morgan to handle, and he took a beating from both The Crippler and Paul Huntingdon.


*A Dodge Charger is seen screeching to a halt on the jumbo tron. And out steps Jack Bruce!*


The distraction was enough for Joey Morgan to mount a little bit of offense. He threw an inattentive Crippler out of the ring and started brawling with Paul Huntingdon as Ric Young lost control at that point.




*No Sleep Til Brooklyn plays as Jack Bruce receives a thunderous ovation*


*Jack Bruce slowly walks out behind from behind the curtain. The Crippler has made it back to his feet, and their eyes lock. Jack Bruce rips his purple button up shirt off, throwing it to the ground and runs straight at The Crippler, who meets him halfway.*


Winner: The Crippler & Paul Huntingdon via Disqualification at 11:38




DF: All hell has broken loose here in Boston as the returning Jack Bruce is brawling on the entrance ramp with The Crippler, meanwhile Joey Morgan is taking it to Paul Huntingdon in the ring!

EC: No, no, NO! That purple clad punk Jack Bruce has ruined our main event!


*Joey Morgan is working over Paul Huntingdon with a combination of punches and kicks. He throws him into the ropes, and lands a beautiful dropkick on the rebound. He encourages the crowd to make some noise before picking up Huntingdon and throwing him out of the ring in front of the announcer’s desk.

Up on the ramp, The Crippler is countered Bruce’s assault with a headbutt. As he turned towards the ring to get away, he ran right into a flying forearm from Morgan. Jack Bruce picked up the former Lobster Warrior and threw him into the barricade. Bruce and Morgan exchanged some friendly words. Bruce picked up The Crippler and threw him into the ring. Morgan walked back around to Huntingdon who was at his feet at this point. Huntingdon bailed up the ramp and decided to watch the rest. Bruce grabbed a steel chair from the announcer area and threw it into the ring. As both he, and Morgan slid into the ring, The Crippler took a power and ran up the ramp, clutching his ribs. Bruce, and Morgan stood tall in the middle of the ring, embracing a roaring ovation.*

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For those of you following, this is my first ever dynasty, so any suggestions you may have to improve the writing or formatting of the shows, I'm open to.


Also, for the suggestions, I think what I'll do is after every 2 PPVs I'll tally up the winners and PM the winner with their "prize."

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SWF When Hell Freezes Over Preview





Rivalries will lead to battles this Thursday, When Hell Freezes Over and the SWF stars attempt to destroy one another. After Tuesday night's Supreme TV, SWF.com made official 2 more matches by adding Joey Morgan vs Paul Huntingdon for the North American championship and Jack Bruce vs The Crippler. Although it is always subject to change, the match card currently sits at 5 matches.


Remo vs Angry Gilmore vs Rogue

SWF World Heavyweight Championship

Remo ended Gilmore's dream of being World Heavyweight champion. As Gilmore was chasing Remo, Rogue inserted himself into the fold. Since then, it's been a matter of one-upsmanship as all 3 members of this match have picked up wins recently. Will Remo retain, or will one of his two challengers seize the moment and take initiate their 2nd World Championship reign?


Joey Morgan vs Paul Huntingdon

North American Championship

The second of 3 championship battles sees an incredibly personal feud take center stage. Huntingdon has seemingly been stalking Joey Morgan ever since he lost his title to him. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce on his foe, Huntingdon did so 2 weeks ago when Joey had his attention on The Crippler. Can Morgan vanquish the obsessed Huntingdon, or will The Blue Blood regain championship gold?


Jack Bruce vs. The Crippler

One of the most personal rivalries in the history of SWF. The Crippler, then known as The Lobster Warrior, turned his back on Jack Bruce and beat him like a red headed step-child, even piledriving him through a chair and putting the charismatic New Yorker out for half a year. Bruce finally returned at Tuesday's Supreme TV to get him some of The Crippler, even trying to piledrive him through a chair! This incredibly personal rivalry will finally come to a breaking point this Thursday. Has Bruce lost a step due to his injury, or will he take down the cold, emotionless Crippler?


"Big Money" Brandon James vs Valiant

After losing to Valiant in November and sub-sequentially costing Valiant his match with Remo later that same month, these two have been on a collision course. While high in his praise of Valiant, James doesn't believe Valiant is World Championship material and is looking to prove that to him. Valiant is looking to prove that he is that and much more. Is Valiant World Championship material, or is that just a dream for the 35 year old RIPW graduate?


The Awesomeness vs The Amazing Bumfholes

SWF World Tag Team Championships

Ever since The Awesomeness beat The Amazing Bumfholes for the titles last December, they've not let anyone forget it. Almost as good at running their mouths as they are in the ring, Huey Cannonball and Jefferson Stardust look to back up their arrogance as they take on one of the best tag teams in the history of SWF. The big question is do The Amazing Bumfholes have enough in the tank 2 days removed from their beating by the hands of The Pain Alliance?



1. Remo vs Angry Gilmore vs Rogue

Bonus Question: Who loses the match (the one who taps, gets pinned etc)?

2. Joey Morgan vs Paul Huntingdon

3. The Awesomeness vs The Amazing Bumfholes

4. Jack Bruce vs The Crippler

5. "Big Money" Brandon James vs Valiant

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