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The Road to Glory Challenge

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<blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="Doogshere" data-cite="Doogshere" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="41290" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>Once you got it back to positive did you peel back to one event per month to make up the money, or did you stick with four?</div></blockquote><p> </p><p> I did four in the first month and then did a month off and three shows every four months. I ended the first year doing 11 shows total and then did one a month until November of the 2nd year when I did two a month (mostly because of an owner goal that I had to be at 60k by the end of year two or I would've run more shows.. I auto failed two goals because when we were already in debt when I got that goal on day 2 and we "lost money" because I had run a show the night before another new goal so I was at abysmal approval and really had to make sure I hit all the critical goals to keep my job) so only 25 shows by the end of year 2. </p><p> </p><p> Granted, I am at April of the 5th year now and still a little short of regional but I've never been in danger of being shut down and have posted really good profits or really small losses each month. I'm finally able to run a show a week and only have a small loss (though the new patch has made it into a huge gain with a weekly show and more expensive roster).</p>
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<blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="SeanMcG" data-cite="SeanMcG" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="41290" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div><span>http://i.imgur.com/d1zI1wY.png?1</span><p> <span>http://i.imgur.com/wq3Hbqv.png?1</span></p><p> </p><p> </p><p> On the eve of going Small (finally), my UC breaks out his best performance. First a 97 for the opening promo, and a 91 in the main event. (Even the weak link counts <img alt=":p" data-src="//content.invisioncic.com/g322608/emoticons/tongue.png.ceb643b2956793497cef30b0e944be28.png" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" /> )</p><p> </p><p> Both storylines involved are running white hot, the industry is booming so I can afford all of my Main Events on one card at a time and having both Mitico Jr (my figurehead) and Austin Smooth with legendary gimmicks helps. Austin's been a monster in angles, he's well and truly over-preforming what his stats suggest and El Mitico is by far the best wrestler on my roster (even in a workrate promotion).</p><p> </p><p> Just got to do this at National now...</p></div></blockquote><p> </p><p> Woah, great job! That is super impressive.</p>
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<p><strong>LIWC gets popularity to F</strong></p><p> </p><p>

Broke above F- pop in the tri-state after 15 shows in 4 months.</p><p> </p><p>

I'm in a lot of debt, but the sponsorship money is starting to come in. I might scale back to monthly shows now.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>LIWC has had its first profitable month!</strong> I'll be out of debt in about 10 months!</p>

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The new patch is definitely helpful. I had just gotten to September, where I started to turn a small profit, then got this patch. I'm currently at small, and am moving to one show a month to help make up the loss (currently 70k in debt).


I just finished October with one show, and made, so I should be out of debt next month. I just made 40k!


The problem is that I had to abuse some workers on the last patch. I could only have 3 workers besides my guy per event, which really hurt everyones morale. There are a lot of workers at my level that now refuse to negotiate contracts with me! We'll see how it goes.


As far as my created worker is concerned, he's carrying the company. I have him doing two promos and a match per night. Each promo is A to A*. His popularity in the tri-state area is currently 85. He's doing very well!

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End of Year 5. Company at regional and I'm pumping out A entertainment angles regularly and am being rated at a 77 during my matches so I can see the light. Profitable with a weekly show too.




Year 1 - +20 painkiller abuse

Year 2 - +20 psychology

Year 3 - +20 drinking/known

Year 4 - Became protege of Barry Bowen

Year 5 - +20 to steroids


Every other year I find a new vice...

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End of Year Three


- Finally got to Small, no small part due my my ME pumping out mid 80's to 90+ angles.


- We won the "Most Improved Company Of The Year", which is a great platform for our biggest year ahead.


- PGHW is gone - leaving a massive amount of talent in Japan for BHOTWG and WLW to inherit


- Champagne Lover is gone, Scandal has him labelled toxic and out of SOTBPW. Luckily the them they had a ready figurehead in Nicky Champion, whom they stole earlier in the year.


- Rich Money finally took the USPW title off Steve Frehley, who had a 3 year, 28 defence reign. They also feature the oddly awesome tag champions of Jim Force and a declining Sean McFly


- Troy Tornado is the TCW Champion and is presumingly keeping it warm for the returning Sammy Bach.


- SWF currently headlined by two feuds: Golden vs Bruce and SWF Champion Angry Gilmore vs Frederique Antonio Garcia. Garcia, having a career year (2018 Veteran of the Year too) was surprising.



We had a bunch of our guys in the Top 500:


(197) El Mitico Jr

(216) Logan Wolfsbane

(244) Austin Smooth

(245) Gidayu Katou

(259) Boriken Love Machine Jr

(329) Xavi Ferrara

(356) Ernest Youngman

(365) Marc Roberts (426 year before)

(414) Dragon Takano

(449) American Elemental II


Some of these guys I can't take credit for, couple being with PGHW before it folded.



Year 4 Goals


- Hammer towards Regional, hopefully be popular enough to lure Champagne Lover (I can dream :( )

- Keep El Mitico at all costs

- No Steroid scandals



Rolled 33, "Make Over Time". Usually I like this reward but considering how dire UC's ring skills I would of preferred a Top Row skill increase or Performance instead. SQ is nice but the difference won't do alot since it was high already.


Also found my first capped stat. Athleticism capped at 41 is disappointing, but not deal breaking. Nearly had a heart attack when my Selling was stuck at 65 for 6 months, just ticking over in November. (Only gone up 6pts in 3 years :( )



End of Year Rolls


1. (15) "+20 to your steroid use checkbox"

2. (44) "Go up one level of weight class or body type.

3. (33) “Makeover Time” +14 Sex Appeal, +11 Star Quality, +7 menace

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End of Year One


Finally got to the end of year one. We are currently small and have finally gotten out of the hole. I've boosted some production values so that I can start to compete with other small companies, but I'm playing cautiously.


My character is doing well. He's insanely over at 85 in Tri-state. He's 35 pop in other close areas that I haven't even been to. He's the figurehead of my company and gives a +4% boost to attendance and +10% boost to merch.


My company is currently hostile with NYCW. I'm expecting us to be on PSW's radar soon.



Year 1: 53. "Casting Call" Hollywood is calling you with a "Major Role", add +10 between your Acting and Star Quality. Add Movie Star to your character (Other Genre) - I'm putting it all in SQ

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So I decided to break the rules and jump from the booker of small level promotion Exodus 2010 to the CEO of a cult TCW. I scrapped the game and restarted lol.


Decided to go with a high flyer this time, and aerial based promotion. It obviously won't have very many aerial guys until I get money, but never the less. Running weekly shows at the moment. Got Michael Bull AGAIN as the owner. With the new patch, I may actually stick with my promotion until at least regional. Depends on what cult promotions I may be able to jump to.

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Lazy Sunday!


End of Year Two


Notes in Chronological Order


-I eventually boosted my production to be competitive with all other small companies


-Aldous Blackfriar suffered a broken leg while working for another company. He was out 6 months and was my top heel. To make up for his absence, I made my biggest signing to date, an opener that TCW was letting go that I’d pick up: Killer Shark


-A smaller talent that had some good momentum, Cobra, suffered a herniated disk and had a timetable of a year before returning.


-In April Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling became Hostile with me. It makes sense; I’m a small promotion with a lot of momentum based in Tri-State, with PSW also being based in Tri-State as at a regional size. They see me coming up the ranks and potentially taking them over.


-In response to PSW become hostile with me, I signed Ash Campbell (a mutual worker) to an exclusive deal with me. He was a main eventer for them, and it only cost me 20 extra dollars per appearance.


-I also offered Ernest Youngman an exclusive PPA contract. He was with me early on and left on bad terms. Now that the business and economy have improved, the tension has slightly simmered (he still has morale issues, but was willing to sign). It cost me $1200 per appearance, a lot more than I wanted to pay, but it’s worth it for an over worker that will hurt the competition with his absence.


-I’m expecting

to be at war with PSW sooner rather than later.


-At the beginning of August I picked up Joel Bryant on a pretty pricey contract, rounding out my top talent nicely


-At the end of August I had to deal with poaching for the first time. Ernest Youngman (my exclusive PPA) and Ash Campbell (another exclusive PPA) got poached by RIPW on an exclusive developmental contract. There wasn’t anything I really could do, so I went out looking for a couple of new workers. Just when things were going really well! I would still have minimum roster size with them gone, but I’m still going to search for the sake of safety.


-At the beginning of September I was able to kill two birds with one stone. The signing? Texas Pete. Texas Pete has good popularity and will help soften the loss of Ash (upper midcarder) and Ernest (upper midcarder who put on B- matches with my character). Texas Pete was a main eventer for NYCW and PSW, and I signed him to an exclusive PPA. That’s three workers I’ve taken from PSW (though two have left me) and two I’ve taken from NYCW. Texas Pete is a main eventer. Also, Aldous Blackfriar returned, but he won’t have the impact he had 6 months ago.

-In October TCW fell to Cult and the news said that they were in serious trouble. Also I was able to sign Freddie Datsun to a PPA as USPW was not going to resign him. I also picked up Brett Biggins who SWF did not resign.


-Mid October I became hostile with RIPW and PWC


-Texas Pete has a drug and alcohol problem. He upset some workers by performing drunk. I decided to drug test him, and it came out positive for soft drugs. I didn’t know what to do when prompted, so decided to fine him in hopes of him improving his behavior. It upset him and some of his friends. If he performs drunk/high again, I’ll have to decide between firing him and sending him to rehab. (December)


(Other noteworthy incidents: NOTBW got absorbed by SWF... TCW, USPW, and SWF have been flirting with National back and forth... USPW currently sits at national and the #1 org... BCG closed its doors...)



Most Improved Company (Year 1)

26th Most Important Company in World, 9th in USA (Year 2)

30th Most Influential Company in World, 11th in USA (Year 2)

1 Worker on Most Popular List (Joel Bryant, #93, Year 2)

4 Workers on Power 500 (#319 Brett Biggins, #404 Walter Elemond (up from #496, #420 Freddie Datsun, #496 Killer Shark) (Year 2)


Top 5 Current Workers In Company (According to Creative)


#1. Killer Shark

#2. Walter Elemond

#3. Freddie Datsun

#4. Joel Bryant

#5. Texas Pete




Year 1: 53. "Casting Call" Hollywood is calling you with a "Major Role", add +10 between your Acting and Star Quality. Add Movie Star to your character (Other Genre) - I'm putting it all in SQ

Year 2: 48. "Charity Event" Your owner has decided to host a charity event. Your next wrestling show gains you no money, but the company gets twice the amount of popularity from it. (Remove how much profit you gain from the next event, after having paid Workers and Show Costs


(So for doubling popularity from the event, do I just record values from the popularity section, see how they change after the event, and then double that gain (if there is any gain)?

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Jonathan Claw - End of Year One - LIWC


Long Island Wrestling Club


- became profitable after September and after cutting back to one show per month, is above water.


- is now SMALL and will be hiring a few more ok in-ring workers to increase the jobber pool as well as returning to weekly shows.


- won "Most Improved Company" for the year.


- Championship title went from Tennessee William to Ace Youngblood to Honest Frank


Rolled 3. "Trusted Companion" You gain the Loyalty of one of your roster (random roll from the list of your current roster).


Gained the loyalty of my referee, Bret Grav-ee-son. Oh well. :rolleyes:



As for my UC, I'm improving:



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The Punisher | Rapid Pro Wrestling

End of Year 1


Year 1 Roll: 42. "Step Into The Light" You get your 15 minutes of fame. +5 Pop across entire base country. (wooo. let me go from 8 to 13 pop, and 0 to 5 pop in my weaker areas. Could've gotten higher than that with 1 squash match! >.<)


-Couple of Notes-

*Profitable every single month. Currently am a couple hundred dollars short of 148k. Started signing the expensive workers after my third month.

*El Mitico is gaining strong friendships with everybody on the roster thanks to my positive meddling. We're up to 4 (Extraordinario Jr., Mr Lucha III, Fro Sure and Rudy Velasquez) My backstage will be screwed if he leaves.

*We're up to 8 popularity in Tri-State. Should reach small by the end of the year. If we're close, I may push by running weekly shows again like I did the first 2 months.

*I've only had 1 worker taken so far, and that was Acid. It was nice to be able to work 2 matches with him. Now I don't have a go to for psychology boosts!

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Thanks to the new patch I managed to claw back the $75k debt I had and the British Wrestling Federation survived.


I now have everything I need to be the figurehead except Merle O'Curle is more over than me. That will be rectified when I take my BWF title back at the next show. I'm looking forward to getting deep into a save at last.


If you post an update in this format (or similar) i'll update the front page with your ongoing challenge:



Arutha Hawke (British Wrestling Federation - Small)

Game date: August 2017

Best UC Match so far: D vs Merle O'Curle (April 2017)

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So it's definitely possible, I just need to get up to National. Blows my mind that Bowen has been with me for almost three years without so much as a sniff from SWF or HGC. HGC stole Jack DeColt though so it's only a matter of time. Sadly the show only got a 71 overall because of production penalties that I'm not upgrading until I stop gaining popularity in spite of them.

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End of Year Four


- Started getting raided by SWF. I lost 3 future Main Eventers in Xavi Ferrar, Logan Wolfsbane and Ernest Youngman to development deals.


- Dragon Takano finally left to go back to Japan


- I've had to rely more and more on my UC, which is scary since while is is popular he's still pretty dire in the ring.


- I fear that both Austin Smooth and El Mitico have reached their Pop Caps (68 & 76 respectively) :(


- Had a bit of luck with Tag Team chemistry this year, found 3 excellent/great teams.


- Money has fluctuated this year with the patches. Patch 1.04 was ok, patch 1.05 was ridiculous and patch 1.06 is crushing. I've gone from 38k to just 2k in the last 2 months which hurts but it's manageable. Just got to get to Regional.


- Industry and Economy mid-crash again :/





Year 5 Goals


- Hammer towards Regional

- Keep El Mitico

- Avoid hemorrhaging money




Rolled 44, again :( Size increase doesn't do much for me. Not that I hate the roll it's just I rather increase later on in my career. Really need to get those skill increase rolls soon or else my UC's going to struggle (especially if El Mitico is taken).



End of Year Rolls


1. (15) "+20 to your steroid use checkbox"

2. (44) "Go up one level of weight class or body type.

3. (33) “Makeover Time” +14 Sex Appeal, +11 Star Quality, +7 menace

3. (44) “Go up one level of weight class or body type.

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End of Year 2:


A good year for Arutha Hawke, he is now the figurehead of BWF and has defended his title in classic matches against JOJI and Merle O'Curle (both C-'s). Hugh DeAske is up next at the start of 2018.


Rolls so far:


19. “Feet of Fury” You have devoted your holiday season to training in the ring +5 to your Puroresu skill

3. "Trusted Companion" You gain the Loyalty of one of your roster (random roll from the list of your current roster).


Bryant Ramirez is now loyal to me. He is Bruiser's regen and he is obviously now getting a push.

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Adam's announced changes for the next patch:


Changes for next patch:


- Sponsorship has been raised a little

- Local companies no longer have a minimum roster size

- Show costs are much lower for all companies below cult, especially local


I never realized it but having a "your company looks amateur" note for a local company does seem kinda ridiculous.

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If you guys are curious how the patch has changed money before you fire your game back up, these are my sponsorship total for the last three patches (I'm in a small fed):






It seems that after getting nerfed, the sponsorship was approximately doubled.


The show cost halved for me, from 6,000 to 3,000 (I run one event per month). My loss per month dropped from -38k to -30k. If I cut my production costs, and cut some bigger workers (I was signing some big talent for a small promotion after the huge sponsorship buff), I think it will be okay and pretty balanced. We'll see!

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