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[Beta Release] GIF'fing the Cornellverse!

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3490?/3506 DONE!!


100% DONE. Kinda.




Unofficial Cornellverse GIF pack for TEW2016 by FINisher






Latest file: Beta 1.a (includes A letter hotfix. Download:

WORKING LINK Cornellverse FINisher gif pack




What's this?

This is the 3506 Cornellverse worker images converted into a .gif format and having their blue background erased so that you and the whole TEW2016 playerbase can take advantage of the new feature in the game: New Picture Formats & Automatic Custom Backgrounds!


From Dev. Journal: "Feb 03: New Picture Formats & Automatic Custom Backgrounds. As well as JPG format, the game now also gives the option to support BMP and GIF pictures. Please note that PNG is not supported - as with WMMA, this is not through choice but because the programming language does not support it. One advantage of this is that the game now offers automatic custom backgrounds for transparent GIFs. For example, if you view a worker who has a transparent GIF picture in a company specific screen (i.e. a roster screen) then the background behind him will automatically be that company's logo - this essentially creates a custom background wherever that worker goes."


Further patches during beta applied this to the rest of the screens aswell: Match and Angle booking, running the show screens and such.


On a personal note, this is my tribute to the GDS community and to the TEW series of games. To Adam Ryland, to all the people who have contributed to it all by creating content, images, diaries, logos, banners, graphics, buttons, skins, mods and databases. :)



This is a beta release! Not all images have been done; Not all images are perfect. Sadly I noticed halfway through that the earlier images are nowhere near the quality I did later, so around A to G or H you'll see a lot of blue pixels, missing parts or other bugs in the images. I promise you I will get back to these images and fix them when I have the time, there will be several patches along the ride! :)


Also I skipped some alt images for certain people; who needs 16th Jack Bruce alt when you can have 16 other workers with their images done! Not all images are perfect as I had to use the same 150x150 images that come with the game, I didn't have the original renders and thus some worker images, especially women with long hair or other workers with props etc., have been altered heavily so that they'll look decent with the new feature. Some images I've polished pixel by pixel.




1. Copy the "People" folder into C:\Program Files (x86)\GDS\TEW2016\Pictures\Default location (ie. where you have the game installed).

2. Run TEW2016, go to Editor - Edit Database - Free Pictures - Mass Edit. Click "Select All", then choose "Picture becomes .GIF format", then press "Mass Edit" & "Yes". Go back two screens, to the main editor screen.

3. Apply the same process to Workers - Mass Edit. Click "Select All", then choose "Picture becomes .GIF format", then press "Mass Edit" & "Yes".

4. Apply the same process to Alter Egos - Mass Edit. Click "Select All", then choose "Picture becomes .GIF format", then press "Mass Edit" & "Yes" (?)

5. Start a new game!

(6. When I release the patch fixes, you can manually edit the in-game worker files from the in-game editor so that they'll take place in your savegame. Just extracting them to your People folder might not work if the game has already been started before the patch installation. NOTE: Some worker images might have a broken path to their worker image. I'll check this out when I have the time!)


If you are unhappy with a certain worker image, please note that there's 3505 other images in the database. The CVFP images have jewels in them, you can easily switch the worker image to someone elses in the meantime while I fix the them :) Also do write feedback, "bug findings" and such to the thread which can be found stickied in the TEW2016 Mods section.


Have fun!






Below is the original OP post.



I'm probably mad for doing this but..


I'm about to start an enormous project to manually edit the blue background off from the original Cornellverse worker profiles. All 3506 of them. Converting them to just .gif's doesn't do the job since they have that original blue background in all of them so I have to open each file, remove the blue completely and then save it as a .gif. I've already mass batched the jpgs to gifs so now I only have to remove the blue background so that in each promotion view it'll show the promotion logo in the background.


Completion date: 3th of May 2016. Luckily my gf went to a long vacation with her friend so I had some spare time now for this :cool:



108/3506 28.4 ??? Aaron Andrews - Annie Hitchcock

208/3506 29.4 3:39AM Annie Hitchcock alt - Benito Garcia

337/3506 29.4 4:44AM Benito Saez - Buttercup

500/3506 29.4 6:17AM Buzz Reid - Cristobal Pardo

597/3506 29.4 4:16PM Crockett Tubbs - CVFP_AsianMale_032 (Things really slowed down due to CVFP Females, all that hair is a game changer)

1156/3506 30.4 7AM CVFP_AsianMale_033 - Dean McWade (whew!)

1611/3506 1.5 6:35AM

2313/3506 2.5 1:44AM

2846/3506 3.5 4:04AM

3490?/3506 3.5 11PM (DONE).

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One worker picture takes about 10 seconds (lots of shortcut keys!) so 35060 seconds which is 584.3 minutes which is 9.7hrs so this is going to take about 10hrs, I'd guess more likely 12-13 of work. I bet there's going to be a lot of "harder" worker pictures which I have to zoom in on. Oh boy. But man does it look way better in-game when they have that logo in the background! I'll post screenshots later :cool:
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So all that needs to be done is that you remove the background from the picture and then convert it to a gif? Or am I missing a step?


Yes, remove the blue background, polish the edges, turn it into a gif. It's 10-12 mouse clicks and a lot of keyboard shortcuts on each picture and there's quite a few in the database :o

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How do you do it? Erase it, or a selection tool? Using GIMP or Photobucket, or what? I need to know, you wizard! :p




1. Click on the image, press U (Fuzzy select tool/Magic Wand, treshold around 40-60). Hold shift and click on the blue areas you want to remove.

2. Select -> Grow (1px)

3. Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha Channel

4. Shift + E (Eraser tool), click on the highlighted blue area, size around 200px just so you get all of it.

(Optional: Clear the selection (Select -> None), lower the eraser tool size and fine tune the edges so that there's no blue around em)

5. File -> Overwrite name.gif


Almost 500 done!

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A sticky! That was unexpected :D And ye, thank you guys for all the support, I really do need those comments. I've gotten even more encouragement and motivation from the feedback. Not sure if I can finish the photos in time of the release but we'll see. :)
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Holy crap man!!! I was attempting this in paint about a month ago when the announcement of transparent backgrounds came but fizzled out on about 20 of them. You sir are a gentleman and a squire! I can't wait to see the end result and I recommend that anyone moving forward who re renders needs to do their pics in gif!
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