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Alt CornellVerse Mod (ACV)

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This mod here is a pretty basic idea: an extension of the CornellVerse using the pictures (worker, logo, etc) in the alt pic thread, new render thread and other threads.


People's work will only be used with the permission of the creator


My goal would be to add to the depth of the CVerse by creating alt characters of existing CVerse workers using the pics or adding additional FreePics using them. Additional companies will be added in as yet to debut local companies utilizing logos and additional logos will be added.


The main idea of this mod is for it to be a living mod being updated an re-released every so often with new pieces added. Step one right now is looking back through the alt thread of 2013 and seeing which pictures are okay to use, pulling those and adding them.

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Added Alter Egos Red MENACE (Marat Khoklov), EVIL Ref (Francis Long), Father Time (The Architect), Grave Digger alt1, War Machine alt1,

Added TV Logo TCW3

Added Company Logos 4C_alt1, 21CW_alt1, BBV, BCG_alt1, CGC_alt1, EWA_alt1, iLV, iM, iNY, KANZEN_alt1, LSAUR, MAW_alt1, MHW_alt1, Modern Japan_alt1, PGHW_alt1, PSW_alt2, PSW_alt3, PWC_alt1, SOTBPW_alt1, SWF_alt1, SWF_alt2, SWF_alt3, SWF_alt4, TCW_alt3, TCW_alt4, TCW_alt5, WCW, WHW, WRECKED, XWA_alt1, ZEN_alt1

Added Companies (all local future added) Battle Babes of Vegas (South West, US), impact Las Vegas (South West, US), impact Miami (South East, US), impact New York (Tri State, US), Luchasaurus X (Ontario, Canada), World Championship Wrestling (Manitoba, Canada), World Honor Wrestling (Great Lakes, US), WRECKED (Hokkaido, Japan)



Thank you to Hitman74, Kamatchka, i effin rule

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