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VWA Victory in Europe

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I've been trying to decide what to do for a dynasty for a while now, and I have lots of ideas, but I think some of them need me to have more time, and more familiarity with the game, before starting them. So as a first try, I'm going to dip my toe into the water with a fast-paced dynasty (hopefully) based on the style of infinitywpi's ever-popular Welcome To The Coastal Zone diaries.


I've never played with VWA before - my booking generally involves lots of tag matches , so they're way out of my comfort zone - but I'm going to give it a try, for a change from the North American scene where I usually play. Also I REALLY want to revamp the roster a lot, because there's some decent talent out there, but given how rarely people seem to come in/leave the fed in canon, I'm going to limit myself to one new guy per month. (Not counting local wrestlers brought in as jobbers, who I'm expecting to use a fair bit.)


I'm playing as the mysterious Grand Avatar, as he's based in Central Europe like VWA. User talents - negotiating 1, motivating 7, creativity 3, leadership 9, diplomacy 5.


VWA Beginner's Guide:

Possibly the weirdest product ever seen, VWA has FOUR key features - Traditional, Mainstream, Cult and Modern - and another four heavy - Comedy, Hardcore, Daredevil and Realism. Add in medium Risque, Lucha and Pure, and low Hyper Realism, meaning anything goes. The end result of this is an extremely vocal crowd who like risky, unsubtle gimmicks, and storylines. It's an equal split between performance and popularity. Fans want a comedy match, a story telling match, a wild brawl/car crash/mayhem match AND a high spots/car crash/steal the show match every time. Sponsors are staying far, far away - but with Albert bankrolling, there's a cool $2,500,000 to blow through. Match ratio is 80% for events, and there's no face/heel divide. Intensity is 20%, danger 40%.


The wrestlers


Main event scene


Landon Mallory. South African brawler rocking a no gimmick needed gimmick, and holding the European belt. Great in the ring, great on the mic, and with looks to die for, he is comfortably the best prospect in Europe. Everyone thinks so. Including 21CW, to judge from a couple of quick test runs...


Cub Balowicz. Mallory's current feud, Balowicz has been in the same fed as the South African for 6 years but they've never faced off. A muscular light heavyweight from Poland, the 26-year-old bad ass is a star in the making. And may need to be made really, really quickly if we lose Landon.


Randy Haute. The 39-year-old American is the first signing VWA ever made, the first head booker, and was the first European champion, in the time honoured wrestling tradition of pushing yourself to the moon. He's never been a star, and he may be past his best, but he's a decent hand in the ring.


Walter Van Cleer. The 27-year-old Dutchman, a former European champion, is a solid all-round middleweight who plays a bubbly babyface. (Although he doesn't play one all that WELL, unfortunately.) For years he was in the shadow of Seb Koller, now he's behind Landon Mallory in the pecking order. Will Mallory's long-rumoured move to 21CW come off, and give him a chance to shine?



Upper midcarders


Matthew Macks. The 27-year-old Irish cruiserweight regularly steals the show for VWA; he's a super-flashy guy with decent stamina.


Griffin. The 45-year-old Swede was the first ever Swiss champion. He's lost a step since then, but is still a key member of the roster.


Kronos. The 36-year-old German is a fairly typical monster heel, who to be fair isn't terrible in the ring. He's arguably 20 years too late to make it big, but his bully gimmick has gotten over well with crowds.


Modern Day Warlord. The 36-year-old Norwegian has been around for 7 years in front of a fairly discerning VWA crowd and somehow STILL hasn't learned to wrestle. His monster heel aura has been diminished recently, too.





Abominable Snowman. The 30-year-old Romanian is a natural heel. Given our lack of a face/heel divide, it would be significantly more useful if he was a natural wrestler, but what can you do?


Jason Dempsey. The 28-year-old Englishman must sometimes look at 21CW, now firmly established as a powerhouse, and wonder whether he'd have been better off sticking around his native country 7 years ago instead of heading over to Europe. However, his travels have at least given him the Swiss belt, which he currently holds. With a street thug gimmick which goes down well with the edgier part of our crowds, and decent skills, he's one to watch.


Jasper January. The Belgian high-flyer is a solid hand who seems to have stalled somewhat, despite only being 29. His looks and skills are good enough that he surely shouldn't be a career midcarder.


Lauro Giodarno. While a lot of the VWA roster came to the fed via tiny indies and had no experience on a bigger stage, the 35-year-old Italian was well known for a time as Wonder Boy in Ultimate Combat Ring. His current arrogant heel gimmick is a world away from that, but still goes down well with the fans. (In particularly the women, since he's arguably the best looking male wrestler in Europe.)


Wild Child. The 25-year-old spot monkey is massively popular backstage, which means people tend to overlook his habit of lighting a joint whenever possible. Like Matthew Macks, he's incredibly flashy and can steal the show under the right conditions.



Lower midcarders


Antonio Arias. The 27-year-old Spaniard is incredibly fit and has a decent grasp of the basics. He's not set the world alight since joining VWA, but there's still time.


Night Spyder. Aged just 29, the Finn has annoyed more colleagues than many men twice his age have managed. He is VERY good at getting heel heat, though. He's not on the same level as Macks or Wild Child, but he's a similar style of competitor.


Thunderbolt. The masked Englishman's background is in gymnastics, and it's tempting to say he should have stayed there. If you want someone to jump around in interesting ways for a long time, he's your man. If you want a wrestler, he's a pass.


Ultra Fly. At 21 years old, in late 2006 Ultra Fly was arguably England's greatest prospect. At 22, he was retired, his show stealing performances not fitting in with Jeff Nova's vision for 21CW, and with hardcore fed MOSC and technical promotion ROF showing no sign of wanting him. While others who left 21CW found a variety of homes, the lightweight instead became a PE teacher. However after 8 years, he was made redundant and decided to give wrestling one last shot. He's still aged just 29 - could it be a fairytale comeback?





Michael Gregory. Son of Scotty Gregory, the 21CW referee, the 22-year-old is a recent signing to VWA with a great look and a good knowledge of the business due to growing up around wrestling. His in-ring ability doesn't match his physique, but there's plenty of time to learn.





Albert Thorp. The famously ruthless Swiss businessman is always around, but rarely seen on camera. He's assured me he'll let me deal with everything.


Beth Bilal. Griffin's German valet is a cute girl who the fans like.


Charlie Grimsson. With our new drive to expand popularity via the internet, the Icelandic colour commentator will be a big part of our potential success.


Dick Kerley. As with Grimsson, our 45-year-old American announcer will play a major role for us.


Fitz Nankervish. There are other referees around, but none who help out so much with backstage catering - I'm sure we've got guys whose main reason for wrestling for us is the seemingly-never ending supply of gourmet sausages from Fitz's company.


Ian Newman. The former Thunderbolt Newman is a well-respected road agent who does a great job of putting matches together (particularly important given that many of our roster aren't too hot on psychology.)


Jasmine Perlot. The 27-year-old Frenchwoman is heartbreakingly beautiful. She rarely speaks, preferring to stay mysterious, but often fires Wild Child T-shirts into the crowd before her guy's matches.



First order of business is to deal with production - my generic music is less than UEW's 'local'. I'm planning on running weekly shows, so it's an easy decision to bump it up to in house, paying a professional composer $1000 a month to create me some themes. I also decide that I'm going to switch from DVDs to making my footage available on the internet, trying to build popularity quickly.


Secondly, I buy myself an arena. From now on, for the foreseeable future, we'll be running out of the 800-seat VWA Arena in central Europe, which cost just under $20,000. Given Albert Thorp's massive bank account, we're going to aim to run weekly shows, starting TONIGHT. Will Michael Gregory's rise continue? Will Wild Child turn up in a fit state to wrestle? Will Night Spyder make any new enemies? And will Landon Mallory say to 21CW "Stuff your big money offer, I'm VWA FOR LIFE!"?


I have a feeling I know the answers to most of those questions, and that none of them are the ones I'd like them to be. Tune in to the first VWA Victory in Europe to find out for sure, though!

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VWA Victory in Europe, Monday week 1 2016


LIVE from the VWA Arena! Local band The Restless Philosophers kick things off for us, as we await the start of VWA's first show of 2016.


As the crowd are getting down to TRP, I'm busy trying to keep order in a less than cooperative locker room. Night Spyder has decided that the best possible use of his time pre-match is to ask the famously grouchy Albert Thorp (our owner, remember) about his Swiss watch iPhone app, which was a rare failure for the smooth businessman. Angered by this reminder, Thorp comes to ask me what I'm planning on doing about it. I think they should probably both just start acting like adults, and give Spyder a stern warning, pointing out that Thorp could fire him if he wanted to.


Elsewhere, wrestlers' court is in session. Colour man Charlie Grimsson is found guilty of not paying his share of the rental car tab. Griffin sentences him to reimburse travel partners Wild Child and Laoro Giadorno, paying the full bill himself.


With a bit of time to go until the internet broadcast starts, I decide it wouldn't be a bad idea to throw a dark match or two out there - we need to give fans every incentive to attend in person if they can, not just watch online.


(OOC: There are 13 unemployed active male wrestlers in central Europe. To avoid just using the same ones as 'hire local' every time, I'm going to number them 1-13 and generate 5 random numbers between 1 and 20 for each show. I can only use wrestlers whose number comes up.)


Walking into the locker room, I see a few familiar faces as well as our roster. I don't really want to subject the crowd to a Poppa Punisher or Bigger Dan Ewe match, but 24-year-old Pole Pavel Vanzycha is a different prospect. He's thrilled to have the chance to make his VWA debut, while Dutch powerhouse Scott Van Der Berg is also keen to feature.


Dark matches:

Antonio Arias defeats Pavel Vanzycha. (D-, Pavel holds his own here.)


Kronos goes over Scott Van Den Berg. (D, Scott looks better than Kronos if anything.)


Main show:

Jason Dempsey successfully defends his Swiss title against Laoro Giordano; the pair are asked to lift the crowd ready for the next match. (D-, gets show off to a strong start despite Laoro not being suited to his arrogant heel gimmick.)


Ultra Fly beats Night Spyder in a ten-minute bout packed full of high spots. Night Spyder isn't happy to be jobbing, so I suggest that he should stop annoying the boss and I might book him stronger. (E; both guys are visibly tiring, while Newman tells me that UF is obviously wasted.)


Prior to Wild Child's match, Jasmine shoots T-shirts bearing his name into the crowd. ©


In a European title defense, Landon Mallory completely outclasses Wild Child, beating him in just seven minutes. The story told is that Jasmine is increasingly frustrated as her man misses big moves. (D, with the pair of them not clicking - but Wild Child and Jasmine have excellent chemistry together.)


Cub Balowicz comes out and states that Mallory may look impressive, but against such weak opposition it's hard to tell. He invites Landon to watch him take on a real challenge. (D-)


Cub goes over Griffin with his feared Left Hook, Mallory joining the announce team for the match. (D, Cub is off his game.)


Post-match, Mallory snorts, saying that if a 45-year-old is Cub's idea of a 'real challenge' he's worried. (D+)


Mallory slides in the ring and the pair jaw at each other, with Mallory suggesting that next week, they pick each other an opponent to face. Cub shakes his head. "Why wait until next week? I can go again RIGHT NOW." Mallory smiles. "You got it. Jasper January, come on down!" (D)


Cub beats Jasper in a match lasting nearly 15 minutes, with the fresh JJ nearly taking advantage of Balowicz having just wrestled on several occasions - but eventually falling to the Left Hook. Highlight of the match sees Cub hurl January out of the ring only for Jasper to catch the top rope, swing onto the turnbuckle and leap off with an incredible head scissors - Ian Newman loves this spot, and says that Jasper should build it in as a hope spot in the future. Mallory, on commentary again, says he's not worried who Cub will pick for him to face. (D)


In a brief comedy match, Matthew Macks beats Michael Gregory, who debuts his new stoner gimmick, which our edgy crowd love. Macks struggles due to not being suited to comedy matches. (E)


Post-match, Macks is brutally attacked by Randy Haute. (E)


As we wait to see who's been picked to go against Mallory, a video recaps the storied careers of Cub and Landon. (E+)


With Randy Haute and the Abominable Snowman in the ring ready to go, Mallory comes out and demands to know who he'll face in the main. A smiling Cub follows him and introduces his next opponent - Walker van Cleer! (E+)


Randy Haute goes over Abominable Snowman, in a wild brawl. (E+)


In a show-stealing bout, Mallory makes his second European title defence of the night, beating van Cleer. (D+)


D+ overall, a great start to the year!


Post-show, Night Spyder is furious that Ultra Fly got in the ring high on drugs, while Walker van Cleer points out that Fly doesn't connect with the fans and should probably have stuck to teaching PE. Albert Thorp calls me into his office and says that he's not used to failing to make money (I don't mention the Swiss watch app.) While he's not bothered if we're losing cash at the moment (good; we are) that needs to change soon - he wants us to have $3.25 million in the bank by the end of 2017. Okay, two years to turn us into a company making a decent profit. That SHOULD be doable, I think? He also tells me I can't lose us popularity (I wasn't planning on it) and can't hire guys over 38, or known criminals. Neither's a big issue.


I order Ultra Fly to undergo a drugs test; as expected the results show that he's been using. I fine him half his pay packet for the show, warning him that next time he's out. He's extremely unhappy at this.


Good news mid-week, as the signing I really wanted to bring in for January confirms he's on board. Stand by for a debut next time out!

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VWA Victory in Europe, Monday week 2 2016


Once again, live from the VWA Arena!


Randy Haute is brought before the wrestlers' court, accused of generally depressing everyone. (Presumably wrestlers rather than fans, although it's maybe hard to tell.) The new judge, whose name I won't give away as he's my super-secret debut signing who'll be announced further down the page, sentences him to shut up and cheer up, or buy a post-show round of drinks. Haute says he'll try and be less miserable.


Backstage, I find German Machine, Gunther Kinski and Ronny de Veuster.




Ultra Fly goes over Ronny de Veuster. (E, they're asked to go all out. Ronny looks better than UF does, perhaps because UF is wasted AGAIN.)


Abominable Snowman goes over German Machine, in a piece of booking that doesn't go down too well with the German, until he sees the big man cracking his knuckles. (D-, German Machine carrying the big guy to something semi-watchable.)


Thunderbolt beats Gunther Kinski, in a match where they're told to warm up the crowd ready for the main card to start. (E+)


Main card


In a Swiss title match packed full of high spots, Jason Dempsey defends successfully against Antonio Arias. (D-, strong start.)


Griffin beats Night Spyder with a figure four. (D)


A music video promotes Jasper January, focusing on last week's incredible spot. (E-)


In a match played for laughs, Jasper January beats Michael Gregory. (E+, giving the crowd a breather, although it's clear JJ's not a good pick for this type of bout.)


Wild Child comes out and asks Landon Mallory to head to the ring. Landon does so, and the cruiserweight begs him for another match tonight. "Last time, I let my gorgeous Jasmine down. I know you have a title match already booked tonight, and I wouldn't ask you to defend twice again. But take me on non-title, so that I can prove to my beautiful girl that last week was a one-off." Landon agrees.(D)


Matthew Macks beats Lauro Giordano with a Red Lightning. (D-)


Jasmine fires T-shirts. (C-)


In another story-driven contest, Wild Child again falls victim to Landon Mallory. This time, he's actually in control once or twice, but wipes out going for an incredible plancha, allowing Mallory to regain control and get a Springbok Ram. (D)


Post-match, Mallory picks Wild Child up. "I don't know if you impressed your girl over there, but you sure impressed me, kid. You've got guts." (D+)


From out of the crowd, though, comes a face familiar to many viewers. "He may have guts, Landon, but he doesn't have the win, and he won't have the girl for long." The Brit turns to Jasmine. "What do you say, baby? Ditch the loser and come out with a real man?" She shakes her head, and he shrugs. "You'll change your mind soon, honey. They always do. Because - say it with me, people - I am cool. I am The Breeze!" Joey Beauchamp is IN THE HOUSE! And his arrogant heel gimmick goes down a storm with our fans. ©


Joey Beauchamp makes his in-ring debut, beating Walter van Cleer. ©


In a quick brawl, Cub Balowicz goes over Modern Day Warlord, who's tiring after just 10 minutes. (D-)


Landon defends his title against Randy Haute, who is off his game AND tiring. (D+)


Cub comes out and sarcastically applauds. "Look, I get it, you're good. But I can't help thinking, if you were THAT good, you wouldn't have spent six years dodging me." Landon laughs. "Dodging you? The only reason I haven't challenged you before is that you're so darn boring, I forget you work here. You want a shot at this belt? NEXT WEEK, bring it on." (D)


We close with a Mallory music vid. (E+)


C- overall.


I drug test Ultra Fly again; he fails. After last week's warning, he's GONE.

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VWA Victory in Europe, Monday week 3 2016


Night Spyder damages Randy Haute's rental car. I fine him, which he is NOT impressed by. Haute, on the other hands, is pleased I'm taking firm action.


Armand Hardwicke, Herschel the Hammer, and Pavel Vaznycha are taking in the show tonight. Thorp won't let me even give the Hammer one match, saying he's too old, but the other two are in.





Modern Day Warlord beats Pavel Vaznycha. (E+, Pavel carrying it)


Michael Gregory gets his first win of the year, against Armand Hardwicke. (D-, Armand doesn't look too good.)



Main show:



Landon Mallory taunts Cub Balowicz, saying tonight the dream Cub has of being better than Landon will be shown to be just that - an impossible dream. ©


Abominable Snowman beats Night Spyder in a match which tells the story of Spyder being constantly unable to take Snowman down. (E)


Matthew Macks beats Jasper January in a wild match, which gets the crowd buzzing. (D-)


Post-match, Randy Haute attacks Macks, only for January to rush back in and save! (E-)


Antonio Arias beats Thunderbolt in a comedy match. (E)


The camera takes us backstage, where Landon Mallory is viciously attacked by Kronos! (D)


Jason Dempsey defends his Swiss title against Griffin. (D-)


Backstage, EMTs take Mallory to hospital, meaning tonight's match is OFF. (D-)


A furious Cub Balowicz calls out Kronos, demanding to know why he attacked Mallory. Kronos won't answer, so Cub challenges him to a match! (D-)


Cub beats Kronos, knocking him out with that Left Hook. (D-)


Walker van Cleer beats Laoro Giordano. (D+)


Jasmine shoots T-shirts as Wild Child enters. ©


In a show-stealing match, Joey Beauchamp beats Wild Child, getting the crowd buzzing despite Wild Child tiring towards the end. (D+)


Post-match, Beauchamp continues to attack Wild Child, until Jasmine throws herself over the fallen man's body, protecting him, and the Englishman backs away. (D)


D+ overall.



Beth Bilal comes to see me a few days after the show to tell me she's pregnant. I congratulate her, and thank my lucky stars it wasn't Jasmine!

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Wow, I had no idea VWA's product was that insane! Might give them a go next time I need a non-dynasty game idea. I had them pegged as UEW Lite.


Liking the dynasty, nice and quick to read but still interesting enough to bother doing so. :)

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I'm really digging on this- VWA aren't the most exciting of companies so it's impressive that you've made them so interesting.


Wow, I had no idea VWA's product was that insane! Might give them a go next time I need a non-dynasty game idea. I had them pegged as UEW Lite.


Liking the dynasty, nice and quick to read but still interesting enough to bother doing so. :)


Thanks guys, glad you're enjoying! D-Lyrium, like you, I had no idea about the product - worth giving them a try, they're a strange experience but fun!


VWA Victory in Europe, Monday week 4 January 2016


Landon Mallory and Laoro Giordano both come before the wrestlers' court. Beauchamp sentences Landon to pay for Wild Child's meals for the next three shows after disrespecting him by being an hour late to pick him up, and Laoro to buy a round of drinks post-show for leaving the locker room in a mess.


We have the same three guys backstage as last time. (Given the random number generator, that must be REALLY unlikely, but it happened!)


I pull an elaborate prank on Night Spyder, the details of which aren't suitable for public consumption. He doesn't seem bothered by it, and it gives the rest of the roster a laugh.




Mallory beats Pavel Vaznycha, in a match in which he constantly sells last week's rib injury. (D+)


Kronos beats Armand Hardwicke. (E+, the pair have good chemistry.)


Main show


Jasper January goes over Antonio Arias, with the match telling the story of January's desperation to hit his Leap Year finisher - he misses it once, and then seems to have it won with a leaping DDT but goes to the top again to pull it off. (D, good chemistry and lifting the crowd, although Arias somewhat carries it.)


January cuts a promo, saying he wants a shot at Jason Dempsey's Swiss belt. (D-)


Walker van Cleer beats Griffin in a wild brawl, with a high cross body getting him the win. (D, this is DEFINITELY carried by Van Cleer.)


Post-match, van Cleer says he's aiming for Mallory's belt as soon as the champion recovers. (D-)


Joey Beauchamp hosts a bikini contest between Jasmine Perlot and Beth Bilal, declaring himself the luckiest man alive, and declaring Jasmine the winner. (C-)


Michael Gregory beats Night Spyder in a short comedy match.(E-, although Night Spyder isn't suited to comedy bouts and is struggling here.)


Landon Mallory, selling the rib injury, declares he WILL get his revenge on Kronos. (D+)


Wild Child beats Thunderbolt in a show-stealer with a Wild Thing. Wild Child is tiring towards the end of this 12 minute match. (E+)


Post-match, Joey Beauchamp comes out to ask Jasmine if she's seen the error of her ways and given up on the cruiserweight ready for a real man. She shakes her head and walks away. (C-)


A music video promotes the upcoming Macks vs Haute match. (E-)


Matthew Macks beats Randy Haute with a Red Lightning. (D-)


Post-match, Macks adds his name to the frame for a European title shot. (D-)


Joey Beauchamp defeats Cub Balowicz in our longest ever main event, at 22 minutes, sidestepping the Left Hook to hit his Breeze Block. (D+; we asked them to call it in the ring and it's probably not the greatest idea for Cub to do so.)


Post-match, Wild Child comes out and demands another match with Joey Beauchamp soon! (D+)


D+ overall.



We win the Central Europe regional battle. Less welcome news is that we lose around $100,000 over the month - eek!

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VWA Victory in Europe, Monday February week 1 2016


Joey Beauchamp takes on Michael Gregory as a protege.


Landon Mallory is late to pick up Walker van Cleer; Joey Beauchamp finds him guilty.


I meddle positively between Wild Child and Jasper January, getting them a strong friendship relationship.


Backstage, Pavel Vanzycha, German Machine, Bigger Dan Ewe and Gunther Kinski.




Mallory, wrestling under a mask as El Masque to preserve illusion that he's injured, beats Pavel Vaznycha with a running powerbomb. (D+, Pavel looks ok.)


Joey Beauchamp taunts Pavel for constantly turning up without a contract. "You may be okay to warm the crowds up, kid, but you'll never be on the main show!" Pavel responds, saying he WILL make it - and he'll come after Beauchamp when he does. (D-)


Kronos beats Gunther Kinski in a brutal squash, hitting an avalanche. (E)


Jason Dempsey beats German Machine with a Face Waffle. (D-)


Main show


Landon Mallory comes out and says that he wants Kronos, but he hasn't been medically cleared to wrestle, and that he's aware that he owes Cub a title shot. But he WILL get his revenge soon! (C-)


Jasper January beats Thunderbolt with a Leap Year in a car crash of a match. (E+, Jasper off his game.)


Post-match, Jasper asks Landon to come out. "I think you may have noticed, I'm doing pretty well here Landon. How about a title shot next week?" Landon smiles. "You're 3-2 since the start of the year, kid, and I already HAVE a challenger for next week." At which point said challenger, Cub Balowicz, comes out. "You know, Mallory, I have a bad feeling about next week. You're still suffering from the injury, you're not medically cleared tonight. I'm worried that next week, when I beat you, you'll claim it was all down to Kronos rather than accept I'm the better man. And I've waited six years for this, what's another week more? Jasper, you want him, you got him, as far as I'm concerned. Winner gets me the week after." The other two nod. (D)


Randy Haute beats Antonio Arias with a belly to back. (E+)


In a match filled with high spots, Lauro Giordano beats Night Spyder with the Fall of Rome. By the 10 minute mark, Spyder is tiring. (E+)


Joey Beauchamp hosts another bikini contest, again giving the win to Jasmine Perlot over Beth Bilal. ©


Post-match, Joey hits on Jasmine, asking where Wild Child is. She looks flustered, saying that transport problems stopped him being here, and he laughs. "I thought he wanted a shot at me? Maybe next week." (D+)


In a comedy match, Michael Gregory beats Modern Day Warlord with a running powerslam. (E, MDW and his gimmick are BOTH bad choices for this kind of bout.)


Cub Balowicz comes out and says that he can't wait to continue his winning streak against Walker van Cleer. Van Cleer interrupts and the pair jaw back and forth. (D-)


Balowicz beats van Cleer with the trusty Left Hook. (D+)


Post-match, Balowicz points out he's 4-1 this year, and that Beauchamp got lucky. In 2 weeks time, he says, he'll be the champion. (D-)


Joey Beauchamp and Matthew Macks are sent out there to steal the show, and they do, with the pair having great chemistry. Beauchamp wins in 15 minutes with a Breeze Block - although he suffers a broken nose in the process, when Macks botches a spinning kick. (C-)


Post-match, Landon Mallory comes out. "You look pretty good, Breeze. But remember, this is MY federation, you're only main eventing because I'm injured. Next week, when I'm fit, you'll be back where you belong in the midcard." Beauchamp smirks. "Wait and see about that, champ."©


C- overall.

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<div style="text-align:center;"><p><strong>VWA Victory in Europe, Monday February week 2 2016</strong></p></div><p></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Night Spyder </strong>is getting heat for being selfish. I give him a stern warning. </p><p> </p><p>

Backstage are<strong> Wolfgang Klose</strong> (who my boss says is too old to sign, even on a one night deal) and<strong> German Machine</strong>.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Pre-show</strong></p><p> </p><p>

Thunderbolt defeats German Machine by pinfall with a Bolt From The Blue. (E+)</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Main show</strong></p><p> </p><p>

Randy Haute taunts upcoming opponent Night Spyder, calling him a born loser. (E)</p><p> </p><p>

Haute beats Spyder in just six minutes with a Belly To Back. (E+)</p><p> </p><p>

Joey Beauchamp comes out and calls for Landon Mallory, as he wants to break some news to him. "I know you think of yourself as the main event, but you see, Landon, when you came here you were a nobody. When I came here, I was Europe's best wrestler, and the board of directors here were desperate to sign me. So I asked for, and received, a few favours. One of those was that I got to host some bikini contests to get up close and personal with the delectable Jasmine." Another smirk.</p><p> </p><p>

"One you might be more interested in, though, is what I call a 'main event' clause. You see, I had it written in that once I'd main-evented once, I would main event WHENEVER I wrestled here. And since I main evented for the last two weeks, due to your TRAGIC injury... I guess that's me main eventing for life. Enjoy the undercard, champ!" Mallory looks furious, demanding to know if this is true. Confusion amongst the commentary team and ringside people, none of whom seem to be able to give him an answer. ©</p><p> </p><p>

Antonio Arias beats Michael Gregory in a comedy match. (E+)</p><p> </p><p>

Joey Beauchamp triefs to run another bikini contest, only for Jasmine Perlot to tell him to get lost. (D+)</p><p> </p><p>

Walker van Cleer beats Modern Day Warlord with a High Elevation Cross Body. (D-)</p><p> </p><p>

van Cleer cuts a promo about being desperate to succeed in VWA. (D)</p><p> </p><p>

Griffin beats Lauro Giordano in a quick match, with a figure four leglock. We tell them to lift the crowd; not the greatest decision as the crowd are already surprisingly hot. (D-)</p><p> </p><p>

Post-match, Mallory comes out and talks to Griffin. "We've been here a long time, Griffin. I don't like what I'm seeing when a guy like Joey Beauchamp walks out and starts acting like he owns the place. Do you?" Griffin shrugs, and walks past him. (D)</p><p> </p><p>

In a wild brawl, Cub Balowicz beats the Abominable Snowman, dropping him with that vicious Left Hook.. (D-)</p><p> </p><p>

Mallory comes out again, applauding Cub. "Looking good, Cub. But not good enough to beat me next week, trust me." (D)</p><p> </p><p>

In a good match, Landon Mallory beats Jasper January with a Springbok Ram to retain the European title. (C-)</p><p> </p><p>

Pre-main event, Jasmine fires T-shirts into the crowd. (C-)</p><p> </p><p>

Joey beats Wild Child with a Breeze Block following interference from the debuting Merle O'Curle, who knocks Wild Child off the top rope as he goes for a moonsault. (D+)</p><p> </p><p>

Mallory saves and the four brawl, only for Kronos to come down and chokeslam Wild Child and Mallory. The show ends with Joey, Merle and Kronos standing triumphant.(D)</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>C- overall.</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Merle O'Curle </strong>is quick to tell me<strong> the Abominable Snowman </strong>needs to work on his selling.</p><p> </p><p>

EWA declare hostilities towards us.</p>

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Solid stuff here. Europe is really underutilized in diaries and it's great to see someone take a go at it.


Thanks for commenting! Always great to get feedback and glad you're enjoying.


VWA Victory in Europe, Monday February week 3 2016


Backstage, I find German Machine and Wolfgang Klose again.




Griffin beats German Machine. (D-)



Main show


Jason Dempsey retains his Swiss title, beating Antonia Arias with a Face Waffle. (D)


Joey Beauchamp comes down and calls out Landon Mallory. "Hey, champ, I know it's your big night tonight. Six years in the making, and all that kinda stuff. And I guess it must be frustrating to be stuck in the midcard while a real star main events. So to show I'm not that bad a guy, I'm going to take the night off and let my man Merle go up against that kid, so you and Cub can have the last spot." Mallory glowers at him, and walks off. ©


In a wild brawl, Randy Haute beats the Abominable Snowman with a Belly To Back. (E+)


In a spot-filled contest, Jasper January goes over Night Spyder. (E+)


In a comedy bout, Walker van Cleer beats Michael Gregory. (D-)


Backstage, Haute takes to the mic, saying that he doesn't care who ends up on top of this Mallory/Cub/Beauchamp mess, he will finish ANY of them when he gets a shot. (D-)


Lauro Giodarno beats Thunderbolt with The Fall Of Rome. (E+)


Pre-match, Jasmine fires T-shirts into the crowd. (C-)


Merle O'Curle drags Wild Child to a watchable match, despite Wild Child tiring towards the end. The end comes after 11 minutes, when Kronos lumbers down and swats Wild Child off the top rope, giving him the DQ victory. (D)


Post-match, Kronos grabs Wild Child and drops him with a massive powerbomb. (D+)


As Kronos looks to do more damage, Jasmine hurls herself over Wild Child to protect him. Kronos looks like he may attack anyway, but Beauchamp comes out and calls him off. ©


In the European title match, Landon Mallory and Cub Balowicz go at it for just over 10 minutes. It looks like there'll be a title change - Balowicz actually hits his feared Left Hook - but at that point, Beauchamp and O'Curle make their presence felt, wiping out both men. The ref calls for the bells and throws it out. (C-)


Post-match, Kronos comes down and it looks like we're going to see a 3 on 2 beatdown, but Cub and Landon work together to take the big man down, surprising the trio. As Mallory faces off with Beauchamp and Cub with O'Curle, Wild Child staggers down to ringside, chair in hand, and attacks both Beauchamp and Merle from behind, dropping them with vicious shots to the back! Balowicz rolls out of the ring as Wild Child and Mallory celebrate for the fans. (D-)


C- overall.

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