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T-Zone 2016 (HYPE Thread)

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Hi all I will be converting over the T-Zone database from 2013 to 2016. Now having just today had my first chance to take a look at the current situation there are a lot of things need to be done so I would be hesitant at the moment to provide even an estimated release date.


Current Mod Data with Plans List

Agers - N/A

Alliances - 3 (Same ones from previous game)

Alliance Members - 9 (Ditto)

Alter Egos - 1209

Angles - 453

Announcer Experience - 36 (This is something I will look to flesh out time permitting)

Broadcasters - This is an area where I think there will be a bulk of work needs doing. Obviously adding the WWE Network and such will be a must however I also feel a lot of the current ones ported over will just need removing. The way it works now I am going to remove a broadcaster if it has never showed wrestling and is not the type to ever show it, to try and proper streamline it.

Broadcaster Changes - N/A

Broadcasting Deals - This will be looked at once Broadcasters is sorted out.

Chemistry - 23 (See Announcer Experience)

Companies - 68 (Still need to set certain promotions to use divisions as well as a couple of other tweaks around products since the changes)

Company Relationships - 37

Dojos - 84

Dojo Graduates - 513

End of Year Awards - 36 (Based on Wrestling Observer)

Eras - N/A

Events - 158 (Will be updated before release to be up to date)

Event Names - Default

Excursion - 3 (More will be added if necessary)

Gimmicks - 314 (I have streamlined it back to the regular database gimmicks with a few odd additions as I felt there were too many pointless person specific gimmicks in there)

Hall of Immortals - 0 (I have stripped it down and will be using this for the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame)

Halls of Fame - 0 (Will add WWE/TNA/CZW and any other HOF of companies in game)

Historical Power 500 - N/A

Injuries - 109 (Like with gimmicks have taken it back to the default as I was not a massive fan of the other file even though it was very detailed it was almost too detailed)

Starting Injuries (Will be updated before release to cover that time)

Injury history - 0 (Something I look to tinker with later)

Locations - 5418

Mask and Hair History (Something I would love to flesh out over time)

Match Types - 149 (The default)

Media Groups - 12

Moves - 3096

Move Sets - 2148

Narrative - N/A

Scandals - 1 (Hogan)

Stables - 99 (Will be refreshed for release)

Starting Absences - 2 (Goya Kong pregnant and Nick Gage in Jail ATM)

Starting Morale - N/A

Starting Storylines - 0

Teams - 685 (Need to sort through and change between Units and Teams)

Team Names - 450

Titles - 311

Title Lineage - 6870

Tour Names - 88

Tribute Shows - 0

TV Shows - 33

TV Show Names - 217

Workers - 2345 (Currently working through them changing body types and adjusting little tweaks, down to I in the list. I then want to go and change game areas for workers to better support the way the independent scene works)

Worker Names - 9701

Worker Relationships - 664


So yeah that is a little progress report, if there are any areas people would like to lend a hand in such as broadcasters or making all the dead people for Observer Hall of Fame for example just let me know.


Also any requests around workers, promotions etc are welcome too.



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I have been doing some work on the mod recently working through now up to N on the worker tweaking and have 183 records in Mask and Hair history among other things.


I have also been working on broadcasters a little and at the moment here is a list of those which are in.



Bell TV



Dish Network

In DEmand

J Sports


MVS Multivision



Samurai TV

Setanta Sports

Sky Box Office

SKY Perfect


Television Par Satellite








Azteca 7

Bright House Sports Network

Canal 5



Destination America

El Rey Network


ESPN International




Fighting TV! Samurai


Fox Sports Latinoamerica

Fox Sports Net


Fuel TV


Gala TV



Global TV

Ion Television


J Sports 1

J Sports 3

J Sports 4


MADE Television



NBC Universo

Nippon TV



Pop TV

ProSieben Fun



Sinclair Broadcast Group

Sky Deutschland AG

Sky Italia

Sky Sports 1

Sky Sports 2

Sky Sports 3

Sky Sports 4




Sportsnet 360


Tele 5



The Box

The Fight Network

Tokyo MX


Tuff TV

tv asahi

Universal HD

USA Network


WBFS-My 33


Free To Air


YouTube Canada

YouTube EU

YouTube Japan

YouTube Mexico

YouTube Oceania

YouTube UK

YouTube USA




Highspots TV

hulu Plus

NJPW World




WWE Network


Obviously as with other areas this may change depending on how well it works in testing etc.

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<p>Just a heads up on where things are at with the mod at the moment and my todo list before a release or a beta.</p><p> </p><p>

</p><ul><li>GO through and assign each worker to a region (Nobody will just be generically based in a country) - Currently around 55-60% of the 2532 workers currently in the data have been assigned a region</li></ul><p></p><p>

</p><ul><li>Go through each worker making pictures if none present or need updating</li></ul><p></p><p>

</p><ul><li>Playtest for broadcasters, overnesses etc.</li></ul><p></p><p>

</p><ul><li>Update Rosters and possibly look to add a couple more promotions<br /></li></ul><p></p>

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Any pics you could cut or even find ones already cut as there may well be, for the following people would be great in helping speed along my work, as rosters are updated and more workers added then there may be a need for more done but as of this moment the following pictures illustrate those who do not have pictures at present. I would want the pictures on the classic chronicles 2013 as that is what all the rest of my pictures are and is my favourite. Thanks







And just to keep people updated, here is the state of play at the moment



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Hi, just dropping in to give an updated progress report (as always in an ever changing wrestling world things can reduce such as absence or unjuries for example




Couple of Notes


Alliances (Currently 8)

CMLL/REINA (To Simulate Shared Titles)

Japanese Idependent Alliance (To Simulate the sharing of the Independent Junior Title)

Joshi Wrestling Alliance (Designed to simulate the heavy movement and sharing of workers in Joshi wrestling without overloading rosters.

National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)

ROH/NJPW/NOAH - To simulate free worker movement between the three


World Triangle League

World Wrestling Network


Active Companies (all rosters up to date as of 22/6/16)




AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined

Absolute Intense Wrestling

Beyond Wrestling

Chaotic Wrestling


Combat Zone Wrestling

EVOLVE Wrestling

Full Impact Pro

House of Hardcore

IWA: Mid South

Lucha Underground

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

Queens of Combat

Ring of Honor

SHIMMER Women Athletes

SHINE Wrestling

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

Women Superstars Uncensored





Alpha -1 Wrestling

Capital City Championship Combat

International Wrestling Syndicate

Smash Wrestling







British Isles

4 Front Wrestling

All-Star Wrestling

Bellatrix Female Warriors

Insane Championship Wrestling

International Pro Wrestling:UK

New Generation Wrestling

Preston City Wrestling

PROGRESS Wrestling

Pro-Wrestling EVE

Revolution Pro Wrestling

Scottish Wrestling Alliance



All Japan Pro-Wrestling

Big Japan Pro Wrestling

DDT Pro-Wrestling

Dragon Gat Pro Wrestling

Ice Ribbon

Inoki Genome Federation

JWP Joshi Puroresu

Kaientai Dojo

Michinoku Pro Wrestling

New Japan Pro Wrestling

Osaka Pro Wrestling

Oz Academy

Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS

Pro-Wrestling NOAH

Pro Wrestling ZERO1

REINA Joshi Puroresu

Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling

World Women's Wrestling Diana

World Wonder Ring Stardom




Westside Xtreme Wrestling


Planned Additions


There promotions I am hoping to add for release one if possible to flesh things out a bit


Lucha Libre ELITE (Mexico)

Northern Championship Wrestling (Quebec)

Southside Wrestling Entertainment (UK)

ATTACK Pro Wrestling (UK)

Dradition Pro Wrestling (Kanto)

Juggalo Championship Wrestling (Great Lakes)

Pro Wrestling WAVE (Kanto)

Iconic Heroes of Wrestling Excellence (NWA) (Mid South)

Vendetta Pro Wrestling (NWA) (South West)

Elite Championship Wrestling (NWA) (South East)

NWA Smoky Mountain (NWA) (South East)

Tier 1 Wrestling (Tri-State)

Toryumon (Mexico)

IWA East Coast (Mid Atlantic)

Absolute Wrestling (North England)

Tidal Championship Wrestling (North England)

Riot City Wrestling (Australia)

Impact Pro Wrestling (New Zealand)


Now all of these extras might not get in release one but they are my future plans in the short term in terms of more promotions.


I am aiming for a release at the beginning of August time as I want to get the draft and such in to the game too.



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<p>Just a little update to say that this will definitely be released barring any unforeseen circumstances in August. I have been doing some watcher things with it to see how the game world evolves, I am still tweaking but some interesting notes from simming a couple of years unemployed.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> Two of the most interesting things to come out of it were the massive rise of Big E. as well as Big Cass becoming a major player</p><p> </p><p> </p><blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="41331" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>2016<p> WOTY - Bray Wyatt</p><p> TTOTY - Big E. and Kofi Kingston</p><p> YWOTY - Will Ospreay</p><p> VWOTY - Chris Jericho</p><p> FWOTY - Io Shirai</p><p> IWOTY - Nobody</p><p> COTY - WWE</p><p> MICOTY - N/A</p><p> MOTY - Dean Ambrose over Bray Wyatt WWEHIAC (A)</p><p> CaOTY - WWE HIAC (A)</p><p> Manager - Paul Heyman</p><p> Announcer - Jim Ross</p><p> Colour - Jerry Lawler</p><p> Referee - Earl Hebner</p><p> </p><p> Top 10</p><p> 1. Bray Wyatt</p><p> 2. Chris Jericho</p><p> 3. Dean Ambrose</p><p> 4. Kazuchika Okada</p><p> 5. Hiroshi tanahashi</p><p> 6. Hirooki Goto</p><p> 7. Naomichi Marufuji</p><p> 8. John Cena</p><p> 9. Seth Rollins</p><p> 10. Tomohiro Ishii</p><p> </p><p> Other Notable Events</p><p> Cibernetico Caught in Possession of Hard Drugs (August)</p><p> Rocky Marvin Overdose (October)</p><p> Jake Manning Police Incident (October)</p><p> Chris Jericho Music Tour (November)</p><p> Kengo Nishimura jailed for assault (November)</p><p> Jerry Lawler left the business (November)</p><p> Sumie Sakai retires (November)</p><p> Super Delfin retires (November)</p><p> Saray Knight retires (November)</p><p> Finn Balor, Andrade Almas, Jason Jordan, Tye Dillinger, Corey Graves, Shinsuke Nakamura, Eddie ORengo and Drake Wuertz up from NXT.</p><p> Yoshiaki Yatsu become DDT Head Booker after departure of Danshoku Dino</p><p> Kensuke Sasaki become Ice Ribbon Head Booker after departure of Emi Sakura</p><p> No WWE Titles changed hands</p><p> One TNA title changed hands (MAndrews and JAmes Storm winning Tag Belts)</p><p> Kyle O'Reilly won ROH Survival of the Fittest</p><p> Colt Cabana ROH Champion</p><p> MArk Briscoe ROH TV Champion</p><p> Rock Lobster, Touch Phillips and Prince Kimberlee win King of Trios</p><p> EVIL won the G1 Climax</p><p> Satoshi Kojima won IWGP Title</p><p> Super Junior Tag League won by Will Ospreay and Ryusuke Taguchi</p><p> World Tag League won by Hiroshi Tanahashi and Tomohiro Ishii</p><p> PWG BOLA won by Drew Galloway</p><p> Austin Aries won the Cruiserweight Classic</p><p> Shinsuke Nakamura and Hideo Itami won the Dusty Rhodes Classic</p><p> Rachael Ellering won the Women's Invitational Classic</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> 2017</p><p> WOTY - Big E.</p><p> TTOTY - Big E. and Kofi Kingston</p><p> YWOTY - Takehiro Yamamura</p><p> VWOTY - Satoshi Kojima</p><p> FWOTY - LuFisto</p><p> IWOTY - Homicide</p><p> COTY - NJPW</p><p> MICOTY - ROH</p><p> MOTY - Tomohiro Ishii over Kazuchika Okada at NJPW Epic Battle (A)</p><p> CaOTY - NJPW G1 Climax 2017</p><p> Manager - Paul Heyman</p><p> Announcer - Jim Ross</p><p> Colour - William Regal</p><p> Referee - Chad Patton</p><p> </p><p> Top 10</p><p> 1. Big E. (Previous Year 35)</p><p> 2. Bray Wyatt (Previous Year 1)</p><p> 3. Hiroshi Tanahashi (previous Year 5)</p><p> 4. Kofi Kingston (previous Year 16)</p><p> 5. John Cena (previous Year 8)</p><p> 6. Kazuchika Okada (previous Year 4)</p><p> 7. AJ Styles (previous Year 11)</p><p> 8. Randy Orton (previous Year 12)</p><p> 9. Seth Rollins (previous Year 9)</p><p> 10. Kevin Owens (previous Year 12)</p><p> </p><p> Other Notable Events</p><p> Michinoku Pro Wrestling joined the NWA (December)</p><p> AAA went in to partnership with ROH/NJPW/NOAH alliance (March)</p><p> Tim Storm, KEvin Nash, Kaoru Maeda and Taru all open schools</p><p> Paige, Destiny, Barbie, Angel Williams, Lady Vayne, KAtarina LEigh, Kira, Natalya, Shaul Guerrero, Brittany Savage, Holly Blossom, Mia Yim became pregnant</p><p> Chris Jericho went on a music tour one month after the previous one ended</p><p> Konnor police incident (June)</p><p> Peter D. Order jailed for assault (OCtober)</p><p> Momo Watanabe USA Excursion (April)</p><p> Bryan Danielson divorced Brie Bella (November)</p><p> Wang Bin started dating Nia Jax (November)</p><p> Candice LaRae split up with Johnny Gargano and is dating Nick Jackson</p><p> Vince McMahon, Fuerza Guerrera, Tony Atlas, Antonio Inoki, Samson WAlker (Accident), Mr. Fuji, Bill Watts, Ron Simmons, Fumihito Kihara, Sika Anoa'i and Robb Moore died</p><p> Notable Retirements: The Undertaker, Jeff Jarrett, Sabu, TARU, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Teddy Hart, Koji Kanemoto, Ultimo Dragon, Jim Ross, Erick Rowan (Injury), Shingo Takagi (Injury), Ethan Page (Injury), Minoru Suzuki</p><p> Neville (DGPW), Mark Henry and Bubba Ray left WWE</p><p> WWE signed Kurt Angle (After retirement as a manager) and called up Tino Sabatelli, Hideo ITami, William Regal, Bayler, Ember Moon, Tim Wiese and Oney Lorcan</p><p> TNA Signed Devyn Nicole, Brooke Adams and Amazing Kong</p><p> WWE Owner Shane McMahon and Booker Stephanie McMahon since Vince died</p><p> Unbreakable Wrestling Federation founded with Ho Ho Lun as owner and Mick Foley as booker in France</p><p> Natural Pro Wrestling founded in Kyushu with Super Delfin owner and Nobuhiko Takada as booker</p><p> Oz Academy, Osaka Pro, ICe Ribbon, PROGRESS, 4FW, CW, HOH, FIP, SGPW, SWE, RPW, C*4, ATTACK, Stardom, EVE, W-1, WSU, NWA:VPW, AIW, QOC, Diana, NGW, Beyond, NWA:ELITE, FREEDOMS, REINA all went out of business as the industry took a nose dive</p><p> WrestleMania 33 headlined by Dean Ambrose retaining over Roman Reigns in main event with Finn Balor winning the Andre the Giant</p><p> Tour top 5: WWE (Dean Ambrose, Big E., Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Bray Wyatt), TNA (Jade, Ethan Carter, Drew Galloway, Jeff Hardy, Davey Richards), ROH (Adam Cole, Nick Jackson, Berretta, Kyle O'Reilly, Alex Shelley), NJPW (Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii, Tetsuya Naito, KAtsuyori SHibata)</p><p> The Miz lost IC Title to Curtis Axel who lost to Luke Harper</p><p> Big E. (Who else haha) won MITB</p><p> Sheamus won the Royal Rumble</p><p> Big Cass and Enzo Amore dethroned New Day but lost to current champions Titus O'Neill and Hideo Itami</p><p> Rusev lost the United States title to Jack Swagger who has now lost it to Sami Zayn</p><p> Nikki Bella won the title from Charlotte at WrestleMania but has lost it to Naomi</p><p> Dean Ambrose relinquished the World Title with injury leading Randy Orton to beat Karl Anderson, Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins in a 4 way for the belt</p><p> Tyrus dethroned Eli Drake as King of the Mountain</p><p> Rebel won the Knockouts title</p><p> Jeff Hardy won the TNA World Title</p><p> Mandrews and James Storm were dethroned by Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett</p><p> Mandrews however did dethrone Lee to be x Division champ</p><p> Zack Sabre Jr. won BOTSJ</p><p> Hiroshi Tanahashi won his third G1 Climax as well as a third New Japan Cup</p><p> Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong won the Super Junior Tag Tournament</p><p> Tomohiro Ishii and Tetsuya Naito won the World Tag League</p><p> PWG BOLA won by Marty Scurll</p><p> Nick Jackson won Survival of the Fittest and went on to defeat Chris Sabin (Who had defeated Colt Cabana) for the ROH World Title</p><p> Samoa Joe continues to hold NXT title and also holds tag titles with Rhyno</p><p> Peyton Royce was the one to dethrone Asuka</p><p> Tommaso Ciampa won the Cruiserweight Classic</p><p> Rhyno and Bobby Roode won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic</p><p> Carmella won the Women's Invitational Classic</p><p> </p><p> 2018</p><p> WOTY - Hiroshi Tanahashi</p><p> TTOTY - Big E. and Kofi Kingston (Again)</p><p> YWOTY - El Lindaman</p><p> VWOTY - Satoshi Kojima</p><p> FWOTY - Nikki Bella</p><p> IWOTY - Shawn Daivari</p><p> COTY - NJPW</p><p> MICOTY - AJPW</p><p> MOTY - Big E. and Kofi drew with Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose on a RAW (A*)</p><p> CaOTY - NJPW Power Struggle</p><p> Manager - Stokely Hathaway</p><p> Announcer - UltraMantis Black (For NJPW no less)</p><p> Colour - Chris Jericho</p><p> Referee - Marty Asami</p><p> </p><p> Top 10.</p><p> 1. Hiroshi Tanahashi (Previous Year 3)</p><p> 2. Dean Ambrose (Previous Year 15)</p><p> 3. Big E. (Previous Year 1)</p><p> 4. Satoshi Kojima (Previous Year 16)</p><p> 5. Tomohiro Ishii (Previous Year 12)</p><p> 6. Kofi Kingston (Previous Year 4)</p><p> 7. Kenny Omega (Previous Year 47)</p><p> 8. Captain New Japan (Previous Year 61)</p><p> 9. Roman Reigns (Previous Year 11)</p><p> 10. Kazuchika Okada (Previous Year 6)</p><p> </p><p> Other Notable Events</p><p> ICW joined the NWA (December)</p><p> Dustin Rhodes, Ryuichi Sekine, Felino and Beth Phoenix opened schools</p><p> CM Punk returned to wrestling (January)</p><p> Shayna Baszler police incident (July)</p><p> Cibernetico overdose (October)</p><p> Super Delfin II entered the business and was sent on a Mexico excursion (April)</p><p> Dash Wilder started dating Rosa Mendes (March)</p><p> Summer Rae started dating Tyler Breeze (MArch)</p><p> The Miz and MAryse divorced (February)</p><p> Jim Ross, Paul Orndorff, LArry Zbyszko, Harley Race and Steve Austin were notable deaths.</p><p> Notable Retirements: Goldust, Triple H, The Rock, Allysin Kay (Injury), BXB Hulk (Injury), Abyss, Sami Callihan (Injury), KAne, Batista, Angelina Love, Tommy Dreamer, Big Show, Mark Henry, Terry Funk (LOL), MVP, Bob Holly, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Brother Ray</p><p> Notable Legacy Debuts: Mil MAscaras Jr, Octagon Jr, Mascara Sagrada (4th edition), Ultimo Dragon II, Tiger Mask VI</p><p> Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Ethan Carter and Awesome Kong (Walk out) all left TNA</p><p> Dolph Ziggler (NJPW), D-Von Dudley and Tamina Snuka left WWE</p><p> Masada, Matt Morgan, Bryce Remsburg and Matt Tremont signed for TNA</p><p> WWE Signed CM Punk and Chris Jericho (Commentary) and called up Austin Aries, Scott Dawson, Dash Wilder and Chad Gable</p><p> Jim Cornette became NXT head booker</p><p> Evolution Professional Wrestling founded with Andy Quildan owner and Steve Logan booker in Scotland</p><p> Crazy Wrestling Championships was founded in New England by Sheldon Goldberg with Vince Russo head booker</p><p> MPW, CZW, SMASH, IPW:UK, A1, DDT, JWP, PCW, BJW, EVOLVE,wXw, Lucha Underground, SHINE, SHIMMER, PWG, CHIKARA, IGF, NOAH, K-DOJO, IWA:MS, SWA and Z-1 go out of business as business still in poor state</p><p> WrestleMania 34 headlined by Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens defeating Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton and Del Rio winning the Andre.</p><p> Tour Top 5: WWE (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollind, Big E., Nikki Bell and Bray Wyatt), TNA (Matt Tremont, Davey Richards, Masada, Drew Galloway and Jade), ROH (Bobby Roode, Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Timothy Thatcher and Matt Sydal), NJPW (Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tomohiro Ishii, KAtsuyori Shibata, Tetsuya Naito)</p><p> Luke Harper lost the IC title to Chad Gable who then lost it to Tyler Breeze</p><p> Cesaro won MITB whilst John Cena won the Royal Rumble</p><p> O'Neill and Itami lost the tag straps to Gallows and Anderson who then lost them to Big Cass and Enzo</p><p> Sami Zayn dropped the US Title to Aiden English who dropped it then to Kalisto</p><p> Ember Moon defeated Naomi for the title</p><p> Seth Rollins is back on top of the mountain dethroning Randy Orton</p><p> Kenou won the BOTSJ whilst Satoshi Kojima won the G1</p><p> Zack Sabre Jr. ended a two and half year reign of Kenny Omega as IWGP Intercontinental</p><p> Bobby Roode defeated Kojima for the IWGP but dropped it to Shibata</p><p> Beretta won NJ Cup, Chris Sabin and Mitsuhiro Kitamiya won Super Junior Tag and KAzuchiko Okada and Stu Bennett won the World Tag League.</p><p> Bobby Roode won SOTF</p><p> Adam Cole defeated Alex Shelley for the World Title in ROH</p><p> Johnny Gargano ended Samoa Joe's two year reign as NXT Champion before losing it to Shane Thorne who then lost to Alexander Wolfe</p><p> Wolfe also currently holds the tag titles with Bobby Roode</p><p> Rich Swann won the cruiserweight classic</p><p> Alexander Wolfe and Bobby Roode won the Dusty Rhodes</p><p> Mandy Rose won the women's invitational</p><p> Brock Lesnar remain most popular worker in the world and under WWE contract despite never having a match</p><p> </p><p> 2019</p><p> WOTY - Nick Nemeth</p><p> TTOTY - Big E. and Kofi Kingston</p><p> YWOTY - Yuga Hayashi</p><p> VWOTY - Tomohiro Ishii</p><p> FWOTY - Paige</p><p> IWOTY - Shawn Daivari</p><p> COTY - NJPW</p><p> MICOTY - Bellatrix</p><p> MOTY - Seth Rollins over Shinsuke Nakamura on WWE RAW (A*)</p><p> CaOTY - NJPW G1 Climax 2019</p><p> Manager - Paul Heyman</p><p> Announcer - Michael Cole</p><p> Colour - Renee Young</p><p> Referee- Charles Robinson</p><p> </p><p> Top 10</p><p> 1. Nick Nemeth (Previous Year 43)</p><p> 2. Kazuchika Okada (Previous Year 10)</p><p> 3. Captain New Japan (Previous Year 8)</p><p> 4. Tomohiro Ishii (Previous Year 5)</p><p> 5. Rocky Romero (Previous Year 21)</p><p> 6. Katsuyori Shibata (Previous Year 22)</p><p> 7. Trent (Previous Year 29)</p><p> 8. John Cena (Previous Year 13)</p><p> 9. Satoshi Kojima (Previous Year 4)</p><p> 10. Seth Rollins (Previous Year 15)</p><p> </p><p> Other Notable Events</p><p> Stevie Richards, Davey Richards both opened schools and The Undertaker became head trainer of Highspots Wrestling School</p><p> Angel Dust formed a band</p><p> El Samurai, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Jushin Thunder Lyger, Sting, Greg Valentine, Tracy Smothers, Abdullah the Butcher, Les Thatcher and Terry Taylor died</p><p> Notable Retirements: Mickie James, Drew Galloway (Injury), Davey Richards (Injury), Kelly Klein (Injury), Masato Tanaka, Chris Daniels, Rob Terry, Charlie Haas, RVD, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Cody Rhodes (Injury), Amazing Kong, Doug Williams, R-Truth, Asuka</p><p> Epico, Braun Strowman, Lana, Tye Dillinger, Heath Slater, Hugo Knox, Austin Aries and Curtis Axel all left WWE.</p><p> ZZ Loupe, Nick Miller, Elias Samson, Gzim Selmani, Blake, Murphy, Shane Thorne and Samoa Joe all called up from NXT.</p><p> WWE signed Adam Cole, Wade Barrett, Drew Gulak and Alex Shelley</p><p> All-Star, NPW, IHWE and NCW all went out of business</p><p> WrestleMania 35 was headlined by Seth Rollins retaining over Kevin Owens whilst Shinsuke Nakamura won the Andre the Giant.</p><p> Tour Top 5: WWE (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollings, Kevin OWens, Bray Wyatt and Nikki Bella) TNA (Matt Tremont, Masada, Tommy End, Matt Hardy and Matt Morgan) ROH (Bobby Roode, Johnny Gargano, Michael Elgin, Ethan Carter and Shane Strickland), NJPW (Hiroshi Tanahashi, KAzuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii, Tetsuya Naito and Zack Sabre Jr.)</p><p> Tyler Breeze dropped the IC Title to Jimmy Uso who has since dropped it to Elias Samson</p><p> Alberto Del Rio won MITB whilst John Cena won the Royal Rumble</p><p> Big Cass and Enzo's six month long tag title reign was ended by Anderson and Gallows</p><p> Kalisto dropped the US Title to Simon Gotch who then dropped it to Xavier Woods</p><p> Ember Moon dropped the title to Lana before winning it back then dropping it last show of the year to Emma</p><p> Seth Rollins over one year reign was ended by Alberto Del Rio on top of the mountain.</p><p> Taiji Ishimori won BOTSJ whilst Kenny Omega won the G1 Climax</p><p> The NEVER Six Man Tag Titles are held by the crazy combination of Kenny Omega, Jay Lethal and Tim Donst</p><p> Beretta won his second NJ Cup in a row</p><p> Johnny Gargano won SOTF</p><p> ROH World Champion is Pepper Parks who also co-holds the tag titles with Shaun Ricker</p><p> TNA Tag Titles held bu unsuual combination of DJ Z and Rickey Shane Page</p><p> Alexander Wolfe is now over one year as NXT Champion</p><p> Rich Swann won the Cruiserweight Classic whilst also winning the Dusty Rhodes with partner Bobby Roode</p><p> Nikki Storm won the Women's Classic</p><p> Most Popular worker in the world is no longer Brock Lesnar, it is Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose)</p><p> </p><p> 2020</p><p> WOTY - Captain New Japan</p><p> TTOTY - Big E. and Xavier Woods</p><p> YWOTY - ZZ Loupe</p><p> VWOTY - Tomohiro Ishii</p><p> FWOTY - Alicia Fox</p><p> IWOTY - Anthony Nese</p><p> COTY - NJPW</p><p> MICOTY - NXT</p><p> MOTY - Big E. and Xavier Woods over CM Punk and Roman Reigns on WWE Smackdown (A*)</p><p> CaOTY - NJPW Power Struggle 2020</p><p> Manager - Kurt Angle</p><p> Announcer - Ultramantis Black</p><p> Colour - Chris Jericho</p><p> Referee - Marty Asami</p><p> </p><p> Top 10</p><p> 1. Captain New Japan (Previous Year 3)</p><p> 2. KAzuchika Okada (Previous Year 2)</p><p> 3. Tomohiro Ishii (Previous Year 4)</p><p> 4. Katsuyori Shibata (Previous Year 6)</p><p> 5. Go Shiozaki (Previous Year 58)</p><p> 6. Eddie Edwards (Previous Year 17)</p><p> 7. Volador Jr. (Previous Year 18)</p><p> 8. Roderick Strong (Previous Year 24)</p><p> 9. Rocky Romero (Previous Year 5)</p><p> 10. Kengo Mashimo (Previous Year 78)</p><p> </p><p> Other Notable Events</p><p> Dean Ambrose revealed to be regular prostitute user (January)</p><p> Notable Deaths: Ron Killings, El Felino, Daniel Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Billy Graham and Bryan Clarke</p><p> Notable Retirements: M<ichael ELgin (Injury), Minoru Tanaka (Injury), Dragon Lee (Injury), Joe Hennig, LuFisto, Necro Butcher, Kaz Hayashi, Randy ORton (Injury)</p><p> WWE Released Dean Ambrose in January with the scandal then rehired him in December, they also released Primo, Sin Cara, Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe, Sasha Banks, Hideo ITami, Oney Lorcan, Bayley and Nikki Storm</p><p> WWE Signed Tim Donst, LAna again, Johnny Gargano, Chris Sabin and Kota Ibushi.</p><p> WWE Called up Liv Morgan, Dylan Miley, Mojo Rawley, Dasha Fuentes, PAtrick Clark, Billie Kat and Peyton Royce</p><p> WrestleMania 36 was headlined by Albert Del Rio retaining over Big Cass in the main event and Adam Cole winning the Andre the Giant</p><p> Tour Top 5: WWE (Sheamus, Eva Marie, Nikki Bella, Dean Ambrose and Big Cass), TNA (Matt Tremont, Tommy End, Masada, MAtt Hardy and PJ Black), ROH (Davina Rose, Mercedes KV, Pepper Parks, Shaun Ricker and Ethan Carter), NJPW (Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Tetsuya Naito, Tomohiro Ishii and Captain New Japan)</p><p> IC Title was lost by Elias Samson to Titus O'Neill who lost it to Karl Anderson who has since dropped it to Bray Wyatt</p><p> Bray Wyatt also won the MITB whilst Seth Rollins won the Royal Rumble</p><p> Gallows and Anderson remain tag team champions, briefly dropping them to the Usos but winning them back soon after</p><p> Xavier Woods lost the US Title to Seth Rollins who has since dropped it to Big E.</p><p> The Women's Title was a hot potato going from Emma to Rosa Mendes to Summer Rae to Naomi and now on to Becky Lynch</p><p> Alberto Del Rio's over one year reign at the top was ended by new WWE World Heavyweight champion Big Cass</p><p> Mitsuhiro Kitamiya won the BOTSJ whilst Zack Sabre Jr. won the G1 Climax</p><p> KAtsuyori Shibata is now two years and three months as the IWGP Title holder</p><p> Rocky Romero won the NJ Cup</p><p> Shaun Ricker won SOTF</p><p> Pepper Parks still holds the ROH World title and has done now for one year and three months, he also continues to hold the tag titles with Sean Ricker which is now one year and 5 months</p><p> Interesting TNA note the King of the Mountain is Matt Tremont, the Knockouts champion is Eve Torres and Silver Ant is X-Division champion</p><p> Rich Swann is NXT champion, Bobby Roode ended Alexander Wolfe's one and half year reign but lost it on first defense against Rich Swann</p><p> Swann also won his third cruiserweight classic in a row whilst the tag and womens tournaments were not taking place.</p><p> Brock Lesnar may not have had a fight since the game started but he is once again the most popular man in the world.</p><p> </p><p> </p></div></blockquote>
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