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It's 2013, and the world of wrestling has changed numerous times over the years. Many promotions have come and just as many have gone. Legends have been born and epic clashes have been bred. Many would have expected the male dominated sport to remain just as it has been for decades, male dominated. However, the appearance and emergence of one woman had challenged and possibly changed the status quo in pro wrestling.




"The 12th Wonder of The World" Brittany Laurer


Brittany Laurer made her pro wrestling debut in 1995 at the age of 19 years old. She was one with a beautiful smile, a lovely personality, and was considered a natural beauty which had many calling her the perfect manager. However, Laurer didn't want to stand behind some man and be his eye candy nor his mouth piece. Laurer was a woman who wanted to fight and that is exactly what she sat out to do. She turned down numerous managerial roles from some of the largest promotions in North America at the time. Instead she chose to continue to ply her trade on the independent circuit. By 1997, Laurer had begun to make news all around the world and had been labelled one to watch despite women's wrestling being in a massive slump at the time. Many were astounded at how fast she was improving and she even had men envying her talent. At the age of 21 she possessed skills that many would never attain male or female. A year later she had a match in Australia against "The Bruiser" Bytch Marie Daniels. The match was considered to be the greatest women's match of all time and even won match of the year beating out a classic bout between "Big Boy" Dave Mullin and Dwayne Hearst. This had the major companies of North America scrambling to piece together a women's division in order to get Brittany Laurer's services.


In the July of the year 1999 she signed the dotted line for Hollywood Pro Wrestling and it was a sign that women's wrestling was becoming special in the world of pro wrestling. However, HPW had dropped the ball tremendously on the momentum Brittany Laurer had and the new eyes she brought to their product. Instead of elevating women's wrestling and placing Laurer in a position to succeed, it would seem that they simply used her in order to raise their own profile. She did have numerous Women's championship runs to her name, but there was never any meaning nor thought given to anything the women had going. It was through the mic work and personal promoting through dirt sheets and planned public altercations between whoever she was feuding with that gave the women even a the slightest buzz going into their "big" matches. In 2004 her contract was up for renegotiation and to the surprise of Blake Marshall, owner of HPW, Brittany Laurer had decided NOT to resign. Feeling betrayed, Blake Marshall slowly began the process of making it appear that Brittany Laurer didn't exist nor did she hold the HPW Women's title a record six times. On HPW's website where title lineage is held her name is replaced with a blank bar. Many fans found this to be an insult to the tremendous performer, but Laurer handled the situation with grace. She would immediately return to the independent scene and reminded people exactly who she was and what she can do.


Around December of that year the Dangerous Women of Wrestling had approached her about coming to work for them. Already having been burned by HPW, Brittany respectfully declined or so she and owner Christina Carr led the dirt sheets to believe. After continuing to tear it up in the indy's around the world, Brittany's moment of glory had finally arrived. On her birthday in 2005, she debuted at DWOW's biggest show "DWOW: A Women's Scorn". In her debut match she won the DWOW World Championship against then champion, Vanessa Price. After her surprise debut and winning of the title, the internet exploded giving not only Laurer, but DWOW a ton of exposure. She couldn't have been the perfect advocate for the company as she got their name out their as much as she could in interviews and any other media outlet she could. Eventually DWOW were able to secure a television deal in 2007 with a young network in TNN. By this time Laurer had been world champion for nearly two years and seemed poise to continue her reign as THE woman in not only DWOW, but the world.


TNN had grown alongside DWOW and was able to extend the size and coverage they could provide for DWOW. DWOW: Made for war was the best thing TNN had to offer and the added exposure of DWOW to more households led to a pay per view deal with USA Free Choice in February of 2010. This was not only a victory for DWOW, but also a victory for women's wrestling as a whole. However the happiness wouldn't last long as HPW made a power play by usurping DWOW as the premier wrestling show on TNN. TNN did not want to extend the tv deal with DWOW and instead replaced them with HPW's show instead. This led to one of the biggest steals that DWOW could ever accomplish. They were able to sign away a women's wrestling legend....




"The Bruiser" Bytch Marie Daniels


B.M.D. made her DWOW debut in 2011 and immediately went after Brittany Laurer who at this point had held the DWOW World Championship for five straight years!!! In a month's time at DWOW's biggest PPV of the year. A 37yr old B.M.D had defeated "The 12th Wonder of The World" Brittany Laurer in a 35 minute cage match. It was only their second time locking horns and it was just as good if not better than the first. This garnered them their second match of the year award and firmly established women's wrestling as more than a side show. After her defeat, Laurer would take a much need break in as B.M.D was more than capable of carrying the company, but by this point there were more than enough female stars to keep the company red hot. DWOW returned to television shortly after the epic battle between Laurer and B.M.D signing a deal with the C.A.N.N network. This had solidified DWOW as a true national powerhouse and they are second only to rival HPW.


It's now January 2013, Brittany Laurer is set to make her return to in ring action. B.M.D. is nearing the tail end of her career as she now has the DWOW school of wrestling to manage and is rapidly approaching 40. With two of women's wrestling best near the end of their respective careers...can DWOW remain a powerhouse for women's wrestling, will another epic clash of two legends end once and for all, will DWOW fade back into obscurity, or will they remain a force with all of the talented women who have been elevated by Brittany Laurer and B.M.D carry the company to greater heights?

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