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iDOL's .GIF MakingTutorial (Photoshop)

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This Tutorial is based on Adobe Photoshop. I may try my hand at writing one for GIMP should I find the time, but I figured this might be of some use for some people.


Needed File Downloads:

Worker Image Template with Guides (.psd)





1. Open your cut render (or pre-cut render from a PSD website).




2. Layer -> Duplicate Later




3. In the layers panel, choose the copy of the layer that we just created. We are going to add some lighting effects to give the cut a bit more contrast.

In the lighting effects menu, change the setting from "normal" to "soft light" and drop the opacity to about 88 or whatever looks good.




4. Layer -> Merge Visible


5. In the layer window, hover over the preview image. While holding control on your keyboard, left click the preview image and the render will be selected. (The fashing dotted selection lines will be visible)




6. Select -> Modify -> Contract -> 2 px (This will cut and extra bit off the edge of the render where the white or colored artifacts are usually found)


That's all for the pre-work, now we will apply the render to the template to account for uniformity so that all of our worker cuts are zoomed in about the same amount. This will make a much better looking image pack throughout a mod.




Open the provided 150x150 worker worker image .psd file template with guides. The top go is the eye level of the worker while the bottom guide is where the worker's chin should rest.


7. With the -2px selection still flashing, copy your render and paste it into the provided template.


8. Using the scale tool http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b251/IRwarrior86/icon.jpg (technically called the move tool in Photoshop) and while holding shift on your keyboard, eye up the render so that it fits into the guides.


9. Once you have the render where it looks good, hit enter on the keyboard (or double click the render with your mouse) and apply the transformation.






When saving the render to a .GIF image, its often frustrating to see white or colored artifacts around the endge of the image once it is against a background in game. I will walk you threw how to save the image for best results.


10. If you're using an older version of Photoshop such as CS4:

File -> Save For Web


If you're using Adobe Photoshop CC:

File -> Export -> Save For Web (Legacy)


11. The Save For Web Options Menu will appear, make sure your settings are exactly as shown:




12. With the settings correctly set as shown, go down to save and you can choose a filename for your render. In this case I will save it as Chris Jericho.gif. Note: This Save For Web dialog replaces spaces with a dash (-) so you will have to manually rename the file once it is saved if you want the space.


13. With the .gif image saved, all that is left to do is to set the image in the file editor of TEW.




Note: You will find varying degrees of success depending on the source image of your cut. Photos taken against a white background will be much harder to get looking right, and will still have a little white residue practically no matter what you do - it's a drawback of the gif extension.


Here are some examples of different cuts in game.











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Worker Cuts:


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