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Pro Wrestling INFINITY - The Revenge of the Announcer

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Pro Wrestling INFINITY


Show 1


Peter Michaels is in the ring, holding a microphone, in front of a crowd of 3,200. The cameras are pointing at him, and he points the mic at the crowd, chanting "Michaels! Michaels! Michaels! Michaels!"



Michaels: "If you're joining us, no matter whether it be the 3,000 fans in this arena here, or whether it be people watching at home, then I say thank you. I thank all of you, for giving me the strength, the drive, the will, to provide an alternative to the big 3, that anyone, and everyone in the US, can see. Because, for anyone here, you guys are choosing to tune in to an alternative, a promotion that isn't Supreme, Total, or Giant. It's a promotion that provides an alternative, something much more different, than what you see. What you'll see in the next hour is going to be what defines us as an alternative."


Michaels takes a few moments to get his composure, waiting for the crowd's chanting to die down, before continuing on.

Michaels: "And if you're wondering why I'm here, why it was me who decided to set it up, I've got one answer for you. To make sure that 'The Giant up North' falls even further. This isn't a promotion where I'll be blaming anything and everything on a scapegoat announcer. This isn't a promotion where I'll push an untalented and undeserving son up the totem pole, even as my audience changes the channel. This is a promotion where only the best will show their craft, where the best will reign as the best. Because, after all, the best in the world, have no limit as to how far they can go. Because, this isn't Supreme. This isn't Total. This isn't Giant. This is-"


Suddenly, and without warning, the lights dim even further for a few seconds. Pitch black. Then, suddenly, a familiar song hits, AC/DC's Back in Black! On the entranceway is...Greg Black and Grandmaster Phunk, both with microphones in their hands! The two make no effort to move to the ring, instead remaining on the entranceway, staring Michaels down. The fans boo loudly at the appearance of them both.



Phunk: "Well, well, well. Look what we have here."


Black: "Yeah! Like, look! It's someone who's whining because, uh, uh..."


Phunk: "Our new employer terminated him?"


Black: "Yeah! Our boss, from up north, don't you know who he is?"


Phunk: "Who cares about that. Michaels! Get your ass over here!"

Michaels stays still, centre of the ring. Black and Phunk look agitated, but continue.


Black: "Ya know, like Danny here-"


Phunk: "Phunk!"


Black: "We've both been fired by the guy up north, for being too small. But we, we didn't complain about it. We didn't start up some public access hackeneyeschmidt of a show to get back at our former boss. And, that, was...your downfall?"


Phunk: "Yeah, your downfall, Michaels."


Black: "And when you started your promotion back in...November, our former boss contacted us. Said that we had to take out your promotion from the inside, to the outside. And, hey, it was...how you say it?"


Phunk: "Too easy. Just look at our history in Pittsburgh. We ran roughshod over Pittsburgh, and we'll run over you as well. I can 'make good' on that as well. In fact, why don't you give me a match, tonight, against a top guy, for the main event."


Michaels responds with a shake of the head, and a no. Phunk and Black move down towards the ring, stopping just outside the ring.

Phunk: "If you don't give us a match tonight, we'll phunk you up, we'll phunk the rest of your guys up, and we'll drag you all the way back to Conneticut where you'll get what you deserved."

Michaels: "Fine, you get a match tonight, against one of our top guys, who has signed with us just a few days ago, and is willing to lay his fists into some of you. You'll face off against...Harry Allen! Now go, prepare for your match! And for the love of dear god, if you lose this, you two are fired. F, I, R, E, D! So you better get ready, because you won't be coming back after this!"


The crowd cheer loudly at this, as Peter Michaels returns to the announce desk, ready to call the action, as we get the broadcast underway.

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http://i.imgur.com/O7UcIyc.jpg VS. http://i.imgur.com/ZMZ27h2.jpg





The duo 'up north', Grandmaster Phunk and Greg Black, walked in on the promotion and outright challenged Michaels to face with the best. Michaels eventually relented, but with the stipulation that if Grandmaster Phunk loses, they'll never be allowed in the promotion! Will Phunk get his foot in the door and run roughshod over the promotion?


http://i.imgur.com/XRg6v8C.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/13sDZh7.jpg VS. http://i.imgur.com/kqF3XCp.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/kqF3XCp.jpg




The self titled 'Ring Generals' issue an open challenge to anyone, and everyone, proclaiming themselves to be the best! Who will step up to the task?


http://i.imgur.com/N3qiAKU.jpg VS. http://i.imgur.com/2EfUUQe.jpg




Palm Island Apollo, the legendary monster from Palm Island, up against a technical wrestler from the Mid-Atlantic trained by Sam Keith and Rip Chord. Who will get the ever decisive first match victory at Pro Wrestling INFINITY?

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