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PROGRESS Wrestling - Bringing America Back

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November 2015



Wrestling in America was in a state of confusion. Gone was the days of a Supreme domination, or a Total onslaught for the main prize. Hollyweird had simply become Hollywood as time went by, the United States now ruled the world.


Reverie buying into USPW really changed the landscape for the worst in some cases, the better in others. Richard got...well Richard got crazy is the best way to put it. These fallen stars of his creation and some of his top names walking out to the lure of more money and success. When he thought he may one day end up with Nicky Champion, he in fact ended up without Frehley and Money, Faith wandered to pastures new and the entire landscape began to crumble. My fault apparently...not an unwillingness on his part to create new stars at all.


But why be bitter, I had a chance at a holiday, to recharge my batteries. I got to enjoy wrestling again. Got being the important word here. See when you wish for something, it hardly seems to happen and when you try to avoid something, it appears at every corner. BriCo had heard about my impending ‘vacation’ and put in an offer for me to become CEO of their new toy, but the ravaging that place had took plus the loss of its only real star made me decide it was time to politely decline. Packer obviously seems to have an underlying hatred of Eisen I’m sure, because god knows, they tried stuffing money in my pockets, hoping me being on the television every week explaining why I was in a better company would be good for them. But I’m not that person and despite an obvious disliking for old Richard, he did give me some of my best years, so I can’t be too bitter.


I got offers to travel to Japan, Mexico, Australia, all these places I’ve been on tours but never had a chance to really see, but I couldn’t move Grace, even if she did get me to go to Hawaii for a while (or permanent as she puts it).


It was only when I got a message from a name I didn’t really know, passed on by Jackson Brayfield of all people, I started to sit up and listen to everything.

“Peter, you know who he is and what he can do for wrestling, he's in Hawaii and I know you are too. He says he needs to talk to you about progress.”


Jackson 'Boss Man' Brayfield - Still a pain in my a**


With that, I got an address of a bar down about a half hour’s drive, and any further explanation from Jackson entailed a laugh and a promise I needed to hear what was said.


And I did, let’s just say November in Hawaii still isn’t that cold, but hell was definitely freezing over.



“I don’t think even I would have booked this storyline”

Peter Michaels - Former SWF Head Booker


“That may be true Peter, but wrestling needs PROGRESS”


J.K. Stalkings Jr - Creator of HGC




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