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face rendering question

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Daz Studio will give you a few characters, clothing and hair. You can find a variety of freebie websites if you go into the freebies section of their forum.


The biggest problem if you're looking to create a bunch of characters is most likely going to be morphs and hair which it might be worthwhile to invest in one of the Genesis morph resources for body or heads. But there's plenty of free morphs available if you look. Hair is a little trickier since there aren't many freely available versatile hairs but it really depends on what you need.


I recommend Genesis for a beginner because it gives you a male and female figure which saves on the cost of having to buy a morph pack for each gender and it also has been out a few years so has a vast amount of freebies plus iirc will allow clothing from Michael 4 and Victoria 4 to auto fit so any freebies from those characters can be used.


The only other thing that's really needed is a good lighting setup which really depends on what you like and what your computer can handle rendering wise but a really good lighting setup can really make a crappy looking character model look like a million bucks. Even some of the gen 3 figures will render with fairly decent results if you use the right lighting. You can get lights from free resources or paid resources but the most practical method is just to set up your own lighting and save it as a preset. Just type "daz studio lighting tutorial or tips" into Google.


You probably won't produce results like i effin rule but I doubt many people have that much effin patience.

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