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TCW 2016: Sink or Swim

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It is a rainy afternoon in Atlanta, GA. It is January 2016 and the climate is still relatively cold. The rain is making it worse. But for the man looking out the window at the TCW Central Offices on Stallings Avenue, named after J.K. Stallings, the man who once founded the company, outside temperature didn’t matter. Inside he was burning hot. He didn’t know for sure, because he had not checked himself in quite a while, but he was sure his blood pressure was high. It had been since he was named CEO of Total Championship Wrestling. It would get higher based on his latest decision.


His contemplations where broken by an old friend. Robert Oxford walked into the main office and stared him down. It was hard to read Robert. He rarely smiled and managed to keep the same face under even the worst circumstances. He must be one heck of a poker player. Robert stared him down for what felt like hours but must have been just a few seconds. Then he sighted and ran his hands down his face.


“Is it true?”- he asked. Well, word was out then.


“Yeah, it is Robert. And before you say anything, I had to do it”.


Kyle Rhodes was one of the most respected men in TCW history. When the new “regime” took over TCW, Kyle was given the enviable (yet simultaneously unenviable) position of CEO of the company, a reward for his great work ethic, commitment and incredible mind for the business. Now he was tasked with saving a company that had failed time and time again to overtake the mighty Supreme Wrestling Federation and even worse, had seen the United States Pro Wrestling company, once considered an old, dying dinosaur, surpass them on their way to becoming the #1 promotion in America. Now instead of being a distant #2, TCW was a distant #3. Besides, they had an aging roster and the man once hailed as the future of the company, Joey Minnesota, had left them to join the SWF.


“But why? Isn’t it being the CEO hard enough? Now you are going to handle the big picture AND also have the book?” Robert shook his head. For a split second Kyle Rhodes thought Robert was right and he was just three seconds way from the loony bin. But he knew he was right. Kyle Rhodes, CEO and Head Booker, was best for TCW.


“It’s nothing personal against Bret. If anything I am doing him a favor”- he replied.


“Bret is a brilliant kid and he could have done wonders for us. I really do not understand this decision”.


“I know Robert! Bret is great, Bret is fantastic; Bret could very well be the future of this company. Who do you think is tabbed to be the next CEO if I fail? That’s Bret Hill of course. He has a business degree, he has the experience and he has a great mind. Now, if I fail and Bret had been my booker, we would have been sacked, the both of us, as a team. But if I take the book and I fail, then I am the only one responsible and Bret can very well take over and try this again. Besides, if I learned something from our old boss is that when you are given an impossible task you have to go out swinging”.


“So Tommy is in your ear huh.”- Robert gave one of his rare smiles. He knew Kyle and Tommy no longer talked. He just wanted to bust his chops.


“Spoke to him last week”- Rhodes replied. That clearly took Oxford by surprise and he looked….intrigued. Maybe he was not a good poker player.


“Before you say anything, I was just checking to see if he was available for his Hall of Fame induction this year. He is far way enough in the UK that his current business is not affecting us and besides, we need a big name headliner. I mean, Ricky Dale is going in as well, but Tommy is Tommy.”


Oxford calmed down and went back to his expressionless mug. “Yeah, I guess so. I also heard you are putting yourself in as well”.


There it goes. Another thing that makes people think he is an egomaniac. He has been CEO for less than two months and he is already tooting his own horn.


“Yeah, me and Jason as well. We have been one of the best announce teams in the business in forever. We both deserve in. I was putting only Jason this year since I was concerned it would be misinterpreted if I put myself in, but Jason turned it down unless I went in with him. So here we are. Besides, I am putting you and Joel in as well”.


It was true. The 2016 TCW Hall of Fame Class would be Tommy Cornell, Ricky Dale Johnson, The New Wave (Scout and Guide), The Tag Team Specialists (Oxford and Joel Bryant), Jason Azaria, referee Ray Johnson, the Vesey Brothers Larry and Bryan individually (they were already in as a Tag Team) and Kyle Rhodes himself. Kyle wanted to honor guys while they were still active with the company. He didn’t want another James Justice scenario.


“Well Kyle, I have to admire your guts. You were given a thousand pound Gorilla to carry around in your back and you just decided to take another equally sized gorilla and carry it around as well. I just hope you know what you are doing. Good luck my friend. You are going to need it.”


Oxford walked out of his office. Rhodes looked down at his expensive Rolex watch, a gift a lot of people thought came from the new higher ups. But in reality, it had been a parting gift from a long-time friend. The same friend who three years ago had given him a black book with over 800 pages worth of notes and information. He had called it the TCW Bible. Everything he learned and every possible strategy he thought would be useful into making TCW #1 was there. He had told Kyle that it was one of his most precious possessions and when he gave it away he had simply said “I know you are going to need it someday”. As always, he had been right.


This book was “The Holy Grail”…….after all, if Jesus had been born into wrestling, his name would have probably been Tommy Cornell.

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<ahref="http://s798.photobucket.com/user/EWRFan/media/TCW1.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i798.photobucket.com/albums/yy270/EWRFan/TCW1.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo TCW1.jpg"/></a>


TCW Total Wrestling

Tuesday Week 1 January 2016

Location: Plum Park (Tri State)

Attendance: 13,206

Shown on The Pop! Network (6.45 rating; 4,843,810 viewers)

Recap by The Smark Mark for TEW.com

According to our live event recapper there where three dark matches to get the crowd going:


Eddie Chandler defeated Elliot Thomas (C-)

The New Wave defeated Joel Bryant & Nate Johnson (B-)

Troy Tornado defeated Dazzling Dave Diamond (C+)


Walking the Golden Road


The show opens with the TCW World Heavyweight Champion Aaron “Ace” Andrews walking out to the ring to a loud chorus of boos. He is sporting his very best tux and glasses in what looks to be a cheap Tommy Cornell impersonation. He even has a Rolex and rings in all his fingers.


Andrews: “I do not understand why you dare to boo me”. (Crowd erupts in more booing). “You should be grateful that the fastest rising superstar in this business today, the one bright shining star among the rabble that remains in TCW, has decided to treat you all to his presence”. (More boos). “I have beaten every single challenger that has been put in front of me. No wait, I have DOMINATED every single challenger that has been placed in front of me. Even the man that called himself the greatest professional wrestler that ever lived ran away home to drink tea with the Queen. Why? Because he knew it was only a matter of time before I set my sights on him”. Andrews smirks as the crowd boos again. “The only reason I have not ran out every single other wrestler out of this company is because, don’t get me wrong, I need them. I need them to step into this ring and do the mediocre stuff they do so that people like you understand greatness when you see it. And me….well, I am greatness. Every playing deck has 52 cards but only one Ace….and you are looking at it!” (Crowd boos some more).


The segment starts to drag so he gets to the point. “You know why you boo? Because truth hurts! Truth hurts! And nothing hurts you more than knowing that no matter what you think I am the NEW GOLDEN STANDARD in Total Championship Wrestling!”


On cue the heroic music of Rocky Golden plays over the PA and the man himself walks out with a mic in hand.


Golden: “Cut the crap Aaron. These people know who the real Golden Standard of TCW is and that is the same man you have ducked ever since you won the belt. That man is the same man you DID NOT defeat during the Fatal Four-Way. That man is me, Rocky Golden!” (Cheers).


Andrews: “You see, I was just explaining to these people that I am the Ace of TCW and look who comes out? TCW’s resident joker! The man that cannot accept that his time has passed and that I am the present and future of this company.”


Golden: “You talk a big game. You have essentially proclaimed yourself a Hall of famer already. Yet, you continue to duck me. Well, a good friend of mine used to say that “To be the man you have to beat the man” and you have not beaten me! So I tell you this Ace. You want to be the Golden Standard? You want to walk the Golden Road? Then you have to take me out punk! So it’s time to stop talking and accept my challenge. You and I, one on one, right here, tonight!”


The crowd erupts at that but Andrews is shaking his head.


Andrews: “You want your career to end so badly? You want me to put you out of your misery? Then I will give you a shot!” The crowd erupts again and Rocky Golden can be seen enthusiastically nodding his head yes. “I am going to give you a shot tonight!” Crowd erupts again and Rhodes and Azaria are having a heart attack on commentary. “I am going to give you a shot tonight…..at EARNING a shot at MY title” Crowd boos! “If you are half as good as you claim to be, then you will have no problem beating my friend Eddie Peak tonight! IF you beat him, which I highly doubt, but IF you beat him then and only then will I give you a shot at the title”.


Golden:” I always knew you were slime and a coward Andrews. But I do not back down from a challenge. Tonight I will beat that monster Eddie Peak and then Andrews, there is nowhere for you to run to. Nowhere for you to hide. I will walk down that Golden Road and I will take back what is mine and there are not enough monsters in the world to keep me away from you for long”.


The two men stare each other down from a distance as we go to commercial break and Jason Azaria hypes the match between Golden and Peak for our Main Event of the evening!


(Rating: B)


Match 1: TCW International Championship:

“Speedball” Marc Speed © vs “Legend in the Making” Jay Chord


Crowd is somewhat confused initially as both men are heels, but Chord quickly gets the crowd against him by being obnoxious. They proceed to put on a complicated match as they try to out cheat each other and Mighty Mo eventually walks out and starts pointing to the referee all the dirty tricks they are doing, getting the ire of both men. Even the crowd seems bothered by this. Eventually Speed takes over with a series of stiff kicks. Chord pinballs around for him a bit and then resorts to cheating by getting a roll-up with both feet on the ropes. Mighty Mo interferes again and pushes Chord’s feet off the ropes. An irate Chord starts yelling at Mo who gets on the apron. Chord slaps Mo and Mo tries to retaliate but Chord moves out of the way and Mo nails Marc Speed! The ref calls for the DQ naming Speed the winner.

Winner by DQ: “Speedball” Marc Speed. (Rating: C)


Post-match Mo and Speed get into an argument and Jay Chord uses this chance to attack Mo from behind! He puts the boots to Mo as Speed looks at what is going on unsure of what to do. He finally just takes his belt and bails as Chord continues the assault until referees come out to break it off. It seems they will drag Marc Speed into their unending feud.

(Rating: C+)


Match 2: Bart Biggins vs Freddy Huggins/with Hot Sister


These two put on a great 12-minute match although it seems to serve no purpose outside of being awesome. Biggins looks really motivated since he left the SWF. The finish has Biggins coming off the top with a crossbody but Freddy catches him in mid-air with the Huggins Kiss (Super kick) to earn the victory.

Winner by pinfall: Freddy Huggins (Rating: B-)


Match 3: Flying Jimmy Foxx vs American Buffalo / with Floyd Goldworthy


From great wrestling to a quick squash as Buffalo beats Foxx from pillar to post for five minutes and poor Jimmy gets very little offense. Buffalo wins with the Buffalo Stampede (Running Powerslam). Floyd Goldworthy actually took away from that match.

Winner by pinfall: American Buffalo (Rating: C-)


Buffalo is not done. Goldworthy orders him to eliminate Foxx once and for all. Before he can nail a second Buffalo Stampede, Rocky Dale Johnson makes his way from the crowd and hits the ring! He unloads on Buffalo with his trademark right hands! Buffalo bails before things get too bad. RDJ is wearing a full denim outfit and cowboy boots and the crowd loves him.

(Rating: C+)


RDJ grabs a microphone and cuts a promo on Buffalo and Goldworthy.


RDJ: “You sum(beep)!” Crowd pops. “You think you took Ricky Dale Johnson out? Well, ye boys are wrong! There ‘be no quit in Ricky Dale Johnson boys! You think am going to let a fat piece of crap like you put an end to my career? There is only one man who decides when it’s time to hang’em up and that man is Ricky Dale Johnson baby! So next time Buffalo, you gotta step into the ring with Ricky Dale Johnson and do it like a man baby! You have to fight me one on one, face to face, just like me old man used to do it in them old days! So get this straight ye dogs! I got permission from them boys at the TCW Corporate Office and at Malice in Wonderland ye gotta step into this ring with Ricky Dale Johnson! To all my fans and my girls out there I tell you this….you all better tune in boys because if you ain’t seen a Buffalo with no teeth then you will see one at Malice in Wonderland when I am done punching’em all out boys! Yeeeehaaww!”

(Rating: B)


Match 4: Human Arsenal vs Jeremie Courtney

Another throwaway squash to bring the crowd a bit down after the great RDJ promo. Arsenal gives the rookie no chances and polishes him off with the WMD (T-Bone Suplex) in about five minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Human Arsenal (Rating: C)


Match 5: Joshua Taylor & Sammy Bach vs Wolf Hawkins & Bryan Vessey


Well, Bach/Vessey and Taylor/Hawkins are ongoing issues to I guess they decided to pair them up together and boy did they deliver! This was a solid 22-minute match that felt like a real spectacle. The end comes as Taylor and Hawkins brawl outside and Vessey is left alone in the ring with Bach. Vessey dominates and gets cocky and that allows Bach to surprise him with the Bach on Your Back out of nowhere! (RKO/Diamond Cutter). Sammy gets the three count!

Winners by pinfall: Joshua Taylor & Sammy Bach (Rating: B)


Post-match Taylor and Hawkins continue brawling into the backstage area. In the ring a pissed off Bryan Vessey attacks Bach from behind and leaves him down and out after a series of particularly nasty Brainbuster-style suplexes. (Rating: B)


Match 6: Non-Tile:

Devine Fortune vs The Behemoths


This match is better summed up as 10-minutes of Behemoth domination complete with not one but TWO heat segments on both babyfaces. Killer Shark gets overconfident and Daryl Devine gets a roll-up out of nowhere for the win! The Behemoths are pissed as Devine Fortune quickly bail and celebrate with the fans what is sure to grant them a title shot.

Winners by pinfall: Devine Fortune (Rating: C-)


We get a nice video package of the Rocky Golden/Aaron Andrews rivalry complete with a recap of tonight’s opening segment. (Rating: B+)


Match 7: If Rocky wins he earns a shot at the TCW World Championship:

Rocky Golden vs Eddie Peak


Aaron Andrews is on commentary. These two have faced off a few times and have good chemistry. Both men trade shots and power moves for a few minutes until eventually Peak takes over. Aaron mocks Golden because “he can’t even beat Eddie Peak. How can he hope to beat the greatest wrestler of this generation?” After some heat on Golden he eventually makes the comeback and finishes Peak with the Golden Rush (Running Lariat) for the win in about 15 minutes. Aaron Andrews sarcastically claps as Golden celebrate and points at him while making belt motions.

Winner by pinfall: Rocky Golden (Rating: B-)


Overall Rating: B

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I don't often read diaries, but I poked my head in here because TCW is my jam, and this is actually really good! Keep up the good work. Loving Andrews' Golden Standard shtick.


Kicking off the dynasty with a Heel vs. Heel match was an interesting choice, but I love where you went with it. I also like how you did what I always do and drag Speed into that feud so that he's got something to do and the feud can be about more than just ego.


I hope Hot Sister isn't her new gimmick name. :p


The C- colour is hard to read with the results having a grey background from the quote box (and also doesn't make much sense, given that green is better than yellow in TEW).


Not personally a fan of super-stereotyped, almost-hick RDJ, but it might grow on me. I see him as a James Storm/Bradshaw APA type, but that promo makes him sound more Deputy Dawg. :p


Overall though, great start. :D

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Thanks for the comments guys. I am actually trying to book a bit ahead so I won't necessarily have a show up today. Although I expect to have at least a "storyline" post to keep things moving.


As for show predictions I will not take any until at least Malice in Wonderland or the first TV Show after that. The reason is I feel this is not where I want it yet as I am mostly following the storylines set by the game. There are some changes coming but they will be implemented slowly as not to seem unrealistic.


Some notes:


- The heel vs heel match was a happy accident (for whatever reason I thought Speed was a face :p ) but after I ran the show I realized that it would be better that way in terms of where I want to go. Now the Face/Heel divide will be blurred......sometimes! Very very rarely as to make it feel special. But there will be a storyline reason behind it.


- For whatever reason I imagined RDJ as more of a Dusty Rhodes meets Bradshaw kind of way....you know, a bad ass brawler (like Bradshaw) who has a bit of a funny side and blue collar attitude (like Dusty).


- Thanks for the comments about Andrews as that is the character I struggled the most with in terms of how to portray him as I always imagined him more like a prototypical cruiserweight and not somebody who was going to be the main event heel at any point. Talk about a TEW16 surprise! So I improvised and came up with a bit of Jericho meets Franchise Douglas....or at least I hope it comes off that way.


- As for "Hot Sister" I will toss bits of randomness like that because I want the shows to feel like they where recapped by a cynical internet "smark".

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<p><span>http://i798.photobucket.com/albums/yy270/EWRFan/TCW1.jpg</span></p><p> </p><p> <strong><em>TCW Total Wrestling</em></strong></p><p><strong><em> Tuesday Week 1 January 2016 </em></strong></p><p><strong><em> Location: The Friedman Building (Mid-South)</em></strong></p><p><strong><em> Attendance: 10,000 (Sell Out)</em></strong></p><p><strong><em> Shown on The Pop! Network (6.51 rating; 4,888,630 viewers)</em></strong></p><p><strong><em> Recap by The Smark Mark for TEW.com</em></strong></p><p> </p><p> </p><blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="41397" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>Before the cameras went on 4 matches where held for the live fans:<p> </p><p> - Eddie Chandler defeats Ace Youngblood(local tryout) by pinfall (Rating: C)</p><p> </p><p> - Brent Hill defeats Cowboy Buck Winchester by pinfall (Rating: C-)</p><p> </p><p> - Flying Jimmy Foxx defeats Jeremie Courtney by pinfall (Rating: C-)</p><p> </p><p> - Edd Stone defeats Molokai Milk by pinfall (Rating: C)</p><p> </p><p> Jason Azaria, Kyle Rhodes and Jasmine Saunders welcome us to the show. They plug the return of TCW Saturday Night Showcase which will return to TV this Saturday on National Pride TV! They also run down the announced matches for tonight that include Joshua Taylor vs Bryan Vessey, Giant Tana vs Wolf Hawkins and one half of the Tag Team Champions, Killer Shark, faces off with one half of the #1 Contenders, Chance Fortune. “Hero of Gold” by The Rolling Squares blasts over the speakers to signal the arrival of Rocky Golden!</p><p> </p><p> <strong><span style="font-size:18px;"><span style="color:#0000FF;">A Lethal Dose of Poison?</span></span></strong></p><p> </p><p> Golden basks in the adoration of the fans and then grabs a microphone.</p><p> </p><p> <em>Golden:</em> <em>“Last week the TCW World Champion</em> (he says this with a mocking tone)<em> Aaron Andrews gave me a shot at, well earning a shot at his title because that is what cowards do. Instead of willingly defending his championship against the top contenders like real champions do, he opted to put a big obstacle on my way. That obstacle was Eddie Peak, a big, brutal, violent monster who has nearly ended many a career here in Total Championship Wrestling. Well Ace, I held up my end of the bargain. I vanquished your girlfriend so I earned my shot. Now it’s time for you to put your cash where your mouth is and give me my title shot! As a matter of fact, why don’t we do it right here, tonight, in front of these amazing fans here at the Friedman Building?”</em></p><p> </p><p> The crowd cheer at that but are cut off by “Ace of Diamonds” by Carburetor, the theme song of “The Ace” Aaron Andrews. </p><p> </p><p> <strong>Andrews:</strong><em> “Rocky, Rocky, Rocky……you misunderstood. I said I would give you a title shot if you defeated Eddie Peak and you did. Bravo! But there is one thing you fail to grasp time and time again. The Ace, the new GOLDEN STANDARD in Total Championship Wrestling….I do not work for free! If these people want to see me defend the title then they better open up their wallets and pay $34.95 for Malice in Wonderland on Pay-Per-View because there is no way I will defend my title in a dump like this!</em> (Crowd boos loudly). <em>“Much less a dump filled with inbred hicks!</em> (Crowd explodes in even louder books). <em>“Is there even someone here that is not married to their first cousin?”</em> (A guy in the crowd actually screams yes loudly and Andrews points at him) <em>“Oh yeah, I forgot about you and your sister!”</em> (More booing). <em>“As a matter of fact, these people don’t even deserve to see me wrestle tonight. Rocky, if you want your title shot, then I will see you at Malice in Wonderland……IF you make it there”.</em></p><p> </p><p> Aaron turns to leave as Rocky Golden bails and runs at him. The crowd is going wild as Rocky tackles Andrews and beats him up by the ramp. A host of officials come out to pull them apart and they are interrupted by…..Jasmine Saunders?</p><p> </p><p> <strong>Jasmine:</strong> <em>“Excuse me gentlemen. Rocky, Ace, excuse me. I have been informed on my earpiece that a new CEO of Total Championship Wrestling has been named. That CEO will be here, live next week on Total Wrestling. But he is watching the show and as his first decree he has decided that both, Rocky Golden and Aaron Andrews will be in action tonight! Both men will choose each other’s opponents!</em> (She appears to jumble her words a bit as she is trying to relay what the mysterious CEO is telling her). <em>Moreover, next week right here on Total Wrestling the new CEO will personally conduct the contract signing for the TCW World Championship Match between Rocky Golden and Aaron Andrews!</em></p><p> </p><p> The announce team ask each other a thousand questions a minute and wonder who the new CEO is and what can we expect from the contract signing. Also who are going to be Golden and Ace’s opponents? This was a pretty solid segment but Saunders dragged it down with her voice nails-on-a-chalkboard voice and getting lost while talking a few times.</p><p> <strong><span style="color:#FFFF00;">(Rating: C+)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Match 1: TCW International Championship:</strong></p><p><strong> Mighty Mo vs Marc Speed ©</strong></p><p> </p><p> Jay Chord is on commentary so we all know where this is going. To their credit, Mo and Speed put on a great bout with plenty of near falls. Predictably they end up outside where Mo whips Speed into Chord and knocks the latter off his chair. Back in the ring Mo goes for the Dominator (Reverse Powerbomb) but as he lifts Speed up he gets tackled from behind by Jay Chord and the ref calls for a DQ. </p><p> <strong>Winner by DQ: Mighty Mo</strong> <strong><span style="color:#00FF00;">(Rating: B-)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> Chord starts beating up Mo as Speed recovers and shoves Chord! The two argue as Kyle Rhodes points out that Chord might have actually saved Speed’s title. It all ends with Mo recovering and giving both men a noggin’ knocker and then individually dumping them over the top rope as the crowd cheer on.</p><p> <strong><span style="color:#FFFF00;">(Rating: C+)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> </p><p> Video package for the feud between Rocky Golden and Aaron Andrew airs. It shows all the events that have transpired between them including Andrews winning the Fatal Four way Match over Golden, Wolf Hawkins and Ricky Dale Johnson by pinning RDJ seconds after interference from American Buffalo the same night Buffalo put RDJ out for almost two months. The video transition to “Ace of Diamonds” playing over the speakers as the champion comes out for his match against a mystery opponent. “Love is a Disease and I am the Cure” by the Squeegees brings out<strong> “Dr. Love” Danny Fonzarelli </strong>to a decent pop.</p><p> <strong><span style="color:#00FF00;">(Rating: B+)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Match 2: Non-Title:</strong></p><p><strong> “Dr. Love” Danny Fonzarelli vs “Ace” Aaron Andrews</strong></p><p><strong> </strong></p><p> Fonzarelli actually takes it to Andrews early as Ace plays the chickenshit heel to perfection. He eventually takes over after luring Fonz into a false state of security by begging off and then getting an eye gouge. From then on Fonz gets dominated for about four solid minutes before he makes the babyface comeback. Once again Ace is able to cut it short by cheating, this time a low blow behind the ref’s back. After 13 minutes of action Andrews nails the Aces High (Pop-up Powerbomb) for the win.</p><p> <strong>Winner by pinfall: “Ace” Aaron Andews</strong> <strong><span style="color:#00FF00;">(Rating: B)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Match 3: Giant Tana vs Wolf Hawkins</strong></p><p> </p><p> The crowd is firmly behind Tana on this one. He gets to dominate early much like in the previous match but contrary to Andrews, Hawkins actually outsmarts the giant and tricks him into missing a blind charge to the corner. Hawkins proceeds to smartly work the legs to keep the giant down. Azaria mentions that since The Syndicate broke up and Hawkins has been a “Lone Wolf” he has become cold, calculating and expressionless. Rhodes says that it is all about the TCW Championship and although Hawkins is having issues with Joshua Taylor there is no doubt he is working to someway, somehow, end up right in the hunt for the belt. Tana actually shows some decent agility as he catches Hawkins coming with a nice superkick….to the chest. He fails to control the action for any meaningful amount of time as Hawkins quickly clips the legs and gets right back to work. He finally locks Tana in The Howling (Reverse Figure Four) and Tana literally howls in pain and taps at 10:03.</p><p> <strong>Winner by submission: Wolf Hawkins </strong><strong><span style="color:#00FF00;">(Rating: B-)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> After the match Hawkins poses expressionless and proceeds to lock The Howling again! Tana is screaming and tapping the mat frantically as the ref fails to pull Hawkins off. <strong>Joshua Taylor</strong> comes running into the ring but before a single punch is thrown Hawkins bails. Hawkins then coldly smiles at Taylor who is inviting him into the ring. Hawkins simply taps his wrist where his watch is supposed to be and mutters “your time is running out”. Suddenly <strong>Bryan Vessey</strong> runs from behind Taylor and attacks him, starting our next match!</p><p> <strong><span style="color:#00FF00;">(Rating: B)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Match 4: Joshua Taylor vs Bryan Vessey</strong></p><p> </p><p> Hawkins then walks ringside and sits on commentary, but he stays silent no matter how much Azaria, Rhodes and Saunders pester him with questions. Vessey grounds Taylor quickly and keeps him on the mat with the MMA-inspired offense he seems to have drifted to as he aged. Taylor is twisted into knots until he finally breaks free and goes all Pururesu on Vessey, with stiff kicks and a few release German suplexes that a man Vessey’s age shouldn’t be taking. Taylor misses the running knee into the corner however, and Vessey takes over again. It is short-lived as “Black is Back” by Easy DC blares over the speakers and <strong>Sammy Bach</strong> makes his way out to cheers from the crowd. Vessey goes after Sammy and Taylor follows, intercepting Vessey before he gets to Bach. Taylor and Vessey trade right hands and Taylor whips Vessey into Hawkins and both men fall down! The ref has all but lost control of the action but Taylor is able to return to the ring. The ref turns towards Taylor to admonish him and Bach uses this chance to toss Vessey into the ring. Taylor picks Vessey up and nails the Flash KO (Go to Sleep) for the win at 16:48.</p><p> <strong>Winner by pinfall: Joshua Taylor </strong><strong><span style="color:#00FF00;">(Rating: B)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> As expected, post-match all hell breaks loose into a pull-apart brawl similar to last week. Bach gets revenge after being laid out last week by pummeling Vessey while he is still down and out from the Flash KO. Meanwhile, Taylor goes outside and measures Hawkins, who is staggering up after having Vessey thrown on him. Flash KO to Hawkins! In the ring Bach nails Vessey with the Bach on your Back! The babyfaces stand tall and nod at each other as Azaria mentions that a legitimate friendship seems to have been forged between Taylor and Bach from their recently found common ground. </p><p> <strong><span style="color:#00FF00;">(Rating: B)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Match 4: Chance Fortune /with Darryl Devine vs Killer Shark/with Titan</strong></p><p> </p><p> The “bring me down” match to cool off the fans before the main event. They work a basic “big man/little man” match with Fortune using quick hits and agility to stay away from the bigger man and whenever Shark nails him with even the most basic move (which is pretty much all his repertoire) Fortune sells it like a gun shot. Surprisingly, nobody gets involved and Shark wins clean with the Chokelift Powerbomb he calls Red Water Plunge. Jasmine Saunders mentions that it might be true that a good big guy can beat a good little guy any time.</p><p> <strong>Winner by pinfall: Killer Shark </strong><strong><span style="color:#FFFF00;">(Rarting: C-)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> Music video for the on-going feud between Ricky Dale Johnson and American Buffalo. It all started back in November when Buffalo attacked RDJ outside the ring and allowed Aaron Andrews to become the TCW World Champion. Post-match Buffalo destroyed RDJ with THREE Buffalo Stampedes and a fourth one through the announcers table in a brutal attack that kept RDJ out for almost two months. Then it shows RDJ’s comeback last week when he saved Flying Jimmy Foxx from suffering the same fate. </p><p> <strong><span style="color:#00FF00;">(Rating: B-)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Match 5: Rocky Golden /with Ricky Dale Johnson vs American Buffalo/with Floyd Goldworthy</strong></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Aaron Andrews</strong> came out to do commentary again. Rocky Golden then came out followed by the mystery opponent Andrews selected: American Buffalo. Soon after he hits the ring “Everything is Bigger in Texas” by Billy Kelso plays over the speakers and Ricky Dale Johnson walks out! Buffalo is outraged but RDJ points to Golden and says <em>“I’ve got your back”</em>. The match then proceeds in a fairly clean way with RDJ occasionally threatening Goldworthy and Andrews to keep them on their place. Buffalo works good heat on Golden, who is looking extra WELL if you get my meaning (OOC: I got the news that he is looking extra ripped), but Rocky eventually makes the babyface comeback. This leads to Goldworthy getting on the apron and RDJ knocking him down! Golden Rush puts away Buffalo at 13:10!</p><p> <strong>Winner by pinfall: Rocky Golden </strong><strong><span style="color:#00FF00;">(Rating: B-)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> Post-match Golden points at Andrews and makes belt motions. RDJ lifts Goldworthy over his head and javelins him into Buffalo who was just getting up. RDJ then turns to Andrews and screams what appears to be <em>“I know what you did boy!”</em> Andrews on commentary says <em>“I don’t know what that senile old man is talking about”</em>. Even Golden looks at RDJ curiously. This is broken up by Buffalo recovering and charging both men from behind! Golden actually goes over the top rope and outside where Aaron Andrews is quick to pounce and put the boots to him. Buffalo and RDJ trade power shots in the ring; RDJ takes over and gets a running clothesline that sends Buffalo over the top rope! He follows outside and they continue to brawl. On the other side of the ring Andrews is measuring Golden….and whacks him with the title belt! Andrews then shoves Golden’s face into the belt and maniacally screams <em>“Do you see it? Do you smell it? Do you feel it? This is as close as you will come to MY belt you son of a….”</em> He cuts off that final word and whacks Golden with the belt again. Azaria and Rhodes apologize because the show is about to go off the air but it looks like the bad guys are on top.</p><p> <strong><span style="color:#00FF00;">(Rating: B-)</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> <strong><span style="color:#00FF00;"><span style="font-size:14px;">Overall Rating: B</span></span></strong></p><p> </p></div></blockquote>
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TCW Central Offices, 8:36am.


Brent Hill walks in with two cups of coffee. He is dressed in a nice suit and heads straight for the office of Kyle Rhodes. The door is half opened already and Rhodes is pacing while speaking with someone on the phone.


Rhodes: “Well, that ****ing sucks! I had big plans to use them. But 14 months? That is way too much time. We need to come up with something for Marvel to do. No I won’t release them. I know it’s paying someone to sit on the sidelines and I know it was partly his fault but what kind of message are we sending here? If I fire someone for getting hurt….the repercussions could be tremendous. Plus, I am not a cold hearted bastard.” (He notices Hill) “Well, I have to go. We will talk later. Just make sure he shows up Monday. I know we are paying him now but…..I guess even I can’t quite believe this. Talk to you later.”


Hill: “What was that all about? You look tense”.


Rhodes: “A million things my friend. Bad news, good news, and worse news….lately my mind feels like CNN. I got tons of stuff coming in and going out every second. That was Robert Oxford. I put him in charge of making sure our new on-screen GM is comfortable and ready for Monday. This feels like a big swing and it can only go one of two ways: we hit a home run or strike out. Whatever the end result I am sure it will be spectacular”.


Hill: “And who is he? I am curious….”


Rhodes: “You will have to stay curious. The higher ups are demanding complete secrecy on this. I am sorry, but I can’t tell you more. The only ones that know are me, the higher ups and Oxford, who was essentially assigned to make him feel welcome and teach him the TCW way of things”.

Hill: “Well, why bring me here then?”


Rhodes” I have need of you. Oxford was right. This is too much for one person to do. I am thinking of making the booking position a committee and I want you on it”.


Hill: “After you took it from me without giving me a chance now you want me back? What the hell Kyle?”


Rhodes: “I am pretty sure Oxford told you my position on this. I don’t need to repeat myself. You know I am doing you a big favor and if anything I am putting you in a stronger position to take over if things go wrong. Now, do you want in or not?”


Hill: “I am not even being used much on TV and I feel my career is winding down. You know I am not going to turn you down. Is not like I have anything else to do”.


Rhodes: “Good. Because I am bringing back the All-Action title and I want you to take over the booking and direction of that division. For now only the singles belt, but maybe I can bring in the All-Action Tag Team Titles down the road.”


Hill:” Then we need to hire some people. Although I suspect you already have.”


Rhodes: “Yes, I have signed a few names, not only with the All-Action division in mind. Now, going back to the committee; it will be me, you and Oxford. Maybe someone else. Maybe the new GM if he wants in because I am pretty sure that BrioCorp will force him upon us. Maybe even Joel Bryant if he wants in.”


Hill: “I know Joel doesn’t want in. He is still pissed off about what happened last time. The new GM must be pretty important if you think BrioCorp wants his input on things. If you are set on making it five people, maybe we can replace Joel with someone else.”


Rhodes: “Who do you have in mind?”


Hill: “Anderson. He has a bright mind for the business. Trust me, I know him better than anyone. John Anderson is a man that has to be on this thing.”


Rhodes:” Then Anderson it is!”


Hill: “Now, can I ask you something?”


Rhodes:” Sure. As long as it’s not the identity of the new GM”.


Hill: “Why bring back the All-Action division?”


Rhodes: “I think Joel made a mistake in eliminating it. He had that old school mindset that small jumping beans wouldn’t draw a dime. But I think he was wrong. It gives us something different. I mean, USPW has the women and the colorful characters, the SWF have their crass attitude, but what do we have? Sure, we are the traditional wrestling company but we also need an edge. That edge is non-stop action and what encompasses non-stop action? The All-action division of course. The blink and you missed it excitement. That can be a big boost to our company right now”.


Hill: “It was a trick question Kyle. I just wanted to see if you really had a plan and where not doing this just to give me something to do”.


Rhodes:” That hurts man. Listen, I know I am not your favorite person right now. But I am doing the best I can with what we have. We don’t have thirty million in the bank anymore. This could very well be our final shot. It’s either, we make it or we don’t. We have zero margins for error right now. Now, the bad news is, I signed the American Cobras from CZCW. I like their work rate and their team and I thought they could be a centerpiece for the division. However, on their final show after signing Storm Spillane suffered a serious concussion. He will be out for 14 months or so. The idiot wanted to do a big sick spot to give the fans one final memorable performance. Now he missed the boat and we need to use Marvel alone.”


Hill: “Shit. That really sucks. I like them too. That was a good signing. But we have to make do with what we have. I will find a way to use him.”


Rhodes: “Good. Here is the list of people I signed. Some of them you saw get tryouts at our last two shows. I hope you can do great things with them. Like I said, not all of them are for the All-Action division and I saved some of the budget for you to suggest names down the road”.


Rhodes passed Hill a piece of paper:


Bulldozer Brandon Smith

Marvel Malloy

Storm Spillane

Molokai Milk

Cowboy Buck Winchester

Davis Wayne Newton

Xavi Ferrera





Hill: “Well, those are some good talents. Some of them are a bit too green for my liking, but I will find a way to use them and I am sure you have a plan”.


Rhodes: “ Now, about the GM….”

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First Showcase. This will probably be shorter recaps in order to get to the good stuff. I also changed my mind and after this show I will post a preview for the next Total Action so you can leave predictions if you want.



TCW Saturday Night Showcase

Saturday Week 2 January 2016

From The Den (New England)

Attendance: 2,000 (Sold Out)

Broadcast by National Pride TV (Rating: 0.37, 284,620 viewers)

Recap by The Smark Mark for TEW.com

Your hosts are Jason Azaria, Shawn Doakes and Jasmine Saunders


Pre-Show Matches:


Marvel Malloy defeated Molokai Milk with the Simply Marvelous (450 Splash) (Rating: D)


Joel Bryant defeated Cowboy Buck Winchester by pinfall after a Piledriver (Rating: D+)


Dazzling Dave Diamond defeated Davis Wayne Newton with the Triple D (Implant DDT)




Match 1: The New Wave (Scout & Guide) vs The Elite (Eddie Chandler & Nate Johnson)


Solid outing here in which the heels where allowed to stand toe to toe with the massively over babyfaces, hinting that there might be something good lurking for the former CGC stars. The faces win with the Weapon of Mass Destruction (Shatter Machine) in around 12 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The New Wave (Rating: B)


A music video plays hyping the TCW World Champion Aaron Andrews, the self-proclaimed new Golden Standard in TCW. (Rating: B-)


Match 2: Bulldozer vs Jeremie Courtney


The announcers hype Bulldozer (no Brandon Smith?) as one of the most accomplished North American wrestlers in Japan. He comes out with a blonde mullet and a rope with a cowbell around his neck. He uses his strength advantage to dominate Jeremie and pinball him around the ring. He finally ends it with The Plow (Styles Clash) in a little over seven minutes of this extended squash.

Winner by pinfall: Bulldozer (Rating: C)


Troy Tornado cuts a promo backstage.


Tornado: “It’s hard to believe but I have been relegated to competing in this secondary show with a little known punk called Elliot Thomas. But do not cry for my demise. Do not think for a second that Troy Tornado is fading into obscurity. But things are quite….heated in TCW aren’t they? Everywhere you look you see nothing but war. People that hate each other, people that want to prove they are better than one another. TCW is a time of chaos, pure and simple. But I do not like chaos. I am a man of opportunity and to me, well; to me this is just great. Let them kill each other; let them try to survive the dog eats dog world of TCW. Because when the dust settles and they think they have won, that they have reached the pinnacle of the mountain, when they bask in the glory of their success….that is when the opportunity will strike. That’s when they will remember it was their biggest mistake to forget about me”.

(Rating: B-)


Match 3: Elliot Thomas vs Troy Tornado


Another extended squash as Tornado dominates and taunts Thomas at will. The young upstart is given a chance to make a babyface comeback and catch Tornado by surprise but Tornado is able to recover and put him away with the Painful Procedure (PTO) in under nine minutes.

Winner by submission Troy Tornado (Rating: C+)


Match 4: Human Arsenal vs Xavi Ferrara


Another short match as Arsenal showcases his variety of devastating suplexes and wins the match with the WMD (T-Bone Suplex) in under eight minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Human Arsenal (Rating: C-)


Backstage promo with Benny Benson:


Benson: “Bro……tonight in the main event I go one on one with Edd Stone bro and don’t get me wrong; I like party boy Eddie bro. He is one cool cat. He loves to party and have fun and the chicks dig him man. But bro…..he can be a real party pooper bro. You see, he likes things done his way and if he is not the life of the party then he makes sure there is no party bro. Also he likes to get his Bro Freddy Huggins involved bro and whenever Freddy is around then that means that hot sister of him is around bro….and she can be a real drag bro. She gets her nose on everyone’s business bro. I should be worried bro but I am not. Because tonight there is a party on that ring bro and Benny Benson loves to party! Tonight bro, Benny Benson goes to the sky and drops some diamonds on Eddie Stone bro!”

Brotastic (Rating: B-)


Match 5: Benny Benson vs Edd Stone


I love Stone’s theme song. “Party In Da House” by LOLMF. “One Love” by Rob Harley brings out Benny Benson to cheers. Benson is still very over with the fans and deserves a better role. Excellent match that moves at a fast pace and makes everything else feel in slow motion. Man, makes me wish for a return of the All-Action division. Finish is screwy as Benson goes up top for the “Diamond in the Sky” (Swanton Bomb) but Freddy Huggins and his sister run out. Laura distracts the ref while Freddy shoves Benson from the top. Benson is hurt and he staggers up into the Party’s Over (Seated Faceplant) from Stone who picks up the win.

Winner by pinfall: Edd Stone (Rating: B-)


Post-match The Canadian Animals beat down Benson who sells it like he is dead. He takes another Party’s Over and also the Huggins Kiss from Freddy and is left for dead. (Rating: C+)


Overall rating: B-

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TCW Total Wrestling Preview!


This week's episode of TCW Total Wrestling promises to be one of the most eventful episodes in the history of Total Championship Wrestling!


Who is the new GM? Plus Golden vs Andrews contract signing!


That's right. Rocky Golden and Aaron Andrews will finally put ink to paper and make their Malice in Wonderland title match official. Adding to the intrigue is that the mysterious new GM of Total Championship Wrestling will personally conduct this signing! Who is the GM? How will he prevent Golden and Andrews from killing each other in the ring during the signing? Tune in to find out!


HUGE main event!


But that's not all. The mysterious GM has already announced that Rocky Golden & Ricky Dale Johnson will meet Andrews and American Buffalo in a Tag Team Main Event!




Sammy Bach vs Wolf Hawkins

Joshua Taylor vs Joel Bryant

Mighty Mo & Partner of his choice vs Jay Chord & Marc Speed

Benny Benson vs Freddy Huggins




OOC: Feel free to try and guess the GM and Mo's partner, although Mo's partner is no one new, just someone from the current roster that I want to give some screen time to.

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Rocky Golden & Ricky Dale Johnson will meet Andrews and American Buffalo

Sammy Bach vs Wolf Hawkins

Joshua Taylor vs Joel Bryant

Mighty Mo & Partner of his choice vs Jay Chord & Marc Speed

Benny Benson vs Freddy Huggins - Edd Stone does Edd Stone thing.


Of course Mighty Mo's partner is...Giant Tana!

And the CEO is...Giant Tana!


I actually don't have good guesses off the top of my head, so go with the bad jokes.

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