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So I used to play this a few years back but work, life and general stuff got in the way. I often came back, downloaded a mod and tried to get back into it but simply never could. Then I saw TEW2016 was coming out and I followed the journo and loved all the new features and figured bows the time to start again.


And so I have.


However I have a question or two.

1) how do you spot potential talent? I've been across various threads and seen how people talk about X star and making them the star they are..... How did they spot that?


2) once you've spotted a talent how do you progress that person to make them a superstar?


3) house shows, what's the best way of doing these to get the most from your roster to find who work and who don't?


Basically I'm just looking for some nice all round tips to help me get started. I'll be using the C-verse and am even tempted to DL the C-Verse 97 mod and then eventually a couple of "real" mods from back in the day. But I just feel these three items I've asked about hold me back.


Cheers muchly for the advice in advance

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1. Searching for young guys with decent stats (don't have to be great, just better than average) - some combination of star quality/charisma/psychology/top row stats is usually worth pushing. Your creative meeting screen gives you hints about destiny rolls, as do news stories popping up.


2. Up to you! I used feuds with decent workers higher up the card, where they look strong even if they lose ('open match' note, for example.) Teams with better/more popular workers can help, as can putting them with a good manager. Having them beating higher-up guys you have no plans for works, but could give them an ego...


3. I only really use house shows to test for chemistry. If I'm really committed to a game, will keep a spreadsheet where I note who I've tested. More often, I'll just use them to make sure matches/teams I have plans for won't be hit by a bad chem penalty.

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Jaded did a good job, but I figured I would add a couple of things.


The type of workers you should target really depends on the promotion and its product. A charismatic talker who is pretty raw in the ring might be appealing for a Sports Entertainment promotion, while a bland work-rate machine might gold for an in-ring product. While Performance skills are always helpful, top row skills are more necessary in more performance rated products, while they are less required (thought still helpful) on the popularity end of things. Charisma always helps. Star Quality is pretty important but not quite as much if the worker isn't intended to be a star. Menace can be super valuable.


I will usually do a few "sweeps" through the Workers list, using various filters. I might start with workers under 30 who are available to hire in my region and are considered Excellent in-ring talents. Then reduce that to Very Good. Then Good. Then switch it up and look for workers under 30 available to hire and in my region with really high Star Quality, then Psychology, and so on. But don't limit it to workers who are standouts in a specific attribute or two - those can be relatively useless. Also look for well rounded and well-balanced workers. A 20 year old who is at C in every major category might stand out, but if they improve a bit, they could be a fantastic worker.


Personally, I always take personality into account almost as much as skill set. I don't want to deal with problem workers. Others care less, and some even look at managing a volatile personality as a fun challenge. It depends on the mod as well - some have more options and therefore you can be pickier.


If you are a bigger promotion and have some money, opening a developmental promotion is helpful. You can stash workers there for a time and watch their skills zoom up.


As for using them effectively... just use them. Put them on TV. Have them win some matches - though as Jaded says, no too much against those above them on the roster, or it causes problems. Use them on a B show. Give them a manager. Make them part of a stable. Create a low-level title just for them.


The only thing I caution against - and this is because its something I've done far too many times - is don't get too caught up on developing the young guys and gals. Its fun, its a challenge, and most of us love doing it. But you can only push so many workers up the card all at once, and you don't want to do it at the expense of all your established talent. So pick a couple, find different ways to build them up, then repeat for a couple of more.

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