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[DOTM] March / April 2016 Voting Thread

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Welcome to the new look "Diary of the Month" awards. This is the voting thread for the March & April 2016 awards. These will be the final awards for TEW2013.


The onus is now on you the reader to vote for a maximum of your favourite FIVE diaries from the last month in order to ensure that your favourites rank as highly as possible. The process is now more streamlined; this voting thread will stay open for one week; and then the rankings will be revealed.


It's very simple, choose a maximum of five diaries and rank them. Provided they meet the basic criteria below, each diary will receive points based on your nomination and the total points will form the DOTM rankings at month-end.



  1. You can not vote for your own diary.
  2. The diary must be posted within the Total Extreme Wrestling 2013 Dynasties forum. (No other diaries will be considered eligible).
  3. The diary must have had two or more show posted within the current calendar month.
  4. Please give a reason for voting for at least your number one vote. Use any other reasoning or comments to promote the diaries you have voted for.
  5. Please vote using the full title of the diary as it appears in the thread listing. If it is not clear which diary you are voting for the vote may not count. (A direct link is not required)


You can vote for diaries using any mod or timeframe; as long as they meet the criteria above, your vote will count.


The DOTM voting process will last for one week with a ranking posted during the following week. A main DOTM winner will be declared; with smaller awards given to the highest ranking diary from the following areas:

  • Real world
  • Cornellverse
  • Thunderverse
  • Other mod
  • New Writer (not a member of the hall of fame, a previous award winner and fewer than five appearances in the DOTM rankings)



1st = 5 points

2nd = 4 points

3rd = 3 points

4th = 2 points

5th = 1 point


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Voting closes at 23:59 GMT on May 11th 2016.


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For more information, please visit the main Diary of the Month thread.

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1.) JCP: The Race To The Top [TGAAB] - the whole series of these is brilliant. I know little about the 'golden era' so reading these was as educational as it was fun. The whole thing is really well done.


2.) WWF: The Golden Age...and beyond? - it's fantastic, for the same reasons as above. The only reason this gets a silver medal from me, not gold, is because there's a trillion WWF/E diaries out there, whereas the JCP/NWA one is something I've not really seen before.


3.) SuperStar Pro Wrestling - I like the format of this one, it has a unique tournament format which I thought was new and imaginative. Shows are fun to read.


4.) Lone Wolf Wrestling | Local To Global [introduction] - A promisingly good new diary. I'm impressed with the quality considering English is not the author's first language. Plus it has the line "your blood will be my lube" which is the greatest thing in the history of all wrestling lol

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