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Best of the Bookers Tournament

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Howdy everyone, my name is Vtechguy and I would like to formally invite y'all to a little tournament I am doing. Here's a video to start you off before I ramble off into great detail.




To simplify, the brackets will start off with 1 vs 1 matches with booking a Modern day WWE Raw with the same roster, same mod, on same day, etc. From there, the winners would go to the next challenge of booking a toxic backstage Monday Night Nitro roster following the Montreal Screwjob before the semi finals of NJPW's illustrious roster in War of the Immortals IV. And the finals will be a deathmatch between who can book the best modern day Impact for TNA!


If you want to join in on the fun, I need to make sure you have Skype & Teamviewer. Feel free to comment below or PM me. Good luck!


[Remember this is just 1 vs 1 matches before I even think about if a 2 vs 2 tournament if this is successful enough]

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