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Niche mod: Battlerap [Help wanted]

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To celebrate the release of TEW 2016 I've decided to start building my first mod.

One inspired by real world 'Hollywood' and 'football' mods among others.


Since there's a big cross-over fanbase between wrestling and battlerap due to their incredibly similar nature, and to satisfy the occasional cries over a battlerap game, I thought a Battlerap Mod would be the perfect place to start.


I am, however, gonna need a little help with things. I wanna make this mod as close the actual culchah as possible so it would be helpful to have someone to bounce some ideas off of and help build the database.

I've got a lot of the world already mapped out in my head, which leagues go to which regions to make the game actually playable and a rough estimate of which wrestling skills should represent which battle skills to create a more realistic feeling and the possibilty for gimmick battles etc.


It's gonna be fun project regardless so if anybody is interested in joining me, put a post in below!

I know you guys are out there, its just matter of you actually seeing this thread before it disappears to the 2nd page:p.

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I can't help but wonder if you are serious or some elaborate troll.


If you're serious, I'll offer my help. Honestly, a battle rap mod would be more at home in an MMA sim (read: WMMA4) --- [traditionally] judged rounds, pay outs, little to no TV coverage [i actually can't think of anything in the written era that made broadcast TV].


Actually, all you'd technically have to do is set each competitors "chin" and "takedown" defense to 100 in WMMA-- so the battles would all go to decision -- and you'd have a fairly accurate simulator. You'd have to put "overlays" on the attacking stats [written, rebuttal, freestyle and stage presence] -- you may be able to do that in a graphical mod.


I think there may be some momentum for it here on the forums -- battle rap has (for some reason) always had a large UK following [no logical idea why] and TEW has a lots of British users [i'm fairly certain because Adam is English].

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That would be a weird thing to troll about, I'm definitely serious on this one.


I thought about the possibility and advantages of doing this in the MMA game, but I chose TEW for a couple of reasons:

- I have virtually no interest in MMA, it'd require me to pick up the game, play it for a couple of months to study the mechanics and leave me with a game I probably won't play ever again.

- I've always assumed the wrestling/battlerap crossover to be bigger, if only judging by the number of wrestling-related bars being used in battles. TEW is also a game with a far bigger fanbase and while the crossover may be big, it's still pretty tiny overall so with TEW we could reach more of those people.

- I assume the MMA game is for 1v1 fights, which would automatically rule out the possiblity of 2v2s which are quite prevalent and for which some leagues even have titles/tournaments. Not to mention the possibility of recreating the out-of-the-box battles DF tends to do on the April Fools events (1v1v1, 2v1 etc).

It also leaves room to do cool things like having crews (stables) go to war on each other, gimmick battles (freestyle, comedy etc) and other outlandish stuff.

- I just love TEW mate haha


I'll put together an Excel sheet tomorrow of what I've wrote down so far. I might forget a couple of things here or there but it'll give you a good idea of what I have in mind and what needs to be worked on.


If you're eager to do something you could always start on the renders of battlers and league logos. It's a hell of chore but any work would be appreciated.

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