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The Fall of Jack Bruce

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The Fall of Jack Bruce

First Week, February 2016



You often hear people say, "The room was dead silent" or "You could hear a pin drop" or "You could hear crickets chirp." None of those phrases were adequate when describing the atmosphere in the court room. It was a silence no one had experienced before, nor would ever experience again.


Judge Amy Anderson was taking an abnormal amount of time to give her verdict. No one could really blame her. It wasn't a normal case. This was one the entire world had been watching, and we were about to reach the climax. If she misspoke, or stumbled over her words it would ruin her career and she'd become an internet meme forever.


His face was buried in his hands. He was on top of the world, and now, he was here? One decision, like a seismic wrecking ball smashing into the foundation of his career. The foundation was cracking, and today it could all come tumbling down.


The silence was finally broken as Judge Anderson cleared her throat. Jack's eyes met Anderson's, and she finally had the courage to speak. She ignored the occasional camera flash, and it was as if only Jack and her were in the room together. She cleared her throat one more time before finally speaking.


"Mr. Bruce, I'd like to say that you're going to jail for the rest of your life, but I can't. The fact is that the officers in this case were horrendous, and will be fired. If I, or anyone else, finds out that you had a hand in them tampering with the evidence we will make sure you are locked up for life. As it stands, there is no evidence against you, because there is nothing that the officers on site did not interfere with. Let me put this clearly, I am not saying you are not guilty, I am saying there is not enough evidence to prove that you are guilty.


As it stands, both I, and the entire world know what you did. While we can not prove it was you, we know YOU were driving that car that night. You were drunk. You were high. You not only killed the three individuals in your car, but you killed friends, coworkers, and have forever rocked the industry that you call home.


If you have not slept for the past month, good. If you do not sleep for the rest of your life, even better.


That being said, on three counts of manslaughter the state finds you not guilty. On one count of drug possession the state finds you guilty and mandates that you enter a rehabilitation program for three months."


With that, Judge Anderson slams her gavel, partially out of necessity, partially as a quick outlet for her frustration. The entire courtroom stands and bursts out into hysteria. The most introverted individual in the courtroom couldn't even fight the need to have his voice heard.


There was no time for cheers, handshakes, or hugs. Jack Bruce was pushed out of the courtroom and into a limo before the courthouse could get violent. The crowd started to swarm the limo. It started to teeter back and forth, and the driver hammered the gas pedal to the floor just as an object crashed through a window next to Jack and landed beside him. Blood started to trickle down his face from the cut glass and he looked down at the brick that had fallen next to him and saw the cold black writing, "Murderer."

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Second Week of March, 2016



Just over a month since being placed in rehabilitation, Jack Bruce is able to have his first phone conversations with those from the outside world. His agent, Alphonso Ramiro, is sitting at his deck looking at the clock. As soon as it strikes 8:00 AM, Alphonso swiftly dials Jack's number.


Alphonso: Hey Jack, it's Alphonso! How've you been doing in there?




Alphonso: Yeah I know. It sucks, but you're lucky. Ah, I guess that is a poor choice of words. You could be in a much worse place is what I meant to say.




Yeah, the wrestling world is trucking along since the, er, incident. SWF has started to fall, as you can expect. Their audience is starting to move towards TCW. Yeah. It sucks. (Note: SWF has dropped in prestige by 12, momentum by 10, and has dropped to cult after the first two months)


Alphonso: Oh, NOTB? They're not fairing much better since the incident. They've plummeted as well. Yeah, everything's pretty shaken up, but it's settling. (Note: NOTB has dropped in prestige by 12, dropped in momentum by 8, dropped to cult)




Alphonso: I don't know, Jack. You don't have a lot of options. You can't really retire after the lawyer fees. You didn't exactly know how to handle your finances. I'd say you have about $500,000 you could sink into a new company. After that you're pretty much broke.




Alphonso: No, you definitely couldn't set it up here. No one would go to your events in the US (Note: Jack's popularity in the US has dropped to 0)




Alphonso: I don't think you could go there either Jack. Especially with THAT family. You'd be murdered, even though it is Canada. Ah, sorry again, poor choice of words. Oh stop. Don't get mad, I'm one of the only friends you have left.




Alphonso: The UK? I don't think so, they're too closely connected to the US wrestling business. You'd probably be blacklisted. No, there's probably only one place that would allow you there. With how their economy is going, they're desperate. We're going to have to go to Mexico.




Alphonso: Yes, I know you don't speak spanish, and don't call me Baxter!

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This is relevant to my interests!


I know it's a little odd (and heavy) for a diary post, but I thought I'd try something different. (It's also weird to think about killing off people in a fake universe, people that some are actually attached to!) It'll lighten up soon enough, but this will always be the background for the story.


It'd be interesting to see who the early readers might believe have passed. Let me know what you think!

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First Week of April 2016


Jack walks over to the calendar, staring at the clown who apparently had blown a balloon into the shape of "March". Jack picks up his red pen and puts a cross through March 31st and flips the page.


Jack murmurs, "Great, another ****ing clown."


Jack puts an X over the clown's face, who has a pair of glasses on that say "April".


Jack again speaks to himself, "You'd think paying $30,000 a month would get me a calendar of Hannah, or at least some ****ing puppies."

The phone rattles on Jack's nightstand and he walks over to see the caller ID. It's restricted. That's strange. Jack switched numbers and only a handful of people had his number.


Jack: Hello?


The person on the other end of the line is quiet.


Jack: Who is this?


Silence. Click.


Jack: What the? That fat ass Alphonso better not be giving my number out to some of my stalkers. I already proved I'm not the father on Maury! It was her ex-boyfriend's stepbrother's kid!


Jack hops back on his bed, slouching with his back against the wall. He sighs and grabs the remote and turns the TV on.


Jack: Better watch some TV before it's time to talk to my sock puppet, Mr. Huggles, about how drugs are bad?


Jack starts flipping through channels until one catches his eye. He hadn't seen anything related to wrestling in two months. Alphonso wouldn't tell him squat, and no one would talk to him about what was happening in the world. How was he supposed to "recover" if he didn't know what had happened?


Reporter: You saw it last night, folks. Skull DeBones defeated Eric Eisen for the SWF World Heavyweight Championship. It was an emotional scene in a tournament that took two and a half months to finish. That time amount of time was necessary to respectfully honor those killed in the car accident on January first of this year. Last night of course was the first title match since Remo Richardson was fatally kille--

The reporter got cut off by the television remote colliding with the television. The television swung from the wall mount into the dresser and then smashed into the ground with a loud thud. Personnel from the facility immediately came running into the room, fearing the worst.


Jack: What? Mr. Huggles and I were... coping.

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First Week of May, 2016


Press Release


Jack Bruce, former headliner wrestler for SWF was released from Orange County Rehabilitation Center today. He did not take any questions from reporters and was picked up by his agent, Alphonso Ramiro and is reportedly on his way to Mexico to create a new wrestling promotion. Sources tell us that the name of the company will be the Redemption Wrestling Faction, or RWF.


This will be Jack's first venture back into the wrestling world. On January 1st, after the World Wrestling Awards, Jack was allegedly driving the vehicle that drove off of a bridge and into the Colorado River, killing three wrestlers, two from SWF and one from NOTBW. He was said to be both drunk and high.


Protestors are allegedly awaiting Jack's arrival. He is scheduled to have a news conference soon, announcing the formation of his company and the talents they have signed.

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