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21CW: A Fresh Challenge

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OOC: This is my first ever diary so if I make any mistakes with images or anything, please tell me and I shall try to correct them! Also, if you have any general improvements that you think could be made to the diary, then please don't hesitate to put forward your opinions!




As I waited for the phone to ring, I was thinking about if this was the right decision. Was I really going to go through with this, possibly change my life forever, or just continue to sit on the sidelines, waiting for an easier opportunity. I'd thought this through over in my head over and over, never coming to a final decision, but for one reason or another, I kept making sure I was still in the running. And now this was it, the make or break phone call, the phone call that could possibly change my life, maybe even the wrestling world as a whole.


Finally, the phone rings. I pause for a moment, contemplating what to say before I pick up the phone, and do my usual greeting:


"Hello, this is Peter Michaels speaking"


Hey Peter, this is Jeff, you ready to do this"


"Yeah, ready as I'll ever be"


"I'm just gonna skip the intro and get straight to it, so why do you want this job?"


"To be honest Jeff, I need a change. For too long, I was alternating between the big 2 companies, and eventually the pressure gets to you and you make one mistake, and your out the door. I don't wanna have a job like that, and I know you'll offer a different experience, more laid back so to speak."


"Well your not wrong there Peter, but don't just think that because I'm not Eisen, or Cornell for that matter, that this job isn't demanding. Sure, it may not be as stressful as working in America, but it's still a damn hard job at the best of times."


"Yeah, I know and that's why I want the job. It's a different challenge, and whether it's easier or harder than the States, I know that I can make it work, and take not only your company but the whole of the UK wrestling industry to new heights."


"Ahh, ok. I'm guessing you've made some booking plans."


"I sure have, Jeff"


Well let's here 'em then!"


The interview went on for quite a while, probably just over an hour, but I could feel myself wanting the job more and more, every passing moment whilst I was taking to Jeff. Eventually, after lots of chat about road stories and booking plans, Jeff had somewhere to get to and so we finished up the interview:


"Well then, I feel like the this went really well, and considering I reached out to you personally, your the only candidate for the job, now that Pit Bull Brown has decided to step away from the job, so that means then that, should you accept, you are the new head booker of 21st Century Wrestling, congratulations!"


"Thanks Jeff, I can't wait to start, I'll be on the first plane to London tomorrow"


As everything that had just happened was wizzing through my head, I sat down, poured a glass of scotch and for the first time in a very long time, I was happy and excited at the prospect of a fresh challenge.

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So here I am, on the plane, ready for a 7+ hour flight to Heathrow Airport in London. Last night, Jeff emailed me some footage from the past few Best of British Wrestling episodes and a run down of the roster. I spent overnight watching the footage so now it's time to review the roster...


The Main Eventers




Adam Matravers - Matravers is one of our top 2 faces, along with Dark Angel, and is a top worker who is also very popular. He can still go in the ring, although time's not on his side, a fact you'll find with many of our main event guys, but for right now, he's great. Also, he's currently embroiled in a feud against The Cornells, with Kevin Jones at his side.




Buff Martinez - Buff is one of our younger main eventers, and is currently in a tag team with J-B Cash, called Hot Stuff. They are currently feuding with The Pride - who we'll get to - but I'm definitely gonna wanna push him, as he's young, already over and a decent worker.




Dark Angel - Just about our most over face, and is a legend of wrestling. Sadly, he's 45 and surely can't go for much longer, but we'll enjoy him whilst he can. Is currently in a feud with Jonathan Faust.




Edward Cornell - Ed is our current World Champion, and he's fine for now. He received a major boost with the return of Tommy Cornell, who he's been teaming with as of late, taking on Adam Matravers and Kevin Jones.




J-B Cash - The other half of Hot Stuff, and another guy I should really think about pushing. He's 33, so still has a few years of his prime left, and is already over. Is teaming with Buff Martinez as Hot Stuff, who're feuding with The Pride.




Jonathan Faust - One of our top heels, and still has a few good years left in him. Is feuding with Dark Angel and occasionally teams with Stevie Stoat and the Faust and the Furious. (get it!)




Kevin Jones - Jones is probably our no. 3 babyface, but still does a good job even at his relatively advanced age. He's currently in our top billed feud, teaming with Adam Matravers to take on The Cornells.




Tommy Cornell - The man, there's no doubt about it. Ranked #1 in the 2015 Power 500 and one of the top wrestling stars in the world. He lit the UK scene on fire late last year, when he sold his shares in TCW, and made a shock debut on Best of British Wrestling.





Upper Midcarders




Daniel Black Francis - Francis is a solid all round worker who is relatively over. He's young too, only 31, but I don't really wanna push him, at least not right now. I may put him in a tag team to help spice up the division - not that it really needs it - or I'll just use him in a gatekeeper type role of putting over the guys I wanna push.




Harry Wilson - Sadly, Harry Wilson is probably most known for being the brother of Dark Angel. Although this isn't a necessarily bad thing, he's a good worker who's pretty over. I have a few ideas for him, as he really is too good of a worker to be pushed to the sidelines.




Luke Cool - Probably another guy who's job is gonna be putting over the guys I'm pushing. Cool's a good heel and a solid upper midcarder, but it's unlikely he's gonna be getting a Main Event push anytime soon, but he's only 30, so there's always time for one, eventually.




Phillip Cooper - This guy has entertainment written all over him, can I can always use a guy like that. He's unlikely to receive a push straight off the bat, but give it a few months, maybe a year or two, and I hope to see him in the upper mid-main event scene.




Stevie Stoat - Stevie's probably our best upper mid, and currently has the best chance of making it to the Main Event right now. I aren't gonna put him there, cause the Main Event is stacked, but if I ever have an injury or just need someone to fill in, I can always count on him.




Wade Orson - One of my main younger guys. He's 27, has lots of charisma, is a good worker and is already pretty over. I don't want to push him to the moon right away, but in a year or so, I see him being pushed hard as the next top face.




War Machine - 23, a monster, over and a decent worker. There's not a lot to hate about War Machine, who I am hoping that in a few years time, can become our next top heel. If he can just improve his wrestling skills a bit, he'll be an absolute force, an unstoppable monster.

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Apollo Prince - Prince is only 20 years old, and a guy I wanna give a slow push, letting him gain popularity at a steady pace. He's mainly a brawler, but can hold his own in most match types. He also has charisma in spades, which only makes me more likely to give him a strong push, so it's not a bad thing.




Beast Bantom - Ahh, the 320lb mastadon! Here's everything you need to know about him: he's kinda over but not very, very over; he's not a great worker, or a good one to be honest, but he'll do. And that pretty much covers it. Oh, AND HE'S HUGE.




Bedlam - Bedlam's another guy I wanna push pretty slowly, allowing him to improve and gain popularity without it seeming that he's due for a World Title shot next month.




Brickhouse Balder - You remember when I said Beast Bantom was huge? Well then, that makes Brickhouse Balder ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE. He's 450lbs, not a good worker - not that it matters, HE'S MASSIVE - and is a monster. That's pretty much everything.




Nightmare - Another huge worker, he's about as big as Bantom, but I'm not really as high on him at the moment. He's not a good worker, not amazingly over, but does have good menace, which always helps.




Sebastian Koller - The current 21CW UK Champ. I've got a plan for the title, which doesn't involve Koller, but he's only 28 and so has lot's of time to grow.




Lower Midcarders, Openers and Enhancement Talent




Andrew Lee - Lee is definitely someone I would consider a future star but for now, he's staying where he is.




BW Eddie - Another young worker who I see as a future star. He's more of a brawler but with a little bit of improvement, he can become a good all-rounder.




Doomsday - Another big monster, Doomsday is one of our worst, sadly. He's got a great look but is not good in the ring.




Edison Silva - I'm a big fan of Silva. He's got ages to grow, being only 19, and he's different. He has an MMA style influence on his work, which helps him stand out. If he can gain some more popularity and refine his in-ring skills, he's definitely one for the future.




Kelvin Badberry - ANOTHER monster-type worker. He's not as bad as some of our other's, but right now, he isn't in any of my plans.




Mark Misery - Misery is a decent worker, but he's 32, which means that by the time he's got good enough popularity to warrant a push, it may be too late.




Grave Digger - The last of the singles wrestlers, the rest are either tag team competitors or staff. And it's another monster, he's our worst, but is only 19, so he has lots of time to improve, which he's gonna need.



Injured Workers




Rolling Johnny Stones - Stones is currently out injured with a medium concussion. He should be back in around 2 months. He's over, so it's pretty annoying him being out injured but there's not much I can do, apart from get on with it.

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Tag Teams


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Lance%20Martin_zpsrrt2clj0.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Kelly%20Martin_zps5ouczlmr.jpg


Lance Martin - Kelly Martin (Absolutely Flawless) - One of our best tag teams, the Martin's are great heels and have loads of experience, which you'd expect considering they're brothers!


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Ricky%20Storm_zpsizb9rhcp.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Sifu_zps6bshpjpr.jpg


Ricky Storm - Sifu (Crouching Storm, Hidden Sifu) - These guys are probably our 3rd best face team, so are unlikely to get the titles right away, considering we've got loads of great heel teams.


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/TEW2016/DJ%20Reason_zpswyimr4ut.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Pit%20Bull%20Brown_zpslyyizi9e.jpg


DJ Reason - Pit Bull Brown (The Defence Force) - These two guys were originally just 2 workers occasionally teaming up, but I've decided to make them into a proper team, to help the face side of our division.


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/TEW2016/Ivan%20Ivanoff_zpshx3orrtl.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/TEW2016/Igor%20Ivanoff_zpstw3tttbc.jpg


Ivan Ivanoff - Igor Ivanoff (The Ivanoff Brothers) - Another great heel team, expect The Ivanoff's to constantly be in and around the title picture.


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Mark%20Adonis_zpsuswqgwdd.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Mass%20Hulk_zpsnrowdgb9.jpg


Mark Adonis - Mass Hulk (The Men of Steel) - These two guys are both young, and have potential. Adonis is smaller, and a good worker, whereas Hulk is a monster (another!?) who isn't a great worker, but adds the menace factor.


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Leo%20Price_zps7ihxqi3y.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Leigh%20Burton_zpsaufs8hk0.jpg


Leo Price - Leigh Burton (The Pride) - The Pride are our no. 2 face team, behind The Defence Force, and I'm a big fan. Leigh Burton is young, 23, and he's already pretty over. He's learning off Leo Price, who's 41 and is winding down his career. They're currently feuding with Hot Stuff (Buff Martinez & J-B Cash)


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Viktor%20Beskov_zpsqfu4aoz2.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Yuri%20Iliakov_zpsrs45f5aa.jpg


Viktor Beskov - Yuri Iliakov (The Red Devils) - These guys are our tag champs, and for me, they're not over enough to be holding the titles. We have much better heel teams, both in terms of popularity and in-ring work, so I'm gonna be looking to move the titles elsewhere.


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/TEW2016/Joe%20Simpson_zpsj2fbxenl.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Michael%20X_zpscapge3gi.jpg


Joe Simpson - Michael X (The Underdogs) - The Underdogs are both graduates of the National School of Wrestling, our dojo. They are probably our worst team, but they aren't bad by any means. They're both good workers who're young and have room to grow.








Cliff King - Currently managing War Machine.




Kathleen Lee - Currently manages Hot Stuff (Buff Martinez & J-B Cash)




Phoebe Plumridge - Currently managing and is married to Adam Matravers.




Vicki Company - Currently managing and is married to Mark Misery.


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/TEW2016/Jacob%20Bailey_zpsrdkprk9h.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/TEW2016/Karl%20Dexter_zpsc5l8jss0.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Scotty%20Gregory_zpsl4idi1f0.jpg


Jacob Bailey - Karl Dexter - Scotty Gregory - These guys are our referees.


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Peter%20Michaels_zpsqevulxou.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/TEW2016/Jeff%20Nova_zpszb0eugsp.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Steve%20Smith_zpsbarnt9j5.jpg


Peter Michaels - Jeff Nova - Steve Smith - This is the current commentary team for Best of British Wrestling and PPVs. I am the main announcer with Jeff (who is also the owner of 21CW) as the main colour commentator.


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/TEW2016/Des%20Greeves_zpsus5mwcxa.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/TEW2016/Dane%20Rowley_zpskfcpxukf.jpg


Des Greeves - Dane Rowley - Des is our backup announcer and Dane our backup colour commentator. If we get a B-Show, I'll put these guys at the table.


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/TEW2016/Colin%20Chalke_zpsmf6qenap.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/KLee%20Hawkins_zpst6fi1fmt.jpg


Colin Chalke - K'Lee Hawkins - These are our Road Agents.

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21st Century World Championship


Champion: Edward Cornell

Reign Begun: Week 1, October 2015

Defences: 1




21st Century United Kingdom Championship

Champion: Sebastian Koller

Reign Began: Week 1, November 2015

Defences: 0




21st Century Tag Team Championships

Champions: The Red Devils (Viktor Beskov & Yuri Iliakov)

Reign Began: Week 1, October 2015

Defences: 1

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TV Schedule




21CW Best of British Wrestling

Weekly Every Thursday on UK Broadcasting Prime & Euro Cable Sports 4


Event Schedule

All Events are broadcast on Premier Pay UK-TV, V-Corp & PPV-4-U




21CW Steel Cage Challenge

Saturday, Week 3, January




21CW World War

Saturday, Week 3, February




21CW Head to Head

Saturday, Week 3, March




21CW Wicked

Saturday, Week 3, April




21CW Partners in Crime

Saturday, Week 3, May




21CW War Drums

Saturday, Week 3, June




21CW London Calling

Saturday, Week 3, July




21CW We Will Rock You

Saturday, Week 3, August




21CW Dangerous Alliances

Saturday, Week 3, September




21CW Halloween Horror Show

Saturday, Week 3, October




21CW The Online Onslaught

Saturday, Week 3, November




21CW Crisis Point

Saturday, Week 3, December

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So here I am, my first day coming to an end, and boy, have I made some changes! The main one is the Developmental Fed, which I persuaded Jeff to open before I got on my flight. I also wanted a B-Show, but he said it was one or the other, and I chose the Developmental Territory. As you may have seen, since it was announced a couple of minutes age, it's called 21st Century Development, and yes, I know it's not a great name, but it'll do.


To be fair to him, Jeff forked out $3,000,000 for this, although it did come out of my $10,000,000 budget. He also said it'd have to be run as a proper developmental territory, with no outside workers coming in unless they're under contract with us. But first of all...




This is Magnus Ivansson, who I assigned as the owner. He's rich, which is good, and also has a good reputation for the business side of things as well, which always helps. He owns a cargo shipping company, but there's been rumblings that he wanted to get into the wrestling business, so I gave him that chance and hopefully it pays off.




And this is Geordie Jimmy Morris. His claim to fame is that he was the founder of Ring of Fire, one of the UK's largest promotions, before we bought them out. He's had a lot of bad luck recently, with injuries and what not, so I thought I'd give him a chance at a backstage job as the booker.


Obviously, if it's a developmental territory, I'm gonna need some workers that can improve. I sent a few down from our main roster, and also brought in a few workers on developmental deals. The guys I sent down to developmental are:



These guys were all sent down to develop their overall skills.


And these are the guys that I'm hoping to bring in on developmental deals. They have all yet to get back to me, but I expect them all to sign.


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Alton%20Vicious_zpsj5rfr8cw.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Bali%20Daljit_zpsnnkrbs16.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Cain%20Carlile_zpsark3ekby.jpg


Alton Vicious - Baji Daljit - Cain Carlile


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/George%20Wolfe_zpsj4wjt7iw.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Gram%20Gorman_zpsrmywz829.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Konrad%20Maumlkinen_zpsrqhrogrw.jpg



George Wolfe - Gram Gorman - Konrad Makkinen


http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Leighton%20Buzzard_zpsci4zjjvp.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Padraig%20OHearne_zpsn4q0lwib.jpg http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh489/Scotsman381/Riddick%20Jordan_zpsd6xdpkh0.jpg



Leighton Buzzard - Padraig O'Hearne - Riddick Jordan


All these are here to hopefully make an impression, but especially watch out for Konrad Makkinen - a very good worker who did well on the European Independant Scene - and also George Wolfe, who is the son of Edward Wolfe (also known as Ed Monton), the CGC legend.


In other news, I also decided to change the gimmicks of two of our workers. I changed Bedlam's gimmick into a guy who likes crushing people and I also changed Phillip Cooper's gimmick into a 'City Slicker' type of guy.


And I'm pretty sure that I've now done most of the important things I needed to do, which means that I can finally start focusing on the shows. Steel Cage Challenge is in 3 weeks, so I have a good amount of time to build.

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Ok, so it's the second day of the job, and I'm thinking over my booking plans for the upcoming episode of Best of British Wrestling, when an email pops up. This is of course, not unusual, I get tons of emails daily, but when I see that it's from Jeff Nova, I decide I better read it:


Hey Peter, it's Jeff here. I'm emailing you with some 'goals' I'd like you to achieve, good luck in achieving them and I'll see you on Thursday.


Owner Goals


Critical - 21CW must have written to at least International size (expires in 2 years)


High - You cannot hire anybody who currently works for a company of cult size or above (expires in 1 year, 6 months)


High - War Machine must have reached at least 77 popularity in British Isles (expires 1 year, 6 months)


High - Sebastian Koller must have reached at least 65 popularity in British Isles (expires 2 years, 4 months)


Average - You cannot hire any Japanese Juniors (expires 1 year)


Average - You cannot hire any psychopaths (expires 2 years, 4 months)




First of all, I'm happy with all of them. Apart from the first 2.


Getting to International Size is virtually impossible to achieve in the next 2 years in our current situation.


And the fact that I can't hire anyone who works for a company of cult size or above would be more annoying if we were based in the US or Canada. But it's still annoying.


But, sadly, there's nothing I can do, apart from get on with it. The next show is only 2 days away and I've got a good idea of what I wanna do on it, so hopefully it goes down well.


Also, in (sad) news, Adam Matravers & Phoebe Plumridge have divorced. I hope that they can continue their working relationship onscreen and that their recent troubles don't get in the way of their work.

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It's 2016 and 21st Century Wrestling present 'Best of British Wrestling' live from the Leamington Spa Arena in South England!


At Halloween Horror Show, Edward Cornell won the 21CW World Title form Adam Matravers, with the help of his cousin, Tommy. Ever since, Matravers has been unable to regain his title, usually due to interference from Tommy. Recently however, Matravers has enlisted the help of Kevin Jones, who has helped even the odds against the Cornell Family.

Also, our new head booker Peter Michaels, announced that at Steel Cage Challenge, Adam Matravers will have a chance at revenge, as he teams up with Kevin Jones to take on The Cornell Family, in a Steel Cage Match! And tonight, Michaels also announced that our main event will see Tommy Cornell take on Kevin Jones! Who will be able to gain momentum for their team on the road to Steel Cage Challenge?


For months, Jonathan Faust has been attempting to get Dark Angel to join forces with him, and turn to the dark side, to little success. Tonight, will we here from either Dark Angle or Jonathan Faust, and if so, what will they say? The only way to find out, is to tune in tonight!


Also, ever since Hot Stuff cost The Pride their Tag Titles, The Pride have been wanting revenge. And now, they have a chance to get it as these two teams will square off tonight on 'Best of British Wrestling'! Will The Pride gain revenge or will Hot Stuff continue to have The Pride's number?

On top of this, Peter Michaels announced a tournament to determine the new #1 Contenders for The Red Devils' Tag Team Championships. He said that there will be 3 first round tag matches before the final, which will be a triple threat tag match, with the winners going on to face The Red Devils for the titles at Steel Cage Challenge.

Tonight sees the first 2 1st Round matches, one of which will be the above mentioned match between Hot Stuff and The Pride, and the other being Absolutely Flawless taking on Crouching Storm, Hidden Sifu.


Match Card


Tommy Cornell vs. Kevin Jones

The Pride vs. Hot Stuff

Absolutely Flawless vs. Crouching Storm, Hidden Sifu

Bedlam vs. Sebastian Koller

War Machine vs. Apollo Prince

Harry Wilson vs. Luke Cool


Predictions welcome!

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International in 2 years? Ouch - good luck with that!!


Great start, though. :)


Tommy Cornell vs. Kevin Jones

The Pride vs. Hot Stuff

Absolutely Flawless vs. Crouching Storm, Hidden Sifu

Bedlam vs. Sebastian Koller

War Machine vs. Apollo Prince

Harry Wilson vs. Luke Cool

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Going to be interesting to see how you book 21CW.


Tommy Cornell vs. Kevin Jones

The Pride vs. Hot Stuff

Absolutely Flawless vs. Crouching Storm, Hidden Sifu

Bedlam vs. Sebastian Koller

War Machine vs. Apollo Prince

Harry Wilson vs. Luke Cool

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