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Losing PPV Deals With Small Promotions And I Need Help From Good Tew players!

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Ok I'm Getting Frustrated Because I Play With ICW UK On TEW 2016 With Mods And I Draw Consistently 7000 viewers on Online Stream Broadcaster that is PPV broadcaster my ratings were getting higher after every event............. but when i tried to renew my contract with them they wasn't willing to negotiate with me because i was too small?.......... but every show that i had under that PPV carrier was considered as success that doesn't make sense i got sacked from that station because i was small company and now i can't negotiate even new tv deal with commercial tv broadcaster because 5 wrestling program is the limit and normally all promotions get local coverage commercial stations after 1st day......... after that i made a "My Get Money Alliance" idea of that alliance was to get money from the pot on the 1st month i got 29k from that alliance but then started to add more members in it (AAA, CMLL, nxt) I have to say that it was all my fault because i added too many feds in that money alliance and after months when i only got 1k to 3k from that alliance i left that alliance but after that every promotion in that alliance gave me hostile relationship......... after that i got local commercial tv deal with Scandinavia And Central Europe but i only draw 2k viewers to my monthly shows and i only get 600 from that tv coverage monthly........ ICW is now regional company but i can't negotiate with fox and other tv companies that accept regional companies because they already have 5 wrestling companies in their broadcasting. i usually draw like 1400 fans to my shows and i now run 1 and half hours or 1 hour show i used to run 2 hours long shows but costs were too high so i had to cut 1 hour i hope that now because im regional i can draw more people to my shows that ticket sales can cover the worker costs. many companies on that mod are close to being closed because financial problems and im now -4k on my financial situation so should just cancel all shows and come back after few promotions are closed and then negotiate new tv deal or then just continue doing 1h-1h 30m shows one time per month to 1 time per 2 months (sorry about my English I'm from Finland)
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