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AI not using generic venues? (Low TV attendance)

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I'm not sure if this can be considered an issue for tech support or not, but I'll try it here first.


I've noticed that the AI companies in the game never seem to use generic venues for their shows, only running in the named venues. This means that SWF, USPW, TCW, NOTBW, 21CW, SOTBW are all putting on shows in 5000 seat venues and selling them out every time. Their PPVs, on the other hand, sell out 30,000 seat venues. I know that PPVs of course have higher attendance, but surely their regular shows can get more than 5000? (Edit: after checking again, it's not just that the AI doesn't use generic venues; it's not using any venues over 5000 for anything other than PPVs.)


What I'm taking from this is that they might not fill the 10,000 seats so the AI defaults to the lower venue instead of going generic, effectively doing the companies out of money.


An example: SWF, National and pop 78 across the USA. Supreme TV has had 5000 audiences for months.

CZCW, which I'm running, Cult and pop 68 across the USA (I raised it in the editor) can get 7000 spectators in a generic venue. Surely the SWF should be playing to bigger buildings than me?


Has anyone else noticed this?


Extra: Out of curiosity, I copied my save and started a new player as owner of the SWF. When I went to run my first show, an episode of Supreme TV, the predicted audience was 13-14,000. So, there's definitely a problem with the AI booking venues, as they always go for the 5000 seats.

I'm in April 2017 now in the game and I checked back through the history and for the first couple of months of 2016, SWF and others were using bigger arenas, but this changed for some reason and they've all been using smaller arenas ever since.

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