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WWE: The New Era

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WWE Extreme Rules Results


Pre Show

No Disqualification

Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

Dolph Ziggler mid match after giving Baron Corbin a complete beating in the ring with a steel chair, to a huge shock and confusion to the crowd, walked out of the ring and walked towards the back with his head down. To a bigger confusion to some members of the crowd, Dolph Ziggler was counted out by the referee and declared Baron Corbin the winner of the match. While this was a NO DQ match, count outs still applied. Baron Corbin celebrated the win but an obvious look of confusion and unhappiness could be seen on his face. Many smarks in the crowd are calling this a complete shoot as they think Dolph Ziggler has had it with the company pushing him to the ground... others are saying this is part of a storyline even though it looks like Dolph Ziggler is following in Ryback's footsteps of leaving the company.


United States Championship Match

Kalisto © vs. Rusev

Kalisto's condition was doubtful before the match even began, and by the look of how he walked down the ring, fans knew he wasn't 100%. Rusev dominated most of the match but Kalisto managed to fight through. Two jumping side kicks later and kicking out of them, Rusev finally applied the Accolade for a good amount of time until Kalisto completely passed out in the ring. Rusev is the NEW United States Champion.


A backstage segment with The Club (Styles, Gallows, and Anderson) was shown where the three of them discussed their opponents tonight. AJ Styles walked away to go get ready for his match. Gallows immediately after says "You sure you wanna do this tonight?" to which Anderson replied, "Trust me, we got this."


WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Day© (Big E and Kofi Kingston) vs. The Vaudevillains

The finish saw Simon Gotch pin Big E Langston after hitting him with brass knuckles when the referee was distracted by Aiden English and Kofi Kingston's fighting. The booing of the crowd was a sign of happiness that the titles had changed hands, but the arena quickly erupted in cheers when Shane McMahon made his way to the entrance ramp. Shane says that titles changing hands might have slide through the Bygone era, but it won't slide under his power. He restarts the match. Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the entrance ramp as well and announces that the match will now be a no disqualification match. The match continued and saw The New Day retain the titles after Xavier Woods got involved and hit English with Francesca II.


Asylum Match

Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho

Complete Chaos! The Asylum match, first in WWE's history, proved to be a complete chaos with Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose beating each other with no mercy in the ring. After bring the weapons down to the ring to use them, Dean Ambrose managed to hit the dirty deeds on Chris Jericho and put him in a straight jacket. Ambrose then used a fire extinguisher and sprayed it all over Jericho's head. As he went for a second Dirty Deeds, Jericho was heard screaming "Oh, my eyes, stop please". Dean Ambrose seemed to have paused for a quick second and stared at Jericho before the referee quickly pulled Ambrose aside. Dean Ambrose seemed legitimately worried. The referee quickly removed the straight jacket from Jericho and Jericho quickly covered his face with his hands. As Dean Ambrose stood by watching the referee assist Chris Jericho, JBL mentioned the line "The Lunatic Fringe might have a heart after all Michael" on commentary. As Chris Jericho slowly began to walk towards the referee, Chris Jericho pushed the referee into Dean Ambrose, to a huge eruption of boos from the crowd. Chris Jericho with a huge smirk on his face shouted at Dean Ambrose "YOU IDIOT" before running towards him and hitting the code breaker and picking up the win.


We cut backstage where Ric Flair and Charlotte are discussing the Submission match tonight. Charlotte tells her dad that she got this but her father doubts her ability to defeat Natalya. Flair says Charlotte is a Flair but Natalya is a Submission specialist. Charlotte then screams and tells her dad she has had enough of him not believing that Charlotte is smart enough to pull off a win without him. She says she no longer needs him in his corner and says she has a different plan tonight, a plan that doesn't involve him but a plan that will ensure she walks out the Women's Champion. She will do whatever it takes that she is superior and that she is the most dominant Women's Champion of all time.


Tag Team Tornado Match

The Usos vs. The Club

The Club picked up the win after the Usos were seen laying down unconscious in the middle of the ring after the lights in the arena had been turned off for a few seconds. Karl Anderson quickly shouted "quick, cover him" to Luke Gallows, before Gallows covered Jay Uso for the three count. Gallows and Anderson smirked in the ring and shouted at the Usos saying they warned them not to go to battle.


Fatal Four Way Match

Intercontinental Championship

The Miz © vs. Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

The Miz picked up the win after Cesaro was distracted by Maryse who tried to slap him in the ring. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were knocked out at ringside after Owens speared Zayn through the barricade and into the crowd. Referees went to check on them as the action in the ring unfolded with The Miz ultimately retaining his championship.


Submission Match - Ric Flair is banned from ringside

Women's Championship

Charlotte © vs. Natalya

Natalya had Charlotte locked in the Sharpshooter and screaming in pain. Just before Charlotte could tap, Nia Jax from NXT was seen jump the barricade from the crowd and climb the ring apron. Natalya broke the submission and went on to attack Nia Jax, but Jax quickly jumped back down from the apron. As Natalya turned back around, Charlotte hit a big boot on Natalya before locking in the Figure 8. Natalya taps and Charlotte and Nia Jax celebrate the win. Nia Jax then hit a standing leg drop on Natalya before she and Charlotte posed over her with the Women's Championship.


Extreme Rules Match

WWE Championship

Roman Reigns© vs. AJ Styles

In what can be described as a true extreme fight between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles, it wasn't going to end without The Club and The Bloodline making their appearances at ring side. Bodies were everywhere and AJ Styles and Roman Reigns had torn each other apart. With the Usos taken out, Anderson and Gallows entered the ring to attempt to join Styles into beating Reigns who sure had a fight coming his way. Gallows and Anderson quickly entered the ring and the lights once again turned off in the arena. The announcers questioned what is going on. When the lights had turned back on, Gallows and Anderson had Roman Reigns grabbed by each arm and had him grounded on his knees. Roman tried to fight them off but he couldn't overpower them. AJ Styles had a steel chair laying in front of him. Styles looked confused, he didn't seemed to know what is going on. Gallows and Anderson screamed "C'mon AJ, do it!". AJ Styles picked up the chair and stared at it and tried to reason between the good and evil. AJ slammed the steel chair down on the mat and said "Not this way guys, NO!". Reigns finally managed to push the Club away from him and ran into Styles to hit him with a spear. 1....2....3! Roman Reigns has once again retained his WWE Championship. Anderson and Gallows look pissed off outside the ring and have their hands on their heads in disbelief, while Roman Reigns in the ring watches them and raises his title high in the air.


Apologies for the long post but things needed to be explained so the future makes sense. Never attempted to write a diary but hopefully you all will like how things will turn out from here.
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