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A change from the normal discussions of the Cornellverse, this thread will be specifically for people playing in historical/real-life based mods as the world wrestling phenomenon, the WWE (or the WWF if you're playing a mod marked for before 2002).


For me, I have a tri-brand split going on with Raw, SmackDown and NXT, in 2016 in an alternate story where Paul Heyman is given Raw, and Shane and Stephanie have to share SmackDown; Triple H (who I'm using as the owner avatar), on the other hand, shares NXT with William Regal, in an attempt to avoid getting sucked into the McMahon drama that eventually sparks over time. For now, here's my top stories as of November in the game.


WWE Champion Dean Ambrose, after a great main event title victory against Seth Rollins (returning to become #1 contender for Reigns' title at Payback) and Roman Reigns (who had solidified his heel status leading up to Payback), is going into a program with the recently-returning Chris Hero who had invaded NXT and achieved the NXTV title at some point. He won King of the Ring in September, had a match with Shinsuke Nakamura (defeating Bullet Club leader Samoa Joe at SummerSlam) in a losing effort at Bad Blood the following month, and is heading into Survivor Series as the #1 contender to Ambrose's title. I won't pull the plug on a Hero title reign just yet (he's just returned a couple months ago), but he will get a title reign somewhere between 2017 and 2018.


On SmackDown, Bray Wyatt was betrayed by his followers, with Luke Harper taking the helm as leader, in the Wyatt Rebellion. In response, Bray Wyatt brought in a long-lost follower in Abyss, who had been forced to live off the scraps of the Family for too long. Abyss defeated Luke Harper in a feud stretching between SummerSlam and King of the Ring, with the first match being a Monster's Ball battle, and the second being an I Quit match. Wyatt and Abyss now head into a feud with the dark alliance of Sting, Undertaker and Kane.

I have plans on writing Kane off in an Inferno match against Abyss at Survivor Series, and Undertaker will likely lose his Casket match against Bray Wyatt and be absent for a few months. Sting might turn back to face before WrestleMania, to get a possible Undertaker/Sting match; if I keep Undertaker as the Deadman, he'll most likely be a heel against face!Sting. If I turn him face while having him bring back the American Badass gimmick, his opponent will then more likely be Roman Reigns, to play up the "pure striker vs. savage brawler" story, than Sting (unless The Rock will be facing Reigns). Currently, Reigns is having a feud with Daniel Bryan, who has turned into the American Dragon to hide his retirement and to surprise the fans when he eventually unmasks. Somewhere, Rhyno's in that story, having revived his feud with the recently-called-up Finn Balor from NXT in 2015, after beating him for the United States title.


Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, Shinsuke Nakamura won the NXT title off of Samoa Joe (who led Bullet Club with Anderson and Gallows, and then left NXT after SummerSlam), and defended it against Karl Anderson at King of the Ring and Chris Hero at Bad Blood. His next opponent will be Kazuchika Okada, who will be in his first WWE-branded match. Kazuchika will win, Nakamura will likely jump up to the main roster, and Dolph Ziggler, who I let have a run in NXT for the sake of his career, will be Okada's first challenger after Ziggler defeats new Bullet Club member Ryback.

Anderson and Gallows, on the other hand, had an NXT Tag Title reign that started at Takeover: Bulletproof, and ended at SummerSlam with The Young Bucks debuting and winning it off them. I might keep Anderson and Gallows in NXT for the sake of the tag division, but the Young Bucks will be moving on up by WrestleMania 33, if not after.


In other news, American Alpha have somehow achieved Main Eventer autopush status after defeating transitional champions Chris Jericho and Lance Storm for the tag titles. Wow.


TL;DR: Brand split revived; Chris Hero returned, is challenging Dean Ambrose for the WWE title; Reigns turned heel, and D-Bry pulled an El Generico; Wyatt lost his family, gained Abyss, now facing the Brothers of Destruction; Samoa Joe formed Bullet Club, left and now Ryback's there; Nakamura vs. Okada OH JEEZUS; American Alpha got very over; also, Rhyno's there, too.


Now, what have you changed, or are planning to change, to improve WWE?

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