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Much like Fleisch, Genadi and Matt Shannon's mod threads (amongst others!), this thread is to hype up and release several mods I'm currently working on. Mods such as...


World of Women's Wrestling 2016


As it's name implies, this mod will feature the women's pro wrestling world in full force, along with all of the women's promotions currently running - from the eight (!) in Japan, to SHIMMER, SHINE and those in the US. This mod will also contain graphics (as up-to-date as possible) for every worker and promotion, and, if possible, every broadcaster, etc. This mod will also include my updated Locations mod, which, if you're looking for JUST the Locations file, you can find it below. Unique note: this was originally slated to be a Japanese women's wrestling only mod, but with InfernalMIKO working on her Joshi Puroresu mod, I made the decision to do one encompassing the whole world.




Coming soon! Mod is currently about 30-35% complete, with handfuls of workers and promotions to add, alongside graphics and other stuff. Estimated release date? Soon™. In all seriousness, I'm looking at possibly mid-to-late June, or thereabouts, to get a beta version out.




The Locations Mod


Have you ever looked at the locations file in a real world mod and gone, "Holy Jesus, is that thing bloated."? Well, fear no more, as The Locations Mod is here! This is a streamlined file, meant to eliminated a boatload of locations that either have closed and no longer exist, or aren't used for pro wrestling (either for practical reasons or otherwise). The mod will also include a Readme for modmakers who use this mod, to accurately set buildings that are owned to the correct promotions (Arena Mexico, Arena Coliseo, etc. to CMLL, the Warabi City Wrestle Arena to Ice Ribbon, etc., etc.). This mod will follow the original Locations mod, done by Phil Parent, in formatting (locations having the state their in as part of their name - "CA Golden 1 Center", to give an example), to keep with familiarity.




Coming soon! This mod is currently about 60% complete, with all of Japan, Canada, Mexico and the US completed. I'm estimating the same time frame as the World of Women's Wrestling mod, mid-to-late June, as a release timeframe - probably sooner than that! Keep an eye on this space!



More mods will be coming in the future, so keep an eye out on this space! If users would like to help in any way, please feel free to either post up suggestions, comments and the like here in the thread, or message me via PM!


Please note that all mods are freeware. That said, if a listed mod is used in another mod, please attribute as such. Thank you!

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