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Introducing large amount of new signings

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Hi all,


Just recently got the 2016 version of the game and I'm looking at starting a TNA save again to try and rebuild the company. I've played 2010 and 2013 a bit but always struggled with this same problem so thought I'd ask some advice here before I start afresh (hope I'm in the right place to ask)


When you sign a lot of new people at once or in a short space of time, how is best to introduce them? I tend to find when I debut people they obviously tank the ratings being unknown. But at the same time I want to introduce a whole new X Division for one thing and even thought of using a whole show to do it (kinda like the specials or One Night Only ones they've done) but is there a way to do this without the show bombing because the new guys haven't been seen before?

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