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Real-Life RTG example at its finest

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Now, perhaps some (if not many) of you have known about this videos. But I just found out about it, and I think these are real-life Road to Glory challenge examples at its finest when you run a show with 0/0/0/0 company. :D








If this is the wrong section of forum to put this thread, I apologize in advance. :)


EDIT: Just realize there's no youtube-embedding feature in this forum. :(

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I'm loving the ring made of bedding and the 'Elimination Chamber' that's actually just a gated alleyway. Also loving the stolen Wrestlemania graphics.


Despite the fact this is just a bunch of kids messing about, the video quality, production and text effects are better than the shitty production some real-life feds throw out.


I'm loving their entrance pyro too - that one firework was good value for money.


Also, Suraj may be the most enthusiastic referee ever. And Rakesh Kumar Orton may well end up in my own RTG diary lol.

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