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[HYPE] The Sweet Prince Collection(Modern Day Organic Picture Pack)

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"Goodnight, Sweet Prince" - William Shakespeare




What is "The Sweet Prince Collection"?

The short answer for this question is simple, a modern day organic picture pack, made for mods such as the RWC by Fleisch or other current day Real World Mod's in general.


What inspired this picture pack to be made?

I myself have always loved the nGo picture pack, and it's what originally showed me the ways of Organic Pictures. The one con i've always had though with the nGo pack is when it comes to a modern day use. That's not a knock on nGo however! That pack is incredible, and very well done and perfect for classic mods. However the lack of current day pictures is what inspired myself and other GDS board member, Progwd, to begin working on this pack.


Who all will be included in this picture pack?

The system(which will be talked about shortly) we're using means every worker found in the Real World Chronicles by Fleisch will be featured.


What is the current system you're talking about?

Esentially myself and Progwd take a company and make pictures for everyone on the list via Fleisch's current RWC. After all the companies have been finished we will be diving into the unemployed/out of the business/on hiatus workers.


Will there be alternate pictures for workers, or only one picture?

We most certainly plan on giving the users as many options as possible when it comes to picture selection. However, with the initial release we're focusing on more current day pictures and alts, so for example an AJ Styles 2008 era picture may not be included, while he will have a NJPW era and WWE era pic.


First release? There will be more?

Absolutely. Whenever Fleisch adds in a worker, we will have you covered with a picture. Outside of that, we do want to eventually get to the point where we have every era of a worker covered in this pack. It will take time, but rome wasn't built in a day either.


How many companies are currently done?

At the writing of this initial hype thread(6/8/16, 10:17 AM EST.) we have eight companies done.(CHIKARA, Lucha Underground, NJPW, NOAH, PROGRESS, RevPro UK, Ring of Honor, and TNA.)


Will you be keeping us informed on when companies are completed?

Yes, in the next post you will find a checklist and it will show the current progress of this picture pack.


May we have a preview picture of what the current pack looks like?

Apologies for the size of the preview.



Speaking for myself and Progs, we can't wait to have this fully out to use and we're working quickly on getting the initial release completed. Stay tuned and we'll have it done in no time. Once again, if these pictures interest you, by all means please have a look at the current nGo pack titled, "nGo Generations 2k16". It's what birthed this pack to be made essentially, and deserves to be held on the pedestal it so rightfully deserves.

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<p><strong>Checklist For Current Progress</strong></p><p>

[] Absolute Intense Wrestling</p><p>

[] All Japan Pro-Wrestling</p><p>

☑ Alpha-1 Wrestling</p><p>

☑ Asistencia Asesoria Y Administacion</p><p>

[] Big Japan Pro-Wrestling</p><p>

☑ CHIKARA</p><p>

[] Cho Sento Puroresu FMW</p><p>

[] Combat Zone Wrestling</p><p>

[] Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre</p><p>

[] DDT Pro-Wrestling</p><p>

[] Desastre Total Ultraviolento</p><p>

[] Dragon Gate</p><p>

[] EVOLVE Wrestling</p><p>

☑ Fierce Females UK</p><p>

[] Fight Club Finland</p><p>

[] Full Impact Pro</p><p>

[] GBG Wrestling</p><p>

[] Global Force Wrestling</p><p>

[] House of Hardcore</p><p>

☑ Insane Championship Wrestling</p><p>

[] International Pro Wrestling: UK</p><p>

☑ Lucha Underground</p><p>

[] New Generation Wrestling</p><p>

☑ New Japan Pro-Wrestling</p><p>

☑ Northern Championship Wrestling</p><p>

[] Preston City Wrestling</p><p>

[] Pro Wrestling Guerrilla</p><p>

[] Pro Wrestling ZERO1</p><p>

☑ PROGRESS Wrestling</p><p>

☑ Pro-Wrestling NOAH</p><p>

[] Pro-Wrestling: EVE</p><p>

[] REINA</p><p>

☑ Revolution Pro Wrestling</p><p>

☑ Ring of Honor</p><p>

[] SHIMMER Women Athletes</p><p>

[] SHINE Wrestling</p><p>

☑ Smash Wrestling</p><p>

[] STHLM Wrestling</p><p>

[] Svensk Wrestling Syd</p><p>

☑ Total Nonstop Action Wrestling</p><p>

[] World Wonder Ring Stardom</p><p>

[] Wrestle-1</p><p>

[] WWE</p><p>

[] WWE NXT</p><p>

[] Unemployed/Out Of Business/On Hiatus</p>

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<p>I know Fleisch has said he himself is working on this as well. Perhaps you may want to work with him so you guys can knock out a perfect pack?</p><p> </p><p>

Ideally we could coordinate so that it would drop into people's nGo pack without overwrite issues?</p>

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